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This is part of the speech of an illegal immigrant to a judge in the Netflix series Messiah (Season 1, Episode 4):
“No-one decides where they were born. Our birthplace was decided by fate. You were born here. I was born there. What’s different? A border is an idea decided by the lucky. Today you sit in the seat of the fortunate. Just remember what put you there. Fate.”

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The business mode of #mindfulness, McMinfulness, "is blind to the present moral, political, and cultural context of neoliberalism" and "aims to reduce the stress of the private individual and does not admit to any interest in the social causes of stress."
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"Il est de nombreux disciples d'une religion de #charité à qui il faut presque autant d' #excitation pour l'exercice de leur vocation qu'il en faut aux Épicuriens pour goûter le plaisir. C'est pour cette raison qu'on prodigue tous les jours une sympathie et une #compassion maladives à des objets que l'on va chercher bien loin, alors que constamment, près de soi et sous ses yeux, l'on que que trop d'occasions d'exercer les mêmes vertus de la façon la plus normale. En un mot, il faut du #romanesque à la charité, comme il en faut au roman ou au théâtre."

Charles Dickens - Nicolas Nickleby - Chapitre XVIII
What are some other alternative social media platforms like Diaspora? I'm kinda stuck with wireclub jacksonsempire aim phoenix and escargot want to branch out. thanks guys #socialmedia #internet #freedom #unity #connection #activism #journalism #community #human #love #compassion #justice

A nagging thought I have about a trivial but very important matter

#Conversations and the #Attractiveness of the person you want to converse with have an awkward social legacy.

Regardless of what is about to follow, I am not saying that #Men have it easy while I'm simultaneously explicitly explaining why I think #Women have it difficult. This is a very #nuanced topic and I want to concentrate on what I see as #problems women have in #society that seem to definitely re... Show more...
remembering hear some medical professional's quip reiterated that by 3rd year of medical school, everybody has had their compassion drummed out of them, (and some philosopher's* vociferous distrust of the new role of professional doctor/surgeon seeing us no longer as sentient whole beings, but collections of organs to individually fail) ([url=http://https://joindiaspora.com/posts/b53e3f90c14f0137791c0c968b663754]and some apparent confirmation bias exemplifying[/url]**)... i searched for that quote, and came across this: https://slate.com/technology/2013/06/medical-school-dark-side-the-third-year-makes-students-less-empathetic.html
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● NEWS ● #compassion ☞ A Refrain of 'Drop the Charges' Rises as #ScottWarren Faces Retrial for Giving Aid to Migrants in Need
● NEWS ● #compassion ☞ A Refrain of 'Drop the Charges' Rises as #ScottWarren Faces Retrial for Giving Aid to Migrants in Need
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BLOG: The Vegetarian Diet, Sikh Gurus and Scriptures, A Collection of Passages: https://tinyurl.com/VegSikh

PODCAST: The Vegetarianism of Guru Nanak and the Sikh Scriptures: https://tinyurl.com/VegNanak

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Vegetarian Diet and the Sikh Gurus: “The merit of pilgrimages to the sixty-eight holy places, and that of other virtues besides, do not equal having compassion for other living beings.” (Sri Guru Granth Sahib, pg 136)

“Do not cause pain to any creature, Go back to your Home with honour.” (Sri Guru Granth Sahib, pg 322) “Keep your heart content and cherish compassion for all beings; this way alone can your holy vow be fulfilled” (Sri Guru Granth Sahib, pg 299)

Nanak abstained from animal food and enjoined against cruelty to animals: "Having prohibited his disciples to drink wine and eat pork, he (Nanak) himself abstained from eating flesh and ordered not to hurt any living being." (Mohsin Fani, DABISTAN-E-MAZAHIB)

“Countless are the cutthroats who trade in violence. Countless are sinners who keep on sinning. Countless are liars, wandering lost in their lies. Countless are the impiou... Show more...

other people’s suck sucking worse than my suck doesnt make my suck suck less than it sucks.


other people's suck sucking worse than my suck doesnt make my suck suck less than it sucks.

so piss off with your ignominious dismissiveness.

sorry for telling you to piss of n characterising your comments as ignominy (and maybe even dismissive), but please understand i'm under stress of my suck, and so, if you're trying to help me get a broader context outside of my blinkeredness-caused-by-suffering-suck, thanks, but heed the hurt, please.

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I was thinking I’d want my daughters to know how much I love them, but I’d also want them to know that being a strong man includes being kind. That there’s nothing weak about kindness and compassion. There’s nothing weak about looking out for others. There’s nothing weak about being honorable. You’re not a sucker to have integrity, and to treat others with respect.
Barack Obama (b. 1961) American politician, US President (2009-2017)
Speech, Funeral of Elijah Cummings, Washington, DC (25 Oct 2019)

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via https://wist.info/obama-barack/39793/
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"Research has shown that cultivating #compassion for ourselves and others can relieve #stress (Jazaieri et al, 2012; 2018). Compassion Cultivation Training at CCARE involves nine weekly two-hour sessions along with daily #meditations at home. Researcher Thupten Jinpa’s book, A Fearless Heart (2015), describes this training, offering mindfulness and loving-kindness meditations to promote greater compassion and self-compassion.

Cultivating compassion begins with mindful #breathing. Mindfully pausing to take a few slow deep breaths has been shown to cut through the stress reaction, helping us focus, relax, and act more effectively (Jinpa, 2015). In his memoir, Into the Magic Shop (2017), Dr. Doty tells how he has used this practice to focus... Show more...

Judgment and Compassion

[...] What’s wrong with judgment? Don’t we need judgment to figure out right from wrong? To take personal responsibility for our mistakes?

It’s useful here to draw a distinction between judgment and discriminating wisdom. Discriminating wisdom recognizes when things are harmful or unjust, but also recognizes the causes and conditions that lead to situations of harm or injustice in the first place. When wrongdoers are treated with compassion rather than harsh condemnation, cycles of conflict and suffering can be broken.

Imagine hearing a story about a young man who robs a bank and shoots a teller in the arm as she tries to call for help. At first you might make a ruthless judgment of the man—he’s a monster and should be locked in jail for eternity. End of story. But then, you learn more about the criminal’s background and history. His parents were drug addicts. By eleven he was out on the streets in a neighborhood where he had to fight and steal to survive. He tried to get a job and go stra
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Thursday, May 16, 2019
Tri-Cities Animal Save
Weekly Vigil For The Animals
Barnet Hwy & 1100 Lansdowne Drive, Coquitlam V3B 5E2
Friday, May 17, 2019
Climate Save Lower Mainland
Township of Langley
20338-65 Avenue, Langley BC V5Y 3J1
Friday, May 17, 2019
The Vegan Spring Dance
The Wise Hall
1882 Adanac Street, Vancouver V5L 2E2
Saturday, May 18, 2019
Vancouver Chicken Save
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Repost from @cowspiracy - “If global trends in meat and dairy intake continue, global mean temperature rise will more than likely exceed 2° C, even with dramatic emissions reductions across non‐agricultural sectors. Immediate and substantial reductions in wasted food and meat and dairy intake, particularly ruminant meat (e.g., beef and lamb), are imperative to mitigating catastrophic climate change. The urgency of these interventions is not represented in negotiations for climate change mitigation.”
Source: John Hopkins Center for a Livable Future
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Please don't try doing 10 things at a time unless you are equipped like this - with brain and neural pathways to match!

This is Quan Am [ 观音 - or Avolokiteshvara/Kuan Yin ] - the Bodhisattva (Buddha reincarnation) of compassion.
From Vietnam, 18th Century, on exhibit at the Ringling Museum of Asian Art.

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Thought for the day

Kindness and patience take more effort, but in the end, they are more satisfying. I'm still learning.

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Thich Nhat Hanh’s final mindfulness lesson: how to die peacefully

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We have all heard enough to fill a book about Dr. Johnson’s incivilities. I wish they would compile another book consisting of Dr. Johnson’s apologies. There is no better test of a man’s ultimate chivalry and integrity than how he behaves when he is wrong; and Johnson behaved very well. He understood (what so many faultlessly polite people do not understand) that a stiff apology is a second insult. He understood that the injured party does not want to be compensated because he has been wronged; he wants to be healed because he has been hurt.
Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936) English journalist and writer
“The Real Dr. Johnson,” The Common Man (1950)

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“The Real Dr. Johnson,” The Common Man (1950)
#Women, source of existence,

You are the basis for the home, so keep the house tidy.

You are the origin of life, so let your offspring embrace the #Dharma.

You are the support for the body, so appreciate your husbands.

A good husband is like one's heart, so respect what he says.

A bad husband is your karmic residual, so give him what he wishes and do not be contemptuous.

In-laws are like your parents, so offer them respect.

Your husband's male relatives are like your father and brothers, so rear them with food and modesty.

Sisters-in-law are only with you briefly, so serve them well.

The scorn of others will be upon yourself, so face everyone with a smile.

If you are short-tempered or arrogant, servants will always be few.

#Appearances may arise
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#Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year we come together and celebrate #love. But there’s a lot more to love than what’s typically associated with the #holiday – bouquets of red roses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, cards from secret admirers and so on.

Love is about #understanding, #compassion and #joy. It’s about #kindness and #generosity. And about giving in to something greater than yourself. In many ways, #volunteers embody all of these qualities. That’s why we’re highlighting 7 ways to #volunteer and put that love into action.

This #ValentinesDay, celebrate love in its truest form by giving your time to support and care for others in your #community. You might just find nothing gives you the warm fuzzies quite like #volunteering.
7 Ways to Volunteer on Valentine’s Day & Beyond

Le #tonglen,

pratique de méditation bouddhiste,
nous apprend à absorber ce qui est négatif pour le restituer sous forme positive,
permet de dépasser nos peurs et de développer notre** capacité d’acceptation** des événements extérieurs.


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Nowhere to Call Home

A Tibetan in Beijing

Nowhere to Call Home gives an unprecedented intimate look at the lives of rural Tibetan women, as well as the gritty reality of ethnic prejudice in the world’s fastest rising global power, China.

Widowed Tibetan farmer Zanta defies her tyrannical father-in-law and refuses to marry his other son, imprisoned for robbery. When Zanta’s in-laws won’t let her seven-year-old go to school, she flees to Beijing to become a peddler. Destitute and embattled by discrimination, she tries to give her son to a customer—an American journalist. On a holiday visit to Zanta’s village, the unwitting petite foreigner must decide whether to intervene in the family dispute with Zanta’s knife-wielding father-in-law, or watch Zanta and her son suffer abuse typically faced by Tibetan widows and their children.
Director’s Statement

I have devoted my professional life to being a foreign correspondent because I sincerely belie... Show more...
“There is no way to overstate the magnitude of the collective spiritual transformation that will occur when we shift from food of violent oppression to food of gentleness and compassion.”

-- Dr. Will Tuttle




Dans le #Vajrayana (la voie rapide vers l'éveil),
la pratique de Phowa (transfert de conscience) est le chemin le plus direct et le plus court pour atteindre l'illumination.

Il estdit que même le plus lourd des pécheurs a une chance pour l'illumination par la pratique de Phowa.
"Il y a des enseignements pour devenir éveillé, mais j'ai un enseignement (le Phowa) qui offre l'illumination sans méditation",
a déclaré Marpa,
le grand traducteur et le père de la lignée Kagyu.

La lignée du Phowa "Jaktshukam" (le brin d'herbe dressé) est l'une des précieuses pratiques de Phowa.
Au huitième siècle, le roi du Dharma du Tibet, Trisong De... Show more...
Do This in Remembrance of Me

4/25/05 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For Timothy, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
(Regarding Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread)

Listen and have understanding, for thus says The #Lord your Redeemer: Only those who truly believe keep the #Passover. To them it is a #memorial, a time of reflection and the giving of thanks, a #Sabbath.

Therefore, Timothy, do not your own #pleasure on the #Holy Days or on the Sabbath. [1]Rather do that which pleases The Lo... Show more...

Lost at Sea


On December 6, Doctors Without Borders was forced to end its life-saving operations in the Mediterranean, after pressure from a coalition of right-wing European governments blocked its ability to deploy its vessel.

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Bluebird Man

full documentary ->

Bluebird Man is the story of 94-year-old Al Larson, a self-taught conservationist who has committed the last 35 years of his life to recovering North America’s bluebirds. Breathtaking scenery, intimate conversations and stunning footage of all three species of bluebird create a powerful film that reveals the secret behind Al’s longevity while providing inspiration for our next generation of citizen scientists.

Bluebirds across North America faced precipitous declines during the 1950s, 60s and 70s due in part to increased competition for available nesting cavities. As a secondary cavity nester, bluebirds rely on tree cavities to build their nests and introduced species such as European Starlings and House Sparrows often outcompete bluebirds for these nesting cavities. In 1978 a group of concerned scientists and bluebird lovers established the North A... Show more...

Around the world, millions of #Mahayana #Buddhists #chant the Maha Karuna #Dharani, the Great #Compassion #Mantra of Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig, Guanyin) — famous for its benefits of healing, protection and purification.
It is probably the second most chanted mantra, after Om Mani Padme Hum — which is a short mantra of #
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Directsd by Molly Stuart

Like all Israeli teenagers, Atalya Ben Abba is obligated to become a soldier. Unlike most, she questions the ethics of her country’s military and becomes determined to challenge this rite of passage. Her family expresses a range of political disagreements and personal concerns. Nevertheless, she refuses her military duty and is imprisoned for her dissent. Objector follows Atalya through her conscientious objection, imprisonment, and beyond, as she attempts to reconcile her Jewish identity, her love for her homeland, and her dedication to Palestinian rights.
I met Atalya Ben-Abba when she was in high school, trying to come to terms with h
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I Shall Correct and #Discipline All Those I Love

12/11/04 From The #Lord, Our #God and #Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: My #children, struggle not against the principles of another, nor #rebuke them with your own words, nor #correct them by your own #understanding. Let go of your personal notions of #... Show more...


What the meat industry hides

With images obtained during an investigation carried out in 58 slaughterhouses in Mexico between 2015 and 2017, Slaughterhouse is a documentary that takes us into the hermetic world of t
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What the meat industry hides

With images obtained during an investigation carried out in 58 slaughterhouses in Mexico between 2015 and 2017, Slaughterhouse is a documentary that takes us into the hermetic world of the meat industry. The footage shows the systematic exploitation and violence suffered by animals in slaughterhouses and that is deliberately kept hidden by the meat industry.

In order to carry out this documentary, the director, who for years has been carrying out a project against animal exploitation named as Tras los Muros, has had to use false identities that have allowed him to access all these places.

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How to Be a Good Creature: Naturalist Sy Montgomery on What 13 Animals Taught Her About Otherness, Love, and the Heart of Our Humanity

#animals #wildlife #love #otherness #compassion #humanity #kindness #SyMontgomery #BrainPickings
How to Be a Good Creature: Naturalist Sy Montgomery on What 13 Animals Taught Her About Otherness, Love, and the Heart of Our Humanity

We Are All Dying and Deserving of Compassion

Everything begins only to end. The moment you were born you began to die. That's how it is with everything.
Janne Teller, Nothing
This quote has always helped me to keep things in perspective. Everywhere I look, people are hating each other, people are hurting each other, people are ignoring each other, and people are killing each other. As a culture, we like to say we stand up for ideals like liberty, love, and freedom, but in the end, for too many of us it is really just pretend. Perhaps these ideals once had weighty substance and meaning, but they now seem reduced to empty shells: Words that are tossed around with little thought because they sound good, like trite political slogans on the eve of an election. But stopping to consider mortality, the suffe... Show more...
This week our Empress Melania blessed the people of Ghana with her beauty and compassion.

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- #Technology and #Compassion: A #Conversation with the #DalaiLama

In the 21st century, His Holiness said, “There is real possibility to create a happier world...on the basis of a sense of oneness of humanity.”
Ein Fünf-Milliarden Euro-Paket für gesellschaftlichen Fortschritt und Integration! SPD-Chef Sigmar Gabriel hat sich in der Koalition durchgesetzt. Es geht zum Beispiel um bezahlbare Wohnungen für alle, um mehr und bessere Kita-Plätze und mehr Rente für viele, die lange gearbeitet haben.
„Gegen Unsicherheit hilft Zusammenhalt“
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Kindness is fundamental to Mental Health

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"In daily life, people report better mood on days that they assist a stranger or offer an empathetic ear to a friend. Adults who volunteer, spend money on others and support their spouses also experience improved well-being and reduced risk of death."
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