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There should be a keyboard map button on the keyboard that is grabbed and held on to very low in the operating system. This keyboard map button will tell you what your keyboard maps to (every key and combination) in your current context, and what your current context IS. Keyboard mapping cascades so strangely, and it all happens behind the scenes. I am getting frustrated by the fact that so many things can catch the keyboard and remap things to I don't even know what. I also get frustrated when I know that there are bindings or hotkeys or what-have-you on some website (or even within a specific context within a specific website!) but I don't know what they are or how to even find out what they are. Perhaps my largest frustration is when I accidentally type something and get to some magic window that I love but I don't know how I got there or how to get back to it!

Like when I am watching a youtube video "k" pauses and unpauses the video (but only when the tab is in focus, and no text boxes are selected). There... Show more...
But the real reason it needs to be established that at one time #women did #support their #men is for #posterity. For #historical record. And above all else because it is #human #nature. It is human #reality. #Traditionalism, no matter how much it is under attack, is the default program settings of humans.

And when you work within these default

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#Microsoft tries to blur the difference between #Vista10 and #GNU / #Linux so that people won't see a reason to change and their #confusion alone would discourage an understanding of the reasons.

Why homeopathy is successful despite scientific contradiction

He believed that if medicine was to move from sequential delusions towards effective truth, then we should not just look at why each successive medical theory was wrong, but to come up with general reasons why doctors and their patients continually make mistakes about what is effective and what is not.

People inevitably seek treatments when symptoms are at their worst. It is equally inevitable that we will subsequently have better days, even if our chosen treatment was ineffective. Jumping to conclusions, based on simple experiences of treatments, can quickly lead us to error. This point may appear trivial, and yet it is the foundation for belief in all superstitious and pseudo-scientific treatments.

Such a notion of dilution resulting in larger effects is counter to our everyday understanding of the world. You do not make coffee stronger by diluting it. You do not get drunk on shandy. Because all homeopathic remedies are essentially identically inert pills, homeopaths are fr... Show more...
In the United States, where the #drinking #age is 21 (I believe in all states), it seemed a #compliment to be carded in my 30s when buying alcohol. In my 40s it became annoying, but it didn’t happen as often. Today, at 53, I was asked for my I.D. at Trader Joe’s, and was profoundly #confused as I had forgotten I had a six pack in my cart.

When the checker had to explain why, my #confusion turned to visible #irritation. I’ve turned into that guy.

#aging #dying #beer #grumpy #you kids get off my lawn
I am confused right now. I do not know what I am doing. I might be hungry. The neighbors are yelling at one another, a Labor Day tradition. I started out on a project and the goals fanned out and diffused. I can't keep track. I made soymilk and I don't want to clean the machine. Soymilk creates a film that is difficult to clean. The harder you clean the more you scratch the surface, which makes it harder to clean. I forget what I was trying to do. It's getting hot in here, somehow. #confusion #hunger #laborday #neighbors #soymilk #cleaning

Secret services are there to protect you from noticing the glitches inside the #matrix.


#fnord #covfeve #intelligence #security #protection #war #terror #dejavu #confusion

#Media: US President totally failed at summit, selling us out to Russia

#Reagan flubs #ReykjavikSummit: At his big meeting, the President’s obsession with Star Wars allowed #Gorbachev to outmaneuver him on arms control.

To #RonaldReagan and his entourage, the #... Show more...
I can't think I am so confused and angry right now.

#confusion #anger
It's so hot here in Tucson. I need to cool off. I can't even think when it gets above 82. I can't sleep. Everything starts getting fuzzy around the edges. I am confused all the time. And when it cools off, all that happens is I feel relieved and fall asleep, but even then the sleep is poor. I put off fixing the swamp cooler for so long this year. If I did it, I'd feel better in five minutes. But I need a few little parts. #heat #tucson #swampcooler #evaporativecooling #brain #confusion
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