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Caffè Greco has welcomed patrons from Charles Dickens to Princess Diana – but a rent hike is forcing the management company out

Stellario Baccellieri has been Caffè Greco’s artist in residence for more than 40 years, capturing the conviviality of Rome’s oldest coffee bar on canvas every day and painting the portraits of its illustrious patrons.

“I’ve seen everything and everyone,” he said on a recent visit by the Guardian, as he pointed towards a closed-off area where the Italian capital’s cultural and political elite would meet to debate in bygone times. “The most important people have been here … this place is not only a bar, it’s a museum.”
'The most important people have been here': Rome's oldest cafe fears closure
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● NEWS ● #korea #culture ☞ UN Body Urges #SouthKorea to Improve Sexuality Education
This smart plot-twister about an ex-con who takes up the identity of a new priest sidesteps a soppy trajectory to land on a much bleaker, thoughtful note

Often moving but also disquieting and even intermittently funny, this drama unfurls a spiritual parable that is uniquely Polish but accessible to all.

Bartosz Bielenia, an actor with burning blue eyes and an ability to be so still it’s as if he can freeze the frame by himself, stars as Daniel, a young ne’er do well from Warsaw who for crimes only later revealed is in juvenile detention.
Corpus Christi review – from from parole to the priesthood
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Writer says he will not talk to media again after repeated questions about his politics

The Austrian writer Peter Handke has for the first time addressed the controversy over his award of the Nobel prize for literature, saying he will “never again” talk to journalists after being confronted over his stance on the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s.

Speaking to Austrian press on Tuesday night after an informal meeting with municipal leaders in his home town in Griffen, southern Austria, Handke complained that journalists had bombarded him with questions about his political views without trying to engage with his writing.
Peter Handke hits out at criticism of Nobel win
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Dublin city councillors are hoping to fulfil wishes of the writer and his wife, which were denied after his death in Switzerland in 1941

A plan to repatriate the remains of James Joyce and his wife Nora Barnacle and finally observe their last wishes, has been proposed by Dublin city councillors more than 70 years after the author’s death.

Born in the Dublin suburb of Rathgar in 1882, Joyce spent decades living away from Ireland due to his growing animosity towards Irish society and his need to find work. He died in Zurich in January 1941 at the age of 58, after undergoing surgery on a perforated ulcer. He is buried in Fluntern cemetery in Zurich, alongside his wife Nora, who died 10 years later. In 1966, they were moved from an ordinary grave to a more prominent one, where their son Giorgio was later buried with them in 1976.
Bid to repatriate James Joyce's remains ahead of Ulysses centenary
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A drama competition for 200 naked people in a giant sauna? Our writer gets a sweaty taste of ‘aufgass’ in the Netherlands

I am standing behind a partition rope, waiting for the theatre to open. An excited hum rises off the crowd, and there is jostling when the stewards throw open the doors. As a theatre critic, I have stood in countless such queues. I should not feel the fear that I do, but there isone vital difference here: audience members are wearing nothing more than bath robes and flip-flops.

And then they’re not even wearing those. All clothes are discarded as they race to claim a seat on the tiered wooden benches inside the auditorium and lay down towels to mark their spot. In a matter of minutes, there is a neatly arranged room of almost 200 naked people sitting in a heated amphitheatre, waiting for the show to begin. I am as disrobed as the rest of them.

The first acts seem to be channelling Las Vegas pizzazz crossed with Eurovision camp, but I slowly put my cynicism aside

He gets a standing ovation, which is a bold move from a n... Show more...
François Ozon on dramatising the biggest abuse scandal to hit the French Catholic church
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Shamar - 2019-10-10 07:07:45 GMT
The problem (apart from capitalism, obviously) is that people can't code.

So while it's obvious to hackers that the best outcome is when code is and is kept in the commons, to most people the only advantage of #FreeSoftware is that it's free as in beer.

They cannot really study, modify and distribute forks of the software they use, be it proprietary or not.

To change this state of things we need to work on at least two aspect of our society: #Culture and #Technology.

We need systems designed to compose and we need to teach people why and how to code and debug.

Then people will find unacceptable to not being able to hack their own software.
● NEWS ● #history #culture ☞ 30 Years Ago: A Look Back at 1989
Dublin theatre festival review – gay clubs, glass houses and Greek tragedy
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Secret life of nuns: a look behind convent walls – a photo essay
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- Stack Exchange moderators quit after new rules forcing members to use “preferred gender pronouns” -


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Stack Exchange moderators quit after new rules forcing members to use “preferred gender pronouns”
● NEWS ● #copyright #gaming #games #culture ☞ It's Amazing All The Cool Stuff We Could Have If #Nintendo Didn't Insist On Nintendo-Ing
● NEWS ● #politics #culture ☞ Pop Social #Darwinism in Contemporary American Capitalist Society: the Marketization of Che as Individualist Symbol
Pop Social Darwinism in Contemporary American Capitalist Society: the Marketization of Che as Individualist Symbol
Volcanic smash: meet Ari Eldjárn, Iceland's hottest comic
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● NEWS ● #music #culture ☞ Neil Young’s Boring, Prophetic Message to Readers
Exhibition at Bonn’s House of History documents ‘unrequited love’ of all things British

The strategy that Germany’s diplomatic corps proposed to keep Britain in the European community was unconventional and bold.

In November 1974, the then German chancellor Helmut Schmidt was desperately searching for the right words to convince British Eurosceptics to vote to remain a member of the European Economic Community.
Beach towels and Brexit: how Germans really see the Brits
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These designers are rethinking how we dress, recycle waste and even dye our hair. Their innovations could change the world – and the way you think about squid, coconuts and rubble
Meet the inventors who want to upgrade your life
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● NEWS ● #music #movies #culture #history #us ☞ Judy Garland at the End of Her Rope and Her Rainbow
Judy Garland at the End of Her Rope and Her Rainbow
Christ Mocked, by the 13th-century painter Cimabue, could be worth up to €6m

An early Renaissance masterpiece by the great Florentine painter Cimabue has been discovered in a kitchen in a town near Paris, art experts have said.

Christ Mocked, by the 13th-century artist who taught Giotto, is estimated to be worth between €4m and €6m (£3.5m to £5.3m), according to the old masters specialists Turquin.
Woman discovers Renaissance masterpiece in her kitchen
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Ustinov is accused of injuring a police officer when he was arrested at a protest

A Russian court has released an actor from jail after a public backlash led by Moscow’s theatre community turned his case into a cause celebre.

Pavel Ustinov, who was detained at last month’s anti-government protests, still faces three and a half years in prison for allegedly injuring a police officer during his arrest, but analysts expect a judge will suspend the sentence, effectively granting Ustinov parole.
Russian court frees actor Pavel Ustinov after public backlash
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Stieg Larsson and the unsolved murder case of Olof Palme
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Financier accused of cheating rich celebrity clients out of millions of euros

To the directors and celebrities who came to him for money to fund their projects, Frédéric Levesque was clever, charming, intelligent and the man who never said non.

He took their calls at any time of the day or night, calmed them and proposed solutions to their financial woes; on occasions he did not even ask them to sign documents on the loans he made for hundreds of thousands of euros, they told French investigators..
'Banker to the stars' Frédéric Levesque goes on trial in France
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