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#E2EE bei #Mastodon - sehr schön. Bin gespannt, wie lange die Umsetzung dauert. Bei #Matrix hat das bis zum Default Jahre gedauert, aber hier kann wohl hoffentlich einiges übernommen werden.

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Twitter-Alternative: Mastodon soll Ende-zu-Ende Verschlüsselung bekommen - Golem.de #E2EE

E2E in Matrix - CrossSigning mit Riot

Gestern wurde der Chat-Client #Riot v1.6.0 released und war auch gleich in #Fedora verfügbar.
Besonderes Merkmal: #CrossSigning - bei der so wichtigen Ende-Zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung #E2E muss man nicht mehr jedes Gerät verifizieren, sondern nur noch einmalig den User (welcher seine Geräte vertrauenswürdig verkettet).
Vorher war E2E praktisch unbenutzbar im Alltag.


Seit gestern abend teste ich und bislang sieht es wirklich ganz gut aus, es scheint mir eine deutliche Verbesserung zu sein. Wenn die internen Tests abgeschlossen sind, kommt der Rollout für die Familie. Das wird noch mal eine Herausforderung, denn das muss reibungslos laufen, sonst leidet die Akzeptanz von #Matrix.

Weiter testen...

CoyIM is a standalone XMPP chat client with a focus on safety and security. It has built-in support for Tor, OTR and TLS. The Tor support allows users to become anonymous when chatting, OTR makes end-to-end encryption of communication possible, and TLS adds another layer of encryption for communication with chat servers. These features are core parts of the application: they are not plugins or extras in any way.” – Nice!

cons: not yet audited and without support for MUC (multi-user chat).

More about CoyIM by Ola Bini here, and official website for downloads. Recommended XMPP service provider: https://dismail.de/

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CoyIM – a secure chat client
Lá vai alguns projetos e ferramentas que uso e recomendo a todos que se preocupam com uma internet mais humana, que sonham com outro paradigma político, e esperam de prestadoras de serviços transparência e respeito.

Women on Waves: prevenção de gravidezes indesejadas e de abortos clandestinos feitos em más condições em todo o mundo.
Briar: app de mensagens peer-to-peer para Android.
Riseup Pad (cebola): para edição colaborativa de documentos.
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Wire Business Update


In connection with the financing, our holding company moved from Luxembourg to the U.S., as we believe this will be helpful in future fundraising necessary to support our strong growth. Notwithstanding the foregoing, our current and future customers are licensed and serviced from Wire Switzerland, our software development team remains in Berlin, Germany, and our hosting is European-based. Our enterprise customers can deploy their own instance of Wire in their own data center.

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Image/photoPiratenpartij wrote the following post Sun, 03 Nov 2019 20:04:50 +0100

Minister Grapperhaus wil een nieuwe wet om encryptie te verzwakken.

Dat is zinloos en misplaatst.

Het probleem met 'backdoors' is dat ze het internet minder veilig maken voor iedereen.

Een achterdeur kan ook gebruikt worden door criminelen.

Burgers hebben het recht op zowel veiligheid als privacy.

Hoogwaardige \#encryptie is essentieel voor vrijheid en economie. \#E2EE \#privacy

Matrix.org - 2019-09-23 12:55:55 GMT
GSoC report 3 of 4 is available! Thank you Alexey Andreyev, who has been making end-to-end encryption available in Qt-based clients via libQuotient - read his report: https://matrix.org/blog/2019/09/20/qt-based-clients-end-to-end-encryption-support-final-report-g-so-c-2019 #gsoc #e2ee #encryption #matrix


By jlund on 13 Dec 2018

Like many others, we have been following the latest developments in Australia related to the “Assistance and Access” bill with a growing sense of frustration. The widespread adoption of strong cryptography and end-to-end encryption has given people around the world the ability to protect their personal information and communicate securely. Life is increasingly lived online, and the everyday actions of billions of people depend on this foundation remaining strong.

Attempting to roll back the clock on security improvements which have massively benefited Australia and the entire global community is a disappointing development.

Design for a world that is sometimes disappointing

More than eight years have passed since we released the public beta of what is now known as Signal. Throughout the entire development process, the project has faced resistance from people who struggle to understand end-to-end encryption or who seek to weaken its effects. This is not a new dynamic.

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@limies@diasp.org Fortunately, I found that #p2p and #e2ee #IM app #Tox (like #qtox and #antox etc.) can be used easily in China.
Besides, #decentralized team IM app #Riot (#riot.im) is also connectable.
Both tox and riot support End-to-end encrypt and #VoIP (and Audio message)
You may want give it a try.
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