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Business spending due to decline by 1.5% this year, fuelled by Brexit uncertainty

Brexit uncertainty and a global economic slowdown amid the US-China trade war has set Britain on course for the most prolonged slump in business investment in 17 years, according to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

Setting Britain on course for weaker economic growth in future, the lobby group said business spending in the UK was due to decline by 1.5% in 2019 and by 0.1% next year as companies put their investment plans on ice amid the global political turmoil.
Britain facing most prolonged investment slump in 17 years
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Energy network companies are under scrutiny after last month’s outage, the worst of its kind in a decade

There is never a good time for a blackout, but for Britain’s energy companies the timing of last month’s power failure could scarcely have been worse.

The best that the owners of the UK’s energy pipes and wires can expect in the coming years is a tighter squeeze on their deflated profits by the industry regulator. A Labour government could support nationalisation. In the meantime, investors are turning their backs on energy network companies.

Why did multiple failures cascade through the system following a single lightning strike?
UK blackouts raise questions over private sector’s right to profit from power
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The goings-on in the White House and Westminster are having as much effect as economic indicators

Political events have always had an impact on the world’s financial markets but rarely have they mattered quite so much as they do now.

Take two current examples. The latest news from Germany on Thursday was dire, with a plunge in factory orders adding to the risk of a technical recession – two successive quarters of negative growth. Normally, this would be a reason to sell German shares but the Frankfurt stock market was up.
Events, dear boy, events: how politics is making markets volatile
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People talk politics without first addressing the openly corrupt economics and finance upon which it is based.
People talk I.T. security without first addressing the completely pwnd chipsets upon which it is based.
People talk and they talk and they talk
and like automatons, so many walk

who needs A.I. when there's drones like these?

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Index of Britain’s top 100 firms at six-month low and oil prices fall 3% to below $58 a barrel

Stock markets in Europe extended their losing streak on Thursday and oil prices fell 3% to below $58 a barrel as mounting recession concerns continued to hit investor confidence.

The index of Britain’s top 100 firms dropped more than 1% to hit a six-month low and and stock markets in continental Europe also dipped in response to investors channelling their funds into financial safe havens. However, US stocks staged a modest recovery after heavy sell-offs on Wednesday.

What is the yield curve?
European markets still rattled as global recession fears linger
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Cause that won’t have any unexpected negative consequences.

‘Safe haven’ of precious metal sought as anxiety grows over US and China trade conflict and European markets

The price of gold has risen to $1,500 (£1,234.45 at market rates Wednesday) an ounce for the first time in six years as investors have sought shelter in low-risk assets amid concerns about the global economy.

The spot gold price rose 1.75% to 1,500.2900, its highest level since 2013, taking the metal’s gains this year to 17%.
Gold rises to $1,500 an ounce amid worry over global economy
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White gloves, aluminum cans and plasma

#Damn! This show is great! #TheUncertainHour is a great #Podcast. If you are a fan of the #Clinton's (specifically Bill & #Hillary), you might not like this content. They point out how many #American's lives were negatively impacted by the #Clintons legislative advances. These are some of the types of people who thought giving #Trump a chance would be a good idea. Hopefully, they changed their minds, but let's all be aware of how policy is often a zero-sum game.
White gloves, aluminum cans and plasma - Marketplace
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What do US environmental laws, GDP, and the education system have in common? That's right: they all tend to encourage a #DefeatDevice

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Politics is Economics through different means.
War is Politics through different means.
But Economics is Morality through different means.
And Finance little more than Economic choice control.

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A simple look at the potential impacts on Britain of leaving the EU without a deal

The Treasury this week announced a further £2bn in “Brexit preparedness” funding, to cope with the extra costs of a no-deal exit, taking the total to more than £4bn. At the same time, the health secretary, Matt Hancock, said he had “become the world’s No 1 buyer of fridges” as part of a plan to stockpile essential medicines.
What a no-deal Brexit could mean for the UK in five charts
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When 90%+ of both active enterprise and consumer computing products suffer single point failure vulnerabilities on a chipset level, vulnerabilities that grant the exploiter access to full system resources, security is rendered a joke.
We live in a joke security age.
The question isn't if systems are secure, the question is merely to what degree does a large adversary want to reveal their hand of penetration? The questions for the consumer public are simply to what degree are they aware of the existence of their exploiter and to what degree do they view them as a benign dictator.

The Internet Of Things is it's own governance and economic system in and of itself.
Old State Governments and Corporate Enterprise but facsimiles to it's New Order.
Voting publics need not apply.
Gig economy singin "Serfin USA" on global scale.
"In The Algos We Trust"
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AOC does her homework, unlike a lot of pols.


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Two women won the backing of EU leaders to head the European commission and the European Central Bank, breaking with more than 60 years of male dominance
Andrzej Krauze on top EU jobs – cartoon
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