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Facing Fire: Building Resiliency to Wildfire

Explore shifting from only fighting wildfires to working with fire to creatively manage our fire-prone landscapes. Shifting from not just fighting wildfires but working with fire to successfully manage and design our fire-prone landscapes.

Today, forest fires are common and getting more so every year. The infrastructure to limit and combat urban fires are well developed, but for those in rural North America – almost 97% of the continent, 20% of the population or 156 million people – fire is an ongoing threat without many known solutions. How did we get here? Where are we now? What can we do about it? Told in three acts, this documentary explores our ancestors’... Show more...

Inhabitants: An Indigenous Perspective

A collaborative documentary about tribal land management practices and their resilience in a changing climate.


Inhabitants: An Indigenous Perspective is a feature-length documentary that follows five North American tribes restoring their ancient relationships with the land while adapting to today’s climate crisis.

The film travels across diverse bioregions of North America, from deserts and coastlines, to forests, mountains, and prairies, highlighting the dramatic effects of climate change and stories of indigenous land stewardship practices, which continue to be resilient in the face of a changing climate. The film focuses on five stories: the return of prescribed fire practices by the Karuk Tribe in California; the restoration of buffalo on the Blackfeet reservation in Montana; sustained traditions of H... Show more...

The Turning Point

‘The Turning Point’ explores #climate change, the destruction of the #environment and #species #extinction from different perspective.

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How Do We Preserve the Vanishing Foods of the Earth?

As the world’s biodiversity declines, we lose the ability to both repair existing crops and create new ones. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly how bad a problem this is, as biodiversity is spread unevenly across the globe. For example, alpine zones (these zones are found above the tree line and below the snow line) cover about three percent of the earth’s land surface but are home to an unusual number of species. Half of the world’s biodiversity hotspots are on mountains. Of the twenty plant species that supply eighty percent of the world’s food, seven originate from the mountain regions.
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How Do We Preserve the Vanishing Foods of the Earth?

The best conservationists made our environment and can save it

The prehistoric environment was created by humans who enhanced biodiversity, altering the plants and animals to suit themselves. Contemporary tribal peoples are still doing this today. The fact that they are the world’s best conservationists is not a “noble savage” romantic fantasy, it can now be proven. Yet the conservation industry is destroying these peoples and forcing them out of the territories they made and could save. Stephen Corry argues that if we stop this, everyone will benefit, along with the environment.
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Earth Restoration: How to Change the World Together
It is a great idea for small groups to find purpose and meaning by living sustainable lifestyles and sharing and caring for each other. These are the daily skills that provide for living and they can lead to control of water, food, soil, atmospheric emissions which are just what we need. These are the skills that allow us to maintain and leave the Earth system clean and renewable. This is the way forward throughout the earth for all of humanity. The more successful the sharing of knowledge, the better we are at choosing simple but elegant choices and the better the outcome we will achieve.
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Ciclovida Lifecycle

This feature-length documentary pedals alongside a group of small farmers from Brazil who bicycle over 6,000 miles across the South American continent. They use the year of travel to exchange natural seeds, songs, and ideas about new ways of relating to the land. Moving stories from landless peasants, indigenous communities, and small farmers inform the travelers and viewers, expanding their understanding of the struggle to survive in the face of global agribusiness incursion and the takeover of monocrops for making biofuel. Peer into the lives of Inacio and Ivania, who are #farmers, #po... Show more...
The no-flush movement: the unexpected rise of the composting toilet
For those to whom chucking litres of clean drinking water down the toilet on each flush seems wildly at odds with attempts to protect the environment and slow the climate emergency, compost toilets are increasingly making sense.
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Tribute to Remineralization Pioneer Cameron Thomson of the Seer Centre (1947-2019)
Using volcanic rock dust from Scottish quarries, Cameron Thomson, along with his spouse Moira, worked tirelessly to educate and inspire the world about the nutritional and environmental benefits of remineralization.
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Tribute to Remineralization Pioneer Cameron Thomson of the Seer Centre (1947-2019)
How to Turn Dirt Into Soil
Restoring life to our soil gave us a ringside seat to the march of life in the rough order in which it evolved on Earth—from microbes and fungi to worms, spiders, ­beetles, birds, and eventually mammals.
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How to Turn Dirt Into Soil
Levels of Biodiversity
Biodiversity is a key factor in the earth’s provision of ecosystem services — including biomass production, nutrient and water cycling, and soil formation and retention — but the ongoing, mounting losses to biodiversity are not simply an environmental issue.

I can assure you: this article isn’t a fear-mongering account of the real-life implications of biodiversity loss. Rather, this is an invitation — for companies, growers, and consumers — to take stock of your current understandings of biodiversity and situate them in a more encompassing and holistic framework.
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10 reasons why indigenous peoples are the world’s best conservationists
Evidence proves indigenous peoples understand and manage their environment better than anyone else.
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What indigenous design could teach us about surviving climate change


Why indigenous expertise is crucial to tackling the climate crisis

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We All Need to Be Tree Huggers Now


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We All Need to Be Tree Huggers Now

Scientists discover 10 new birds

Some of the 10 newly described species and subspecies of bird are already seriously endangered. Both islands suffer from extreme levels of forest loss: on Peleng mostly through burgeoning village communities with an ever-growing demand for timber and land, and on Taliabu mostly through commercial logging operations that have logged most areas multiple times over.
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Thousands of Aussies Are Heartened by Photos of Charred Landscapes Already Recovering From Bushfires

Thousands of Australians are being heartened by these striking photos of greenery and plant life growing out of an area that was left charred and blackened by the bushfires last month.

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Thousands of Aussies Are Heartened by Photos of Charred Landscapes Already Recovering From Bushfires

The planet doesn’t need money, it needs behavioural change: Sonam Wangchuk

Sonam Wangchuk has stopped ironing his clothes. This renowned innovator and Magsaysay Award-winning environmentalist feels smart crease is an indulgence one can do without in order to help the planet. As he says, the power saved from ironing his clothes could power four rural households.
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A documentary that will never let you see plastic the same way again

The Story of Plastic, directed by Deia Schlosberg and produced by Stiv Wilson, is a relentless pile-on of images and factoids that build on each other, slowly forming the contours of the full scope of havoc wreaked by a single 60-year-old industry. It is the best and clearest guide through the plastic supply chain I’ve seen yet, which also means it’s the best tool to understand the full lifecycle of a material we touch and use every day.

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Know Their Names: Eight Activists Assassinated For Fighting Climate Change

The stories of environmental fighters are often ignored, forgotten, and silenced by the mainstream media. After all, these people are often fighting against U.S. corporations. As we contemplate how to solve the climate crisis, it is important to remember that the places hit by environmental disasters have been and will be semi-colonial countries first, and that there are people in those countries who are fighting and dying in the struggle against climate catastrophe.
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Know Their Names: Eight Activists Assassinated For Fighting Climate Change

Dammed to Extinction

For eons, a one-of-a-kind population of killer whales has hunted chinook salmon along the Pacific Coast of the United States. For the last 40 years, renowned whale scientist Ken Balcomb has closely observed them. He’s familiar with a deadly pattern, as salmon numbers plummet orcas starve.

The solution, says Balcomb, is getting rid of four fish-killing dams 500 miles away on the largest tributary to what once was the largest Chinook producing river on earth. Studying whales is science. Removing dams is politics. Defiantly mixing the two, says Balcomb, has become the most important work of his storied career. Meanwhile, the race to extinction for salmon and orcas speeds up, nipping... Show more...
Groundbreaking bid to save Scotland’s disappearing mountaintop forests
The conservation charity’s volunteers will begin the first phase of planting next spring – with trees including downy willow and dwarf birch on the higher ground, and Scots pine and juniper on the lower slopes. Further planting will continue over the next few years, and self-seeded saplings will also be able to thrive in the grazing-free exclosure.
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"Fires set stage for irreversible forest losses in Australia"

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Climate journalism and fossil fuel ads: an unholy marriage? - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

https://thebulletin.org/2020/01/climate-journalism-and-fossil-fuel-ads-an-unholy-marriage/ #pollution #climatecrisis #climateemergency #environment #journalism
Climate journalism and fossil fuel ads: an unholy marriage?

Winter: So far, so good (and not so good)

http://reverejournal.com/2020/01/22/winter-so-far-so-good-and-not-so-good/ #pollution #climatecrisis #climateemergency #environment #USA
Winter: So far, so good (and not so good)

Revere Journal: Winter: So far, so good (and not so good) (Journal Staff)


Climate-friendly food choices protect the planet, promote health, reduce health costs

https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-01/uoo-cfc012220.php #food #health #costs #pollution #climatecrisis #climateemergency #environment

On climate, Trump is guilty of willful ignorance

https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/21/opinions/trump-climate-change-willful-ignorance-hill/index.html #climatecrisis #climateemergency #environment #pollution #US

Miami sets ambitious emissions goal: carbon neutral by 2050. How to get there isn’t clear

https://www.tuscaloosanews.com/news/20200122/miami-sets-ambitious-emissions-goal-carbon-neutral-by-2050-how-to-get-there-isnt-clear #Miami #climatecrisis #pollution #climateemergency #environment
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