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How to Explore the Stars Without Ever Leaving Home

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if you don’t care at all about climate change, or not enough, here something that might change your mind: - imagine yourself in 12 years, fighting just to get some food, running in the streets with masks because the air sucks, having to protect your family from the storm and tsunamis, living without any animals, the end of life as we know it. crying every night reminding yourself when you were younger, why didn’t you do anything ? why did the politicians let the earth just die and didn’t do anything ? why didn’t we all did nothing to help the planet ?? imagine your children crying, telling you “why didn’t you do anything ? why did you let us die ? why did the people of 2019 have done nothing to save us ?!”
i hope that now, you know how important this is. the future of all of us, is in your hands, in all of our hands. if we all don’t want this future. we have to do something, manifest. ANYTHING. al the ways you can save the planet. you need to care. and do what the humans are the better for: CHANGE !! #... Show more...
Nearly every country in the world has agreed upon a legally binding framework to reduce the pollution from plastic waste (which is incredible!!!!) — but not the United States, United Nations environmental officials say.
The agreement means the 187 countries will have to monitor and track movements of plastic waste outside their borders. This will keep organisations and stakeholders responsible and will go a long way to reducing plastic pollution.
On average, we each use 53 kilograms of plastic a year and generate a collective total of more than 300 million tonnes of plastic waste. This is predicted to double by the year 2030. 40 percent of our plastic usage is single use.
The fact that by 2025 there is going to be more plastic in the ocean than there is fish is absolutely insane.
Want to know what the most littered thing in the world is? Cigarette butts with plastic filters. Do you live in the US? Pressure your local representatives to do everything to get this pact signed!!
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Today is World Migratory Bird Day (Second Saturday of May)! Migratory birds are birds that travel from one place to another at regular times and often over very long distances, like from Alaska to Australia!!
These close relatives of dinosaurs, who gave us the idea of flying, connect environments all over the world in search of breeding and feeding grounds. Habitat destruction, over hunting and pollution have resulted in the need for these birds to be protected as many are now endangered.
These birds fly through many different jurisdictions so working with many different stakeholders, conservation is difficult, but still highly important. ~
This year's migratory bird theme is plastic pollution, with roughly 40% of all sea birds containing plastic inside of them. This isn't hard to imagine when nearly 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic enters the ocean every year. These birds also suffer slow agonising deaths from discarded fishing gear.
What can you do?? Cut single use plastics from your life, do beach cleanups, water way clean ups, raise awareness and recycle r... Show more...
It's been cloudy, snowy, icy, rainy, windy, and everything else but lots of sun, so I have not been able to keep up with my edits from Oregon. SO in the meantime, enjoy this photo collage of Ink meeting a random slab dog that we ran into while walking around the slabs. No owner in sight. January 2015.

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Explore ISS on Google Maps

Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.
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Southern Oregon Coast Just after Sunset..

Lots of clouds, so not much of a sunset, but the clouds did make it extra moody...

Soon after this shot, we got very lost trying to find our way back to the RV... There wasn't really a good trail to follow and it was pitch black in the woods. I had to keep backtracking and trying again to try and find our way back. Very wooded area and lots of brush. Wasn't too big of a forest, but didn't want to get really turned around and then not know which way to follow the road back to the RV. I think it took us about a hour to go a mile and find our way back to the RV. Well worth the shots I was able to get staying out so late, though.

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How Myst Taught a Generation of Gamers to Explore New Worlds

The creators revisit their hit game 25 years later.

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- #Bold new #plan #announced to #explore #alien #ocean #worlds

Earth is not the only ocean world in the solar system. In fact, there are several. A new paper just published in Astrobiology seeks to plan out the best ways to explore these alien oceans.
Earlier, someone asked me why I don't believe in "#homeownership". Here is my answer.

I have three main #reasons that I don't believe in "home ownership": (1) #financial (2) #political (3) #lifestyle.

(1) Financial

We are sold the idea that "a #house is an #investment". However you must #borrow a huge amount of #money, usually s... Show more...

Llechog Ridge

A great route up to the top of Snowdon in North Wales. The Llanberis path (the main tourist path) is normally far too busy, and maybe even a little bit dull. This route runs parallel and follows the ridge above. The views are much better, allowing you to look down into the Llanberis Pass, and you normally have the route to yourself. To the left, the winding Snowdon mountain railway can be seen.


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