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There’s Nothing Wrong With Racism (Except the Name)

And how I became a political dissident…

by Professor Geoffrey Sampson

‘RACISM’ IS certainly a horrible word. Words ending in -ism are normally formed from adjective roots: nationalism, specialism, communism. The correct word is ‘racialism,’ and this was the usual term until the shorter word came in quite recently, at a time when standards of education had decayed sufficiently for people to have lost touch with the patterns of English vocabulary.

But objecting to ‘racism’ as an emotion, rather than objecting to the word, is just silly. It is as silly as objecting to people’s sexual feelings, and for similar reasons.

In Victorian times, it is often said that piano legs used to be draped, for fear that the sight of naked legs, even wooden ones, might inflame men’s lusts. In time to come, the curr... Show more...
I'm on my iPad and I am just not doing much of anything as my sis says "Jack all." Lol #family #duckdynasty
Employers should be reassured by an investigation into the costs to them of parental leave
Having children is an expensive business, but not for businesses | Torsten Bell
#Parentsandparenting #Family #Denmark #Europe #Work&careers #Maternity&paternityrights #UKnews
After 12 of his relatives were killed in a single night, where was his anger and pain? And what does his refusal to permit himself these feelings mean for me?

I don’t know when I first heard my grandfather’s story. But I do remember the little green book with the white cross on it. The book was kept in a black steel cabinet in our living room, one that was usually locked, its contents mysterious. There must be important things in there, I thought, that were not for me to see.

My paternal grandparents were part of my childhood; my sister and I called them Oma and Opa and paid them regular visits, but we knew very little about our mother’s parents. They were long dead: my grandmother in 1972, my grandfather in 1979, six years before my birth. The only proof of their existence was a faded black-and-white photo embedded in a glass hemisphere, which my mother kept on her bedside table. In the picture, my grandmother is wearing a high-necked dress and a pearl necklace, and my grandfather a suit and tie, their faces radiating severity. They looked, to my chil... Show more...
Standing up for the truth of The Five Biological Laws is a matter of social responsibility and about care for humankind. This does not require special permission! Attempts to monopolize the teaching of Dr. Hamer's discoveries are far beyond the true spirit of #GNM and the movement that is flourishing across the globe.

We welcome people from all walks of life to LearningGNM and share this new understanding of #health and #healing with #family and #friends, so that more of us can enjoy the freedom and the empowerment that the NEW MEDICINE offers.

With my very best wishes on your journey of learning,
Welcome to LearningGNM

Welcome to the LearningGNM website, created by Caroline Markolin, Ph.D., for the common good.

The End of Babies

Decades of survey data show that people’s stated preferences have shifted toward smaller families. But they also show that in country after country, actual fertility has fallen faster than notions of ideal family size. In the United States, the gap between how many children people want and how many they have has widened to a 40-year high. In a report covering 28 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, women reported an average desired family size of 2.3 children in 2016, and men wished for 2.2. But few hit their target. Something is stopping us from creating the families we claim to want. But what?
Source: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/11/16/opinion/sunday/capitalism-children.html

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Cooking and healing in my mother's Vietnamese kitchen

In the midst of misunderstandings and estrangement, one woman and her mother found solace in making spring rolls.
Cooking and healing in my mother's Vietnamese kitchen
#UnitedStates #Food #Migrants #Family #Vietnam #Asia #Arts&Culture

Held to ransom at the dinner table

If you are raised to eat with your hands, navigating the use of a knife and fork can unleash both power and pain.
Held to ransom at the dinner table
#Food #SouthAfrica #Family #Colonialism #Africa #Arts&Culture

The wealthy single Chinese women choosing white sperm donors to have a baby – they want a family but not a Chinese husband

Most unmarried women in China are unable to access fertility treatment and sperm banks at home

Successful women who don’t wish to marry turn instead to Western sperm donors, picking them from catalogues before going overseas for IVF treatment

Analysts predict that the total market in China for fertility services will reach US$1.5 billion in 2022 – more than double its 2016 value. Demand for services overseas for Chinese nationals is also booming.

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How a twice-baked sour cherry pie helped one woman deal with her father's slow decline from ALS and eventual death. #Food #UnitedStates #US&Canada #Family
The Privacy Foundation - 2019-11-23 19:16:02 GMT
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"Fembot Soul Specification" is now translated into English. #cyberpunk #hyperpunk #scifi #gynoid #fembot #future #soul #family
Thomas - 2019-11-24 08:42:10 GMT
The outcome of yesterday's #family #cooking for #lunch.

Ping @claudiom

sweet peppers filled with ground meat, bacon pieces, spring onions and Feta cheese and finished with a Gouda cheese topping. Served on a wild rice bed.

## And they will call you a “collaborator” not an employee …

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Converted Latter-day Saints believe that the #family proclamation, issued nearly a quarter century ago and now translated into scores of languages, is the Lord’s reemphasis of the gospel #truths we need to sustain us through current challenges to the family.

The family proclamation begins by declaring “that #marriage between a #man and a #woman is ordained of #God and that the family is central to the #Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.” It also affirms that “ #
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Vegane Produkte aus Europa und der USA kennt man ja in Hülle und Fülle, aber aus #Südafrika?
Diese #Schnitzel hier von "Fry's Family" haben es doch irgendwie spannend gemacht. :)

#Frysfamily #vegan #veganschnitzel #fleischersatz #mukbang #frys #family #veganfood #schnitzeltest


The families Going Present-Free at Christmas to Cut Down on Waste

‘People look miserable before Christmas. It saddens me more than anything – they’re either drunk or stressed to hell’

Some families are trying to combat the clutter and make festivities less stressful by cutting out presents – instead opting for homemade baking, virtual gifts or even just forgetting about it all and going on a long walk with the dog instead.


#waste #Christmas #Xmas #rubbish #trash #presents #family #holidays #ecology #green
Grandma has completed the Minecraft quilt for our grandson. Ender Dragon (top) on backside and characters and objects (bottom) on front of quilt.

#family #quilt #minecraft #ender dragon
Every year, thousands of Bolivian Indians engage in brutal street fighting to honour mother earth at Tinku festival. #Bolivia #LatinAmerica #Arts&Culture #Family
#minecraft #halloween #paper-mache #homemade #family

Wife worked really hard on these- because our daughter asked for it. I don't have a clue about minecraft, but all the kids at church loved it. Even made the enderman's eyes light up.

#enderman #creeper #skeleton
#Followerpower in der #Fediverse.
Kann wer helfen? Wenn ja bitte im Originalbeitrag antworten. 😀
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Gesucht wird eine Lydia, welche an der niederländischen Grenze in Verden? wohnt. Sie ist 28, hat in Stuttgart studiert und ist wohl nicht gerade hässlich. Macht irgendwas mit Überflutungsschutz 🤔 Sie mag Fußball aber keinen Hip Hop. Haarfarbe: blond; sie war dieses WE in Hamburg zu Besuch.

Kumpel findet die toll und hat nicht nach der Nummer gefragt 🙄

Sie nutzt wohl kein FB, Insta oder sonst was.

Bitte helft meinem Kumpel und boosted! Danke schön! 😘

#Economy: Median Wage has grown 1200% faster than under Obama

#absolutely #epic #Trump #economy #DonaldTrump #economics #wages #wage #gain #employment #record #income #family #families

Meine Oma – die Pflegemutter meines Vaters – ist das Mädchen in der zweiten Reihe, gleich rechts.

\#familie #family #grandma #oma
Quelle: https://schubladenerinnerungen.de/blog/2019/10/22/familienbande/
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Zwei gewagte Sprünge in einem Video: Paar aus Russland gerät wegen Achtlosigkeit in Kritik

Die Eltern aus Jekaterinburg nahmen das Video ursprünglich für das Videoportal TikTok auf. Die Kamera hielt fest, wie die Frau in die Arme des Mannes sprang. Im selben Augenblick sprang ihr zweijähriger Sohn von seinem Etagenbett auf eine auf dem Boden liegende Matratze. Das Kind prallte dabei ab und machte einen gefährlichen Purzelbaum. Anscheinend zog sich der Junge zwar keine Verletzungen zu, aber das akrobatische Exerzitium hätte für ihn böse enden können. Das Paar bemerkte den gefährlichen Sprung ihres Sohnes nicht, die Frau strahlte vor Glück und bekam anschließend einen Wangenkuss von ihrem Partner.
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Your family is none of their business

  • Today’s children have the most complex digital footprint in human history, with their data being collected by private companies and governments alike.
  • The consequences on a child’s future revolve around one’s freedom to learn from mistakes, the reputation damage caused by past mistakes, and the traumatic effects of discriminatory algorithms.
Summer is that time of the year when parents get to spend more time with their children. Often enough, this also means children get to spend more time with electronic devices, their own or their parents’. Taking a selfie with the little one, or keeping them busy with a Facebook game or a Youtube animations playlist – these are examples that make the digital footprint of today’s child the largest in huma... Show more...
Tonight: Kadhi Khachdi (rice, mung beans, yogurt, and spices) and potato pea curry for dinner, courtesy of my MIL. And now we’re all on the couch, watching “The Professionals” (1966) (also MIL’s choice). Good times.
#food #family #film
Well, this is gonna be a hoot for #Atheists to watch on #Netflix or, however you can steal it. It looks so much like a #Conspiracy #Theory type story that my "Spidey-Sense" is tingling. I can't wait to watch it, but I feel like I'm going to have to be so much more skeptical about it than I am about #Religions.


An enigmatic #conservative #Christian group known as the #Family wields enormous influence in Washington, D.C., in pursuit of its global ambitions.
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How Stockholm became the city of work-life balance | Richard Orange
#Sweden #Health&wellbeing #Family #Cities #Childcare #Children #Parentsandparenting #Europe #Lifeandstyle #Money
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