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Vegane Produkte aus Europa und der USA kennt man ja in Hülle und Fülle, aber aus #Südafrika?
Diese #Schnitzel hier von "Fry's Family" haben es doch irgendwie spannend gemacht. :)

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The families Going Present-Free at Christmas to Cut Down on Waste

‘People look miserable before Christmas. It saddens me more than anything – they’re either drunk or stressed to hell’

Some families are trying to combat the clutter and make festivities less stressful by cutting out presents – instead opting for homemade baking, virtual gifts or even just forgetting about it all and going on a long walk with the dog instead.


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Grandma has completed the Minecraft quilt for our grandson. Ender Dragon (top) on backside and characters and objects (bottom) on front of quilt.

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Every year, thousands of Bolivian Indians engage in brutal street fighting to honour mother earth at Tinku festival. #Bolivia #LatinAmerica #Arts&Culture #Family
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Wife worked really hard on these- because our daughter asked for it. I don't have a clue about minecraft, but all the kids at church loved it. Even made the enderman's eyes light up.

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#Followerpower in der #Fediverse.
Kann wer helfen? Wenn ja bitte im Originalbeitrag antworten. 😀
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AngryTux :Anoxinon: :tchncs: - 2019-10-27 19:37:50 GMT
Gesucht wird eine Lydia, welche an der niederländischen Grenze in Verden? wohnt. Sie ist 28, hat in Stuttgart studiert und ist wohl nicht gerade hässlich. Macht irgendwas mit Überflutungsschutz 🤔 Sie mag Fußball aber keinen Hip Hop. Haarfarbe: blond; sie war dieses WE in Hamburg zu Besuch.

Kumpel findet die toll und hat nicht nach der Nummer gefragt 🙄

Sie nutzt wohl kein FB, Insta oder sonst was.

Bitte helft meinem Kumpel und boosted! Danke schön! 😘

#Economy: Median Wage has grown 1200% faster than under Obama

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Meine Oma – die Pflegemutter meines Vaters – ist das Mädchen in der zweiten Reihe, gleich rechts.

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Quelle: https://schubladenerinnerungen.de/blog/2019/10/22/familienbande/
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Zwei gewagte Sprünge in einem Video: Paar aus Russland gerät wegen Achtlosigkeit in Kritik

Die Eltern aus Jekaterinburg nahmen das Video ursprünglich für das Videoportal TikTok auf. Die Kamera hielt fest, wie die Frau in die Arme des Mannes sprang. Im selben Augenblick sprang ihr zweijähriger Sohn von seinem Etagenbett auf eine auf dem Boden liegende Matratze. Das Kind prallte dabei ab und machte einen gefährlichen Purzelbaum. Anscheinend zog sich der Junge zwar keine Verletzungen zu, aber das akrobatische Exerzitium hätte für ihn böse enden können. Das Paar bemerkte den gefährlichen Sprung ihres Sohnes nicht, die Frau strahlte vor Glück und bekam anschließend einen Wangenkuss von ihrem Partner.
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Your family is none of their business

  • Today’s children have the most complex digital footprint in human history, with their data being collected by private companies and governments alike.
  • The consequences on a child’s future revolve around one’s freedom to learn from mistakes, the reputation damage caused by past mistakes, and the traumatic effects of discriminatory algorithms.
Summer is that time of the year when parents get to spend more time with their children. Often enough, this also means children get to spend more time with electronic devices, their own or their parents’. Taking a selfie with the little one, or keeping them busy with a Facebook game or a Youtube animations playlist – these are examples that make the digital footprint of today’s child the largest in huma... Show more...
Tonight: Kadhi Khachdi (rice, mung beans, yogurt, and spices) and potato pea curry for dinner, courtesy of my MIL. And now we’re all on the couch, watching “The Professionals” (1966) (also MIL’s choice). Good times.
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A full length #documentary by #SachaStone exposing the 5G #existential threat to #humanity in a way we never #imagined possible!
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Well, this is gonna be a hoot for #Atheists to watch on #Netflix or, however you can steal it. It looks so much like a #Conspiracy #Theory type story that my "Spidey-Sense" is tingling. I can't wait to watch it, but I feel like I'm going to have to be so much more skeptical about it than I am about #Religions.


An enigmatic #conservative #Christian group known as the #Family wields enormous influence in Washington, D.C., in pursuit of its global ambitions.
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How Stockholm became the city of work-life balance | Richard Orange
#Sweden #Health&wellbeing #Family #Cities #Childcare #Children #Parentsandparenting #Europe #Lifeandstyle #Money
😍Kinder und Umweltschutz! Ich bin soo stolz auf meine Tochter!
Gestern sehen wir, wie einer Frau und ihrem Mann beim Autoaussaugen eine Tüte aus dem Kofferraum fliegt. Die Frau guckt der Tüte nur hinterher und saugt weiter.
Meine Tochter 😠"Nee! Das geht ja wohl gar nicht!"😡
Lisa hüpft über den Zaun, läuft der mittlerweile viel weitergeflogenen Tüte hinterher, geht zu dem Ehepaar zurück und drückt dem verdatterten Mann die Tüte in die Hand: "Bittesehr, ihre Tüte! Sie wollen ja sicherlich auch, daß wir in einer sauberen Umwelt leben!" 💪🌳
Yeah! My girl! 🤩

Ich sehe alleine an meinen Kindern, was die #fridaysforfuture Bewegung in Gang setzt. Sie sind viel umweltbewusster geworden. Wenn jeder bei sich zu Hause im Kleinen anfängt, ist das schon ein großer Schritt in die richtige Richtung🌳🌱😀🍃 #... Show more...
Mariusz z Jelitowa /Forteca - 2019-04-06 18:25:19 GMT
people scribble their life, slowly
on tiny pieces of papers
that any god
can crumple
whenever they want
to trashbin

and all you can do
is hope for
some of the ink
that flows
in your veins

#poetry #family #bloodline #grief #mywork
In the year after the Brexit vote, 17,000 British people sought citizenship of another EU country – and many have since upped and left. Five ‘Brexiles’ explain why they’re starting a new life overseas

Last month, after a decade of living in London, my husband and I packed up the contents of our two-bedroom flat and moved to France with our 15-month-old son. With another baby on the way, we’re renting an apartment in Toulouse while we look for a more permanent setup. Leaving friends and family behind, and getting to grips with a new culture and language, hasn’t been easy. But we have no plans to return to the UK.

What sold us on France? The healthier work-life balance and excellent education system, plus the fact that we’re lucky enough to have jobs that allow us to work remotely. Ultimately, though, there was one factor that cemented our decision to emigrate: Brexit.

I don’t want to say I’ll never come back to the UK because I will always be British

If Brexit were stopped tomorrow, I wouldn’t come... Show more...
When my father asked my grandfather for my mother's hand my grandfather asked him how he would support her. My father with his phd in physics said he supposed he could be an engineer. My grandfather gave him a set that looks just like this one. Still sitting around my brother's house somewhere.

#science #vintage #history #family

Little Egret (Egretta garzetta) family

Photo Credit: John&Fish flickr.com/johnfish/

#birds #nature #LittleEgret #family
Also Nihongo-Francaise is a meta-language family I'm creating specifically for the world of Anna-Marie En Alsace Et Paris, Magnet Girl Wireless, Anna-Marie With Her Shotgun, Uploaded Fairy, Simply Pace, We Are The Parasites (epilogue 1), and O Raphael (epilogue 2) story arcs.

The concept is that French sailors took Japanese wives, and the language blended in a weird way, creating a language family where at its core was still Japanese, but without a considerable about of French words in their default state.

How this will carry over into my BIANCA Chatbot memoir, and side stories, I'm not sure, as history didn't quite evolve in the way to allow for a meta-language like Nihongo-Francaise to happen.

#language #metalanguage #family #conlang

Example phrase: Francaise hanasemasu ka?

Ou, quand parlez-vous Bonjour: La baleine manges la umi.
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