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Tim Leunig, who advises Rishi Sunak, has suggested ministers could look to be like Singapore

One of the most senior government advisers has said the UK does not need its farming or fishing industries, according to reports.

In comments seen by the Mail on Sunday, Dr Tim Leunig is understood to have said the food sector was “not critically important” to the country’s economy – and that agriculture and fisheries “certainly isn’t”.
Treasury adviser: farming and fisheries are not important
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Calls for food standards to be enshrined in law to avoid post-Brexit ‘betrayal’ of consumers
Farmers pile pressure on UK government over chlorinated chicken
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● NEWS ● #truthout ☞ Midwestern #Farm Network Is Leading the Way to #ChemicalFree #Sustainable #Farming
Midwestern Farm Network Is Leading the Way to Chemical-Free, Sustainable Farming
Cheaper labour and welfare costs have driven animal exports from Denmark to Poland, but critics fear corners are being cut
High risk of injuries in Denmark's live piglet export trade, audit warns
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Inhabitants: An Indigenous Perspective

A collaborative documentary about tribal land management practices and their resilience in a changing climate.


Inhabitants: An Indigenous Perspective is a feature-length documentary that follows five North American tribes restoring their ancient relationships with the land while adapting to today’s climate crisis.

The film travels across diverse bioregions of North America, from deserts and coastlines, to forests, mountains, and prairies, highlighting the dramatic effects of climate change and stories of indigenous land stewardship practices, which continue to be resilient in the face of a changing climate. The film focuses on five stories: the return of prescribed fire practices by the Karuk Tribe in California; the restoration of buffalo on the Blackfeet reservation in Montana; sustained traditions of H... Show more...

Masanobu Fukuoka (Natural Farm) - Larry Korn Interview

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Seen as the father of modern day natural farming, Masanobu Fukuoka is author of “The One Straw Revolution,” a fundamental volume for understanding how human beings can live together with this earth. This three part film series features previously unreleased interviews with Larry Korn, who in 1974 (after a decade of studying soil, plants, and Eastern culture) spent two years of living and studying with Fukuoka.

When Larry left Japan, he carried the Japanese manuscript of Fukuoka’s book with him to California, with the determination to get the book published in English. Hi... Show more...
Going beyond cafés: Transparent and community-driven coffee farming

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Going beyond cafés: Transparent and community-driven coffee farming

How We Grow

How We Grow seeks to tell the story that digs deeper- beyond the farmers’ markets and local food access- into the ways in which communities rebuild themselves around agriculture. The film is a coming of age story of a community re-learning how to work together and growing stronger in the process. Inspired by the drive and dedication of the next generation of agricultural leaders in the Roaring Fork Valley, the community explores how to overcome pressing issues.

Land access, income inequality, and a short growing season turn from barriers into levers as these ambitious young farmers discover ways to get healthy, sustain... Show more...

A Lot To Learn


Dave Goulson wonders whether allotments can save the Earth.
Farming systems already exist that use these principles. Permaculture, agroforestry and biodynamic farming are all variants on this theme. The only real downside to this type of food production is that it is much more labour-intensive. Industrial farming is heavily mechanised and requires very few people – a major driver of the demise of rural communities. To scale up allotmenting or permaculture would require getting many more people back onto the land, but would that be such a bad thing? It is predicted that many traditional occupations will disappear in the next few years as AI makes humans redundant. One of the ways we could find gainful employment for many of these people would be by expanding small-scale agriculture.
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Shepherds are forced to ship their livestock to markets in the Middle East due to a lack of meat processing facilities at home
'A whole sheep for £18': how live exports are hurting farmers in Romania
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P Sainath: The water crisis is not caused by drought
Bill requires regular monitoring of supplies and shift from CAP-style subsidies but no gate on lower quality imports
Food security plan after Brexit: biggest shake up to farming in 40 years
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To highlight another contradiction created by "intellectual property"

Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware

A dive into the thriving black market of John Deere tractor hacking.

To avoid the draconian locks that John Deere puts on the tractors they buy, farmers throughout America's heartland have started hacking their equipment with firmware that's cracked in Eastern Europe and traded on invite-only, paid online forums.

Tractor hacking is growing increasingly popular because John Deere and other manufacturers have made it impossible to perform "unauthorized" repair on farm equipment, which farmers see as an attack on their sovereignty and quite possibly an existential threat to their livelihood if their tractor breaks at an inopportune time.

_. . ._
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#farming ,weather forecasting & security the three professions that teach #humility...
Dan Geer
A Planet SOS special on how the way we use land is both contributing to and affected by the global climate crisis. #ClimateChange #Environment #GlobalWarming #Agriculture #Farming #Africa #Food
Denmark’s industrial pig farms are stunningly productive, but there is a dark side to their success
Danish bacon: what happens when you push pigs to the absolute limit?
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' #Farming Dying Out In #Ireland' - Tractor Protest Hits #Dublin

Farmers hit the streets of Dublin today in opposition to carbon taxes and rock-bottom beef prices. Many claim their way of life is about to die out with this generation.
Nicolas Bardy says decision by France’s highest court is ‘stupidity pushed to its limit’

A French farmer has been fined after neighbours complained about the smell from his herd of cows, being ordered to pay €8,000 (£6,835) after losing a 10-year legal battle.

Nicolas Bardy, whose family have farmed cattle at Lacapelle-Viescamp in the Cantal, in south-central France, for six generations, was accused of stocking bales of hay too close to his retired neighbours’ home causing “strong irritating odours”.
Merde! French farmer ordered to pay €8,000 over smelly cows
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That's kind to say, but I would say it's more intuition than brain-smarts...sometimes I worry that I reach out too far over the Kantian border, because like a digital shaman I'm trying to experience the unseen possible directions for us to take our field of consciousness. Anyway, as NO FUN as making milk for Google might be, it clearly has a mesmerizing effect (think about how people walk with their phones, slower and more docile, or netflix and chill to zone out and distract from the world's problems). My question is, apart from the identity-issue and the fear of mesmerization and manipulation despite safeguards, why don't we produce active data for our own purposes in context like #farming, #vokü, #citizenscience, #dating etc to make more of a... Show more...

What can „the West“ do?

„the West“ can start cultivating food in raised beds in towns. „the West“ can start community gardens and oblige every citizen to work their own 500m2 of land for a healthy exercise and locally grown food.

Now to the Southamerica: Brazil wants to turn all of the rain forest into agricultural land in an unsustainable „copy the west“ fashion.

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Where are the #guardianangels?

In times of crisis, violence is the weakest link. Hope sets us apart from the other animals. Not that we hope, but how we hope.

How could you hope for cracking heads? What are state-sponsered police other that the class-creation of private security? Regardless of how many examples intelligent and responsible police chiefs can raise for effective and courteous police forces, especially the most intelligent among them would accept that a successful or failing fascist regime would seek to establish a police/army like the Gem Hadar, a force drug-enabled... Show more...
● NEWS ● #farming ☞ The Key to Saving Family Farms Is in the #Soil

Got any Hot-Tips on what or when to buy, sell, hold a Stock or Bond?

This is a universal concept for the @Stock Picking Discussion #Forum because it has to do with a street-smarts that you as a #Investor or a potential investor need to think about.

Some very basic human activities are #Hunting, #Fishing, #Trapping, and #Herding (it might stretch the metaphor to include #Farming... Show more...
● NEWS ● #politics #finance #farming ☞ #Trump Administration to Small Farmers: Stop Whining, Your Demise is Inevitable
Trump Administration to Small Farmers: Stop Whining, Your Demise is Inevitable
Critics say local producers may struggle to supply enough milk for 200 million Nigerians. #Africa #Nigeria #Farming
How a chocolate-making activist in the West African state of Togo is fighting back against foreign exploitation. #Business&Economy #Togo #Poverty&Development #Farming #Africa #Agriculture

Combining Solar & Farming Benefits Both - Crop Productivity Can Improve But So Can PV Panel Efficiency In Hot Weather

Fraunhofer ISE in Germany was one of the first to experiment with combining solar and farming on the same land. Its early research found doing so increases the productivity of the land significantly — up to 60% or more in some cases. Now researchers at the University of Arizona have confirmed the benefits of growing crops beneath the shade provided by solar panels — more electricity, higher yields, and less water used. That last part is of vital interest to farmers in Arizona where access to water for irrigation is crucial.

“We found that many of our food crops do better in the shade of solar panels because they are spared from the direct sun,” says Baron-Gafford. “In fact, total chiltepin fruit production was three times greater under the PV panels in an agrivoltaic system, and tomato production was twice as great!” Jalapenos produced a similar amount of fruit in both the agrivoltaics system and the tradition... Show more...
Game birds subject to 'cruel' conditions, undercover footage shows
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