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Scientists are warning against new legislation to grow Iceland’s fish farming industry, but industry is pressuring for a go-ahead

A five-fold expansion in open net fish farms that scientists believe could decimate Iceland’s wild salmon stocks is pitting Big Aquaculture against ecologists in the country.

Next month, a parliamentary bill is expected to extend farm licenses from 10 to 16 years, while omitting critics from oversight panels and handing primary monitoring powers to industry.
Huge plans to expand Iceland's fish farms risk decimating wild fish populations
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In a new scheme, fishermen are paid €200 a month to recycle waste found in nets rather than dump it in polluted waters

The fish market at Keratsini comes alive at night. Under floodlights, crews in rubber waders and boots wash down the decks of boats moored in the harbour, repair nets dangling from cranes, and put on ice the shrimp, calamari, mullet and hake that are their latest pickings.

Recently other things – objects that might never have been pulled from the sea – have also supplemented hauls. “We’re talking about lots of waste, lots of garbage,” says Dimitris Dalianis. “We’re finding it almost everywhere.”

“There you find everything. I’ve found washing machines, model planes, toy dolls and hundreds upon hundreds of bottles. There are days when we find more plastic than fish.”
‘More plastic than fish’: Greek fishermen battle to clean a cruel sea
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#Ocean #heatwaves drive more #fish north

https://climatenewsnetwork.net/ocean-heatwaves-drive-more-fish-north/ "620 kilometres from what had previously been its most northerly range."
Ocean heatwaves drive more fish north
Plastic Planet - Fluch oder Segen - a blessing or a curse?

Update: Beaches of Mumbai clean – Turtles return


4% of fossil oil is used for plastic production

6x times more plastic in the oceans than in plankton

softeners such as bisphenol A works like a female hormon – it makes males sterile.

0.6 – 20g of plastic in every sea bird.

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Аквариум без декорация е, като автомобил без гуми. Съдайте добра среда на живот за декоративните си рибки с естествена или изкуствена декорация. Можете да изб... Show more...

3/30/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord, The God of #Israel, The Only Lord of Hosts: My anger is aroused and shall not be quenched, until every tall #tower is torn down and shaken to #dust, and not one fenced #city is left standing! In My #hot displeasure, I shall turn My hand against the #earth, and smite every #bird, #... Show more...
By David Dvořáček


white and orange koi fish

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/tQk3y00flv4
Full image: Link

Via Unsplash.com

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Goodbye Docker and Thanks for All the Fish

docker, kubernetes, cloud
Article word count: 1275

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19351236
Posted by Corrado (karma: 2112)
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Week 4 update on the dry start tank. I'm considering getting a second light for the tank, because the rocks cast shadows no matter where I position the light source, and I want 100% plant coverage of the substrate.

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I swapped out the in-tank power filter for an air-powered sponge filter on my 5 gallon office tank. This air pump is super tiny, but it seems to do the trick!

The little sponge filter is only $5, but I think next time I'll just DIY one out of CPVC for fun.

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The sea is running out of #fish https://www.atuna.com/pages/ecuador-s-2018-epo-tuna-catch-slumps-2 #overpopulation = overconsumption
I have a shitty old hot tub in my backyard. It came with the house, but it wasn't well taken care of and the internal plumbing is cracked, so I was thinking this summer of turning it into a fish pond. The inside is a light gray (ugly) and I don't know what chemicals may have been used, so I was thinking of coating it with spray on truck bed liner. Has anyone done something like this before? Any thoughts?

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Food supply falls as #fish flee warmer seas
Food supply falls as fish flee warmer seas
Plastic Planet - Fluch oder Segen - a blessing or a curse?

4% of fossil oil is used for plastic production

6x times more plastic in the oceans than in plankton

softeners such as bisphenol A works like a female hormon – it makes males sterile.

0.6 – 20g of plastic in every sea bird.

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z.lua - A Faster Way Of Changing Directories (cd Command That Learns As You Use It)

z.lua is a new tool that helps navigate your filesystem faster from the command line, tracking your most used directories based on "frecency".

While there are other similar tool out there, the developer claims z.lua is a lot faster. For example, z.lua is supposed to be 10 times faster than fasd and autojump, and 3 times faster than z.sh.

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Chaoflux, 50th day of Chaos

Congratulations, today is holyday of the season of Chaos, Chaoflux. Celebrated on the 50th day of that season.
Very little is known about this holyday. What we do is, we pretty much made up as we went along.

Поздравляю, сегодня праздник сезона Хаоса, Хаотечь. Отмечается в 50-й день этого сезона.
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By Fad Lan


red betta fish

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/51ZmRBbUy8w
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Via Unsplash.com

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it's working!
https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2019-02-15/hopes-drought-stricken-rivers-can-be-restocked-with-fish/10814936 i think i'll have to squee. i'm sorry, but i will. SQUEE!
i hope we learn from this. we have to. dont we?

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Because I have a bunch of okho stone left over, I decided to re-do my 5.5 gallon kitchen tank. I've never been totally happy with it. I decided to try to 'dry start' method here as well, so the fish have been relocated to another tank for the time being.

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They came from the stars

again, GIMP auto-levels did the trick - no editing other than that. i'm wrapt :)

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Hai. and Hai with auto-levels.
Little baby shubunkin :D There seem to be quite a few juveniles in various stages of growth - this is one the smallest i could find; just under a centimetre in length (without allowing for refraction)

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we broke the Murray-Darling Basin river system o.o a second fish kill is occurring, a week or so after this article was written.
How did it come to this?

no more 50yr old murray-basin cod... - :| <- artist's impression of a murray cod (front-on)

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By Yvan Musy


brown and black fish figurine

Location: Hardap Region, Namibia

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/UOFLQ9MIUlY
Full image: Link

Via Unsplash.com

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On the hagfish, and its slimy consistence

The picture above shows a slime covered car in Oregon, America back in 2017. It was covered in hagfish slime after a truck overturned on the road. The truck was helping deliver hagfish to South Korea where they are considered a delicacy.


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Took the plastic trim off of the tank. I only cut myself a little.

#aquariums #fish #diy
The platy fry are doing really well. I lost one about a week in, but that leaves 18(?) alive at my last count. I'm hatching brine shrimp in a room that's warmer than the rest of the house, so I can produce a new batch every 24 hours for them.

I also picked up a 20L at a Petco $1/gallon sale that I'm going to make into a planted, rimless shrimp tank with a custom stand. Since it's for shrimp, I'm going to try a "Matten" filter in one of the back corners.

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I got the rest of my backordered fish yesterday. 33 harlequin rasboras (T. heteromorpha). They all arrived alive, but unfortunately I lost one and one... isn't a harlequin rasbora. I need to try to identify it.

#aquariums #fish #rasboras
Now that I have a new light on the accursed tank where no plants will grow, I decided to try again to grow plants. Instead of getting fancy, I bought some java fern, which is essentially bulletproof. It looks better already.

#aquariums #fish #plants #aquaticplants
- #Fish #farms in the #Caribbean would make #tons of #food

Fish farming—or aquaculture—in the Caribbean could produce more than 34 million metric tons of seafood per year—more than two orders of magnitude larger than the region’s current seafood production, a new study shows.
Clearly, the proper name for a wild oscar is "Oscar Wild". What a missed opportunity.

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The fish showed up an hour early. I didn't know what size to expect; these guys are teeny-tiny. I'd still classify them as "fry". They look active and healthy though.

#aquariums #fish #catfish #synodontis
I got a notification that my back-ordered Synodontis lucipinnis catfish shipped despite the -15C local temperature... and they're arriving in about 90 minutes. I took a calculated risk and moved the S. nigriventris into the main tank, even though they were only in quarantine for a few days. They appear healthy, and I'd rather not introduce a bunch of stressed, mail-order fish to the QT tank with them and get them all sick. They immediately went for cover. I don't expect to see them again for at least a day or two.

Many fish happenings this week.

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I got a new light for my desk tank. It's fewer watts than my old lights, but I'm hoping it has a better spectrum for plant growth. It's marketed as a plant light, but it doesn't have any reds. I guess time will tell. The old lights were bright, but my plants have languished.

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I moved the pregnant platy to a separate tank to poop out her babies last night. I also bought 5 upside-down catfish (S. nigriventis) which, as their name suggests, often swim upside down. I'll be adding them to the big tank once they go through quarantine.

#aquariums #fish #platys #breeding #synodontis #catfish
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