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Because I have a bunch of okho stone left over, I decided to re-do my 5.5 gallon kitchen tank. I've never been totally happy with it. I decided to try to 'dry start' method here as well, so the fish have been relocated to another tank for the time being.

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They came from the stars

again, GIMP auto-levels did the trick - no editing other than that. i'm wrapt :)

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Hai. and Hai with auto-levels.
Little baby shubunkin :D There seem to be quite a few juveniles in various stages of growth - this is one the smallest i could find; just under a centimetre in length (without allowing for refraction)

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we broke the Murray-Darling Basin river system o.o a second fish kill is occurring, a week or so after this article was written.
How did it come to this?

no more 50yr old murray-basin cod... - :| <- artist's impression of a murray cod (front-on)

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By Yvan Musy


brown and black fish figurine

Location: Hardap Region, Namibia

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/UOFLQ9MIUlY
Full image: Link

Via Unsplash.com

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On the hagfish, and its slimy consistence

The picture above shows a slime covered car in Oregon, America back in 2017. It was covered in hagfish slime after a truck overturned on the road. The truck was helping deliver hagfish to South Korea where they are considered a delicacy.


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Took the plastic trim off of the tank. I only cut myself a little.

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The platy fry are doing really well. I lost one about a week in, but that leaves 18(?) alive at my last count. I'm hatching brine shrimp in a room that's warmer than the rest of the house, so I can produce a new batch every 24 hours for them.

I also picked up a 20L at a Petco $1/gallon sale that I'm going to make into a planted, rimless shrimp tank with a custom stand. Since it's for shrimp, I'm going to try a "Matten" filter in one of the back corners.

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I got the rest of my backordered fish yesterday. 33 harlequin rasboras (T. heteromorpha). They all arrived alive, but unfortunately I lost one and one... isn't a harlequin rasbora. I need to try to identify it.

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Now that I have a new light on the accursed tank where no plants will grow, I decided to try again to grow plants. Instead of getting fancy, I bought some java fern, which is essentially bulletproof. It looks better already.

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- #Fish #farms in the #Caribbean would make #tons of #food

Fish farming—or aquaculture—in the Caribbean could produce more than 34 million metric tons of seafood per year—more than two orders of magnitude larger than the region’s current seafood production, a new study shows.
Clearly, the proper name for a wild oscar is "Oscar Wild". What a missed opportunity.

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The fish showed up an hour early. I didn't know what size to expect; these guys are teeny-tiny. I'd still classify them as "fry". They look active and healthy though.

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I got a notification that my back-ordered Synodontis lucipinnis catfish shipped despite the -15C local temperature... and they're arriving in about 90 minutes. I took a calculated risk and moved the S. nigriventris into the main tank, even though they were only in quarantine for a few days. They appear healthy, and I'd rather not introduce a bunch of stressed, mail-order fish to the QT tank with them and get them all sick. They immediately went for cover. I don't expect to see them again for at least a day or two.

Many fish happenings this week.

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I got a new light for my desk tank. It's fewer watts than my old lights, but I'm hoping it has a better spectrum for plant growth. It's marketed as a plant light, but it doesn't have any reds. I guess time will tell. The old lights were bright, but my plants have languished.

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I moved the pregnant platy to a separate tank to poop out her babies last night. I also bought 5 upside-down catfish (S. nigriventis) which, as their name suggests, often swim upside down. I'll be adding them to the big tank once they go through quarantine.

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It's been decades since I've bred livebearers, and it appears I have a very pregnant platy in a community tank. I can see the fry through her skin, so I assume she's ready to pop. Anyone have advice on how to handle it? I've read that moving her now could cause her to miscarry, but if I don't separate her the fry will be eaten pretty much instantly by the other fish.


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I got a gift certificate for Christmas to buy some more fish. I'm thinking right now of getting three dwarf synodontis catfish and 35 harlequin rasboras. I don't think the cats will eat my neon tetras, but we'll find out :D

S. lucipinnis

R. heteromorpha

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Fish shell 3.0

The user-friendly command line shell. Contribute to fish-shell/fish-shell development by creating an account on GitHub.

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18776765
Posted by faho (karma: 208)
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"The effects of antidepressant exposure during early development can pass down through three generations of offspring—at least in zebrafish. A new study, published today (December 10) in PNAS, reveals that fluoxetine, a commonly used antidepressant that goes by the brand name Prozac, can alter hormone levels and blunt stress responses in an exposed embryo and its descendants.

“The paper is very intriguing,” says Tim Oberlander, a developmental pediatrician at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital who was not involved in this work. The question of whether these medications have a transgenerational effect is “a really important one that requires further study in other animal models, and ultimately, when we have the data, we need to figure out whether it’s also true in humans.”

Fluoxetine is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), a class of drugs widely used to treat depression as well as other conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders. Recent data from the US National Health and Nutrition... show more
By David Clode


two fish peeking on mouth of yellow and green fish

Location: Cairns Aquarium, Cairns City, Australia

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/j25BolXb0mk
Full image: Link

Via Unsplash.com

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Had a pretty decent day today, honestly. Got a bubbler and new airline for the work fishtank, and I think I've decided at this point that I'm going to take the guppies that I was given by one of the doctors at work and just add them to the already-existing population in the 55 at work. That'll bring the total to somewhere around 11 immature guppies. It should take them some time to overpopulate that thing, I hope! A species-only with guppies will look nice too, I think.

Now I just have to work on finding white sand substrate and a species that doesn't mind that high of a water column. (I'd add cory cats since they're so damn cute, but they like to zip to the surface and anything over about a foot and a half stresses them out in terms of travel distance vertically). If any of you have any suggestions, please let me know. :)

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I decided to take some notes on all of the plants I have growing in my 125 gallon system. I didn't realize I had so many species until I started photographing them.

The substrate is silica sand with a 1" layer of soil mixed with flourite and broken pottery shards underneath. I dose it with liquid fertilizer twice a week and add DIY root tabs every 6 months. I run two 48" Finnex Planted+ LED strips side-by-side. The tank is 72", so that leaves some lower light zones on either end. The water temp is 75F and the pH is ~7.6. I exchange 30 gallons of water every week.

The tank's been going now for just over a year. It seems to have finally "matured" because the plants have been growing much more vigorously in the last 2-3 months. If anyone has tips for me to help some of the less successful plants, please let me know.
Anubias barteri

Cryptocoryne becketti
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Here's a thing I made (in two seconds, in Paint, designed to be cheesy and get likes on #facebook ) for #frank-the-flowerhorn who died. I was so sad to hear about it! Poor #king-of-diy #uarujoey .

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Was very sorry today to learn of the passing of #frank-the-flowerhorn who belonged to #king-of-diy . I follow a lot of Joey's posts on Youtube, but seeing this one today really caught me off guard. That fish had such a personality! May he RIP.

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I bought an automatic fish feeder and set it to do four small feedings of flake food every day. Now I just need to give them frozen/live foods on the weekends and the rest of the week will take care of itself.

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- #Dead #Fish to Become #Fuel For a #Cruise #Company

Biofuels are offering an unprecedented range of sustainability options, and one Norwegian cruise company plans to use dead fish to serve as fuel for its fleet of cruise ships.
! To the shubunkin tank!

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Great Victorian Fish Count
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