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Serie „The Loudest Voice“: Diesmal kein Held
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Die frühere Sprecherin des US-Präsidenten, Sarah Sanders, wird künftig als Expertin beim Lieblings-Fernsehsender ihres einstigen Chefs auftreten. Sie soll Kommentare und Analysen für Fox News liefern.
Frühere Trump-Sprecherin wechselt zu Fox News | DW | 23.08.2019
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Willy Wimmer zu Hongkong-Protesten: Krieg oder Bürgerkrieg – das ist hier die Frage!

von Willy Wimmer, Parlamentarischer Staatssekretär a. D.

Die Klage des ehemaligen amerikanischen Kriegsministers, Herrn William Cohen, ständiger Gast der von der Bundesregierung jährlich in München mit Steuermitteln finanzierten "Münchner Kriegskonferenz", in der BBC-Nachrichtensendung am 14. August 2019 um 20 Uhr deutscher Zeit konnte nicht nachdrücklicher ausfallen. Frontal griff er auf die begierig gestellte Frage der britischen Nachrichtensprecherin den US-amerikanischen Präsidenten, Herrn Donald Trump, wegen dessen "schlapper Vorgehensweise" in Sachen "Hongkonger Sommer-Revolution" an. Hatte doch an diesem Tag US-Präsident Trump, um handelskriegerische Auseinandersetzungen mit dem Reich der Mitte nicht verlegen, die revolutionär wirkende Auseinandersetzung auf den Straßen Hongkongs zur "inneren Angelegenheit Chinas" erklärt.

Das war in den Augen des demokratischen Spitzenpolitikers Will... Show more...

Da schau her! Führender Hongkong-Aktivist gerät durch Treffen mit US-Konsulin in die Defensive

Joshua Wong Chi-fung, der Generalsekretär der demokratiefreundlichen Partei Demosisto, sagte dem Hong Kong Standard, dass sein jüngstes Treffen mit Julie Eadeh, einer leitenden Mitarbeiterin der politischen Einheit des US-Generalkonsulats in Hongkong, nichts Unheimliches gewesen sei. Ihr Treffen, das von einer Kamera festgehalten wurde, wurde von den Medien in Peking wahrgenommen. Wong sagte gegenüber dem Hong Kong Standard:
Ich war sogar mehrmals in Washington, also was ist so besonders daran, eine US-Konsulin zu treffen?
Er behauptete, dass sich das Gespräch mit der US-Beamtin auf den Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act konzentriert habe – ein Gesetzentwurf, der im US-Kongress vorgeschlagen wurde und eine Beteiligung an der "Sicherung der Demokratie" in Hongkong fordert. Berichten zufolge diskutierten die beiden auch ein Exportverbot für Ausrüstung aus den USA an die Polizei vo... Show more...
Oh, teh stupid. It burns.

'Fox & Friends' co-host: 'I don't think' Mueller knows the details of Mueller report

"'Fox & Friends' co-host Brian Kilmeade on Wednesday expressed doubt as to whether special counsel Robert Mueller knows the specifics outlined in his own 448-page report."

"The morning show was discussing the announcement that Mueller will publicly testify before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees on July 17."

"'I don’t think he knows the details of the report', Kilmeade claimed."

"'He better', co-host Steve Doocy interjected. 'His name is on it'."

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centralized vs decentralized

if a centralized society approach is not serving the interest / to the benefit of people – they – the people have every right to become decentralized / independent – generate their own food security money energy laws.

because the responsibility they have given away ( to Washington, Brussels, Berlin, London) was abused.


as democracies have grown bigger (in population, in size... Show more...

New poll proves what we all know about Fox News and it's viewers / 'victims'!

Here's the story referenced in the video: 78% of GOP Fox News Viewers Say Trump Is Best President Ever

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Rupert Murdoch's son Lachlan to succeed his father in leadership

Decades ago he was promised the mantle at Fox, but the company he will run is not what anyone expected, and disappointments have lined his path to this moment. Not only is Lachlan more distant from the White House than his hard-charging father, he will oversee a much smaller company — parent to Fox News, Fox Sports, Fox Entertainment and Fox TV Stations.

On the other side of the political spectrum, several Fox News staffers said they fear Lachlan is less loyal to the network than his father, who has always backed the cable channel without question. The opinionated, conservative faction of the company that supports Trump is already testing his authority.

The Murdochs agreed to the Disney offer as the Justice Department was fighting AT&T’s $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner. In contrast to the hostility Trump displayed toward that deal, Trump spoke to Rupert the day the Fox deal with Disney was announced and “congratulated him,” according to... Show more...

Rep. Devin Nunes (R - CA) sues Twitter and three users for «silencing conservative voices»

(Guess that our GOP snowflakes can't stand the criticism they raise with all their mockery, their outspeaking and such. Please hand this man down some essays on what free speech is all about, because it seems to me like he didn't understand it. Anyway, let's read on.)
Fox News on Monday uploaded a copy of the complaint to its website. It was unclear whether the suit had actually been filed, since the copy did not bear a case number. Nunes’ lawyer could not be reached for comment Monday night.

Guess he was only screaming for attention. But as we all know, one must not count one's chickens before they are hatched.

“They spread this fake news and the slanderous news,” Nunes told host Sean Hannity in an interview on Fox News, accusing Twitter of “proliferating out things that they agree with, with the algorithms” he said the company has developed.

Guess what - your party's disciples and voters do the ver... Show more...

Political analyst Donna Brazile to move over to Fox News

In an op-ed published Monday on FoxNews.com, Brazile wrote she hoped to improve the quality of political debate. "I am excited by the opportunity to share my perspective and views with the Fox News audience and to help shape the dialogue at this important juncture in our history," she said.

"You can be darn sure that I'm still going to be me on Fox News," Brazile stated. "I'm going to do what I always do: and dish it out straight, exactly as I see it, with just as much New Orleans hot sauce as folks expect."
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Jeanine Pirro expelled from Fox News after islamophobic comments

Pirro has not said anything about taking a vacation. She hasn't tweeted since last weekend. All together, the circumstances suggest that she has been suspended by Fox in the wake of her comments.

At the same time, there is no indication that she has been fired from Fox. She is one of the network's highest-rated weekend hosts, well known for her vehement defenses of President Drumpf and attacks against his perceived enemies.

Among many other critics, a Fox News staffer pushed back on Pirro's statements. Hufsa Kamal, a producer on Fox's "Special Report with Bret Baier," tweeted: "@JudgeJeanine can you stop spreading this false narrative that somehow Muslims hate America or women who wear a hijab aren't American enough? You have Muslims working at the same network you do, including myself."

I actually wonder how a man like him, of his belief, is able to work for this channel. I mean, among this one incident that included islamophobia, this entire broadcasting serv... Show more...

Former Fox News host to cooperate with HOC, receiving exception to NDA

Falzone’s lawyer, Nancy Erika Smith, told MSNBC on Thursday night that Falzone will now comply under an exception to her NDA with Fox News.

[The lawyer for Daniels at the time, Keith Davidson, tells MSNBC that Falzone did contact him while she was working on the story during the campaign with “specific details.”

Many legal experts say a legitimate Congressional request overrides a typical NDA, and even if an NDA tried to bar such cooperation, courts are unlikely to punish someone for responding to a valid investigative request for information.
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Women are primitive, according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson

Carlson was working for MSNBC and Fox News while he was reportedly devoting about an hour a week to these rants, in which he appeared to defend statutory rape and called for the elimination of rape shield laws, among other things.

Carlson also called the charges against Jeffs “bullshit.” Jeffs was convicted of two felony counts of child sexual assault in 2011, for which he is currently serving a life sentence plus 20 years.

“It's true. It's true. You debate politics with a woman and just go—just full blown out there, especially feminism. If you're talking to a feminist, and she's giving you, ‘Well, men really need to be more sensitive,’ (say) ‘no, actually, men don't need to be more sensitive, you just need to be quiet and kind of do what you're told.’
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Fox News rebukes its host Jeanine Pirro for comment on Omar

"We strongly condemn Jeanine Pirro's comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar," Fox News said in a statement. "They do not reflect those of the network and we have addressed the matter with her directly."

Pirro suggested on her Saturday show that Omar's beliefs about Israel stem from her religion. Omar is Somali-American and a practicing Muslim who wears a religious head-covering called a hijab.

Funnily, there are Muslims in her district who state that she doesn't represent Islam, which sounds about right. I mean, no-one would ever say that David Koresh represented American christianity. It's simply not true, but what else was to be expected from Fox News' hosts? I mean, you can read it later on, I still have an article about Tucker Carlson remaining in my bookmark lsit.

"Special Report with Bret Baier," tweeted: "@JudgeJeanine can you stop spreading this false narrative that somehow Muslims hate America or women who wear a hijab aren't American enough? You have Muslims working at... Show more...

Shine on - Former Fox News executive resigns as White House Communications director

I chose especially this source due to the language that is used - a language that is on a par with the topic that is discussed in here: A Fox News executive who made his way into the White House and leaves eight months after, being the sixth successor in this position. He represented the deep relationsship between the POTUS and his favourite news broadcaster.
Move is a surprise, even by Drumpf administration standards, though a red flag went up when Shine did not accompany POTUS to Vietnam to meet with North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, as was planned.

Shine was the sixth person to hold the title, or effectively have the gig, since Drumpf took office. The veteran Fox News exec, who rose to co-president of the news network when Roger Ailes got the hook, left within a year of that promotion.
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DNC not goint to permit Fox News to air general debate

“Recent reporting in The New Yorker on the inappropriate relationship between President Drumpf, his administration and FOX News has led me to conclude that the network is not in a position to host a fair and neutral debate for our candidates. Therefore, FOX News will not serve as a media partner for the 2020 Democratic primary debates,” Perez said.

“We hope the DNC will reconsider its decision to bar Chris Wallace, Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, all of whom embody the ultimate journalistic integrity and professionalism, from moderating a Democratic presidential debate," said Bill Sammon, senior vice president and managing editor of the Fox News Washington bureau. "They’re the best debate team in the business and they offer candidates an important opportunity to make their case to the largest TV news audience in America, which includes many persuadable voters.”
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Strypey - 2019-03-07 10:06:19 GMT
Dutch historian tells the global elites at Davos to pay their damn taxes, and then goes on #FoxNews and points out that their presenters are all millionaires funded by billionaires. Legend!
Demokratische Partei und Fox News: Debattieren ohne den Trump-Sender
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Bleeding heart Trump ally ditched from Fox News

Two knowledgeable sources confirmed that Clarke is also no longer a senior adviser and spokesman for pro-Drumpf super PAC America First Action, where he landed in late 2017 after he resigned as sheriff and was repeatedly blocked from getting a position in the Drumpf administration. (For instance, Drumpf’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon wanted to hire Clarke as a White House official, primarily to make TV appearances and take on members of the media.)

Several months later, he lashed out at Fox News for having “crawled into bed with CNN” by backing the rival network’s lawsuit against the Drumpf administration for stripping CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s White House access. He then declared that insurgent right-wing cable network One America News—which sided with Drumpf—has “some balls,” by comparison.

Because facts and the Constitution don't matter when you therefore had to side with a liberal broadcaster. It's all about having the balls to... Show more...
The liberal Murdock boys are at it again. #FoxNews purges yet another conservative.
Another conservative predator.
Ex-Fox News Quack Doctor Keith Ablow Accused of Sexually Exploiting Patients
#FoxNews #metoo #Psychiatry #Sexualabuse
Bregman - Poverty is NOT a LACK of CHARACTER - the word that never gets mentioned at davos economic forum is - (higher) taxes for the rich


unaired fox news interview between Tucker Carlson with Rutger Bregman Blows Up!
  • corruption
  • people being bribed
  • [Trump will not share his tax returns with the public, what is he hiding?](
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On the meltdown last night on «Tucker Carlson Tonight»

(One word may be written previous to the article's (and interview's) quotes: Now This has been linked, it recorded the interview as well and added subtitles to it. Enjoy, it's worth the full length!)
BREGMAN: You’re a millionaire funded by billionaires. That’s what you are. I’m glad you finally now jumped the bandwagon of people like Bernie Sanders and AOC, but you’re not part of the solution, Mr. Carlson. You’re part of the problem, actually.

CARLSON: I want to say to you — why don’t you go fuck yourself, you tiny brain — and I hope this gets picked up because you’re a moron, I tried to give you a hearing but you were too fucking annoying …

For what it’s worth, a landmark paper in the American Economic Review in 2017 found that Fox News meaningfully shifts votes to Republicans in presidential elections, and that the network chooses to be more right-wing than it would be to maximize viewership.... Show more...

Trump won't end it at Congress disapproval

House Democrats have called Drumpf's declaration unlawful, and are considering a joint resolution disapproving of the declaration. Miller's comments during a Fox News interview made it clear the president is unlikely to back down.

"Now, whether we have enough for an override and veto, that's a different story. But frankly, I think there's enough people in the Senate who are concerned that what he's doing is robbing from the military and the DOD to go build this wall."

"I could do the wall over a longer period of time. I didn't need to do this. But I'd rather do it much faster."
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Heather Nauer not going to be US envoy to UN

"The past two months have been gruelling," the statement, issued by the state department, said.

Some had questioned whether Ms Nauert, who has been in government for less than two years and has never specialised in international relations, had sufficient experience to deal with the type of complex foreign policy issues tackled by UN ambassadors.

She worked for Fox News from 1998 to 2005 and, after two years away during which she worked for ABC, she returned to Fox in 2007, later becoming a presenter for Fox & Friends.
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Sean Hannity on the compromise deal

(Some may think that this is pretty outdated by now, since everything is known to have been said so far, but you can read it in the title that it is always worthwhile to read a comment by Sean Hannity, no matter on what, because this pig in a suit is always funny when he starts to bitch around. He's like the LIz Taylor of political commentary, at least to me. :D)
“On this new, so-called compromise, I’m getting details,” said Fox News host Sean Hannity, referring to the tentative agreement reached by a bipartisan conference committee that would allocate roughly $1.375 billion for physical barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I’m going to tell this tonight and we will get back into this tomorrow,” he continued. “Any Republican that supports this garbage compromise, you will have to explain. Look at this crowd. Look at the country. Look at CBS News, even they say 72 percent of the American people want the heroin to stop, the cartels to stop, the gang members to stop, and t... Show more...

Chuck Schumer's top aide forced out over 'inappropriate encounters' with staffers

The #communications #director for #Senate #MinorityLeader #ChuckSchumer, D-N.Y., was forced out of his role after the November midterm elections over “inappropriate encounters... Show more...

#Trump is slowly losing control of himself

This isn’t the first time Donald Drumpf has made such a basic mistake. During the midterm elections his attempted endorsements resulted in a number of incorrect people being tagged as if they were candidates, including a television actor and a martial arts instructor. Before that, he tagged the wrong “Ivanka” while trying to reference his daughter. What we can’t figure here is why Drumpf simply guessed that Gillian Turner’s Twitter username was @JillianTurner without even looking at it first. He’s getting even sloppier than usual.

As much as he is writing on Twitter, or rather ranting, he can't write upon it generally. We all remember his "covfefe", and you can look at his daily Twitter feed that there'll always be rather poor syntactic sentence structures or a couple of spelling mistakes. Last but not least, there of course had to be some frightened Twitter users who were inadvertently dragged down his... Show more...

#Trump ended the shutdown for the time being, harvesting criticism from the hard right

Controversial commentator Ann Coulter called Drumpf “the biggest wimp ever to serve as president” and Fox Business host Lou Dobbs said Drumpf had been “whipped” by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Oh, shut the fuck up, Ann.

Hannity claimed that Drumpf would simply declare a national emergency to obtain the funds if he couldn’t seal a deal for the wall with Congress during the next three weeks that the government is reopened.

Do you think he's ever going to do that? I know he claimed that he could do that, but firstly said that he wasn't going to do that, at least for now. He'd better not do that, because then, he would show that he is weak and had to pull the last trigger available. Still, he's not a dealmaker, he's a blackmailer.

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"Conservative" appreciates the market to destroy the 1st amendment if the stories don't suit him

This is the right-wingers' understanding of how the freedom of speech works. Let them speak freely but also feel the opposition to their opinion, and everything is fine. But be not right-winged but either in the so-called centre, or even on the left, speak freely and they will enforce the powers of the market to ride you bankrupt. The Gawker case was similar, and also includes the well-known Trumpist and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel. They sued Gawker for 140 mn. dollars, thus driving them right down the abyss. Why? Because of a mistake that has been made in a report. Mistakes are not uncommon but are corrected soon after. That's why many outlets have an apparent section in the bottom of their reports, to report mistakes or typos to the reporter or the editor. Right-wingers, on the other hand, are thin-skinned snowflakes who can't stand one bad word about them, especially when it's true. So, you see - when the market works without conditions, free speech is doomed.

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#newscorp #FoxNews has just published -- then immediately removed -- "Chelsea Manning says 'f--- the police' on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day"

Did Faux Noise realise it was misreporting to incite against #whistleblowing trans #wikileaks etc.?

Sean #Hannity's comprehension of the English language improves

What I mean by the headline is that he improves insofar as he is able to recapitulate almost all of AOC's points on what has to be changed in the US. It only lacks in the details, but generally, he has got many of those points correctly. Go on, Sean, you can make it, and one day, you will have all the assets it needs to become an anchorman at an actual news broadcast!

“I think that it only has ever been radicals that have changed this country,” she said in a “60 Minutes” interview with Anderson Cooper. “Abraham Lincoln made the radical decision to sign the Emancipation Proclamation. Franklin Delano Roosevelt made the radical decision to embark on establishing programs like Social Security.”

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What shall we do with a drunken sailor // early in the morning?

The new chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Adam Smith (D-Wash.), said Monday that President Drumpf is acting like a "drunken sailor" with regards to his decisions surrounding a troop withdrawal in Syria.

"It shows that our president literally doesn't know what he's doing. He is making it up as he goes along based on the whims of, I guess, what he sees on Fox News, or what his mood is," Smith claimed.

Actually, this is nothing new but something we knew for a very long time already. He has been watching Faux News since his presidency began, and is known to extract his ideas from it.

"There's no thought behind it," Smith added. "What we need is actually rational policy in Syria [and]on border security. All we have is the emotional rantings of a child, all right? And he goes back and forth depending on what the last person says to him."

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#FoxNews #DickCheney

Seriously: Good riddance. One pseudo-conservative less on the list

In recent appearances on Fox News, Payton had condemned what she called “fake news” media coverage of President Donald Drumpf and “sexist and bigoted” coverage of first lady Melania Drumpf.

And thingsl ike this, combined with the fact that she appeard on Fox & Friends multiple times, is the reason why I would not wish her a peaceful rest beyond. To defend trump at such some costs and disregarding all the facts is dangerous when you write in a newspaper. No-one is told to believe anything, it's up to us ourselves. Act reasonably, according to the facts and your independent mind. We've got reason and our mind for good.

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Tucker #Carlson's a racist, how surprising

The comments were quickly followed by a wave of backlash on social media with many calling on companies to pull their advertisements from the program, which led to a number of advertisers announcing they would pull support from the program. Among those included in the exodus: the IHOP restaurant chain, personal finance website NerdWallet and Pacific Life insurance.

Let's see how long it takes for Faux News to expel him; he deserves to be fired, since he has nothing to fear; Donnie would be happy to employ him for one of his soon-to-be-vacant ministries or departments.

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Wow - what a slap down of #FoxNews ! ; ) I’d love to have heard conversation between Catherine Herridge and whoever at Fox headquarters about what just went down ; )

James #Comey calls on 'Murica to stand up against the state of angst in this country

“At some point, someone has to stand up and in the face of fear of Fox News, fear of their base, fear of mean tweets, stand up for the values of this country and not slink away into retirement but stand up and speak the truth,” Comey said. “I find it frustrating to be here answering questions about things that are far less important than the values this country is built upon.”

I smell some Jeff Flake in this first sentence, but I know it refers to the entire cabinet, all the ministers, staffers, employees and who else is employed in the Trump administration somewhere. And I fully agree with him. What we currently experience - and I know this is an inflationarily used metaphor to refer to nations-turn-fascist governments - a revolve of the US right into the Third Reich mode. This has to end, thus it has to start sometime, somewhere.

_ And in the face of those lies, a... Show more...

Good riddance, Weekly Standard - now, we only need to get rid of Faux News

So RIP Weekly Standard, 1995-2018. As difficult as this moment must be for all who cared about it, they can take solace in the fact that many publications have been repeatedly wrong, and even humiliatingly ridiculous — but almost no other magazine can be as certain that they truly affected the world by making it far, far worse.

This is so highly different from what the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote in its headline, calling it the final frontier of conservative anti-Trump behaviour. I think that German news outlets should avoid writing about American magazines if they don't have a clue what (or who) they are writing about and don't do any further research beyond one article that stated the report itself and a few kind words of the last bosses of the magazine. This is what journalism is not supposed to be.

When you’re finished reading the piece, remember that this was published just five months before the New York Times hired David Brooks as an... Show more...
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