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If you have a LUKS encrypted USB stick - how do you use it on Windows?

There used to be FreeOTFE. "FreeOTFE was initially released by Sarah Dean in 2004, and was the first open source code disk encryption system that provided a modular architecture allowing 3rd parties to implement additional algorithms if needed." This project was abandoned 2011, but in June 2014 a fork of FreeOTFE named LibreCrypt appeared on GitHub.


LibreCrypt is the only way to read LUKS volumes on Windows. The user interface is the most friendly of the open-source OTFE applications. Runs on Windows Vista onwards. Portable mode doesn't need to be installed and leaves little trace on 3rd party PCs but administrator rights are needed.

It is still in Beta and has issues (see github site). It's interesting to note that there is no way to use a LUKS encrypted USB on Windows PCs if you don't have administrator rights. As far as I know... Show more...
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