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As Berlin tries to switch to greener transport, people are choosing the bike, not the electric car – and it’s becoming a status symbol

In a fashionable corner of the capital of Germany, Europe’s “car nation”, parents picking up or dropping off their offspring have lined the edge of a popular playground with luxury vehicles. There are summery convertibles, wood-panelled multi-seaters and slim racers – but none of them has four wheels.

Jan Edler, an architect, has picked up his son Laszlo from daycare with a Bullitt, a Danish-built cargo bike with a platform spacious enough to fit the one-year-old and the daily grocery shopping.

39,200 electric cargo bikes were sold in Germany in 2018, compared with 36,062 electric cars

Volkswagen launched its own cargo bike but was met with scathing reviews by the bike community
Four wheels bad, but three sehr gut. Germans climb aboard cargo bikes
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#Germany 🇩🇪 buys #iodine in case of a #nuclear #disaster

Source: https://m.dw.com/ru/немецкие-земельные-власти-закупают-йод-на-случай-ядерной-катастрофы/a-19453172
Frequency of #failures at Belgian nuclear #
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German court sentences Syrian asylum seeker to jail over fatal stabbing that sparked far-right protests in Chemnitz. #Germany #Europe
Chinese artist and activist will relocate to Cambridge after four years living in Berlin

The Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei is swapping his adopted home of Berlin for Britain, saying German society has become intolerant of refugees and that he feels like a man without a home.

The artist is to move to Cambridge with his partner and 10-year-old son, but will keep a studio in the German capital.
Ai Weiwei cites change in German attitudes as reason for move to UK
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Syrian asylum seeker Alaa Sheikhi guilty of manslaughter of Daniel Hillig in Chemnitz

A Syrian asylum seeker accused of a killing that sparked a week of far-right street violence in the eastern German city of Chemnitz in 2018 has been found guilty of manslaughter.

Alaa Sheikhi, 24, was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison by the Chemnitz higher regional court on Thursday.
Syrian man jailed for killing that sparked far-right riots in Germany
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Mixed messages from Germany and France as UK Prime Minister Johnson lobbies leaders on no-deal exit from the EU. #Europe #Germany
Child reaches high speeds during night-time motorway adventure before pulling over and putting his hazard lights on

An eight-year-old boy has been found safe after taking his parents’ car for a 140km/h (87mph) night-time spin down a motorway in Germany.

He tearfully told police he “just wanted to drive a little bit”.
'Just wanted to drive a little': eight-year-old German boy takes car for 140km/h spin
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Russia was pushed out of the G8 in 2014 because of its annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. #DonaldTrump #UnitedStates #Russia #UnitedKingdom #France #Germany #Canada #Japan #Italy
Thirty years after the Pan-European Picnic, leaders of Hungary and Germany are divided over how to treat asylum seekers. #Europe #Hungary #Germany #Migrants

muslim taxi drivers Refuse to take blind people in their taxi as dogs are cursed by the vicious queeran
#Macrom in the #news
19th August, my thoughts on #Germany, #Sweden and Domestic Issues #CountRichardVonCoudenhoveKalergi

My five months with DeepL Translator (Germany)

Hey Men! I say it twice: Deepl AI has an excellent quality and results (Google is realy sucks!)


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"Days after #Germany also withdrew money promised for forest protection in B#razil , #Norway said the South American nation "broke the agreement" with contributors to the Amazon Fund."
Berlin prepared for UK to crash out as leak suggests Boris Johnson’s threat has fallen flat

Germany is ready for a likely no-deal Brexit and will encourage its fellow EU member states to hold their nerve and refuse to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement, according to a leaked German government paper.

The document prepared by officials for the German finance minister, Olaf Scholz, before talks in Berlin with the chancellor of the exchequer, Sajid Javid, suggests that the UK’s threats to leave without a deal are falling flat.
Germany will urge EU allies to hold firm on no-deal Brexit
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My father, Gary Tiedemann, who has died aged 78, was a scholar of Christianity in China and an expert on the Boxer uprising, the 1899 peasant rebellion. After 20 years as a historian at Soas University of London he went on to teach at a number of institutions around the world, most recently as a professor at Shandong University, China.

The son of Hertha (nee Kroos) and Hinrich Tiedemann, an agricultural labourer, he was born Rolf Gerhard Tiedemann in wartime Germany, and described his birthplace, Hartenholm, as “a tumbledown hovel in the outer margins of a remote village in Holstein”. His earliest memories were of seeing firebombed Hamburg burn in the distance and his childhood was marked by hardship and poverty – his mother was ill and the family’s difficult circumstances meant much of his early life was spent in care.
Gary Tiedemann obituary
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From the US-China trade war through to the problems affecting Germany, Brazil, the UK and more

Stock markets have taken fright over a number of warning signs from key economies, the latest this week being the inversion of the US bond yield curve and news of a contraction in the German economy. Here is a guide to the trouble spots in the global economy that are rattling investors.

What is the yield curve?
Warning signs for global economy: the countries spooking investors
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Co-chair of leftwing Die Linke party says move would reduce overcrowding and save energy

A leading leftwing politician has sparked a row in Germany by proposing the rail operator Deutsche Bahn scraps first-class carriages to reduce overcrowding and improve energy efficiency.

Bernd Riexinger, the co-leader of Die Linke party, said having two classes of travel in regional trains in particular made no sense when the emphasis should be on energy efficiency and making rail travel more accessible.
German MP sparks row after proposing an end to first-class rail travel
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"Three people have been formally charged with incitement, although it is not clear when their court dates will be." #afd #germany #de
Dear #ibm

It's OK to apologise

You never ever apologise for helping the Nazi Party in #germany

Now you refuse to apologise for your racist #nypd work

Instead you try to drown out the Web with fluff
The order for work to start on building the Berlin Wall was issued on 13 August 1961. East German guards sealed the border, preventing an exodus to the west. Barbed wire was gradually replaced with the concrete barrier, which remained until 9 November 1989
Remembering the Berlin Wall – in pictures
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‘K’ has repeatedly posed as an officer and claims to have helped apprehend criminals

Berlin’s police force is facing considerable embarrassment over the arrest of a woman who has repeatedly posed as a police officer and claims to have helped them apprehend criminals.

The woman, identified only as ‘K’, was arrested a week ago wearing an authentic uniform and carrying equipment apparently belonging to the police.
Berlin police force embarrassed by arrest of fake policewoman
#Germany #Europe

SPD-Abgeordneter Carsten Schneider: "Grenells Feldherrenpose nutzt sich ab"

Der SPD-Fraktionsgeschäftsführer Carsten Schneider hat "Drohungen" der USA, ihre Truppen aus Deutschland abzuziehen, mit scharfen Worten zurückgewiesen. Gegenüber dem Spiegel kommentierte Schneider entsprechende Äußerungen der US-Botschafter in Berlin und Warschau, Richard Grenell und Georgette Mosbacher mit den Worten, Deutschland lasse sich nicht erpressen:
Diese Äußerungen sind unter Verbündeten völlig unangemessen … Die Feldherrenpose nutzt sich ab.
Mehr zum Thema - #Germany, but the Germans get to spend their surplus on #domestic programs." #2percentby2024
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Killing #FreeSpeech in #France , #Germany and on the #Internet
A giant European #patenttroll , #IPCom , shows the ramifications of the #EPO failing to do its job; Europe is being left behind for the sake of parasitic bullies that put #Germany to shame
Germany's Infamous #PatentTroll #IPCom Shows That the EPO's Failure Hurts Not Only #Germany But the Whole of #Europe and Customers in General http://techrights.org/2019/08/08/german-troll-efficiency/ @zoobab @glynmoody @fosspatents
What about the half a dozen other issues with #upc ?
This whole thing should be canned for good.
#germany also needs to arrest #epo executives past and present for their crimes.
There are many more issues -- apart from #brexit -- and not only in #germany so it would be a massive self-nuke if they attempted to ever ratify
The naked truth: is naturism dying out in Germany?
#Naturism #Germany #Bodyimage #Europe #Health&wellbeing
Fiona Kolbinger, 24, rode from Bulgaria to France in 10 days, two hours and 48 minutes

A German cancer researcher has become the first woman to win one of the world’s toughest cycling races in her first ultra-distance event.

Fiona Kolbinger, 24, from Dresden, said she was “so surprised to win” the Transcontinental, which traverses 2,485 miles (4,000km) from Burgas in Bulgaria to Brest in France.
Cancer researcher becomes first woman to win 4,000km cycling race
#Cycling #Germany #Women #Europe #Worldnews #Sport
Police called out to reports of nocturnal disturbances find hedgehogs ‘having fun’

German emergency services called out to attend to nighttime disturbances are increasingly finding themselves confronted with copulating hedgehogs.

People are calling 110 (the German equivalent of 999) to complain about noises they typically put down to neighbours having unacceptably loud sex or to injured animals crying out for help. The spread of the hashtag #igelsex (hedgehog sex) on social media reveals the disturbances sometimes have a less predictable source.
Germans kept up at night by noisy igelsex (that’s hedgehog coupling)
#Germany #Animals #Europe #Worldnews
• Clemens Tönnies has apologised for remarks about Africa
• DFB ethics committee to discuss case on 15 August

Schalke chairman Clemens Tönnies is under pressure to resign following widespread condemnation of racist comments he made last week.

Speaking at a public meeting with 1,600 guests in Paderborn, the 63-year-old criticised tax increases designed to help to fight climate change and then suggested the money would be better used financing 20 power plants a year in Africa.
Schalke chairman under pressure to resign over racist comments
#Schalke #Football #Sport #Germany #Europe
Wuppertal’s so-called Schwebebahn was undergoing repairs for almost nine months

The world’s oldest electric suspension railway has reopened in the western German city of Wuppertal following the longest closure in its history for extensive repairs.

Commuters and train buffs greeted the hanging train or the Schwebebahn which had been shut down for almost nine months with cheers and applause as it left its depot in Oberbarmen just after dawn.
World's oldest electric suspension train reopens in Germany
#Germany #Europe #Worldnews
Germany's foreign minister says his country wants to avoid further escalation, will not take part in mission. #Germany #UnitedStates #Iran #MiddleEast
just shows mankind won't pay for their own propaganda no more... except in #Germany were you are FORCED BY LAW, to pay for state television propaganda. 🙈 no joke https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beitragsservice_von_ARD,_ZDF_und_Deutschlandradio
Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands surpassed previous maximum highs

Only weeks since Europe last endured record-breaking heat, another plume of intense hot air pushed up from north Africa breaking yet more records. High pressure centred over north-east Europe and low pressure in the Atlantic allowed exceptionally hot conditions to develop across western Europe. On Thursday 25 July, Germany recorded its highest ever temperature of 42.6C in Lingen, exceeding the previous record by an astonishing 2.3C. A number of other countries also set national temperature records, with 41.8C recorded in Belgium and 40.8C in Luxembourg. A 75-year-old record was also smashed in the Netherlands, with 40.7C recorded at Gilze-Rijen in the south of the country.

Meanwhile, Arctic wildfires have been raging across large parts of Siberia, northern Scandinavia and Greenland, with significant air quality problems reported in parts of Russia. Although wildfires are common in the summer months, the unusually hot and dry conditions have exacerbated the fires over recent weeks.
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