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#Coronavirus Exposes the Cracks in #Globalization
Coronavirus Exposes the Cracks in Globalization

Spread of #Virus Could Hasten the Great Coming Apart of #Globalization

source: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/25/world/europe/coronavirus-globalization-backlash.html
As the #coronavirus hits Europe, questions arise about dependency on #China, the risks of air #travel, #climate #change and a new #racism in populist #politics.
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Eine lange, hilfreiche Liste von Dingen, Software, Informationen und Projekten, die dazu beitragen, Dinge etwas richtiger zu tun.

Ethical Alternatives & Resources - ethical.net


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"By supporting human rights #globalization as a counter-movement to corporate globalization, we can advance people-centered policies and build upon earlier work of transformative movements worldwide."

#Nationalism does nothing to stop #capitalist #globalization. It can't. #Fascism is the art of false "solutions".

The elephant graph has been used by some to argue that #neoliberal #globalization has caused #inequality to decline since 1980. After all, it would appear that the biggest gains have gone to the poorest 60% of the world’s population, whose incomes have grown two or three times more than those of the richest 40%.

But this impression can be misleading. It’s important to recognize that the elephant graph shows relative gains, with respect to each group’s baseline in 1980. So the poorest 10-20th percentile gained 82% over this period. That sounds like a lot, on the face of it. But remember that they started from a very low base. For people earning $2.40 per day in 1980, their incomes grew to no more than $4.36 per day… over a period of 36 years. So, about 5 cents per year.

That’s n... Show more...

Does it make sense to endure barbarism just to maintain capitalist exploitation?

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Hong Kong protests: pitched battles on campuses as police say city verging on ‘brink of total breakdown’


- Demonstrators orchestrate another full day of citywide chaos intended to bring local government to its knees
- Officers draw guns while, at various locations including business district, protesters hurl bricks and petrol bombs amid tear gas and rubber bullets

Published: 12:37am, 13 Nov, 2019
Lee Kyung Hae has long been warning the world of the risks of deregulation and unbridled expansion of global capital. As people working in the field to feed 70% of the world’s population, we were the first to face the brunt of free trade agreements that were pushed forth by WTO and other multilateral institutions. WTO led the pack in seducing and coercing our governments to sign up to the grand plans of a few rich countries. The devastation caused by this top down model of global governance was first felt in our territories when it crashed the prices of our produce, destroyed local peasant markets, wiped away the rich biodiversity that existed in our fields, took away our autonomy over seeds and evicted millions of our sisters and brothers from their territories.

It is this destruction of the country side that forced one of our own, Lee Kyung Hae from South Korea, to take his life outside the venue of the WTO ministerial meeting in Cancun, Mexico in 2003. On the 10th of September that year when he committed this tragic act, he had a banner that hung around his neck which... Show more...
How Capitalist #Globalization Forecloses on #Health Systems https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/06/28/how-capitalist-globalization-forecloses-on-health-systems/ profits, not people, valued.
How Capitalist Globalization Forecloses on Health Systems
"Abe told his counterparts in opening the two-day #G20 meeting, which comes as leaders grapple with profound tensions over trade, #globalization and the collapsing nuclear deal with #Iran ."
G-20 Leaders Clash Over Once-Settled Values

While in the past transnational corporations were powerful actors, there were at least formal governors of national states; not anymore in the current ‘multi-stakeholder’ organization of globalization, as described by Harris Gleckman
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There's a 49 Percent #Chance the #World As We Know It Will End by 2050

source: http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/05/jared-diamond-on-his-new-book-upheaval.html
"Today, the #risk that we’re facing is not of societies collapsing one by one, but because of #globalization, the risk we are facing is of the #collapse of the whole world."
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#Globalization North and South: The Road to Nowhere.
https://off-guardian.org/2019/04/28/globalization-north-and-south-the-road-to-nowhere/ "Imported goods that can be produced domestically should be banned."
Globalization North and South: The Road to Nowhere.

UN Deputy Secretary-General demands a year of transformative solution in regards to climate policies

Addressing the main topic of the Assembly – the need to shift to sustainable forms of consumption and production – the deputy UN chief reminded the audience that we are all living with negative consequences of the current “Take, Make and Dispose” global economic model.

The Deputy Secretary-General gave specific examples showing how governments, the private sector and civil society are making a positive change. She noted that several large hotel chains are committed to reducing water consumption and waste by 50%; countries including India and Costa Rica are committed to eliminating single-use plastics; and she cited a project in the Kiribati Islands, which is providing families with a unique hydroponic system to make food without soil.
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Libertarians on Tony Blair's talk with French president Emmanuel Macron

We live in an era in which most of the political class has ditched even the pretence of feeling a strong attachment to democracy. An era in reactionary anti-democratic sentiment is more casually expressed than at any other time in living memory. An era in which the chattering classes nonchalantly call for the overthrow of the largest vote in British history (the vote for Brexit), in which parliamentarians explicitly pit themselves against the people’s will, and in which anyone who so much as raises a peep about any aspect of this polite tyranny will be slammed as a hard-right menace to public life.

Apparently, they don't care of the mess this vote, which was undermined by fake news, and the probable desaster that is going to become reality once the end of this montch reaches. They just care for the referendum that was so flawed one would've been better off to not take it serious at all. Sometimes, you can't rely on the intelligence of the masses, because the masses are easily man... Show more...
If Trump really wants to reduce deficit debt - this would be an interesting thought experiment - anything is better than the status quo

debt is power. How much outstanding foreign debt there is in U$Dollars highly affects the value of the dollar currency itself – fun fact: biggest holder of US-State-Debt is China.

US China trade deficit:

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On Brexit and multilingualism

A-level entries are down by a third in 10 years – the number of students who took German A-level in England dropped 16% on 2017, while entries for French fell by 8% in the same period. And, as recent analysis by the British Academy shows, this is having a knock-on effect at university level. Between 2007-08 and 2017-18, the number of students studying languages at university has fallen by over half. With fewer students applying, at least 10 modern languages departments have closed in the last decade, and a further nine have significantly downsized.

“The ability to speak, read, listen and write in a foreign language is one of the fundamental skills of our diplomats. Without it, they cannot get under the skin of a country and really understand its people.” These skills will prove vital to post-Brexit Britain, as we look to forge new relationships across the globe and strengthen ties within Europe.

More than half (58%) of UK adults wish they hadn’t let the language skills they learned a... Show more...
The #GreenNewDeal is Not Enough: We Need an Alternative #Globalization
https://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/01/27/green-new-deal-not-enough-we-need-alternative-globalization "From the birth of neoliberalism in the 70’s through the rapid economic globalization"

#Canada fires ambassador to #China over crisis

In a statement Mr Trudeau said: "Last night I asked for and accepted John McCallum's resignation as Canada's ambassador to China."
He said the veteran diplomat had served Canadians honourably and with distinction with many positions in cabinet, and thanked him and his family for their service.

Some China analysts believe that the arrests were a tit-for-tat response to her detention, a claim Chinese officials have denied.

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The most indicative sign about the state of globalization is the absence of several prominent heads of state who are busy dealing with a backlash against globalization in their respective countries.

#WEF #Davos #Globalization

(Article in German)
Das dicke Ende kommt noch - Deutschland der Exportweltmeister in Zeiten von Post-Growth und Post-Globalization

Wenn etwas die Demokratie bedroht – dann das.

Dass unser Konzept von Wirtschaft ÜBERHOLT ist.

Der (Finanz)Kapitalismus wird sich weiter entwickeln müssen. Müssen.

Alternativlos – hoffentlich aber nicht

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Thoughts on 2019 (from Charles Hugh Smith)

While I don't have any predictions for 2019 (why look any dumber than I have to?), I do have a couple of thoughts on the economy, markets, globalization, etc. Here are a few of the key issues confronting humanity:

1. The war being waged by Corporate Power (Globalization / Open Borders) t
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Thoughts on 2019 (from Charles Hugh Smith)

While I don't have any predictions for 2019 (why look any dumber than I have to?), I do have a couple of thoughts on the economy, markets, globalization, etc. Here are a few of the key issues confronting humanity:

1. The war being waged by Corporate Power (Globalization / Open Borders) to eradicate democracy and the power of nation-states to control their own destiny. Democracy ceases to exist in a corporate-controlled globalized system of governance; the sole structure that enables a citizen to have political and economic agency is the nation-state.

Try voting for a U.N. resolution or E.U. regulation. Sorry, pal, there are no elections or representation of the rabble in globalized governance. Globalization destroys democracy and the agency of the citizenry. That's its goal.

Global corporations seek to destroy any and all barriers to their power and profits, and globalization / tax havens / Op... Show more...

On Pompeo's most recent speech in Brussels

What sensible people do believe is that multilateral cooperation is often (though not always) the best way for nations to advance their interests in an interconnected world of complicated problems. Working with others is typically superior to unilateralism, since going it alone leaves the United States with the choice of trying to do everything itself (with uncertain results) or doing nothing. Multilateralism also provides far more bang for the buck than President Drumpf’s favored approach to diplomacy, bilateralism.

No comment on this one, everything has been said in here.

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The Human Epoch

A cinematic meditation on humanity’s massive reengineering of the planet, Anthropocene: The Human Epoch is a four years in the making feature documentary film from the multiple-award winning team of Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier and Edward Burtynsky.

Third in a trilogy that includes Manufactured Landscapes (2006) and Watermark (2013), the film follows the research of an international body of scientists, the Anthropocene Working Group who, after nearly 10 years of research, are arguing that the Holocene Epoch gave way to the Anthropocene Epoch in... Show more...
"Writing in the German daily Handelsblatt on August 21, Maas declared, 'We will not let the United States go over our heads.' No representative of a major Western European government has suggested anything remotely like this in public before."

A useful compilation of certain more recent #MAGA #blowback, if anyone's counting. Heartening to see so many different sides working together though, all of a sudden.

I don't necessarily find all of this credible -- the notion that Chinese citizens (or anyone else!) "will buy perhaps half a billion automobiles in the next 20 to 25 years," while doubtless working from the usual sorts of projections, requires a number of notable assumptions. But the piece still provides for a good barometer... Right? South Carolina BMW employees take note: not so many others appear to be with US anymore --

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How Globalization Has Broken the Chain of Responsibility

In today’s accelerating and overheating world, the gap between the people affected by change in local environments and the people in charge is growing ever wider.
Article word count: 1649

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17726427
Posted by JoachimOfFiore (karma: 333)
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Is the Global Era of Massive Infrastructure Projects Coming to an End?

source: https://e360.yale.edu/features/is-the-global-era-of-massive-infrastructure-projects-coming-to-an-end
The closer you look at #infrastructure, the more you see that its environmental, social, financial, and political #risks are completely interwoven.
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Post-colonial history is a continuation of colonial history which established America’s contemporary imperial agenda, largely as a result of the displacement and defeat by the US of the former colonial powers (e.g. Spain, France, Japan, Netherlands). This US hegemonic project largely consists in transforming sovereign countries into open territories, controlled by dominant economic and financial interests. Military, intelligence as well economic instruments are used to carry out this hegemonic project. - From #global #poverty to #exclusion and #despair: Reversing the Tide of #war and #globalization https://www.globalresearch.ca/from-global-poverty-to-exclusion-and-despair-reversing-the-tide-of-war-and-globalization/5611619
(China Daily) 07:58, April 20, 2018

In calls with British, Turkish leaders, president says rules established by the international community should apply

A Syrian refugee child looks through a shattered glass window of a bus as she arrives at the Syrian-Lebanese border of Jdaydet Yabous, Syria, April 18, 2018. [Photo/Agencies]

China has always opposed the easy use of #force in #international relations and the tension in #Syria should be eased as soon as possible, President #Xi #... Show more...
Thus the specific practical-technical style of his administration was worked out. The general line of development of his policy was directed along a Eurasian, land-based, tellurocratic vector, and this predetermined the primary substance of his reforms. But this line did not receive a conceptual and theoretical formulation. Instead, the policy was carried out entirely by technical political methods; often one thing was proclaimed, while in practice something entirely different was done. Official discourse contained deliberate or accidental contradictions and appeals to a thalassocratic system of values; #liberalism and Westernism were alternated with #patriotism, #tellurocracy, and the affirmation of the values and uniqueness of Russian #
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