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The World Health Organization (WHO) now calls urban pollution levels a “public health emergency” because 91% of us live in areas where air pollution exceeds the agency’s guidelines

A recent study has likened city air pollution to smoking a pack of cigarettes each day for 29 years. While the effect on our lungs is undoubtedly troubling, we should also be wary of what the air we breathe is doing to the rest of our bodies.

The new study monitored ground-level ozone exposure in 7,000 adults living in cities across the US. Generally, urbanites were exposed to between 10 and 25 parts per billion of ozone, where an increase of three parts per billion equates to smoking an extra pack of cigarettes each day. So, even moving from a low-pollution area into one of the cleaner cities could still increase your risk of respiratory diseases like emphysema – which is more commonly associated with smokers.

The article goes on to highlight the effect this air pollution has on mental wellbeing, education and weight and what differences green spaces can m... Show more...
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'Major milestone': Africa on brink of eliminating polio https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2019/aug/21/major-milestone-africa-on-brink-of-eliminating-polio #Globaldevelopment #Globalhealth #Worldnews #Society #Nigeria #Health #Africa #Polio

South Africans are the world’s unhealthiest of 191 countries - the doctor or a tablet is not going to fix it - lifestyle has to change

The obesity rate among South Africans is alarming and needs to be urgently addressed through interventions on changing the population’s mindset on health issues. This was the sentiment of Dr Riekie Smit, an aesthetic medicine practitioner of Pretoria, with a special interest in weight management. She commented on the results of a recent global health survey.

The Indigo Wellness Index, for which 191 countries were surveyed according to 10 health measures, ranked South Africa as the unhealthiest country in the world. These measures included healthy life expectancy, blood pressure, blood glucose (diabetes risk), obesity, depression, happiness, alcohol use, tobacco use, inactivity (too little exercise), and government spending on healthcare.

‘South Africans can be very lazy and expect their doctor or a tablet to fix their health problems. Changing lifestyle, diet and habits are not viewed by our population as th... Show more...
Mit der Smartwatch ein EKG erstellen? Kann durchaus sinnvoll sein, sagen Kardiologen. Aber wer schützt die vielen Health-Daten, die im Smartphone anfallen, fragt sich Digitalistan-Blogger Jörg Schieb.
App Dich fit: In Maßen sinnvoll
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This was presented in 2010 and the information STILL has not penetrated to benefit #public #health and our collective policies. That is probably DELIBERATE. Valuable information shared concerning normal body physiology, vaccine consequences and also how #homeopathy is valid for chronic conditions.......

Schwere Gewitter mit Sturm haben am Sonntagabend im Rhein-Main-Gebiet für teils stundenlange Verzögerungen bei der Bahn gesorgt. Am Frankfurter Flughafen fielen Flüge aus. Möglicherweise eine Windhose verursachte große Schäden.
Unwetter: ICE-Strecken gesperrt, Flüge gestrichen, Verletzte im Kreis Offenbach
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Adding basil seeds to your diet can improve your digestion
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Outgoing European commission chief has returned home to have gall bladder removed

The outgoing head of the European commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has cut short a holiday to undergo urgent surgery, his press team has said.

“Jean-Claude Juncker had to shorten his holiday in Austria for medical reasons. He was taken back to Luxembourg where he will undergo an urgent cholecystectomy [surgical removal of the gallbladder],” the team said on Saturday of what is normally a routine medical procedure.
Jean-Claude Juncker cuts short holiday to have urgent surgery
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Benefits of drinking lemon water? There are a lot – here's just some of them
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Officials defend taking an anti-knife crime campaign to fried chicken restaurants, popular hangouts for young people. #HumanRights #Health #Europe #UnitedKingdom
Year-long DRC outbreak spreads to third province, with a mother dying from disease and her child receiving treatment.
New Ebola front as first cases confirmed in DRC's South Kivu
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no falling over any more ! get your very own lizard tail for balance !
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Epstein: The #BigPicture - Jay Dyer, #Truthstream, Primal Edge #Health
"Dame Sally Davies is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for #England and recently released the CMO annual report for 2019. The report focuses on #UK engagement with global #health and forging partnerships."
Sick to the Stomach: Pesticides and the Cocktail of Toxicity
searched for, and found. nice. seems there are now fitness trackers that respect your freedom (& therefor privacy too of course). i've not looked into this yet, just #sharingearly as i found it n merely glimpsed upon it, glad to see it exist, and to see it exist with such a recent time-stamp. #goodtiming

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OpenHAK open source fitness tracker

Researchers are working on a pill for loneliness, as studies suggest the condition is worse than obesity


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This year, 364,808 measles cases have been reported compared with 129,239 cases in the first 7 months of 2018. #Health #Vaccination
Antibiotic resistance has increased because of the misuse of medicines. #Africa #Kenya #Health
Two experimental drugs developed in DR Congo trial using antibodies harvested from survivors of Ebola infection. #Health #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo #Ebola #Africa
The DRC is suffering its worst ever outbreak, but a new vaccine might prove effective against the virus.
What does it take to contain Ebola?
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Already facing a severe economic crisis, Venezuela is struggling to deal with higher than global average teen pregnancy rates. #LatinAmerica #Venezuela #Health
Study shows taking 10 cups of green tea every day improves gut health and helps prevent obesity
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Current donors are mainly people of European descent, which poses problems for a growing immigrant population. #US&Canada #Canada #Health
Authorities have banned some medicines that contain mood-altering substances to prevent non-medical usage. #Europe #Russia #Health

A full length #documentary by #SachaStone exposing the 5G #existential threat to #humanity in a way we never #imagined possible!
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After famine comes obesity. 101 East explores China's unconventional methods for getting its citizens fit and healthy. #China #Health #Asia
A local doctors association has threatened to strike if their colleagues are nott released within 48 hours. #Ebola #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo #Africa #Health
Here's the lowdown on the health benefits of the Moringa tree
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. #GiantHogweed is a public #health #hazard due to its #toxic #sap ... is one of the most unwanted invasive species in #Ireland
Health ministers of both countries have met to agree to a plan of action to counter the epidemic that has killed at least 1,800 people. #Africa #Rwanda #Health #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo
Poor urban planning, government mismanagement and resilience of some viral strands lead to the worst-ever outbreak. #Dengue #Bangladesh #Asia #Health

New 2 year study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health: Blood pressure drops big time on low carb and sustained

Significantly lower blood pressure was a key finding among the subjects the study followed who adopted the low-carb diet. And it stayed low. In fact, 27 patients were able to get off blood pressure medication completely. That’s really important when blood pressure medications are typically taken for life.

Unwin was the lead of four authors (including two cardiologists) of the study published July 26 in an open access journal. They collected data on 154 patients, 90 men and 64 women, with type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance. Patients were supported in doing the low-carb diet through Unwin’s Norwood primary care practice. Data was collected between 2013 and 2018, with the mean data collection time on patients being 2 years (and counting).

Lowered blood pressure was not the only significant finding. The average weight loss for patients was 9.5 kg (20 pounds) which was sustained for t... Show more...
Latest OCHA report suggests almost half of Burundi's entire population has been affected by the disease this year. #Burundi #Africa #Malaria #Health #UnitedNations
Rwanda has tightened Ebola screening and security measures along its border, in a challenge for health workers. #Africa #Rwanda #Health

Alphabet's AI May Have Just Made Its Biggest Healthcare Breakthrough - The system can now detect a life-threatening kidney ailment 48 hours faster

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has gotten a lot of press over the past several years, promising to revolutionize everything from business to healthcare. The ability of AI-based deep learning algorithms to detect patterns that would easily escape their human counterparts has potential applications that boggle the mind.

The technology has already been used to power chatbots, smart speakers, digital assistants, movie and purchase recommendations, and much more.

The results, which were published in the medical journal Nature, revealed that researchers were able to predict the condition in patients up to 48 hours earlier than it is currently being diagnosed. The algorithm was also able to detect 90% of the most serious cases -- those that would have resulted in dialysis if the condition had gone undetected.

One downfall of the technology is that it wouldn't provide a mechanism to notify medical professionals of... Show more...
Regarding Censorship Efforts to De-Platform GreenMedInfo & Other Health Sites....
I wish I could report that recent attempts to de-platform us were happening only to us. Unfortunately, most advocates of natural health and health freedom today are undergoing similar, or even worse levels of censorship. But there is a silver lining to this. After all, if we weren't taking a stand in the inconvenient truth, and referencing facts and perspectives not allowed within mainstream outlets, would we really be receiving so much negative attention and attempts to shut us down?

Over the past few years, GreenMedInfo has seen our reach via social decline precipitously, despite the abundant evidence that grassroots interest natural health continues to expand globally. This is evident through the hundreds of thousands of followers who signed up to receive our content through our newsletter and social media pages on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Or, just look at how mainstream the health food craze is now throughout ... Show more...

Alzheimer's blood test 'one step closer' which means better identification of potential candidates for drug trials

US scientists were able to use levels of a protein in the blood to help predict its build-up in the brain. UK experts said the results were promising - and a step towards a reliable blood test for Alzheimer's to speed up dementia research. But larger studies were needed first.

Senior study author Randall J Bateman, professor of neurology, said the new test could now help screen many more people than expensive brain scans. "That means we can more efficiently enrol participants in clinical trials, which will help us find treatments faster, and could have an enormous impact on the cost of the disease as well as the human suffering that goes with it," he said.

See https://www.bbc.com/news/health-49204882

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#Chronic #Pain: The #Hidden #Crisis with #YvonnePalermo & #JayWeidner

In this second part of their examination of the #health care #system our hosts discuss chronic pain and the current opioid crisis. ;Both sides of this crisis are examined. Both the seemingly unleashed illegal synthetic opioids that have fl...
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