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Armed man takes hostages at UPS facility


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Armed man takes hostages at UPS facility


by Rebecca Solnit
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Because there is no crisis at the border,
Because $5 billion will not build the whole wall,
Because it would take a decade to build the wall,
Because the landowners' rights on the border mean the wall cannot be built,
Because even an attempt to do so would involve hundreds of eminent domain lawsuits that would go for years,
Because a wall can be sawed through, climbed over, and tunneled under, and the existing segments already have,
Because there is no border between Texas and Mexico, only a river,
Because a river is the opposite of a wall, a gathering place, a place where many kinds of life come together, flourish, are renewed,
Because from Texas to the Oregon border, much of what is now the US southwest was Mexico and no honorable principle, only strongarming in a shitty war, is why it's not, and because the flourishing of Latino culture is dissolving the border in beautiful ways and perhaps making the lonely USA at last part of the Americas,
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#Trump: Obama paid Iran $1.8 billion for captives’ release, North Korea did it for free

The Art of the Deal, Ladies and Gentlemen!

#PresidentTrump boasted Thursday night that he #secured the #freedom of three #American #captives

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