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Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish New Features

Ubuntu 18.10 which is codenamed as Cosmic Cuttlefish is around the corner, is planned to be released next month on 18th October 2018. You will be able to download this release from the official website as well upgrade manually from previous releases. This time there is no alpha or beta milestones rather testing weeks for releases.

Some of the key highlights:
- New Default Theme: Yaru
- GNOME v3.30
- GSconnect for Android Integration (based on KDE Connect)
- Improved Boot time and Performance
- Linux Kernel v5.0 (possibly)
- Fingerprint Scanner Support
- DLNA Support for media transfer to Smart TVs
- New Installer From Ubuntu 18.10 Onwards (possibly)
- Public Website for Metrics (may be a good thing to see the numbers)

See http://www.linuxandubuntu.com/home/ubuntu-1810-cosmic-cuttlefish-new-features

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