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How dare you!

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Comic by Dan Piraro https://bizarro.com/

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Calendrier de l'Avent du médecin légiste.
Advent calendar of the medical examiner.
#Humour #Humor
I travel a lot for a living. All over the US. On my travels I spent some time in Texas and drove through La Grange a few times. It's a nice town. Pretty ordinary middle US rural farm town. You can look up pictures online. The thing is there is only like two or maybe three main highways that lead into La Grange and I've driven down all of them. There is no bar/whorehouse and nothing very much like a shack at all. In fact this picture of a small unused building is the only thing I found that was even remotely "shack like".
Sorry to burst your bubble but despite the ZZ Top song, There is no, "Shack outside La Grange". Just pretty ordinary farms and hard working people.

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remembering hear some medical professional's quip reiterated that by 3rd year of medical school, everybody has had their compassion drummed out of them, (and some philosopher's* vociferous distrust of the new role of professional doctor/surgeon seeing us no longer as sentient whole beings, but collections of organs to individually fail) ([url=http://https://joindiaspora.com/posts/b53e3f90c14f0137791c0c968b663754]and some apparent confirmation bias exemplifying[/url]**)... i searched for that quote, and came across this: https://slate.com/technology/2013/06/medical-school-dark-side-the-third-year-makes-students-less-empathetic.html
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Bonhommes de neige :-)

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60 bonhommes de neige pas comme les autres…
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#humour (un peu, aussi)

[en]It came from outer space / [fr]Le météore de la nuit (1953)

Les décors ne sont pas de Roger Hart !
Des oeufs en gelée venus de l'espace !
Et, en plus, c'est des six-clopes

Les costumes ne sont pas de Donald Cardwell !
Vision d'un oeuf en gelée.

J'te fais la même avec une bouteille de Cristaline !
Laughed til my right eye closed over and I couldn't see
#humour #avengers #endgame because it was

About damn time!

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