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@anonymiss I understand now. you are #IGNORANT.
@anonymiss, congratulations! Now you are ignorant like me in the view of spacedream. You are in good company.
I understand now. you are #IGNORANT. i done here, good bye and good luck.
ps: i'm not in bubble 24/7 as probably you are. so, yes, i clearly can see the difference every day (and for many years already). but you still . so pity.
Judgment, Transgression, and The Word

12/1/05 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The #Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: I am The Lord your God, He who stretched out the #heavens and laid the #foundations of the #earth, The #Maker of all #things. Yes I AM HE, The #Creator of #Heaven and Earth, The #... Show more...
@ivan zlax, you are #ignorant and #deepstate #troll. so no more warnings, just #goodbye and #goodluck to your soul.

@Shinra do not let ignorants make confuse you. this people keep this planet in darkness, even some of them doing this by their own stupidity. some of them just choosed to believe in darkness but not in light. but this is their own choice, but may not be yours?.. (question is rhetorical, don't need the answer)

ps: as author of this device confirmed already in forum this is really working prototype. i have no reason do not trust him, as he well known person in community for very long time. but ivan zlax shown already behaviour to sh^t on my posts and after just saying "oh, i'm sorry, i did not read (or not paid attention to) text well", its happened already few times to me, so i have no more reasons to hold it any longer. he obviously choosed darkside, so good luck to him. but this is not my way.
i confess...

i dont know how to deal with #stupid (and #unwise and (wilfully/stubbornly) #ignorant (nor #obtusely #arrogant)). because you cant #explain things to them.

is there some (/am i missing some) obvious #philosophy or #psychology i could #imbue an #approach with, to find #remedy?
(genuine remedy, not just joining them)


is #compassion still as good as it gets?
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