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2 Dozen Top Sites for Free Photos


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24+ Sites to Find Free Images You Would Actually Use for Your Marketing
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Algerians celebrate Bouteflika's resignation in Algiers (2)#1ST #IMAGES #ALGERIA #BOUTEFLIKA #RESIGNATION #DEMONSTRATION #POLITICS #ARMY
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Explosive device wounds three at St Petersburg military academy#1ST #IMAGES #RUSSIA #EXPLOSION #MILITARY #ACADEMY

Ask HN: Is Someone Hijacking Google Images?

I was looking for ideas on how to build a simple network analyzer to test antennas, filters etc. so I typed "network analyzer schematic" (without quotes) on Google Images and it apparently returned some results I was expecting, but clicking on a lot of results from the first page opened some subscription only websites with suspicious names nagging me to create an account to see the actual images, some of which I'm 100% sure I already have seen on their original authors websites. Those websites are clearly made by the same entity, and to me it appears they're essentially hijacking Google Images results for their profit. Here are some of those results; many more on the 1st page. I had a hard time finding something that returned an actual loadable image or an article without asking for subscription. Note that they all return URLs containing "spectrum analyzer schematic" although I searched for "network analyzer schematic".

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