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Ex Moassad Mi6 NSA employees forming private spy agencies out of control

With “out of control” people mean – not serving the public interest/society – not servings justice but whoever pays more – maybe not even conducting a crime but maybe preparing a crime like the Khashoggi killing.

It’s funny – how Israeli spies always assume the whole world hates Israel and try to frame their opponents like this – one spy now got caught.

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Panama Papers: The Hold-Up of the Century


It was the biggest leak in history: 11.5 million files exposing the most secret world of offshore finance.

Under the ICIJ, 378 investigative journalists around the world worked on the leaked files behind closed doors. On April 3rd 2016, representing 109 media organisations, they released the Panama Papers, exposing political leaders, businessmen, celebrities, sports stars and even criminals, using shell companies to hide their assets and depriving national treasuries of much needed fiscal income. The scale is global and the amounts vertiginous.

In France, Premières Lignes, along with Le Monde, investigated the Panama Papers files and uncovering the dissimulation of billions of euros through sophisticated tax avoidance and money-laundering schemes. From Panama to Switzerland, the United States to Luxembourg, they traced back the trails of this gigantic web of concealment.

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Romania orders investigative journalists to disclose sources under GDPR

RISE Project, an award-winning investigative journalism outlet in Romania and OCCRP’s partner, was ordered Thursday by the Romanian Data Protection Authority (ANSPDCP) to reveal its sources under the…
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HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18416887
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#Midterm #Election – #Analysis

"Some good stuff, some bad stuff." – everyone right now

This is my personal #synopsis of the #election. I try to keep it #neutral, yet #objective, pointing out victories and losses of all sides.

The #

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Facebook Wanted Gizmodo to Kill Investigative Tool

Last year, we launched an investigation into how Facebook’s People You May Know tool makes its creepily accurate recommendations. By November, we had it mostly figured out: Facebook has nearly…
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HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17706997
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