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The housing crisis among workers reflects Dublin's business model, which is to entice tech giants. #Europe #Ireland
Ireland exports 90 percent of all the food it produces, mostly to the UK. #Europe #Ireland
The campaigners think the government is frightened of the damage to the church that a full excavation would do, so they are threatening court action. #Europe #Ireland
Michael O’Leary may benefit from fixed-price shares after 50.5% remuneration approval

Almost half of Ryanair shareholders have voted against a controversial new pay package for the chief executive, Michael O’Leary, that could result in the airline handing him a €100m (£89m) bonus within five years.

A wafer-thin majority, 50.5%, approved the remuneration report at Ryanair’s annual meeting in Dublin, which means O’Leary could land the extraordinary windfall despite widespread shareholder dissent.
Ryanair boss could get €100m bonus despite shareholder revolt
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Kevin Lunney worked with Seán Quinn, who racked up €2bn debt in financial gamble on Anglo Irish Bank

An executive running companies once owned by one of Ireland’s richest men has been found at the side of a road near the Irish border after being abducted and assaulted in a “horrific attack”.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland believe Kevin Lunney was abducted near his home north of the border in Co Fermanagh and seriously assaulted before being dumped on a roadside in the Republic.
Executive who worked for Ireland's former richest man abducted and beaten
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US tech giant says Brussels is trying to 'retrofit national law' in Ireland as EU court hears case over 2016 tax bill. #Apple #EuropeanUnion #Ireland #UnitedStates #Business&Economy #Europe
#PorteusKiosk 4.9.0 released https://porteus-kiosk.org/ a #gnu #linux distro from #ireland

Based on #gentoo
Chief whip says shared rules on animals and food could be a way to avoid hard Irish border

The Democratic Unionist party has for the first time signalled it is prepared to accept some EU rules after Brexit as long as the local Stormont assembly has a say.

The party’s chief whip said it was looking at regulatory alignment with the EU in the agri-food sector as a way of avoiding a hard border.
DUP appears to soften stance on accepting EU regulations after Brexit
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Claims that a 'no-deal' Brexit would risk peace in Northern Ireland are political, not judicial, the court ruled. #Europe #Brexit #UnitedKingdom #Ireland
It would be exploited by all sides in Belfast and further complicate UK relations with Ireland, but might still happen. #Brexit #Ireland #UnitedKingdom #Europe
2 weeks today since we were in #ireland (thinking of coming back very soon)
It is rumoured Boris Johnson wants to revive an old idea to break the Brexit impasse

After three years of debate and negotiation there is little new under the sun when it comes to Brexit. But it is rumoured in Westminster, and hoped in Brussels, that Boris Johnson is to revert to a Northern Ireland-only backstop as he seeks to move past the Brexit impasse and avoid breaking his word and extending the UK’s membership beyond 31 October.

What is the original ‘backstop’ in the withdrawal agreement?
A Northern Ireland-only backstop: what is it and will anyone go for it?
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Phil Hogan has reputation as bruiser and has been highly critical of British approach

A close ally of the Irish prime minister in the European commission is set to get a key role in post-Brexit negotiations in Brussels as the new commissioner for trade.

Phil Hogan, who is currently the agriculture commissioner, is expected to be formally appointed to the role of EU trade commissioner later on Tuesday by the incoming commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, and will take up his role on 1 November.
Irish PM's ally to get key post-Brexit role as EU trade commissioner
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The UK prime minister is running out of options after Ireland's leader rebuffs any suggestion of no border 'backstop'. #Brexit #UnitedKingdom #Ireland #BorisJohnson #Europe
Mike Pence accused of humiliating hosts in Ireland: 'He shat on the carpet'
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#All #food served in hot #school lunch programme is #halal
All food served in a new hot school lunch programme. RTÉ's report on the new programme focused on Our Lady of Lourdes primary school in Inchicore, Dublin which has 250 pupils but the programme has been extended to 36 schools across the country.

Less than 1% of the population of #Ireland are Muslim according to the 2016
horrors in #Ireland
Videos - #Gemma O'Doherty Investigative Journalist Ireland

Please view our list of recorded videos in the Playlist section below.
With or without #brexit the #uk will be the neighbour of continental #europe and #ireland (in #eu also). So what do we want? To be in? Or out (like Russia)?
marxism in ireland
Musicians who play traditional Irish music are being arrested on the streets because traditional dance and folk music is labeled as xenophobic toxic discourse signifying a supremacist ideology of coded racism intended to normalize native nationalism and incite hateful prejudice on the grounds of race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origin, and religious belief. This political protocol has already been publicly endorsed by Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin, Labour, Solidarity-PBP, the Green Party and the Workers’ Party. Nobody can stand for election in Ireland without signing and publicly endorsing the protocol.

The EU is controlled by dedicated Marxists who use Critical Theory, Post-Modernism and Political Correctness, as a system of mind-control designed to manipulate and distort morality in a way which defeats resistance to a collectivized borderless world run as a single administrative unit of global feudalism, po... Show more...
At least 300 workers across Europe sent home after sudden suspension of Siri ‘grading’ programme

Hundreds of Apple workers across Europe who were employed to check Siri recordings for errors have lost their jobs after the company announced it was “suspending” the programme earlier this month.

More than 300 employees have had their contracts ended in the company’s Cork facility alone, according to former employees, with more sent home from other sites across Europe.
Apple lays off hundreds of workers hired to listen to Siri
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#Climate #Change in #Ireland - The #Inconvenient Facts
cooling not warming

Climate Change in Ireland - The Inconvenient Facts

Almost all politicians and academics in Ireland agree on climate change without any scientific evidence to support their claims. This video will show you that climate change is a natural cycle that occurs in the Atlantic Ocean and as a result is a non issue. Climate policy needs to be re-
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