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Sea level rise, erosion and cruise ships are worsening Venice’s flood problem. But corruption nearly scuppered the solution. By Neal E Robbins

I was in Venice when the acqua alta struck on 28 October 2018. I noted in my diary: “It happened today. The first big acqua alta of the year, with a siren at 09.17, followed by two steady tones. One tone is for 1.1 metres, two 1.2 metres, three 1.3 metres and four 1.4 metres or more. The tidal chart says the level should peak just after noon. At 12.30 I put on my green rubber boots. Stepping out along the canals, I found the water above my ankles and immediately had to re-learn how to walk. Walking at normal speed causes the water to splash over your boots and on to your legs. I slowed down, finding I also needed to watch out for little waves from the boats on the canal, which rode up right over the submerged pavement.

“Tourists used bin bags or fluorescent pink plastic booties over their shoes, walked barefoot or just got their shoes wet. Judging by the laughs and picture taking, high water looked fun,... Show more...
Rising temperatures have contributed to the decline of hundreds of ski resorts on Italian slopes
Seduced and abandoned: tourism and climate change in the Alps
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Italian sports daily slammed for 'Black Friday' front page

Corriere dello Sport accused of fuelling racism for headline published alongside picture of two black football players.
Italian sports daily slammed for 'Black Friday' front page
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Monumento a Giordano Bruno.
Scultura in bronzo situata a Roma nel Campo de' Fiori nel luogo del rogo del filosofo avvenuto il 17 febbraio del 1600.
La statua realizzata da Ettore Ferrari è stata inaugurata il 9 giugno 1889.

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Majority of referendum voters support autonomy but low turnout means result is invalid
Venice rejects autonomous rule with poll turnout of just 21%
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Prisoners in Argentina and an orchestra of migrant musicians in Italy use music to bring hope and fight xenophobia. #Music #Argentina #Prison #Italy #Migrants #Arts&Culture
Split from the mainland borough of Mestre is the answer to crisis of mass tourism, say campaigners

Giorgio Suppiej was badly beaten up when he campaigned for Venice to break away from its mainland borough, Mestre, in 1979. He was 18 at the time and was set upon as he attended a demonstration in support of autonomy by a gang deliberately dispatched by opponents to sabotage the vote.

“They were people sent by the most violent parties of the period,” said Suppiej, a lawyer and president of Venezia Serenissima, a cultural association. “It took me two months to recover.”
Venice goes to the polls in referendum on autonomy
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"for every political assassination undertaken by the #Mussolini dictatorship, #Franco ’s regime killed 10,000 people" https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/11/29/what-is-happening-in-spain/ #italy #spain #es
What is Happening in Spain?
Italian MP Flavio Di Muro was greeted with applause when he asked his girlfriend to marry him during a parliamentary debate on post-earthquake reconstruction.

Flavio Di Muro, 33, a member of the far-right League party, made the proposal as MPs prepared to vote on measures to assist central Italian regions struck by earthquakes in 2016.

The Speaker of the chamber was less enthusiastic and reprimanded Di Muro for the interruption
Italian MP proposes during earthquake aid debate in parliament - video
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Flavio Di Muro gets applause for marriage proposal – and reprimand from speaker

An Italian MP has asked his girlfriend to marry him during a parliamentary debate on post-earthquake reconstruction.

Flavio Di Muro, 33, a member of the far-right party the League, made the proposal on Thursday as MPs prepared to vote on measures to assist central Italian regions struck by earthquakes in 2016.
Italian MP proposes to girlfriend during debate in parliament
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Suspects allegedly wanted to create ‘openly pro-Nazi, xenophobic, antisemitic group’

Police in Italy say they have arrested 19 far-right extremists in various parts of the country who wanted to form a new Nazi party.

During their raids, police discovered weapons, explosives, Nazi plaques featuring swastikas, Nazi flags and books on Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini.
Italian police uncover Nazi plot as 19 arrested and weapons seized
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Carlos Luis Malatto accused of murders and forced disappearances during Videla dictatorship
Kidnap witness testifies in Argentinian army henchman trial in Rome
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Editorial: Spontaneous rallies opposing Matteo Salvini’s divisive rhetoric have captured imaginations. They offer a model that could be emulated elsewhere
The Guardian view on Italy’s ‘Sardine’ movement: politics with panache can defeat the hard right | Editorial
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Her shocking pictures told the truth about mafia murders – and earned her death threats. Ahead of a powerful film about her extraordinary life, we meet the woman who dared to confront killers. Warning: contains graphic imagery

Letizia Battaglia can still remember the first corpse she photographed: a man lying beneath an olive tree in a field in rural Sicily. It remains a viscerally unsettling image, made all the more so by its telling details: the dead man’s shoeless left foot, the resigned gaze of the policeman guarding the body, the olive leaves hanging low over the spreadeagled torso. The fact that he was a mafioso murdered in a local feud is, insists Battaglia, neither here nor there. “Everyone,” she says quietly, “is equal in death.”

What has stayed with her, over 40 years later, is the smell that hung in the summer air that day and was carried on the breeze. “It was very hot and he had been dead for a few days,” she says, drawing deeply on a cigarette. “Now, as soon as you ask about this photog... Show more...
#Volumio 2.671, a #gnu #linux distro from #italy based on #debian GNU/Linux, is released
Dramatic footage shows the moment a young girl was hauled to safety after a migrant boat capsized in the Mediterranean
Child rescued by coastguard from capsized migrant boat – video
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Well-preserved image of Leda and the swan was found during excavations last year
Erotic fresco depicting Greek myth unveiled in Pompeii
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With four tides above 140 cm since November 11, this is the worst month for high tides in Venice since 1872. #Weather #Europe #Italy
Demonstrators chant ‘Venice resist’ amid anger over waves caused by ocean liners and flawed flood-proofing project
People of Venice protest over floods and cruise ships
#Italy #Flooding #Europe #Worldnews #Naturaldisastersandextremeweather #Environment
More than 70 migrants were picked up by Spanish aid vessel, Open Arms, but Italian authorities have so far refused to allow the ship to dock. #Europe #Italy #HumanRights
Emergency services search for missing people as Italy and France hit by mudslides and floods

At least two people were killed in France and a landslide collapsed a stretch of elevated highway in Italy, leaving cars perched perilously on a precipice, as heavy rains pounded the region over the weekend, trapping travellers, downing trees and triggering mudslides and floods in parts of both countries.

A 30-metre (100ft) section of highway along a viaduct near the flooded Italian coastal city of Savona collapsed on Sunday. In an aerial video taken by firefighters, cars and one truck could be seen stopped perilously close to the point where the raised part of the A6 highway plunged on to a wooded area of the Liguria region.
Two die in France and highway in Italy collapses as heavy rain batters region
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Five reported dead and 149 rescued from vessel attempting to carry group from Libya to Europe
At least 20 migrants feared dead after boat capsizes near Lampedusa
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Swift judicial processes and more funding for shelters are badly needed, say campaigners

Sara Di Pietrantonio was 22 when she was strangled and burned to death by an ex-boyfriend who couldn’t accept the relationship was over. Her smouldering body was found at the side of a road on the outskirts of Rome by her mother, Concetta Raccuia. The police officer leading the case said Pietrantonio’s murder in June 2016 was the most heinous crime he had ever seen. Four months later, Stefania Formicola, 28, was shot dead in Naples by the husband she was trying to leave. Her two sons are being cared for by their grandmother, Adriana Formicola.

As more than 10,000 people marched in Rome on Saturday to mark the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Raccuia and Formicola shared their stories with the Guardian. More than three years have passed since their daughters were murdered but Italy is still struggling to protect women from violent men. Official figures released last week showed 142 women were murdered in 2018, up from 123 in 2017... Show more...
Heavy downpours cause floods and landslides along the Riviera leaving two missing and hundreds displaced. #Weather #Europe #France #Italy
The Cacciatori unit searches the rugged landscape of Calabria for fugitives who have dug themselves deep into the earth
Secret bunkers and mountain hideouts: hunting Italy's mafia bosses
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Quiz: Was wissen Sie über Florenz? | DW | 21.11.2019

Florenz gilt als Wiege der Renaissance: die Innenstadt ein Open-Air-Museum, die Uffizien voll mit Kunstwerken von Weltrang. Wie gut kennen Sie die Stadt in der Toskana? Testen Sie Ihr Wissen.
Quiz: Was wissen Sie über Florenz? | DW | 21.11.2019
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Document supports theory that Polo had close ties to friars who helped edit travel book that became a bestseller

Researchers in Venice have discovered a document which strengthens the theory that a group of friars played a hand in the revision of Marco Polo’s book about his travels.

Setting off from Venice in 1271 at the age of 17, the legendary merchant and explorer spent over two decades travelling through Asia, eventually documenting his adventures in a book, The Travels of Marco Polo.
Marco Polo parchment sheds light on last year of his life in Venice – researchers
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Thousands converge in bid to beat numbers drawn to League leader’s pre-election rallies
'Sardines against Salvini': Italians pack squares in protest against far right
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Under a deal to curb migration, Italy is helping to train and equip an enemy in a long-running dispute

In Antico Borgo Marinaro, an elegant restaurant in Mazara del Vallo, on the west coast of Sicily, a dish of uncooked red prawns with melon, chili pepper and pomegranate costs €12. Fisherman fear these same red prawns could cost them their lives.

Since the mid-90s when Libya began protecting its fishing waters from foreign vessels with the use of force, a little-known conflict has been rumbling in the 180 miles of sea that separates Libya from Italy, which are also the fishing grounds for one of the world’s most prized crustaceans.
Red prawn war fuels anti-EU feeling among Italian fishing crews
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Italian police recover 10,000 artefacts from the gang, who carried out illegal digs in the southern region of Calabria. #Arts&Culture #Italy #Europe
The anti-Semitic threats to Liliana Segre are just the tip of the iceberg, say Italian analysts. #HumanRights #Europe #Italy #TheFarRight
Raids in four countries, including the UK, as part of operation to recover relics stolen in Calabria

Italian art police have searched houses and buildings in four countries, including Britain, and arrested 23 people on charges of trafficking archeological artefacts.

The Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, a branch of the Italian carabinieri responsible for combatting art and antiquities crimes, believe the suspects are members of an criminal gang operating in Calabria that trafficked ancient items, such as antique jars, jewellery and vases from the 4th and 2nd century BC and worth millions of euros.
Italian art police arrest 23 over archeological artefacts trafficking
#Italy #Heritage #Culture #Europe #Worldnews
● NEWS ● #it #italy #karma ☞ Italian council is flooded immediately after rejecting measures on #climatechange
● NEWS ● #it #italy #globalwarming #climate ☞ 70% of #Venice Is Now Submerged, And It's a Disturbing Preview For Coastal Cities https://www.sciencealert.com/venice-is-flooding-and-it-s-a-disturbing-glimpse-into-the-future-for-coastal-cities
Did you know around 70% of #Venice is currently #underwater?


This is a #Banksy painting which became partially submerged earlier this week detailing a #refugee child.

#Climate change will create so many refugees around the globe, we cannot allow people to be displaced becuase of something we have the power to stop.


#environment #earth #future #question #protest #fff #FridaysForFuture #Italy #flood #sealevel #Mediterranean #climatechange #streetart
Third major flooding expected in city in less than a week, as rain lashes rest of Italy

Venice has closed St Mark’s Square before the expected third major flooding in less than a week, as rain lashed the rest of Italy and warnings were issued in Florence and Pisa.

Venice forecast an “acqua alta”, or high water, of 160cm (over 5ft) for Sunday, lower than Tuesday’s 187cm – the highest level in half a century – but still dangerous.
Venice closes St Mark’s Square as high water threatens again
#Italy #Flooding #Environment #Naturaldisastersandextremeweather #Worldnews #Europe #Extremeweather
Italian TV show to reveal alleged abuse at Vatican’s youth seminary in 1980s and 90s

Three more former altar boys have claimed they were sexually abused by two priests in the Vatican, as the child abuse scandal that has rocked the Catholic church zeroed in for a second time on its headquarters.

The allegations of abuse in the Vatican’s youth seminary, to be set out in an Italian TV show on Sunday, date back to the 1980s and 90s when the boys were aged between 10 and 14.
Three more altar boys claim they were abused by priests in Vatican
#Vatican #Catholicism #Christianity #Italy #Europe #Worldnews
#Volumio (formerly #RaspyFi ) also has a new release today
https://volumio.org/ #gnu #linux #italy
Government has announced aid for house owners and businesses affected by the worst flooding in 50 years. #Italy #Europe
€6bn Mose project designed to protect city from high tides is still not in operation

“We don’t know when we will reopen. Thank you Mose!” reads the sign pinned to the door of Pasticceria Rizzardini, a small bakery and coffee shop in the San Polo area of Venice.

Established in 1742, the shop has survived many floods; a faded list of the highest records is etched by the door. But Monday night’s deluge, the worst since 1966, and the subsequent acqua alta, or high water, on Wednesday and Thursday have severely damaged the premises. Another high tide, estimated at 1.45 metres, is forecast for Friday.
Venetians rage at flood defence delay: 'Evidently they don’t think of us'
#Italy #Naturaldisastersandextremeweather #Europe #Worldnews
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