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The #Messedup origins of most disney characters involves #darker mentality and thoughts , #depression, #suicidal thoughts, #sexual deviance, #rape, #torture, #devil horned peter pan, #manipulation, #... Show more...

12/16/05 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The #Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have #Ears to #Hear
(Regarding the modern #holidays of men)

Thus says The Lord God: This #world has altogether become a #house of harlots, a whole #generation who ceases not from committing #fornication with the #... Show more...

jealous - a feeling associated with love that can be destructive

Nature gave envy to man. It is to protect the fidelity of the partner and protect the permanence of the relationship. Unfortunately, sometimes this "fuse" breaks and then jealousy, instead of protecting, destroys human relations.

Jealousy for feeling, jealousy for love
For thousands of years, evolution has shaped the human psyche. Men who were jealous of their partners, limited their contacts with rivals. Thanks to this, they gained an advantage - they brought up their children, not the fruits of the woman's betrayal. This means that the genes of jealous men were more likely to survive than those without jealousy.

Today's men are descendants of jealousy. Similarly, evolution could "instil" jealousy into the psyche of women. Women, however, should be jealous not so much about sexual intercourse, but rather about the fact that their partner is emotionally involved in a relationship with another woman. Falling in love means that the man will leave, he will take care of his children less, and th... Show more...
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