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It seams that the /stream takes ages to load since the last update on JD.
I am trying to figure out if its related to the update or the database or both.

I am on it ;) Sorry for any inconvenience!

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The Code War

MY FIRST INTERACTION with Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008 was explaining to them that their computers had been hacked by the Chinese government. Eight years later, one of my final cases as assistant attorney general for national security was chasing Russia’s attempts to influence the presidential election through hacking the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. In between, I was privileged to serve with those on the front lines of the international fight to secure the internet, helping to combat online not just China and Russia, but also Iran, North Korea, terrorists, organized crime groups, and even lone hackers. Yet even as I left office in 2016, it was clear that the nation’s efforts against hackers remained insufficient.

We thought the nation had awoken to the cyberthreat after North Korea’s attack on Sony; we thought it had happened after the hacking of 22 million of the federal government’s personnel records. But even in those final months of the administration in 2016,... show more
Just donated some money for 2019, my small contribution for this pod. Thank you for keeping it ads-free.

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Thank you all for supporting us! We had a successful year: donorbox.org/matt-2018

We already replaced the old campaign with the new one for 2019. So don't worry! We already paid all bills for 2018 :)

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Seems like the service running #joindiaspora needs to be restarted more often as of late. #diaspora
Issues again in #joindiaspora since 10am BST. Similar to what happened a couple of months back (same symptoms)...
No tomw9, pods can't communicate with each other

Just as you, I've been part of #joindiaspora for years and have recently joined #PlusSpora mass exodus of the impending #GooglePlus #Shutdown.
I belong to both #joindiaspora and #pluspora now. JoinDiaspora from years ago, and PlusPora just now. I haven't used Diaspora much, I guess we'll get back into the learning curve again. I'm still trying to find out if the different pods can talk to one another.
I wonder if anyone's going to set up more instances beyond #joindiaspora and #pluspora for new users. #googleplus #gplus #gplusrefugees
Finally Google has made some big mistakes and are paying for them. Maybe this will inspire more people to #deleteGoogle as well. I have long since left Google+, but now it is entirely being discontinued. In the last 10 months of its existence, I encourage you who still use Google+ to bring your friends there over to Diaspora*.

#Google #joinDiaspora #deleteFacebook
We did a lot of database work! If you encounter problems while the login process; Please reset your password via the reset function!

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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sidekiq died and unfortunately I discovered it a bit late. Since yesterday JD is trying to recover over 300.000 jobs. That will take a while so be patient.

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what a pity! no one cares about the problem of #joindiaspora being attacked, specifically "they" have been taken very old and inactive profiles and with them they are put a tide of #phantom #likes ...and continue to do so (see my last post - excluding this)
Before you start throwing collectively stones at me, I ask you step back and wonder what I have done, what I have fought for here, was it really for the federation demise or I was just asking for people to realize that things need to change if this network wants to survive in the real world ?

I have release my right to privacy to prove my point, what I have you sacrificed ? I won't be your scapegoat. Get a grip !

Who am i ?

My tags :

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diaspora bug and workaround : account deletion is broken

When deleting an account, not all data is deleted, comments and likes on other accounts are not deleted.
This is not cool because the data remain in search engines like google ( likes and comments can be retrieved ) for no reason.
I have just logged a bug although there may be already one since it is not a new issue and many people have flagged it before :


Here is way to workaround and clean your database. This will seriously increase performance on large pods like joindiaspora.com and framasphere.org since they are the worst "offenders" I have found ( due to size of their operation ie very large pods with 50000+ users ).

Delete all comments from deleted accounts like so :
<br />1. retrieve comments: check number
mysql> select count(\*) from comments where author_id in ( select id
... show more
Hallo Schwarmintelligenz!
Nach jahrelanger Abstinenz von "social" media, bin ich jetzt #neuhier und komme mit ein paar Fragen um die Ecke.
Ich hatte vor geraumer Zeit schon mit Alternativen zu FB&Co rumgespielt, primär #friendica und eben #diaspora und das größte Problem scheint mir die geringe Reichweite zu sein bzw zu geringe Nutzerzahlen. Eine Strategie ist natürlich, alle Freunde und Bekannten zum Umzug zu bewegen, aber ihr wisst ja alle selbst, wie gut das funktioniert.
Nun gibt es ja inzwischen diverse Ansätze für dezentrale, nichtkommerzielle Netze, neben den oben genannten scheinbar auch #Hubzilla und #Mastodon. Nun frage ich... show more
Looks like the #joindiaspora Github repo has its last commit in November last year. So what's been going on for the first half of 2018? Nothing?
We have again issues with bounces and complains -> If you see this message...

Let me know if your provider was falsely blocked.

#diaspora #joindiaspora #sechat
Est-ce qu'il y as moyen de totalement désactiver les notifications d'anniversaire de naissance? Personnellement j'aime pas et ça me donne l'impression d'être sur Facebook...

#Question #JoinDiaspora #Diaspora
Esto dice ollie@pod1.orobouros.net, usuario de Diaspora, y yo lo subscribo al 100 %:

"Yo, y sospecho que muchos otros, vinieron a # Diaspora * porque es una alternativa viable a lugares como Facebook y Twitter. Servicios que, junto con su increíble utilidad, imponen muchas restricciones. Requieren cierto grado de control centralizado, mercantilización de los usuarios y censura. Como suele ser la historia, tan pronto como los pioneros se disponen a crear algo nuevo y mejor, la vieja guardia aparece y exige la adhesión a sus antiguas e insuficientes formas. Pero como suele pasar en la historia, esos grilletes se descartan y la vieja guardia toma su lugar en el pasado, donde pertenece."

#deletefacebook #joindiaspora
Hello zauberstuhl@joindiaspora.com,

here is a new Spam-Account on your pod: drcochran@joindiaspora.com

#spam #joindiaspora
It sure is a good thing that #joindiaspora left #aws
But many things like #DDG remain dependent on this #surveillance grid of the #cia et al
@Miguel Ungooglable Unfacebookable Rotunno also known as Miguel Ungooglable Unfacebookable Rotunno is posting transphobic content into the diaspora stream. Don't waste your time with him. His anger towards other forms of gender is probably born our of latent homosexuality. In any case, the cause must be subconscious, since he cannot confront rational argumentation.

When confronted, he deletes posts and blocks users so as to not be exposed as the irrational hater he really is. So don't waste your time.

I acknowledge the right of people to have whatever opinion they want. But I do make the difference between legitimate (and therefore defensible) opinions and the intent to simply bash and hurt a specific group of society. If you believe something you must be available to argue why you beli... show more

Anyone else notice this?

Going to have to play wack-a-mole with ignoring spam accounts.
♲ tobefree@pod.geraspora.de:

Lately there seem to be #spam activities on #joindiaspora - they randomly like your posts.

Don't try the links those accounts offer in their user names.

Examples:Tifoel Free Nuts --- www.sexy.***.***.ru vrtx --- www.sexy.***.***.website Neoras Etlere --- www.sеху.***.ru #diaspora

Lately there seem to be #spam activities on #joindiaspora - they randomly like your posts.

Don't try the links those accounts offer in their user names.

Tifoel Free Nuts --- www.sexy.***.***.ru
vrtx --- www.sexy.***.***.website
Neoras Etlere --- www.sеху.***.ru

Been trying to do my part for the #deletefacebook movement and not only trying to convince good likeminded internet folk to #joindiaspora but also going as public as i can on facebook to its users about alturnative options as well as how they can access their facebook feed through other apps and services. Tis approach is less about security and more about breaking the monoculture by showing users that they can have control over their software and app choices. The hope here being the idea that once they see something that works better for them then what they were handed that they will catch the poweruser bug and want to make better and more informed technology use choices in the future.
kann ich irgendwo die Benachrichtigungen wer wann Geburtstag hat abschalten? #diaspora #joindiaspora
joindiaspora.com deleted ALL MY DATA....more info regarding this post https://meld.de/display/a8e4f565185aca0238c544b012340878


well, one more reason to have a #selfhosted #freedombox

#freespeech #diaspora #joindiaspora #censorship


if you want #freespeech DON'T JOIN joindiaspora.com

i post the things i post here, in fact my account at joindiaspora.com was connected to the friendica account so, same posts.

some days ago i tried to access...

If you see this message here:

Your email address was deactivated and our mail server will not longer try to send emails to you!
If you think this is a mistake contact me via support@zauberstuhl.de.

This applies to #joindiaspora and #sechat user!
#diaspora #maintenance #mail #provider
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