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RIP, British Steel. Same problem as #trumpland having outsourced everything for temporarily maximal gains. This is what #latestagecapitalism gravitates towards.
#latestagecapitalism in action (when it's profitable to destroy): Undercover filming shows #Amazon destroying millions of brand new unsold products
Painting people with no "real job" as "employed" (exploitative #latestagecapitalism )
The Exploitative Gig Economy Is Not “the Future of Work”
Liberal inclusivity summed up in one photo


On IBM's support of Philippines' president Duterte's «war on drugs»

On June 27, 2012, three years after the devastating Human Rights Watch report, IBM issued a short news release announcing an agreement with Davao to upgrade its police command center in order to “further enhance public safety operations in the city.

The police command center, Sara Duterte told the Durian Post, “is now infused with IBM’s IOC technology,” allowing police to “shift from responding to critical events to anticipating and preventing them.”

Amado Picardal, a former spokesperson of the Coalition Against Summary Executions, a Davao-based human rights group, called IBM’s work “unethical,” given that some of the killings had been linked to Duterte’s police in the years before its deal with Davao City.

In June 2012, Mayor Sara Duterte announced a 128 million-peso deal, worth just over $3 million at the time, with IBM to improve its real-time monitoring capabilities. The announce... Show more...
#latestagecapitalism + #surveillancecapitalism = Teenagers Getting Paid to be Spied on by #Facebook https://www.projectcensored.org/teenagers-getting-paid-to-be-spied-on-by-facebook/ next: paid for blood, kidneys; see #china
#latestagecapitalism and #corporatemedia owned by the rich oligarchs: we're supposed to believe that those who rob us will save us from those who rob and cheat us.
Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg Won’t Run for President in 2020

Two questions

Two critical questions remain:
1) “Can foundations be liberated to build a more just and equitable economy?” and
2) “Is philanthropy ready to create a world where it is no longer needed?”
\#latestagecapitalism #nonprofitindustrialcomplex
Camille E. Acey (@kavbojka@mastodon.social)
"A BILLIONAIRE FLIRTS with a run for president and gets grossly disproportionate free airtime. We all know the punchline."
The billionaires running for Pres. in the US are symptoms of #latestagecapitalism

It's like the "move over, X (e.g. Obama), we'll take over from here"

This direct control or power grab is a step further than 'young' phony intermediaries like #macron or #Trudeau
#latestagecapitalism = direct control by robber barons, oligarchs, plutocracy, or whatever we choose to call the "winners" (exploiters) in this pyramid scheme/MLM
Mr. Schultz Goes to Washington https://truthout.org/art/mr-schultz-goes-to-washington/ #latestagecapitalism #bezos #zuckerberg #bloomberg
Mr. Schultz Goes to Washington
Howard Schultz Is a Presidential Candidate Only Late Capitalism Could Produce https://www.truthdig.com/articles/howard-schultz-is-a-candidate-only-late-capitalism-could-produce/ #latestagecapitalism #oligarchy
Howard Schultz Is a Presidential Candidate Only Late Capitalism Could Produce

On the modern-day hermits, the #hikikomori

As one is introduced to hear, those modern-day hermits are mostly young people with bare social links, who can't get jobs, or are unable to live a social life, so they cut their links to the outside world. They drop out of the competitive world, too. Some of those live like this voluntarily, some of those don't.

Watch this comparably short documentary to hear about those people.

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I'm now using an additional credit card from the same bank to pay for my lunch because it may yield a better mortgage interest for my future house/apartment I can't afford to buy anyway.
Imagine how greedy you have to be to attempt to profit from selling bottled flat water, the densest liquid with the cheapest price per volume, in a country where law requires to have it available on tap in every single building. #latestagecapitalism #capitalism
Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #latestagecapitalism, #movies, #music, and #tv.
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Expensive frozen water containing aroma and coloring.

The magazine 'Adbusters' in all its capitalist bashing glory.

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another \#veganism and \#latestagecapitalism crossover

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