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there it is- "if you don't live in a #tiny #house, you're #killing the #earth." This is #dumb. It's the same #mindset that drives the #pro-abortion crowd: Earth #worship.

What do you do if you have....I don't know.... #Hobbies? As in, where do I put my #piano? my sax? my accordion? my uke? my..... Show more...
A friend I met on facebook a few years ago, due to his excellent trolling of gun haters, shared this photo yesterday. He made these beams for a guy building a cabin. Yes, the whole cabin is on that tandem trailer. It will be 10' tall, and looks like he's got enough for a 20x20 hunting cabin. We started talking- turns out, in about 3-4 months, imaneed 30 @ 4"x12"x20' beams to hold up my 2nd floor of my #loghome. I'm out of trees of this size. I might be able to get them by asking around, but then I'd have to process them, transport them on a major highway, sawmill them, etc. Definitely would take 2 months of work to get them prepped for install.

His price is $3k, delivered. $100/beam. Next cheapest is Menards, $122 if I can get the discount, $153 if I can't, so between $3600 - $4600, plus delivery (probably $500).

See? facebook isn't all bad.....

#facebook is #allbad
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Listening to the #DaveRamsey show on the way back from lunch- A lady called in with this financial situation:
  • she's married
  • 29 yr old
  • income: $80,000 /yr
  • saved in emergency fund: $15,000
  • saved for down payment on house: $25,000
She was asking Dave if they should buy a house at this point. Dave starts agreeing with her. They discuss loans, PMI, terms, down payments, and next steps. Interesting to me, and I was in that situation, but not anymore. They'll pay for that $200k house for the next 15-30 years. Hopefully, the $80k job will last. $15k emergency fund would last 3 months if they started using it. I have my doubts that the American way will even exist in 10-15 years: go to college -> get married -> get a job -> buy a house -> pay for it for 30 years with job -> retire -> send kids to college.... The rules are about to undergo an epochal shift - not a generational one.

I'm just glad I'm not in the #ratrace anymore... #DIY #LogHome #MortgageFree #getready #prep #prepare #collapse

Forecast calls for rain most of the weekend. Still gonna try to work on the house #diy #logHome #logs #construction #weekend
It has all the markings of my buddy who builds these things #Butt&Pass #LHBA #LogCabin #LogHome
The Hidden Cave Lodge consists of 68+/- acres of timberland with a #Cave in central #Talladega County. As you drive up the driveway of this property, you will think you are in the #SmokyMountains. The property has a lodge style cabin that is designed to be completely off the power grid. The construction style of this log cabin is chinked Butt and Pass White Pine Logs, hand picked from the #
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Mexico beach home survives hurricane Michael

Very intriguing:
The seaside community of #Mexico #Beach, #Florida, was demolished by #Hurricane #Michael -- but one family's newly built concrete home #survived virtually untouched.
"Hurricanes happen and so we intended to build it to survive" and pass through the generations, Dr. Lebron Lackey told ABC News of the vacation home he built last year with his uncle.
When Category 4 Michael made landfall
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Last night, a buddy building his cabin up in #BearLake, #Utah used a suggestion (above) I found for releasing the straps on the rafters by using a steel pin installed in the loop of the strap. Once the rafters are set on the house, this pin can be pulled out by a rope from the ground instead of dangerously climbing up 30' and shimmying out along the rafter to unhook the strap. If my crane guy will go for it, he can come back.

My experience with the crane guy last weekend was a near disaster. He was kinduva dick- too much to go into, but he was all "safety, safety, safety", and not much about getting stuff done. So, after... Show more...
Another beautiful "Butt & Pass" home built by one of our LHBA members (immigrants from Russia):

#DIY #Home #LogCabin #LogHome #MortgageFree #DebtFree #building
My buddy Ronnie moving right along on his latest build

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We have grants. The fucking government payed my whole 5 years in university and never asked back for it, because that money was stolen from our parents anyway…
@Animalet de Sèquia- that's how it should be. Here, our students are indoctrinated
1. that they must go to university, and
2. that they must take out a loan from the government to do so.

My first degree- I paid for by myself.
My second degree was a mistake, probably- the only way to become a teacher was to go back to school. I already had a family, and I could not afford to pay for it myself. I made the mistake of getting loans. Luckily, I supplemented (lived cheap) my loans, so I'm only in debt a third of what my peers are. I'll be able to pay it off easily in about 3 years.

Right now, all my extra money goes to my #loghome - which I'm paying for as I go. There will not be a mortgage on it when I'm done. After that, all the extra will pay off the school loans. In about 5 years, I'll be completely debt free- no loans, no credit card debt, no vehicle loans. They won't own me anymore.

#debt is #slavery

Got the I-beam welded to the axle the other day- this is the second tree I've moved with it- working great!

This tree is 31'- it was 70 feet, but only 28' is needed for the rafter; the rest was too small for a rafter, but may be useful as a 4x4 or something- I'll use my sawmill to find out.

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Your #loghome experience is really inspiring. I also found the quotation insightful. Home equity clearly will exist in a self-made home just as it does in one made by someone else, but because the principle input is your own labor on a direct basis, you don't need to go through the intermediary of selling your labor to someone else to get the money you need to buy the labor of others.

Both of those steps involve markup, which for the home-seeker is in both cases a form of lost value, so you can have the same home at lower cost simply by virtue of having made direct use of your labor.
for most, more than half of their net worth comes from the equity in their homes, meaning they would need to sell their houses in order to live off those funds. In fact, as The Fool website reports, “According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s data, the typical American’s net worth at age 65 is $194,226. However, removing the benefit from home equity results in that figure plummeting to just $43,921.
The design for my home and building materials have been evaluated by structural engineers - the conclusion? My home should last between 350 - 450 years. The typical American subdivision built home? 75 years.

"But mudflap- not everyone can build a #loghome." There's a 4'10'' 100 lb 50+ year old woman in our organization who did exactly that. I'm not saying a log home is for everyone- just getting you to think outside the 30-year #mortgage box...(hello, #millennials).

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Book Excerpt: How You Got Screwed
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