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The Mengoon Bell (88 - 90 tons or 195,000 lb), photo from 19 th century

Mengoon Bell, Mandalay, Burmah

The Mengoon bell is situated on the right bank of the Irrawaddy, almost opposite to the present Royal city of Mandalay. Its weight is 195,000 lb., calculated according to the quantity of metal need in the casting, and its extreme height and breadth (that is to say, the height and breadth of the bell proper) are respectively 21 ft. and 8 ft.; so that, as regards size and weight, it ranks amongst the most remarkable bells in the world. It is suspended on three massive round logs of teak, placed horizontally and longitudinally, the one over the other, their ends resting on two pillars of vast size, composed alternately of masonry and large upright teak posts. These pillars are beco
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