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Israel’s Top Rabbi: “I’m Currently in Discussions With the Messiah Himself”
Топ-рабби Израиля: "В настоящее время я веду переговоры с самим машиахом".
A Haredi rabbi, privy to secrets concerning the Messiah, was sworn to silence for several decades by hidden righteous men but they have now ordered him for the first time to publicize their messages about current events and the imminent arrival of the Messiah. They tell him that it is literally a matter of life or death.
“But there are things the public does have to know right now because the process of geula (redemption) is about to
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One subtle anonymous edit, and now academic fundamentalists may refer to the wikipedia to hide that they do not use the scientific method during their "social study". This allows them to more successfully conduct their social propaganda on behalf of science. Before world wars, what is now called "social sciences" was called "liberal arts".

I don't think this anonymous social activist made this edit for free.
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The Snopes page on this double hoax references followers of the god-awful Erich von Daniken.
Classical example of New Age "ancient aliens" agenda.
By the way, maybe you will be interested in another example of related New Age hoax:
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Nazca Lines:
The geoglyphs were found in 1939 by the son of German immigrants, a historian named Paul Kosok.
Kosok carried out field re
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Pyzhikov: Russians was created by the Jesuits.
Under Catherine the Great the Jesuit project in Russia begins. Catherine the Second decided to make a major ideological turn. She decided to form "one people" as soon as possible, one nation. In other words, to depict the unity of the ruling stratum and the population. That's what the rulers of other European countries were doing. It was the second half of the 18th century that was the peak of these efforts to create united nations. And the Order of the Jesuits participated and made a significant contribution. For example, the very understanding of Eastern Europe was shaped by the Jesuits. I shall mention only one surname of Serb Boskovich who was the Jesuit and actually it has generated concept "east Europe" in its Slavic sense. And in grinding of Slavic languages the other Jesuit Czech Joseph Dobr
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Asia on fire? Africa burns? It's okay. Climatic alarmists are not funded there, you should not pay special attention to this.
The British Colony is on fire? That's where the money was invested to promote climate change. Well, then you can't help but know about it. Every day and many times a day.

Горит Азия? Горит Африка? Это нормально. Климатические алармисты там не опл... Show more...
@Luca Mangini
Infatti anche io la penso cosi. Forse dovremmo rivedere le cose, stiamo sprecando materie prime per produrre spazzatura, dovremmo costruire oggetti che durino tanto, un centinaio di anni come minimo, è possibile ma non conviene... A loro.
In questo senso, le tecnologie tradizionali come le saman (adobe) sono molto buone: https://zlax.ussr.win/files/technology/adobe/
Presente la lampadina di Livermoore?
Sì, ne ho sentito parlare, in questo film (purtroppo non ho visto la traduzione italiana):
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@Luca Mangini Il Mare di Aral si è prosciugato, e sul suo fondo sono stati trovati i resti di edifici simili a quelli risalenti agli 11-14 secoli.
Su alcune mappe di 500-300 anni fa, il Mar Caspio è collegato al Mar d'Aral per via d'acqua.

Naturalmente, queste carte avrebbero potuto essere false... Una mappa non è un territorio. Ebbene, il territorio di questa regione, per qualche motivo, non è coperto dalla scienza occidentale (a proposito, anche le amministrazioni coloniali dei paesi dell'Asia centrale stanno cercando di nascondere questi resti di città, probabilmente tracce di grandi inondazioni):

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NOAA's "improved" historical temperature measurements
Pulished: 12.12.2018

I don’t know how much people is believed in what is happening in Katowice. I just watched a great video by Tomasz Wroblewski on this subject. The commentators raised the question of what evidence Tomasz has against "global warming". There is a lot of evidence, but Tomasz looked at this topic from a psychological point of view, correctly comparing it with the new religion.

So anybody who looking for evidence will find it on the Internet.

Here I can mention perhaps the most important thing I encountered when I started studying this phenomenon back in the 1990s. I started by researching sources. There is an organization such as The Global Historical Climatology Network, which began collecting global climate statistics more than 20 years ago. I downloaded several data of thousand weather stations from this portal. The second version of the data appeared in 1997, the third version in 20
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"Типичные свидетели глобального потепления" (использовал их же терминологию) пользуются красноречивой риторикой в своей "проповеди", но категорически отказываются... Show more...
Apparently, that means you're supporting these neocolonial crooks:
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The neocolonial movement "Extinction Rebellion (XR)" acts in concert with space aliens. It may seem at first glance. In fact, the "Extinction Rebellion (XR)" acts together with well-known hoaxers:
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the New Millennium by the Dalai Lama
Please do not confuse CIA newage propagandists with anarchists:
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Lhamo Dhondrub (known as Dalai Lama XIV) is a longtime CIA agent:
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Anal cancer rates and mortality have risen dramatically among Americans: study https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-11-anal-cancer-mortality-risen-americans.html
Rates of new anal cancer diagnoses and deaths related to human papillomavirus (HPV), the most common sexually transmitted infection, have increased dramatically over the last 15 years, according to researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth). The results of their study were published in the November issue o
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@John Rooke
That is typical of racist generalisation across a whole category of people
It is not generalisation. I share my personal experience. I'll make it clear:
All Westerners with whom i discussed this topic - use this trick
You are the same.
It is also hypocritical, because it does not recognise that the Russian Empire is guilty of all the same crimes as the Western European empires.
I admit it. I said it straight. You're desperate to apply your stereotypes and trick to me
Russian Empire was the Empire of German feudals, like British or Dutch Empires:
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Donald Knut, an US computer scientist, teacher and programming ideologist, at the Frunze Kolkhoz near Khiva at the cotton harvest

Дональд Кнут, американский учёный в области информатики, преподаватель и иде
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Earlier, the West used this colonial manipulation immediately after the collapse of the USSR:
The consequences of this treaty: Western Europe has outsourced its harmful and environmentally unfriendly production to the East.
After the report on the state and environmental protection of the Russian Federation, Yasnaya Polyana was included in the list of settlements most affected by a
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I was born on the winning side, but that’s how i get taken.
Were you born in the USSR?

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sondage : quel pays a le plus contribué à vaincre l'Allemagne nazie en 1945
source : IFOP

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#the #fourth #industrial #revision

#the #fourth #industrial #revision

Real intent of the World Economic Forum [“Globalization 4.0: Shaping a Global Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”] and the re-framing for pub
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I'm part of the German division of the Jewish-Bolshevik World Conspiracy.
If consider this information:
*Heinrich Marx was born in Saarlouis, with the name Herschel Levi, the son of Marx Levy Mordechai (1743–1804) and Eva Lwow (1753–1823). Heinrich Marx's father was the rabbi of Trier, a role which his older brother would later assume.
[1]An 1812 edict, unenforced by the French, asserted that Jews could not occupy legal positions or state offices, and Prussian enforcement of the law led to trouble for Heinrich Marx.
[1]In 1815 Heinrich Marx began work as an attorney, in 1819 moving his family to a ten-room property near the Roman Porta Nigra archway.*
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Civilian deaths: 700
Total deaths: 40,400
Civilian deaths: 1,600
Total deaths: 43,600
Civilian deaths: 12,100
Total deaths: 419,400
Civilian deaths: 67,200
Total deaths: 419,400

Thanks to English language globalization, only empowered people could find information about "51 documents" on their own language:

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oblast 51 tajné spisy
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Hey Ivan, do you know the nazis never disappeared but were evacuated by sovietic flying saucers and now live on the other side of the flat earth?
Most part of the Nazies was evacuated by CIA to California according to official documents:
Some of Nazies was hidden in South America (like famous nazi "scientist" Mengele) according to declassified documents:
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US astronauts publicly get in Mercury, Gemini and Apollo, and then, at the command of Guenter quietly hid in his underground bunker, so that the rocket took off empty, without the crew, and they were at the right time and in the right place thrown from the plane and solemnly met on board aircraft carriers.

Американские космонавты принародно садились в Меркурии, Джемини и прочие Аполло
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Exactly one hundred years ago, a revolution in science was announced in the New York Times. Further quotes from the book "Scientific Activity and Life of Albert Einstein" by Abraham Pais.

Ровно сто лет назад было объявлено о революции в науке в газете New York Times. Далее цитаты из книги "Научная деяте... Show more...
Brusek Kodluch. Date of birth of the USA
It looks like the current "US Constitution" seems to be a "corporate agreement" only for the "District of Columbia" and not for all US states. They were founded on February 20, 1871.
On 10.05.1871, the Franco-Prussian war officially ended. The coincidence of dates does not seem random.
The war ended with the signing of the Frankfurt Peace Treaty on May 10, 1871. The consequences of the war for France were the payment of compensation to the Prussian state, the final liquidation of the monarchy (overthrow of the empire) in France and the establishment of the republic, as well as the loss of the rich border lands of Alsace and Lorraine, previously taken away from the Holy Roman Empire [2]. The new (German) empire was created in Europe [4].
Then (20 February 1871) the new "CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" replaced the Declaration of Independence of 1776 or the "Constitution of the United States of America".
Even the title has a fundamental difference.
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The U.S. House of Representatives has recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide.
There is a holiday and folk festivities in Armenia.
Now the evil mankind will have to pay contributions not only for the genocide of the Jews, but also for the genocide of Armenians.
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Behind them there is "conservative" owners, like that:
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selfdaemoneyzation of service
1 May 2018 Israel's Mossad spy agency shrouded in mystery and mystique
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6001335/How-Israels-secret-service-wor... Show more...
Also Dalai Lama is a high rank CIA agent:
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Lhamo Dhondrub (known as Dalai Lama XIV) is a longtime CIA agent:
Лхамо Дхондруб (известный как Далай-лама XIV) дав... Show more...
Do not forget about presidencies:

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The literal translation of the pre-revolutionary russian explanatory dictionary:
Presidency, the official name of the administration, for example, in the British India colonies.
It had been used of chief officers of banks from 1781, of individual colonies since 1608 (originally Virginia) and heads of colleges since mid-15c.
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One of creators of spurious historic chronology, he lived not in ~1500 after chr, but in ~CIϽIϽCCLXV:

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Angelo Poliziano - italian humanist, philologist, poet, historian and cabbalist. First translator of the Homer's Iliad into Latin. Primary publisher of the new "ancient" authors.

Angelo Ambrogini was born in Tuscany in Mons Politianus

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The amount of money spent, fighting over that land, is unjustifiable. You could have built Atlantis for half the price.
This is not a question of money, it is a question of religion. Abramistic religions, designed to promote the idea of a official unified world government.
This is a German project (a project of the German aristocracy), the Jews are only involuntary executors here, those to whom the German aristocracy want to transfer all the responsibility for their attempt to form a new world government. This project is over 100 years old:
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Balfour Declaration
Five days before the Soviet revoluti... Show more...
The Chimpanzee that can remember numbers faster than you: Primate can solve puzzle in the blink of an eye
Ayumu the chimp can remember the location and order of a set of numbers in less time than it takes the average human to blink
Ayumu the chimp can solve the puzzle in 60 milliseconds, at Kyoto University, Japan
Ayumu is no stranger to British TV screens however and was also featured in a Channel Five programme called Extraordinary Animals in 2008.
In that show the male chimp, then aged seven, took on British memory champion Ben Pridmore in a series of contests, and beat him easily.
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Some examples of ancient objects with the armature. What in the history of the ancient world - should not be.
In the era of the Bronze Age there were no iron products in use. Iron allegedly could not yet smelted from ore. Although, according to the artisanal technology, iron smelting is not more difficult than copper smelting and obtaining bronze. But how to explain not only iron elements, but also iron profiled reinforcement in ancient buildings?
Use https://sibved.livejournal.com/291519.html - for more photos and info

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Cognitive documentary about the history of the origins of planned obsolescence.
Documentaire cognitif sur l'histoire de l'origine de l'obsolescence programmée.
Kognitive Dokumentarfilm über die Entstehungsgeschichte geplanter Obsoleszenz.
Documental cognitivo sobre la historia del origen de la obsolescencia planificada.
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@Emmanuel Florac
Saying that the chemical attacks on Ghouta didn't happen isn't supporting Bashar al Assad. Etc.

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Related to previous post about Syria. 6 years ago:
http://my.telegraph.co.uk/debatable... Show more...
Cognitive documentary about the history of the origins of planned obsolescence.
Documentaire cognitif sur l'histoire de l'origine de l'obsolescence programmée.
Kognitive Dokumentarfilm über die Entstehungsgeschichte geplanter Obsoleszenz.
Documental cognitivo sobre la historia del origen de la obsolescencia planificada.
Познавательный документальный фильм об истории происхождения запланированного устаревания.

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PDF of the New, Improved Version of Goetia Discordia

A couple years ago or so, our dear friend and fellow Discordian, Roldo, gave us the OK to post a PDF of Goetia Discordia: Kerry Thornley’s Illustrated Book of the Demons of the Region of Thud, a Thornley-Roldo collaboration from … [Continue reading →](http://historiadisco... Show more...
OpenAI Guards Its ML Model Code & Data to Thwart Malicious Usage
OpenAI should now change their name to ClosedAI

It seems that OpenAI wants to monopolize similar technology, as the US government plans to do with a number of other technologies in relation to the rest of the world.

Has anyone heard of decentralized projects using OpenAI code that gradually accumulate language experience for general functional chat bot in common use?

https://github.co... Show more...
Related to previous post about Syria. 6 years ago:
http://my.telegraph.co.uk/debatableopinion/debatableopinion/16/u-s-intelligence-agencies-involved-in-chemical-attack-in-syria/" target="_blank">http://web.archive.org/web/20130904012216/http://my.telegraph.co.uk/debatableopinion/debatableopinion/16/u-s-intelligence-agencies-involved-in-chemical-attack-in-syria/
The situation in Syria is still in the focus of world media. Experts predict another U.S. aggression for “human rights”. Washington regularly declares its readiness to attack Syria. The official version – to punis
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They say the trolls may have contributed to the 2018 outbreak of measles in Europe that killed 72 people and infected more than 82,000 -- mostly in Eastern and Southeastern European countries known to have been targeted by Russia-based disinformation campaigns.
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Reminder - whenever you see a post comment from the russiandiaspora delete and block them. They are the loathsome scum that were thrown out of the other pods for hate speech and worse. If everyone on a pod ignores them than NO ONE will see their filth, Smother their hate with silence.
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Продюсер BBC признал постановочными сцены после химатаки в Сирии
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Lhamo Dhondrub (known as Dalai Lama XIV) is a longtime CIA agent:
Лхамо Дхондруб (известный как Далай-лама XIV) давний агент ЦРУ:
WASHINGTON — For much of the 1960s, the CIA provided the Tibetan exile movement with $1.7 million a year for operations against China, including an annual subsidy of $180,000 for the Dalai Lama, according to newly released U.S. intelligence documents.
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Фармацевтическая компания создала огромную сеть фальшивых больных раком пациентов, чтобы подкупать врачей для выписывания её рецептов... Show more...
Austrian school, Viennese style (105 years ago, before the first world war):

Австрийская школа, Венский стиль (105 лет назад, перед первой мировой войной):

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Chimpanzees in West Africa have been spotted banging and throwing rocks against trees and throwing them into gaps inside, leading to piles of rocks. Those rocks do not appear to be for any functional purpose — and might be an example of an early version of ritual behaviour.
The discovery might help researchers learn more about the basis of human religion and rituals, and how such activities formed in our own history.
The scientist described seeing the behaviour through cameras that were set up to watch the chimpanzees. They saw them assembling piles of stones — of a similar kind of the ritual cairns that have been found
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selfdaemonization of service

1 May 2018 Israel's Mossad spy agency shrouded in mystery and mystique
28 July 2018 Poison toothpaste, prisoners hypnotised to kill: How Mossad, Israel's secret service, has become the world leader in assassins with 800 operations in the last decade
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ctober/003603.html" target="_blank">http://lists.opensource.org/pipermail/license-review_lists.opensource.org/2018-October/003603.html
SSPLv1 is MongoDB development license, based on AGPLv3, but includes additional restrictions prohibiting provision of a product under this license as a service without providing the source of all systems that interact with the product in any way, even through the network.
Now license SSPLv1 is the highest priority server license for me.
With the division of the corporation IBM everything has long been clear.
But i did not expect this from Debian. Apparently, i have to think about how to gradually go over to some other distribution.
https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-b... Show more...

brain drain and block

[this is repost because]
The US government legislature has restricted non-US companies and non-US individuals from contacts with the following technologies:
Правительство США законодательного ограничило неамериканские компании и неамериканские физические лица от сле... Show more...
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