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Who Invented the Mouse? Are You Sure?

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Who Invented the Mouse? Are You Sure?

Douglas Engelbart

17 novembre 1970, 49 anni fa venne brevettato il primo mouse per computer con due rotelle contrapposte da Douglas Engelbart. (US Patent 3541541)

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Mouse Jacking! God-damn computers!

So after hearing the latest episode of the Hackable podcast I want only wired computer-mice! Check the MouseJack site to see if your #Bluetooth #Mouse is an #AttackSurface giving out your #Google stored #PASSWORDS!!!
Wireless Mouse Hacks & Network Security Protection | Mousejack

In which the Mouse cooks the books

Disney whistleblower accuses company of inflating revenue for years | Fox Business

According to a MarketWatch report, Sandra Kuba, a former senior financial analyst in Disney’s revenue-operations department who worked with the company for 18 years, alleged in the filings that employees working in the parks-and-resorts business overstated revenue — sometimes by as much as $6 billion — by exploiting weaknesses in Disney’s accounting system that allowed the inaccuracies to remain undetected.
In the filings, which were reviewed by MarketWatch, Kuba claimed employees boosted revenue by several different methods, including record fictitious revenue for complimentary rounds of golf or for free guest promotions. Kuba also alleged that employees recorded revenue twice for gift cards, both when guests b
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Avoid Intel and AMD Universal Backdoors

Only use computers certified to Respect Your Freedom (RYF)

The #Intel #Management #Engine is present on all Intel #desktop, #mobile ( #laptop ), and #... Show more...
♲ hoergen@horche.demkontinuum.de:
@Raspberry Pi
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Da hat einer eine Computermaus in einen PC umgebaut. inklusive "Monitor" und Tastatur :D
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Chromebook accessibility: Changing the order of mouse buttons is unsupported

I was in need of a new laptop, so I bought a cheap ChromeBook – mostly because Amazon could deliver it the same day. Sadly, the trackpad was broken. Before I sent it back, I thought I’d…
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Mickey Mouse and Batman will soon be public domain

The Internet stopped another copyright extension without firing a shot.
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hello multi device mouse and keyboard!

good bye cable spaghetti on my desk!

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- #Japanese #Researchers Have #Cloned 25 #Generations Of #Mice From A #Single #Mouse
It’s a good day for science and science fiction when Harold Ramis’ Multiplicity can finally be proven to be complete bullshit. And I’m not talking about Andie MacDowell’s complete lack of common sense as that film goes on.

Scientists reverse aging-associated skin wrinkles and hair loss in a mouse model

Keshav Singh, Ph.D.Wrinkled skin and hair loss are hallmarks of aging. What if they could be reversed? Keshav Singh, Ph.D., and colleagues have done just that, in a mouse model developed at the…
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Combined two broken things to make one fixed one. Always have micro USB cables snapping but I save them for projects like this just cut off the end and stripped the tiny wires. Absolutely love these micro mice too but they always come with a thin ribbon cable in a pull to retract spindle that inevitably breaks internally so it will only work some of the time. Soldered the new cable in place and the mouse works perfectly again plus the cord is longer than before to boot!

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Facebook confirms that it tracks mouse movements

Facebook admitted that it collects information from and about computers, phones, and connected devices, including mouse, to give users a personalised content.
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Early Father's Day Gift to Myself - A Redragon K550 Yama Mechanical Keyboard and a Redragon M801 Mammoth Gaming Mouse

No-one knows what to buy me when it comes to gadgets so I tend to just pre-empt it myself... The keyboard allows each key to be set to its own individual colour (a total of 18 backlight modes, 8 different colors, 5 backlight brightness levels, breathing speed, and 6 dedicated keys to program user-defined backlighting). So this allows me to colour groups of keys in certain colours for gaming eg. commonly the A, W, S, and D are used for movement so I can colour that group the same colour for quickly finding it. The mechanical keyboard keys give a more precise tactile feedback (yes and louder typing noise that I'm not sure my wife is going to love).

There are also 12 dedicated macro keys which can be set up to fire off pre-determined key combinations you may use in a game (or even for normal typing). The keyboard is programmed on the keyboard itself into non-volatile RAM so no software drivers are required, and it, therefore, works across Windows, Mac... Show more...
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