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The TFM Show: 11/30/2019 -
How to fix White Western/EU nations -
Remove Rights from women -
Put men back in charge -
22:26 - 44:29 -

#Feminism #nationalism #LEFTISM #LIBERALISM #Jews

Can the left win power?

The votes we cast on 12 December will shape the answer to two questions of far-reaching importance.

The first is whether the new hard right can be beaten: whether our democracies can put a halt to the forces represented here by Boris Johnson, or around the world by Donald Trump, Matteo Salvini and Narendra Modi, to name just a few. If we cannot block these nationalist hardmen democratically, then they will deform democracy until it is unrecognisable and illegitimate.

The second big question is if the new left is yet capable of winning power. The generation radicalised by the banking crisis of 2008 – and which camped on Wall Street and outside St Paul’s cathedral, before marching against austerity and climate chaos – now provides much of the energy for Labour, the US Democratic party and the European left. Post-crash politics has gone mainstream; it is yet to be seen whether it can go into government.
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States Could Soon Be Forced to Fund Religious #indoctrination https://truthout.org/articles/states-could-soon-be-forced-to-fund-religious-education/ #trumpland #antiscience #nationalism #fiction
States Could Soon Be Forced to Fund Religious Education
● NEWS ● #militarism #racism #nationalism #goldenDawnald ☞ 'Highly Disturbing' #Pentagon Document Shows US Military Surveilling Groups Protesting Family Separation
● NEWS ● #ice #racism #nationalism #goldendawnald ☞ Bernie #Sanders Calls to Break Up ICE
Bernie Sanders Calls to Break Up ICE
● NEWS ● #RightWing #Nationalism Threatens Our Future
Right-Wing Nationalism Threatens Our Future
Western English Nationalism is "Ugly" Claims Spiked Online "Journalist" (Palestinian living in London)
https://www.bitchute.com/video/VVhBcU7JYlJw/ (Earthling Carl)
#diversity #nationalism #ethnostate #Palestinian #progressive
● NEWS ● #brexit #uk ☞ Great Britain is Reaching for #Nationalism Over Economic Sense https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/11/05/great-britain-is-reaching-for-nationalism-over-economic-sense/ @glynmoody
Great Britain is Reaching for Nationalism Over Economic Sense
Groyper Revolt Against Israel First Conservative Inc - Dave Reilly

#traditionalism #western #right-wing #patriot #Christian #nationalism
#nationalism in #trademarks
● NEWS ● #racism #xenophobia ☞ Nations, #Nationalism , and Non-Nation Political Movements
Nations, Nationalism, and Non-Nation Political Movements
#capitalism #empire #nationalism #asshole #usa #china #onion #satire
White Ethnostate, Orania (South Africa) is Heaven on Earth
Admits The Guardian
#whites #traditionalism #nationalism #ethnostate #culture
● NEWS ● #climate ☞ Could #ClimateChange Fuel the Rise of Right-wing #Nationalism ?
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White #Nationalism and #CronyCapitalism Are the Sparks That Started Fires in the #Amazon
#Mugabe ’s Rule Led Many to Dismiss #Nationalism , But That Opened the Door to Something Much Worse
Mugabe’s Rule Led Many to Dismiss Nationalism, But That Opened the Door to Something Much Worse
As #Tucker #Carlson almost alone pointed out: the issue of white nationalism is a #politicallyMotivated charge and a hoax. And the #statistics—which you will never hear quoted by the #media, including on #Fox—confirm this.

The #perception that #
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VIDEO: Police, Bomb Squad, & FBI Surround Google Whistleblower; Google Turns Bomb Robots, Police Dogs & Guns on Defiant Insider
#whitesupremacists #ethnostate #nationalism #goldendawnald
#whitesupremacists #ethnostate #nationalism #goldendawnald
Johnson does not represent "best of Britain" but likely the very worst of it, such as those who scapegoat the #eu and take pride in something shallow like a flag instead of substance

#brexit #uk #nationalism #trumpism
It is #nationalism
Not #protectionism
Moreover, it harms the poor people
Props up overhyped and overpriced crap with #nsa back doors

Candace Owens, Congress, and How They Helped Each Other Lie

I love these guys! Katy & Cody have a Patreon

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In footage reportedly shot in London last summer during a dinner with far-right European nationalists, Mr Bannon said Breitbart was in “tough financial shape” after seeing advertising revenues plummet "90 per cent".

He credited the slump to work done by campaign group Sleeping Giants, which pressures companies into cutting ties with media it deems to be racist or sexist.
BY Tom Embury-Dennis - @tomemburyd - 6 days ago

SOURCE : https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/steve-bannon-breitbart-boycott-advertising-sleeping-giants-trump-a8854381.html

I post pictures / meme every day about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download them and share them ! :)

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Mother to fatally shot son Antwon Rose II. still fighting for justice

Former East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld fatally shot Rose in the back, arm and side of the face as the 17-year-old fled from an unlicensed taxi that Rosfeld had pulled over following a drive-by shooting.

The teen "was unarmed, and he did not pose a threat to the officer or to the community, and the verdict today says that is OK, that is acceptable behavior from a police," Merritt added.

Zaijuan Hester, 18, who was in the car with Rose before he was killed, pleaded guilty last week to charges related to the drive-by shooting.
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Auschwitz museum tells visitors to be more respectful when attending the site

(Expect the worst when reading the article, wwe're living in the 21st century, and suffer from the disrespect of this era.)
In a statement shared on Twitter on Wednesday, museum authorities said tourists should reconsider coming if they do not respect those who were killed there, specifically calling out those posing for photos to share on social media, apparently ignoring the bitter history of the site.

"There are better places to learn how to walk on a balance beam than the site which symbolizes deportation of hundreds of thousands to their deaths."
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Why fascists have always been trolls

The Nazis were dedicated trolls who weaponized their insincerity to take advantage of liberal societies ill-equipped to confront them. This was not done just for political advantage—rather, the insincerity itself was a moral act, an expression of contempt for the weak.

The original Nazis were open about their intentions, but their strategic insincerity created a fog of doubt that allowed observers to avoid the obvious. In 1922, The New York Times infamously declared that many believed “Hitler’s anti-Semitism was not so genuine or violent as it sounded, and that he was merely using anti-Semitic propaganda as a bait to catch masses of followers and keep them aroused, enthusiastic, and in line for the time when his organization is perfected and sufficiently powerful to be employed effectively for political purposes.” In 1930, even after the Nazis had become the second-largest party in the German legislature, the Times assured its readers that “there is no present basis for assuming that th... Show more...

Supreme Court legalises retard detention after served sentence

The 5-4 decision, which reverses a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, is widely viewed as a victory for the Drumpf administration and its hardline immigration policies. It, like the Obama administration, had argued that the government has the authority to pick up and detain immigrants for deportation at any time, and is not required to act only immediately after a prison or jail sentence has been served.

Writing for the court's dissenting liberal wing, Justice Stephen Breyer warned that the ruling gives the government too much power. The law is clear, he wrote, that the government cannot hold an immigrant without a bail hearing unless the individual is detained when released from criminal custody.

"For two years in a row now, the Supreme Court has endorsed the most extreme interpretation of immigration detention statutes, allowing mass incarceration of people without any hearing, simply because they are defending themselves against a deportation charge,... Show more...

Staatsanwaltschaft Essen leitet Ermittlungen gegen AfD-Politiker Guido Reil ein

Während die Strafe der Bundestagsverwaltung zulasten der gesamten Partei gehen, richten sich die Ermittlungen jetzt gegen "noch nicht namentlich bekannte Funktionsträger der AfD, die an der Rechnungslegung der Partei für das Jahr 2017 beteiligt waren", wie die Staatsanwaltschaft per E-Mail mitteilt.

Anders als im Fall einer 132.000 Euro-Spende aus der Schweiz an den Wahlkreis von Alice Weidel geht es in dem Essener Verfahren nicht um die Herkunft des Geldes, mit dem die Plakataktionen finanziert wurden. Jetzt untersuchen die Ermittler, warum die Leistungen nicht ordnungsgemäß im Rechenschaftsbericht verbucht worden seien, betont Milk. Die Ermittlungen hätten damit einen anderen Fokus als jene der Staatsanwaltschaft Konstanz, in dem in der vergangenen Woche die Schweizer Behörden Rechtshilfe zugesagt haben.
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On the semantics and pragmatics of hatred

(Please mind the editor's note if this text appears familiar to you, you might have read it before. Trump has also spoken positively about the manifesto the Christchurch shooter has written and published. He doesn't think that White Nationalism was an actual threat, in the country that is home to the KKK and Madison Grant. One should really know about one's country's history and presence. Trump, on the other hand, is part of the problem, altogether.)
This seems to be part of a broader developing idea: ignore the tweets. Ignore Drumpf’s inflammatory language. Ignore the words. What counts is the policy outcomes. People took Drumpf’s “American carnage” inaugural address seriously, but after an exhausting year, it’s tempting to find an excuse to stop listening.

Politics is persuasion as well as coercion. Immediate policy outcomes mainly have to do with coercion: who is taxed, regulated, expropriated, imprisoned, deported, conscripted, what wars are fought, who is kept out of the co... Show more...

«Apply this country's virtues equally upon every nation in this world», by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D - MN)

I fled my home country of Somalia when I was 8 years old from a conflict that the United States later engaged in. I spent the next four years in a refugee camp in Kenya, where I experienced and witnessed unspeakable suffering from those who, like me, had lost everything because of war.

At a time when we spend more on our military than the next seven countries combined, our global armed presence is often the most immediate contact people in the developing world have with the United States. National security experts across the political spectrum agree that we don’t need nearly 800 military bases outside the United States to keep our country safe.

It must be hard for a true US-American to be citizen to a country that is more interested in either destroying or intervening in a country militarily, than taking care of its people's education. What kind of country is this? I don't know, and I guess that there is no Republican... Show more...

How to spot a Jew?

Polish Newspaper sold in Parliament teaches the People how to spot a Jew


Know your enemy.

Identify him.

Deal with him.
Russia Today:

Shocked #Polish #lawmaker discovered that the #newsstand in the #nation’s #
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К сожалению, Сапатистская армия национального освобождения ведет себя как вульгарная военизированная группировка. Бывает, что вооруженные cапатисты преследуют несогласные корен... Show more...

On the Ilhan Omar case and Israel support in Congress

1. CNN:

The resolution came after Omar criticized politicians by using anti-Semitic tropes, prompting condemnation from several Jewish Democratic lawmakers and an apology from Omar last month.

-What about bigotry from Republicans, including President Donald Drumpf? And why were Democrats so focused on a woman of color, one of just two Muslims in Congress? Could the added scrutiny even put Omar in danger?_

"This is not a productive use of our time," a senior aide to a moderate House Democrat told CNN. "We need to change the subject and get back to the things we promised to do, which is infrastructure, health care, jobs."

2. (Op--Ed by Rahm Emanuel, 44th mayor of Sweet Home Chicago)


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He was only wrong because there is no "Hell" https://meduza.io/en/feature/2019/03/07/i-didn-t-want-to-be-an-accomplice #stalin #hell #russia #ussr #nationalism ... Show more...

Students saluting Hitler around swastika-shaped cup figure under Social Media shitstorm

“I was simply devastated to see that,” Metoyer said of the photo. “As a school board, we’re not only concerned by the underage drinking, but also the mental health of the students who participated in this horrendous act and all their fellow students who will be affected by it. This is appalling to not just our Jewish student community, but to all of us who care about human rights.”

What is the most appalling about this picture is that we did this too when we were minors, but we didn't mean it and we also didn't share the picture on Social Media (mainly because Facebook wasn't such a thing back then; and also, this figure didn't exist longer than a few seconds, when the adults entered the room).

“I’d like to see genuine remorse from the perpetrators here,” she said. “They need to learn about what those symbols mean and how devastating it is to see it occurring in 2019. We obviously need to do a better job o... Show more...


We should remember that this happened before and it's happening again now...

Thank's Marshall Curry for https://anightatthegarden.com/
#Racism wrapped in #Nationalism looks like #Religion wrapped in ancient writings. You only think it's correct if you want it to be true. It allows the selfish desires of the mob to pick a victim as an enemy and ignore the real villain in the process.

On Brexit and today's vote

But he went on to say: "We will also continue to push for the other available options to prevent those outcomes, including a close economic relationship based on our credible alternative plan or a general election."

Although the Shadow Chancellor implied the leadership itself could put the plan forward, John McDonnell said: "When the meaningful vote comes back, and we're told maybe that will be 12 March - there are rumours it could be next week - that's the time we'll have to put the amendment up."

Lastly, around 20 Tory MPs voted against the idea altogether - a reminder for the PM, in the unlikely event that she really needed it, that there is a core of Brexiteers who are likely to vote against her deal come hell or high water.
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Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters condemns US sanctions on Venezuela

In selfie footage he said was to be played at the ‘Hands Off Venezuela’ concert organised by embattled socialist president Nicolás Maduro, Waters also suggested US-led aid headed for the country was the precursor for a coup or invasion.

Slowly I start to doubt Mr. Waters' involvement in political actions, and his constant statements on the Middle Eastern conflict. To praise Assange and defend Maduro is a doubtworthy action that shows a strange understanding of what is going on there, or what Mr. Assange is doing. What comes next? A video contribution on Ron Paul's Youtube channel?

It came just days after he criticised Richard Branson for organising a separate concert – on the Colombian side of the border – to raise aid for people suffering there.
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