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gnome shouldnt talk about cooperation, all they do is create #opensilos and incompatibility-- then demand other people clean up after them.

this is open source talk-- when open source talks about “cooperation” they mean “they should do things our way.” its the same as when hollywood complains canada is a “pirate nation” because they wont adopt draconian copyright expansion-- heck, theyre talking a page right out of webminks book. paint all differences as superficial and selfish.

we can play up their hacker style as social ineptitude, their adherence (where it exists) to standards and interoperability as a refusal to evolve, their playful culture as a refusal to grow up and be professional, and their self-reliance and independence as being non-team-players http://techrights.org/2019/06/06/damning-with-faint-praise/
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