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this is my new profile pic, showing your not-that-humble author on one of the few roads somewhere near Broken Hill, as happy as an earth pig in dust.

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CHECK OUT the MoFo program this year!

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so we followed this path that led to a very strange place where a large bird watched over us and an angry hill told us to get off his lawn. so we did.

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@Jim R «Ջեյմս» - another good seafarin' word, like "bladder-wrack".

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Briggs for PM! Cmon, it has to be his turn sooner or later
Bad Apples -

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if you're an ausian and also a vic resident, you can now goto TAFE for free :D These are the courses:

Non-apprenticeship courses
Accounting, Certificate IV/Diploma/Advanced Diploma | Ageing Support, Certificate IV | Agriculture, Certificate II/III/IV | Agriculture (Dairy Production), Certificate III | Allied Health Assistance, Certificate III/IV | Building and Construction (Building), Certificate IV/Diploma | Civil Construction, Certificate III | Community Services, Certificate III/IV/Diploma | Concreting, Certificate III | Construction Waterproofing, Certificate III | Dental Assisting, Certificate II/IV | Disability, Certificate IV | Education Support, Certificate III/IV | Engineering, Certificate IV | Horticulture, Certificate III | Hospitality, Certificate III | Individual Support, Certificate III | Mental Health, Certificate IV | Diploma of Nursing | Plumbing and Services, Certificate IV
Apprenticeship pathway courses
Automotive Air Conditioning Technology, Certificate II | Automotive Body Repair Technology, Certi... show more
from a time when lyrics didnt matter!
god it was 'orrible.

we did this sort of thing instead
there's a nice ramble through ozpunk here (with lots of clips missing bc copybleh)

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#music #oz
some reasons i love St Kilda. She's always been beautiful and a ratbag (both literally and figuratively) with a willingness to have a go at free-form plumbing.

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another world-first for oz, from 2 years ago.
“Australia’s species extinction crisis is not something that occurred hundreds of years ago, it’s happening right now. Australia officially has the worst rate of mammal extinction in the world,”
Meanwhile, in Nepal
and some info to be getting on with: https://www.indiatoday.in/education-today/gk-current-affairs/story/60-per-cent-wildlife-wiped-out-by-humans-this-is-the-last-generation-that-could-act-wwf-report-1379450-2018-10-31

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Extinct: Bramble Cay melomys
"Starting today, if you’re an English speaker in the U.S., you can choose between an Australian-accented voice and a British-accented voice for your Google Assistant across devices.
All of the features you use are still the same—like setting a timer, checking the weather and getting an overview of your commute—only now, your Assistant will speak with a new accent. Try asking “Hey Google, what’s the exchange rate from British pound to U.S. dollar?,” “Hey Google, what’s the capital of Australia?,” or “Hey Google, where can I get fish and chips nearby?” ~ from google.

LOL Saweet! "hey Goog.." ""

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Here, in the Greater WD, we have a festival that's just for dogs. Kelpie dogs. They are very nice.

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#oz #dogs
the echindna is back :) and solved the puzzle of why that spot never seems to fill - it's a snack stop / hiding place for echidna who are walking the grid. I'll stop trying to fill it up now.

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11th November: Remberance Day, end of WW1 - Ned Kelly was hanged - Rupert decided to end his own battle and got Lillibet to dismiss our government. "God save the Queen, for nothing can save the Governor-General" nor did.

by The Clash, 1980

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November 11th, 1975

Guuguuburra ~ the sound of human laughter
"Kookaburra" was taken from the Wiradjuri word that describes the bird's call. Kookaburra's job is to signal the sky gods to light the sun each morning. It's said that if you're alone when you hear a Kooka, it means someone is missing you and you should go and be with loved ones. If a Kooka laughs at a gathering, it's a reminder to appreciate those you think of with love.
They also kill snek.
this pic is from April, 2013, with a bit of fake-HD business applied

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hmmm...remember that night everyone in australia threw their computers over the cliff bc of Dallas Buyer's Club on the 7:30 news?
copyright and censorship in oz

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SOPA.au: Australia is the Testbed for the World’s Most Extreme Copyright Blocks
a possum is making it's possumy noise. it's hilarious, esp for people who are in their beds in an old house and have never heard it before. There was one in the wall, the first night here. Scared the bejingoes out of this little sceptic!
this noise
what an amazing evolutionary step. you can see how that would be attractive to someone.

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here is a red-rump parrot. it has it's very own genus. mono. typic.
well done, little guy! he's eating capeweed - a weed that drives lawn-people around here completely spare. personally, i'd rather have parrots than lawn-people but capeweed does have a lot of downsides - that's probably why it's known as a weed. Bugger. i'd still much rather have parrots.
his lady love was in attendance but i grabbed this snap as i was leaving one car to get into another and so missed getting a pic of her. meh, she's a little dull, they say ;)'

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Angels Descending, again by Rupe. What's the thing with angels and muslin? they love the stuff!
Angles Smooching Muslin, 1897, Of a sensible size 98.4 x 157.5 cm

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some more Rupert, the former St. Kilda lad. He went to Europe and didn't come back until after his wife died. Which is fair enough.

A summer morning ~ Rupert Bunny, 1897 when he was swanning about France.
Oil on Teeny Tiny Canvas 97.90 mm (3.85 in) x 129.50 mm (5.09 in) with tiny tiny swan

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before Rachael met Deckard, she was an artist's model for Rupert Bunny.
Endormies, around 1904

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terrori! terrori everywhere! arrest everyone! even a top student whose handwriting does not match that given as evidence... He was held for a month. -_- there is talk of a legal suit.

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The Yellow Gloves~ Esther Paterson (1892-1971)
oil on board, 1938

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. 52 to go.
i have nothing to say about this. i dont think we can get much lower than our treatment of these folk.

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by Emily Wurramara
"This song was written in response to the mining on Groote Eylandt, and in particular the battle fought by the community, which saw the NT government place a total ban on seabed mining around Groote Eylandt in 2013, respecting the concerns of traditional owners about the destruction of the seabed and cultural songlines. I’m passionate about protecting this earth and everything living on it. Ngardegujenama talks about we all come from the sea and how it’s our duty to protect and cherish her, and the pain we cause when we don’t. The song is an anthem and a reminder to care for this beautiful country. We are also caretakers of the sea.
enena Angalya
(We all belong to this land)

memena makarda
(We all belong to this sea)

nganyang arndirra
(My heart is hurting)

Ena angalya
(This is my home)
Merrowiya Mena
(this land is bleeding)"

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#music #oz
this one's even better

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Ruby Fields - Dinosaurs
and some lyrics: https://azlyrics.biz/ruby-fields-dinosaurs-lyrics/

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in case anyone wants to bookmark in readiness for the coming Victorian State election, or election of your choosing.

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lots n lots of Dreamtime stories of how things came to be

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wildlife seen today, wildlife-ing about: roo, wallaby (far more polite and traffic-wise than roos), pheasant, deer, emu, echidna, galah and this little guy being all sexually dimorphic
the Splendid Fairy-wren . Splendid.
not so splendid: my camera didnt have a card in it. Still, it enjoyed the drive.

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Sex and the Birds: 8. Splendid Fairy-wren, monogamous and promiscuous
i have no idea how #oz ended up in ammonite but hehe :D
**_“In the dinosaur stakes, Australia was dealt a poor hand for a number of reasons. Firstly, when dinosaurs were roamed the earth, there were few places where the right kinds of rocks were being deposited. Dinosaurs tend to be preserved in sediments laid down by rivers and lakes. During the reign of the dinosaurs most of Australia was covered by a shallow sea.
Secondly, since the age of dinosaurs, there has not been much mountain-building in Australia. If land is lifted up and eroded back, it’s possible to see into the rock beds and find the fossils inside. This has happened in a number of the worlds famous dinosaur deposits elsewhere in the world but not here in Australia.
Lastly, compared to many other places in the world, Australia has very few palaeontologists looking for fossils and a very large area to cover. This is slowly changing and the recent increase in dinosaur fossil finds is a result of more palaeontologists getting out and digging around.” This site has been archived _(ABC) **
sooo not that many finds after all, huh.

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oh. the place of my birth is on fire...actually, the places of lots of people's birth are on fire. Meanwhile, i'm scrabbling for wood to stay warm. So not meant to be here. Also, winter. Also also, so glad "climate change isnt real"= this mustn't be happening o.0
Sorry this isnt cropped - i'm running a live usb (see earlier post re australia being the ooonly place that calls a stick a usb :) ) without gimp

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The Wizard of Twitter

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The Wizard of Twitter
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