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Though not a fan of the Party she served, nor the PM's she served under, this song is a pretty accurate statement.
Thanks, in a way, Jules!

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looking south from the cemetery on a Spring day, toward Anfuckingtarctica. Also toward 'town". My place is barely visible in the embiggened version - a dot on the horizon amidst the foliage, nearly on the right-hand edge. We have an ace cemetery - great views :)

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more on Eggboy
and the fastest-growing petition that change.org has seen https://www.change.org/p/the-prime-minister-remove-fraser-anning-from-parliament
additional petition business https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/more-than-800-000-sign-petition-to-have-anning-removed-from-parliament-20190316-p514rl.html
Fraser's losing ground fast https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6818461/Fraser-Anning-confronted-man-airport-just-one-day-egged.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ito=1490&ns_campaign=1490 Not that he had a lot to start with - 19 preferential votes does not equate to "speaking for the people" other than those 19. And, cmon, 5 of those were his mum. We've all done it!

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The Abbotsford Convent, home of Lentil as Anything and fine dining it is! It seems to work well, the "pay as much as you feel like" idea, a visit is always very heartening - you meet such a range of folks at Lentil! or not, you dont have to if you just want to eat and go - that's okay too.

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"On a cold night on the 24th of June, 1978, a group known as the Gay Solidarity Group took to the streets of Sydney, peacefully marching during the day and organising a street parade for the evening. They wanted to promote LGBTIQ culture and encourage political activism against the discrimination they suffered daily. The group initially staged the event to mark the ninth anniversary of riots that had taken place in New York City following a police raid on a gay bar called the Stonewall Inn – riots that were considered the beginning of gay rights movements around the world.
Back in Australia, the Gay Solidarity Group began their slow march down Oxford Street, toward the heart of Sydney city. The trouble began when the parade reached Hyde Park. To try and stop them, police hijacked the truck heading the parade and its loudspeaker. The crowd, seeing that access to Hyde Park was blocked, headed toward Kings Cross instead. The police moved in and arrested 53 people.
The authorities’ response was considered heavy-handed. The violence that was seen that night went ... Show more...
https://invidio.us/watch?v=s2pp_ZAk6Uw ~ PNAU's "Chameleon"

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#music #oz
Ozzie ozzie ozzie oi oi oi

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Ilparpa Tree Shadow IV by Karen Standke, whose images captivate me
107 x 84 cm, Oils on Canvas 2018

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Father & son

( live on that street btw XD. i'm sorry.)

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heh :D

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i don't know if this is officially Australia's No.1 funeral song, but it must be getting close.
wipes a patriotic tear
it does get one in the ghoulies. to dead compatriots! cheers.


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and a bit of a writeup

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it's working!
https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2019-02-15/hopes-drought-stricken-rivers-can-be-restocked-with-fish/10814936 i think i'll have to squee. i'm sorry, but i will. SQUEE!
i hope we learn from this. we have to. dont we?

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from my upcoming best-seller "Great Lil Spew Spots of Melbourne", this light-post. In the 70's, 80's and 90's it was a friend and a companion. Many the time it gave solace and stability at a time when we'd all had way too much of all the things, the world was sliding sideways and i had really kewl shoes. And it is still there today. Staunch.

there are more light-post, but this is the best one for a little spew - not so close to the cafe at the end that you're committed to going there (just as well, bc it isnt open) but far enough along that you can't run back like a little little schoolgirl, to spew on land bc you are not gonna make it. Nor be able to run.

<3 The St Kilda Pier Light-post (at dawn. again.) <3

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from 2015 (i would give my second-born for Bracky's "The Bar")
The paahthetic state of art in oz . Socks up, lads!

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Where are Australian Artists in the Global Art Market ?
Brett Whiteley ~ etching on beautiful paper. Look at that edge...sigh..
Finally! One not by me - this is by my friend, Pam. We were printing pals. We bonded over printmaking, Brett and bubbles of all kinds esp etching ones.
Here's a nice writeup about Brett, featuring 'Marulan bird with rocks" https://www.widewalls.ch/artist/brett-whiteley/

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Burning Mountain, NSW

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oh. vale Prince Leonard. Thankyou for showing us that no-one's the bossa us (if we dont want them to be) <3

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"We'll see boats!" Peter Dutton, the great brussels sprout, said. We're on an island. There is always going to be boats -__-

"This is a watershed moment in Australian political history – because the 15-year trajectory of cruelty towards asylum seekers has ended. We thank the millions of people across this country who have fought so long for this victory and remember those people who have died in our name, that this bill would have saved." ~ Getup

"Today we saw politics at its best with MPs across the floor working together to ensure a humane solution. The current medical transfer system is broken. People needing urgent medical assistance have severely deteriorated and even died. Notably, the coroner found that the death of young man Hamid Khazaei was caused by medical failure and delays. We need to stop risking lives. We now call on the Senate to pass this bill as soon as possible." ~ Human Rig... Show more...
The Greater Western District of Victoria (oz)

Is This Where You Live ~ The Church. A band i liked so much i became pregnant

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now, before we go too far on my rightfully-earnt title of Queen of the Fucking Universe (originally given to me via coffee-cup, by an ex), i should state that i have done blackface. oh yes. One of the 13 schools i attended had a koori girl (one) in the same class as i. To make her feel right at home, the nun decided we'd do a Native Dance for the whole school and parents (choreographed by her white Christian self) telling the Legend of the Brolga. All us little pinkies got our faces covered in burnt cork and got to wear floaty frocks and wave ribbons while our schoolmate sat cross-legged in the middle of the stage, flipping strips of cellophane to simulate a fire. i'm sure it made her feel real special
(even we kids knew it was weird)

Special Treatment with some nice people saying nice things about Paul Kelly
(Kutcha! \m/)

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dont mess with the megafauna (as well as other more important messages)


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the rolling hills of the Casterton Land System, featuring self-cracking self-mulching vertisols and land slips and a fossil layer that forms the highest plains and all sortsa weird stuff. it looks deceptively beige...

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a sneaky road to anarchy, in the making
we makes our own fun in the country.

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#oz - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow...

This is just the trailer, the full show is on SBS (account access) - worth a look-in with lots of laughs and truth.

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Babakiueria ~ 1986. Ful movie, about 30 minutes. It's great :) and still relevant -__-
"The inversion of reality in Babakiueria highlights the unfairness of Australia's past and present Aboriginal policies and the entrenched racism in society. This subversion of normality allows viewers to see what is wrong when one group tries to control and dominate another and questions the fairness of the current power structure in Australia."

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this is my new profile pic, showing your not-that-humble author on one of the few roads somewhere near Broken Hill, as happy as an earth pig in dust.

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CHECK OUT the MoFo program this year!

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so we followed this path that led to a very strange place where a large bird watched over us and an angry hill told us to get off his lawn. so we did.

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@Jim R «Ջեյմս» - another good seafarin' word, like "bladder-wrack".

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Briggs for PM! Cmon, it has to be his turn sooner or later
Bad Apples -

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if you're an ausian and also a vic resident, you can now goto TAFE for free :D These are the courses:

Non-apprenticeship courses
Accounting, Certificate IV/Diploma/Advanced Diploma | Ageing Support, Certificate IV | Agriculture, Certificate II/III/IV | Agriculture (Dairy Production), Certificate III | Allied Health Assistance, Certificate III/IV | Building and Construction (Building), Certificate IV/Diploma | Civil Construction, Certificate III | Community Services, Certificate III/IV/Diploma | Concreting, Certificate III | Construction Waterproofing, Certificate III | Dental Assisting, Certificate II/IV | Disability, Certificate IV | Education Support, Certificate III/IV | Engineering, Certificate IV | Horticulture, Certificate III | Hospitality, Certificate III | Individual Support, Certificate III | Mental Health, Certificate IV | Diploma of Nursing | Plumbing and Services, Certificate IV
Apprenticeship pathway courses
Automotive Air Conditioning Technology, Certificate II | Automotive Body Repair Technology, Certi... Show more...
from a time when lyrics didnt matter!
god it was 'orrible.

we did this sort of thing instead
there's a nice ramble through ozpunk here (with lots of clips missing bc copybleh)

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#music #oz
some reasons i love St Kilda. She's always been beautiful and a ratbag (both literally and figuratively) with a willingness to have a go at free-form plumbing.

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another world-first for oz, from 2 years ago.
“Australia’s species extinction crisis is not something that occurred hundreds of years ago, it’s happening right now. Australia officially has the worst rate of mammal extinction in the world,”
Meanwhile, in Nepal
and some info to be getting on with: https://www.indiatoday.in/education-today/gk-current-affairs/story/60-per-cent-wildlife-wiped-out-by-humans-this-is-the-last-generation-that-could-act-wwf-report-1379450-2018-10-31

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Extinct: Bramble Cay melomys
"Starting today, if you’re an English speaker in the U.S., you can choose between an Australian-accented voice and a British-accented voice for your Google Assistant across devices.
All of the features you use are still the same—like setting a timer, checking the weather and getting an overview of your commute—only now, your Assistant will speak with a new accent. Try asking “Hey Google, what’s the exchange rate from British pound to U.S. dollar?,” “Hey Google, what’s the capital of Australia?,” or “Hey Google, where can I get fish and chips nearby?” ~ from google.

LOL Saweet! "hey Goog.." ""

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Here, in the Greater WD, we have a festival that's just for dogs. Kelpie dogs. They are very nice.

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#oz #dogs
the echindna is back :) and solved the puzzle of why that spot never seems to fill - it's a snack stop / hiding place for echidna who are walking the grid. I'll stop trying to fill it up now.

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11th November: Remberance Day, end of WW1 - Ned Kelly was hanged - Rupert decided to end his own battle and got Lillibet to dismiss our government. "God save the Queen, for nothing can save the Governor-General" nor did.

by The Clash, 1980

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November 11th, 1975
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