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Today is 13 Tammuz 5780 in the Jewish calendar.
The Yemenite Children Affair (Hebrew: פרשת ילדי תימן‎, romanized: Parshat Yaldei Teiman) refers to the disappearance of between 1,500 and 5,000 babies and toddlers of new immigrants to the newly founded state of Israel from 1948 to 1954.
In June 2016, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed Tzachi Hanegbi, a government minister, to re-examine the evidence in the three previous inquiries. Netanyahu said it would "right an historic wrong", and marked a new era of transparency. The government opened up nearly all of the archives of the inquiries putting them online.
Disturbing revelations followed in a special Knesset committee about medical experiments that had been carried out on the Yemenite children. Prior testimony given under oath during the previous inquiries revealed that many children had died as a consequence of medical negligence. Further testimony revealed that four undernourished babies died after being administered an experiment
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@Philippe Chalut i know good book related to this thread:
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About 100 years ago, the book "Creation; the real situation of Eden, and the origin of the Chinese" by the Chinese Australian writer Tse Tsan Tai contained two noteworthy chapters "The Chinese Record of the Deluge" and "The Change in the Position of the North Pole". These chapters describe the change in the position... Show more...
About 100 years ago, the book "Creation; the real situation of Eden, and the origin of the Chinese" by the Chinese Australian writer Tse Tsan Tai contained two noteworthy chapters "The Chinese Record of the Deluge" and "The Change in the Position of the North Pole". These chapters describe the change in the position of the North Pole due to the flooding of many previously inhabited areas. The Harvard Library has a special copy, with the author's additions to the printed copy (red handwritten text).
Около 100 лет назад в книге "... Show more...
Danos went in Greece. David founded Israël. The Odyssey of writting and bronze weapons. Those who created writtings and bronze tools. I will write a book one day.
i know good book related to this thread:
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The book, published in English, and titled 'Hebrew is Greek', was written by lawyer, linguist and researcher, Joseph Yahuda, the son of Isaac Benjamin Ezekiel Yahuda, an ethnic Jew and longtime researcher and linguist. Though Jewish both by nationality and religion, J. Yahuda could be considered a Greek-- according to Isocrates' definition of a Hellene, since his decades-long, unbiased, and meticulous
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Orientation patterns of more than 960 ancient pyramids, sites, and temples, randomly spread around the world, correlates with the temperature changes of the last series of glaciation cycles.
The orientation of a building is purely mathematical because orientation is dimensionless, i.e., not physical. While the size, weight, or chemical composition of a structure might change, its orientation is, by definition, independent of material properties.
Many astronomical, religious, and even political buildings, like the pyramids of Giza, the Yerkes Observatory, the White House, the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, and the Vatican, are cardinally oriented. Their architects oriented them to our current cardinal system, and that means to our existing geographic pole.

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Intelligence recognizes what has happened. Genius recognizes what will happen.
John Ciardi (1916-1986) American poet, writer, critic

#quote #quotation #intelligence #genius #understanding #past #future #comprehension
Exactly 102 years ago in Kiev there were explosions in Zverinets. According to the official version:
"The causes of the explosion, despite serious investigations, could not be determined," wrote Hetman Skoropadsky in his memoirs.
But at the same time:
Several cameramen were able to shoot the explosions. One of them - a German military - carried out aerial filming from an airplane.
Their films were shown in Kiev cinemas. However, the names of the films did not differ in originality: "The catastrophe in Kiev", "The catastrophe at Zverinets", "Kiev disaster".
As it turned out, the explosions were filmed by German cameramen who found themselves in the air with photo and film equipment at that time.
This is not the only case of major explosions on the territory of the old bastions in Kiev, a couple of ten years later... Show more...
In the English Wikipedia article about Helmut Gröttrup, you can read the following:
From December 1939, Helmut Gröttrup worked in the German V-2 rocket program at the Peenemünde Army Research Center with Walter Dornberger and Wernher von Braun. In December 1940, he was made department head under Ernst Steinhoff for developing remote guidance and control systems.
Since October 1943 Gröttrup had been under SD surveillance. A report stated that he, his wife Irmgard, Wernher von Braun, and his colleague Klaus Riedel were said to have expressed regret at an engineer's house one evening that they were not working on a spaceship and that they felt the war was not going well; this was considered a "defeatist" attitude. A young female dentist who was an SS spy reported their comments. Combined with Himmler's false charges that they were communist sympathizers and had attempted to sabotage the V-2 program, the Gestapo detained them on March 21, 1944, and took them to a Gestapo ce
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Untersturmführer SS and “the Father of US Space Flight”, baron Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun in his book "Project Mars" (1953cc) wrote that the leader of Mars was called - "Elon".
Interestingly, this quote was not found in all of the English-language editions of the book. Therefore, meticulous admirers of Elon Mask found the German original to verify this statement.
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Афганский агит-плакат, 30-40 летней давности.
Afghan agitations posters, 30-40 years old.

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To explain the buried objects of the past as well as the buried lower floors of old buildings, academic history uses the notion of "cultural layer":
It is believed that the level of the cultural layer is proportional to the volume of life in the areas where the layer has been laid down.
Few days ago a Roman mosaic floor was discovered under a vineyard in northern Italy.

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В течение 5000 лет европейцы строили огромные великолепные города и жили в них, просто чтобы сжигать их дотла каждые 75 лет. Люди в современных Румын
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U.S. declassified records of a telephone conversation between Yeltsin and Clinton, 21.09.1993, 2 weeks before the bombing of the Supreme Council.

В США рассекретили запись телефонного разговора Ельцина и Клинтона от 21.09.1993,
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Imperial magazine "Razvedchik", 124 years ago:
Here is written about an imperial decree ordering to change the national colors of the flag on hats, border posts, etc. The decree proclaim the urgency of changing the colors of the flag from the old black-orange-white (the colors of the German Habsburg dynasty) to the new white-blue-red (according to the official history - the colors were borrowed from the Dutch).
The revisionist's comment: the official history claims that the white-blue-red flag was introduced in Russia by Peter (300 years ago), but this imperial military magazine shows that it happened just over 100 years ago. Why did the Oldenburg dynasty of the Romanovs trade the black-yello... Show more...
Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
George Santayana (1863-1952) Spanish-American poet and philosopher [Jorge Agustín Nicolás Ruíz de Santayana y Borrás]
The Life of Reason: The Phases of Human Progress, Vol. I, “Reason in Common Sense,” ch. 12 (1905-1906)

#quote #quotation #progress #change #memory #retention #improvement #remembrance #past #history #growth
More info on this quotation at https://wist.info/santayana-george/40889/
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200 years ago there was no Russian language yet, in the European part of Russia they wrote in "Rossiyskiy language". 250 years ago there was no established "Rossiyskiy language", they often wrote at that time in "Slavensky language". For example, Zakhary Orfelin's work "The life and glorious... Show more...
200 years ago there was no Russian language yet, in the European part of Russia they wrote in "Rossiyskiy language". 250 years ago there was no established "Rossiyskiy language", they often wrote at that time in "Slavensky language". For example, Zakhary Orfelin's work "The life and glorious deeds of the Emperor Peter the Great" was written in "Slavensky language":
"has now been written down and published for the first time in Slavensky language"

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Tiwanaku, before and after the Vienna expedition of masons in 1875.
History is invented, tourism is guaranteed!
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Tiawanaku, avant et après le passage des maçons de l'expédition Wiener de 1875...
Histoire inventée, tourisme garanti !

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Gustavus Adolphus, by the Grace of God, King of the Swedes, Goths, and Vandals, the Great Prince of Finland, the Duke of Estonia and Karelia, and Lord of Ingria.
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Густав II Адольф, Божьей милостью король шведов, готов и вандалов, Ве... Show more...
In November 1699, the Government of Sweden decided that, rather than adopt the Gregorian calendar outright, it would gradually approach it over a 40-year period. The plan was to skip all leap days in the period 1700 to 1740. Every fourth year, the gap between the Swedish calendar and the Gregorian would reduce by one day, until they finally lined up in 1740. In the meantime, this calendar would not be in line with either of the major alternative calendars and the differences would change every four years.
In accordance with the plan, February 29 was omitted in 1700, but the Great Northern War stopped any further omissions from being made in the following years.
In January 1711, King Charles XII declared that Sweden would abandon the calendar, which was not in use by any other nation, in favour of a return to the older Julian calendar. An extra day was added to February in the leap year of 1712, thus giving it a unique 30-day length (February 30).
In 1753, one year later than England and its colonies, Sweden introduced the Gregorian calendar. T
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stoleshnikov@lj wrote:
125 лет назад — Джагадиш Чандра Боше, бенгальский учёный-энциклопедист использует электромагнитные волны для воспламенения пороха и включения звонка на рассто
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This is a kirche (Lutheran temple) in the city of Yelets, Lipetsk region

  • Now there's pub named "Rook" in the former church

  • The pub has been closed, the kirche has been preserved in its original form

  • Owner changed the roof

In 2013 the building, which is the cultural heritage of the city, was "repaired". The end.

#architecture #german #kirche #kirchen #lutheranism #memory #past #repair #revision #russianfed #temple #timespace #yelets
Это песня какая-то:

Dogger Bank - shoal in La Manche, next to which on October 8, 1904, Admiral Rozhestvensky, chief of the Baltic squadron sent to the Far East, bombed the British fishing boats, taking them for the Japanese destroyers. During the bombing several shots hit the cruiser "Aurora", killing and wounding several people. The case was settled by an international commission of inquiry in Paris, according to which the Russian government had to pay the British losses.
(from an imperial pre-revolutionary encyclopedia)
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Poster of 1912, the Russian Empire, as historians tell us, seems to be stronger than ever. 1913 - as we believe, the year of the highest economic development in Russia. But Finland is already taking part in the Games - as an independent country... there is no flag of Tsarist Russia on the poster of the Olympic Games and there is a flag of the Provisional Government (or the Russian commercial fleet or Yugoslavia, both of which yet have no place on the poster in 1912).
Why in sport would they gain independence - before Big politics? And there is also Hungary, as a separate state. But even a dozen such posters are not proof. It's circumstantial evidence. They say that the athletes, organizers and artists of the time - did not know how it should be.

Плакат от 1912 года, Российская Империя, как нам говорят и
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The Water Integrator was an early analog computer built in the Soviet Union in 1936 by Vladimir Lukyanov. It functioned by careful manipulation of water through a room full of interconnected pipes and pumps.
In 1936 Lukyanov built the first com
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"Actual" Destruction of "Ancient" Rome - The Terrible Deluge In The Noble City of Rome

Rome was destroyed in 1530 by tsunami, which is not mentioned in historical works of the mainstream, but, there are some old French books, which are quoted in detail in the video.
English translation from Middle French: https://pastebin.com/CuXKTux8

#ancient #catastrophism #deluge #documents #europe #past #revision #rome #timespace

The Water Integrator was an early analog computer built in the Soviet Union in 1936 by Vladimir Lukyanov. It functioned by careful manipulation of water through a room full of interconnected pipes and pumps.
In 1936 Lukyanov built the first computing machine for a wide class of differential equations - one-dimensional hydraulic integrator IG-1. In the thirties it was the only computational machine for solving partial differential equations.
In 1941, Lukyanov created a hydraulic integrator of modular design, which made it possible to assemble a machine for solving various problems. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional hydraulic integrators were designed.
Integrators were widely distr
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Built in 1804, it was easy. Ostensibly in purpose to entertain soldiers from idleness. Land and sand in sacks. I suspect that the general used the method, having picked it up during the Egyptian campaign. It took 27 days to build a pyramid 36 meters high.
Построена в 1804 г. "в легкую", якобы для развлечения солдат от безделья. Земля и песок в мешках. Подо
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Scientists have found traces of ancient mythical people in Taymyr

Krasnoyarsk archaeologists made a series of unique finds in Taymyr. Some of it could be traces of the ancient inhabitants of the Arctic - the legendary people Sihirtia, the memory of which the modern northern peoples saved only in the myths, told specialists of "Krasnoyarsk Geoarchaeology".
"These are the most eastern monuments of Western cultures, which were spread on Yamal, along the entire coast of the Arctic Ocean, and which are associated with the legendary Sihirtia. Information about them is contained in
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There is a lot of evidence of the achievements of a certain Nikolai Lenine about 100 years ago.
Сохранилось множество свидетельств о достижениях некого Николая Ленина около 100 лет назад.

Николай Ленин говорит с толпо
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CBS: USSR Grooves Vinyl Set

Гая - Аман Яр
ВИА Фантазия - Откликнись 03:15
Назарій Яремчук - Озовися 06:05
А. Градский - Романс О Влюбленных 09:11
Водограй - Зоре Моя Вечiрняя 13:20
Апрель - Обру
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Pyzhikov: Russians was created by the Jesuits.
Under Catherine the Great the Jesuit project in Russia begins. Catherine the Second decided to make a major ideological turn. She decided to form "one people" as soon as possible, one nation. In other words, to depict the unity of the ruling stratum and the population. That's what the rulers of other European countries were doing. It was the second half of the 18th century that was the peak of these efforts to create united nations. And the Order of the Jesuits participated and made a significant contribution. For example, the very understanding of Eastern Europe was shaped by the Jesuits. I shall mention only one surname of Serb Boskovich who was the Jesuit and actually it has generated concept "east Europe" in its Slavic sense. And in grinding of Slavic languages the other Jesuit Czech Joseph Dobr
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One portion of a videotaped speech by then-President Lyndon Johnson to a 1962 University graduation class in Texas stands out:
"As a result, I think the people in the Congress are going to support. Let message call us for new Frontiers new vision. It calls for us taking the steps now that will make us no longer second in space and size. It lays the predicate and the foundation for a space communication satellite that will permit the people of the world to see one television program at the same time throughout the world. Think about that kind of communication. And think about that opportunity will provide. It lays the predicate and the foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world’s cloud layers, and ultimately, to control the weather. And he who controls the weather, will control the world. It lays the predicate necessary for the steps to send a man to the moon."
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There is a version that until the 19th century there was no winter in Russia.
If you try to search a painting of winter in Russia 18th century, you will find that these paintings were painted in the 19th century and later. The paintings of winter of the 18th century and earlier is not found. Oil paintings of winter, frozen lakes were painted by artists from Europe, but not in Russia.
Early images of Russian winter are only on the engravings.
Появилась версия, что до 19-го века зимы в России не было.
Если вы наберете в поиске картины зимы в России 18-г
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@Luca Mangini Il Mare di Aral si è prosciugato, e sul suo fondo sono stati trovati i resti di edifici simili a quelli risalenti agli 11-14 secoli.
Su alcune mappe di 500-300 anni fa, il Mar Caspio è collegato al Mar d'Aral per via d'acqua.

Naturalmente, queste carte avrebbero potuto essere false... Una mappa non è un territorio. Ebbene, il territorio di questa regione, per qualche motivo, non è coperto dalla scienza occidentale (a proposito, anche le amministrazioni coloniali dei paesi dell'Asia centrale stanno cercando di nascondere questi resti di città, probabilmente tracce di grandi inondazioni):

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@Luca Mangini
Frammento di una mappa pubblicata circa 250 anni fa.

Nouvelle Carte De Moscovie Ou Sont Representes Les Differents Etats De Sa Mateste Czarienne En Europe Et En Asie Et Le Chemin D'un De Ses Ambassadeurs A Peking Ville Capitale De L'Empereur De La Chine Et Son Sejour Ordinaire.
Published: Chatelain, A. H., Atlas Historique, (Amsterdam: L'Honoré & Châtelain), vol 4, 1720.

The Caspian Sea is called the Dead Sea.
Samandar - the capital of the Khazars - is still alive and well and is located here.
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NOAA's "improved" historical temperature measurements
Pulished: 12.12.2018

I don’t know how much people is believed in what is happening in Katowice. I just watched a great video by Tomasz Wroblewski on this subject. The commentators raised the question of what evidence Tomasz has against "global warming". There is a lot of evidence, but Tomasz looked at this topic from a psychological point of view, correctly comparing it with the new religion.

So anybody who looking for evidence will find it on the Internet.

Here I can mention perhaps the most important thing I encountered when I started studying this phenomenon back in the 1990s. I started by researching sources. There is an organization such as The Global Historical Climatology Network, which began collecting global climate statistics more than 20 years ago. I downloaded several data of thousand weather stations from this portal. The second version of the data appeared in 1997, the third version in 20
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US troops in Vladivostok parading before the building occupied by the staff of the Czecho-Slovaks. Japanese marines are standing to attention as they march by. Siberia, August 1918.
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US troops in Vladivostok parading before the building occupied by the staff of the Czecho-Slovaks. Japanese marines are standing to attention as they march by. Siberia, August 1918.

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"Типичные свидетели глобального потепления" (использовал их же терминологию) пользуются красноречивой риторикой в своей "проповеди", но категорически отказываются... Show more...
The next part of the independent study by revisionist gorojanin_iz_b@lj about the construction of ancient Egypt:

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Египетский морок. Часть 7. Лагерь строителей древнего Египта
Египетский мо... Show more...

day d - 56th anniversary

Former American President John F Kennedy snorted cocaine with actor Peter Lawford while the two stayed at Frank Sinatra's Palm Springs house in the late 1950s, according to an excerpt from a tell-all book written by Sinatra's former valet.

https://invidio.us/watch?v=2fp5sGvCdVE - President Kennedy Calls For Stronger Drug Laws

Unfortunately, the Western Propaganda, commissioned by the CIA, has brainwashed a huge number of people in order to present the hypocritical scoundrel as a innocent victim:
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the New Millennium by the Dalai Lama
And yes. Tibetan lamaism is far authoritarian form of theocracy, it is not related to anarchism:
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When someone says “Free Tibet”, he wants the absolute power of lamas to be in this region again. 80 years ago, when the power of the Dalai Lama was unlimited in Tibet there were about 2,000 taxes.
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Pablo Escobar's son says his father "Worked for the CIA selling cocaine"; (The CIA) “were practically his partners,” which allowed Escobar to defy the law, and gave him nearly the same power as a government. Escobar smuggled 15 Tonnes a day into the USA, Making $420 Million per week.
He claims that singer Frank Sinatra was a major trafficker for Pablo.
In a new book, “Pablo Escobar In Fraganti,” Escobar, who lives under the pseudonym, Juan Sebastián Marroquín, explains his “father worked for the CIA selling cocaine to finance the fight against Communism in Central America.”
Frank Sinatra was ‘a better cocaine
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In recent years, not only in the Russian-speaking Internet, but also in the English-speaking Internet, has become popular artworks with the common trademark "Tartaria". At first, this concept was actively promoted by newagers, but then they were joined by professional writers and artists. Many enterprising figures have already managed to earn money on this topic.
В последние годы не только в русскоязычном интернете, но и уже в англоязычно... Show more...
@John Rooke
That is typical of racist generalisation across a whole category of people
It is not generalisation. I share my personal experience. I'll make it clear:
All Westerners with whom i discussed this topic - use this trick
You are the same.
It is also hypocritical, because it does not recognise that the Russian Empire is guilty of all the same crimes as the Western European empires.
I admit it. I said it straight. You're desperate to apply your stereotypes and trick to me
Russian Empire was the Empire of German feudals, like British or Dutch Empires:
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