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Acte 19 des gilets jaunes: Didier Lallement a un message d'avertissement
(No wonder they always have reputation for wife-beating) Two #Indiana #Police Officers Face Federal Charges in Videotaped Beating of Handcuffed Man
Some of the videos I saw of #police executing family dogs are so disturbing that merely reading articles on the topic brings back irritating images. Cops lack sensitivity as they get exposed to rough situations/people, start to assimilate.
To Search Through Millions of License Plates, #Police Should Get a Warrant
#police will be happy to use this precedent to arrest people who film them
"Checks carried out by South and Southern #Jutland #Police reveal that almost three out of four tarpaulin lorries crossing the border have had holes cut in their coverings." http://cphpost.dk/news/theft-from-lorries-is-becoming-a-growing-problem.html"
#Tulare #Police Department says it didn’t know it was sharing data with ICE, apologizes
Reminder that:
1) Army stripped Chelsea Manning naked (for days) to break him (Brad at the time)
2) #police stripped #debian founder Ian Murdock naked (humiliation) before he killed himself ... show more
The Roots of #Police Violence in #Chicago : How Cops Have Targeted Communities of Color for Decades
Federal Judge Tosses Cops' Lawsuit Against A Councilmember Who Said The #Police Dept. Had Committed Murder
#Police are reportedly investigating several news websites that criticized #Roscosmos head #DmitryRogozin
Here’s Why You Can’t Trust What #police and Companies Claim About Automated License Plate Readers

Sanrizuka, 1985 - in opposition to the construction of an airport on rural land which the locals had not been consulted about, an alliance of locals and leftist groups fight and win a street battle against "elite" Japanese riot police, routing them. An example to leftist groups across the world.

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For multiple days in a row, Nashville police say an estimated 100 drivers on dirt #bikes, #motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and four-wheelers wove in and out of moving and parked vehicles, endangering #motorists and #pedestrians alike.
What the...? This doesn't sound like Nashville. #ATV #Nashville #TN #police #Lawless.
#Police in #Bulgaria used pepper spray against protesters in front of parliament, but didn't take the wind direction into account. Oh dear.


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Hard to decide #theft is wrong and immoral even if you wear a #police badge? ... show more
Did #Dallas #Police and Local Media Collude to Cover Up Terrorist Threats against Journalist Barrett Brown?
Did Dallas Police and Local Media Collude to Cover Up Terrorist Threats against Journalist Barrett Brown?
#torture, #violence, #police, 15.03.2019 The International Day Against Police Brutality
#Arkansas Senate Unanimously Approves A Conviction Requirement For #AssetForfeiture https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20190302/14394041718/arkansas-senate-unanimously-approves-conviction-requirement-asset-forfeiture.shtml theft by #police
Most Victims of Violent Crimes Don’t Call the Cops
https://truthout.org/articles/most-victims-of-violent-crimes-dont-call-the-cops/ “Nothing good comes out of calling the #police ,” she said. “Never, ever.”
Most Victims of Violent Crimes Don’t Call the Cops
You know something is seriously screwed up when #militarism and #imperialism is entrusted with #immigration

Maybe they'll also assign #police departments to do healthcare?
Pentagon Seeks Site to House 5,000 Migrant Children
#police as mafia
2 Ex-Cops Arrested in Killing of Brazilian Politician

Police officer forced woman into sex before release

The indictment mentions three incidents (July 2017, September 2017 and Summer 2018) where Mitchell allegedly kidnapping a victim and took them to a location where he forced them to perform sexual acts to be released.

The indictment additionally says Mitchell provided a false statement to FBI agents in September 2018 when he stated he never had sex with a prostitute.

10 Investigates has documented nearly 200 arrests of women by Mitchell, a former vice officer, over the past two years. One of those arrested told 10TV that Mitchell charged her after she balked at his request for sex.
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#police stealing and selling stolen (by itself) goods
#police stealing and selling stolen (by itself) goods

#Ukraine: 22 Cops hospitalized after Clashes with far-right Activists

Is the #puppet-government finally losing control of the #far-right & #Nazi groups it used to #regime-change the #government of #PresidentYanukovich?

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Praxis in Glasgow .

Remember kids commercial surveillance and state surveillance are allied. Use OpenStreet Map !

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I post every day meme about anarchy and other cool stuff.
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#police finds police innocent
California Police Report Almost No Racial Profiling

Nice !

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I post every day meme about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download and/or share them ! :)

Just a reminder : no cop apologia

But cops are just trying to earn a wage!
By betraying their class and participating in a racist/bigoted position of capitalistic authority.

There are only a few bad apples!
(see u/parentis_shotgun response here)

There are also black/brown cops!
Again, this does not stop a systematic institution of oppression for the benefit of capitalists for the white establishment. So long as they enforce those standards, ALL cops are guilty of participating in protecting it.

They are just enforcing the law!
The law comes from corrupt capitalist institutions, and demand morally neutral/bankrupt individuals to ignore their consciousness to enforce oppression. Remember...

So socialists won't have a... show more
#police more worried about its image than about solving crimes, or crimes with fake victims, or framing, or murder by cops etc.
We give #police special if not extreme powers to catch criminals. The police then misuses these powers to go after people who name criminals whom the police pays salaries to.
#California #SupremeCourt Rejects Second Attempt By Cops To Jump The Judicial Queue Over #Police #Misconduct Records
"Many in the Black community are carrying the pain and anguish of his murder, along with so many others who have died at the hands of #police violence – without consequences" https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/03/08/police-violence-and-a-safe-black-space/
ON JANUARY 8, A LIST OF 12,000 NAMES arrived in the inboxes of Robert Lewis and Jason Paladino, reporters with the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California, Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. The reporters had filed public records requests with the state’s Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training in 2018 for the names of California law enforcement officers and applicants for police jobs who have been convicted of a crime in the past 10 years.

There were many stories in it — the list included current and former officers with serious felonies on their records — but Lewis, Paladino, and their editors weren’t sure what the story was. Three weeks later, when the journalists received a letter from California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s office, telling them to destroy the records and claiming that possessing them was a criminal offense, they knew what the story would be. The headline, as it ran February 26 in both the East Bay Times and the website for the public radio station KQED: “C
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Protests emerge as feminist group demands rights for praying women at Western Wall


At the instruction of their rabbis, thousands of teenage girls from religious high schools around the country gathered at the Kotel, while hundreds of young ultra-Orthodox men tried to break through police barricades to attack the prayer group.

Held at a distance from the woman by security forces, the Haredi men vented their ire on the large group of men who had come out to support the Women of the Wall, including leaders of Israel's Conservative and Reform movements.

Rabbi Gilad Kariv, executive director of the Reform movement in Israel, called the police statement "scandalous" and attributed it to "utter chutzpah."

“The police failed in their duty,” she said. “They weren’t even attempting to protect us. There were thousand... show more

African-American picked up trash on his property, threatened by police officer

"He's picking up trash," the person filming says repeatedly, as the man and the officer exchange words at a distance. "He lives here," the person filming says. The officer is then joined by other officers and the man and the officers appear to be yelling at each other. The video ends with all the officers walking away.

"The officer detained the man to investigate further and made a request over the radio for additional assistance to respond, indicating that the person was uncooperative and unwilling to put down a blunt object."

Testa said the investigation could take months, and the officer at the center of the incident has been placed on administrative leave.
#Racism #NoRacism #StopRacism #... show more

Charges against NYPD officers in rape case dropped

Because the police are there to maintain law and order, how would they ever fall from grace by committing a misdemeanour on their own? This of course is impossible, thus, any charges against them were purely heretic! We all have to be glad this girl was taught her lesson, to never accuse the cops again.
(For those who didn't realise: I was being sarcastic)
#US #USA #News #ACAB #Rape #Police #NYC #NewYorkCity #NewYork #Justice #Injustice

Rape Charges Dropped Against NYPD Cops Who Had Sex With Teen #ViaDiasporaNativeWebApp
#Putin called a question about this stolen #gas pipeline ‘slander.’ Two months later, the #police are investigating.

Police find 3 bombs in London, prompting a series of evacuations


#bombs #evacuations #find #heathrow airport #ireland #london #london city airport #oan newsroom #police #prompting #series #waterloo
Police find 3 bombs in London, prompting a series of evacuations
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