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How Europeans Viewed the War

Nextcloud Mail introduces Machine Learning for Priority Inbox while protecting your privacy

Flooded by email? Think the only solution is to give all your data to Google or Microsoft because they have smart inboxes that help you handle the flood of mails? We have good news for you!

Today Nextcloud Mail introduces a Priority Inbox. It uses machine learning to classify important messages as such and shows your mail sorted into the categories important, favorites and others. And the best part: unlike approaches employed by public cloud services, the learning happens locally and only uses the data from individual users to protect your privacy.

Busy? Machine learning to the rescue

Machine learning is all the rage in Silicon Valley. And of course they are vacuuming up massive amounts of data, often in schemes that are downright unethical. Just watch the latest... Show more...

#COVIDGATE #Press #Conference 6.5.2020: Clandestine #60ghz in #schools #Plandemic

Alfred Lambremont Webre

COVIDGATE Press Conference 6.5.2020: Clandestine 60ghz in schools Plandemic with Seven [UK]; #MarkSteele #5G; #Lena Pu, Kandace

Do police take an #oath to uphold the Constitution?

“The numerous, #targeted #attacks that #journalists reporting on #protests across the country have faced from #law #enforcement over the last two nights are both reprehensible and clear #violations of the First Amendment. These attacks not only endanger our #free #press, but also threaten our #democracy and the essential role that journalists play in safeguarding #constitutional #rights.

“Many of these attacks were captured on #live #broadcasts. The #video #evidence showing journalists under #police #assault simply for doing their jobs is harrowing. We strongly condemn these actions and will be contacting law enforcement in each jurisdiction to demand a full explanation and accountability for officers who knowingly targeted journalists.
Reporters Committee: Targeted attacks on journalists covering protests unconstitutional
McEnany holds White House briefing and quotes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

white supremacists using the words of a civil rights leader who was slain by white supremacist to further disparage and diminish protesters and advance white supremacy. got it.

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Nextcloud Hub brings productivity to home office

Over the last months, tens of thousands of companies have introduced home office policies. Remote work has been facilitated by a patchwork of solutions, causing an explosion in complexity at IT departments. Our community has taken on the challenge and focused on delivering, in Nextcloud Hub, the best possible remote team collaboration technology on the market. Today’s release, code name “home office”, brings document collaboration to video chats, introduces password-less login and improves performance.

Image/photoview video on YouTube
The 19th release of Nextcloud, coming out just 1 day after our 4 year anniversary, introduces:

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"Ликудник" Караи предложил продать два самых популярных медиа с 70-летней историей: армейское радио Galei Tzahal (Galatz) + Galgalatz и KAN (Корпорацию общественного вещания: иновещание

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#Breaking: #CNN team arrested by #Minnesota #police on live television

source: https://edition.cnn.com/us/live-news/george-floyd-protest-updates-05-28-20/h_4ed08403663fa4ed3518221d0f2a1552
CNN journalist Omar Jimenez has been taken into police custody during a live broadcast at the site of the protests in Minneapolis, after clearly identifying himself to officers.
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Why do the #news spread the press releases of #Amazon?

source: https://couriernewsroom.com/2020/05/26/11-local-tv-stations-that-pushed-amazon-scripted-segment/

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WATCH: 10 Local TV Stations Pushed the Same Amazon-Scripted Segment

Harvard and Nextcloud fight against COVID-19, Nextcloud introducing HIPAA compliance features to support health care

Nextcloud Hub is used in a few dozen hospitals and medical institutes in various ways. The DICOM viewer app for Nextcloud in particular is used in Brazil in the fight against COVID-19. A press release with a quote from Harvard professor Gordon J. Harris was released today and in this blog we’ll give some more background details!

Nextcloud in use in Brazil against COVID-19

The Massachusetts General Hospital did a press release last week about the OHIF viewer and its use in the fight against COVID 19. MGH is the original and largest teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical Sch... Show more...

#Italy vs #China

Italy is locking down #Milan, #Venice and much of its north, risking its #economy in an effort to contain #Europe’s worst #coronavirus outbreak.
To fight the coronavirus, China placed nearly 60 million people under lockdown and instituted strict quarantine and travel restrictions for hundreds of millions of others. Its campaign has come at great cost to people’s livelihoods and personal liberties.
- https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1236484352965521408
- https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1236479276586807296

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Nextcloud Hub Announcement and IONOS partnership video online

Mid January we organized an event at the Wikimedia office in Berlin. We had been teasing it with a countdown on our website that featured a very sparce agenda: a ‘big reveal’ and ‘a second announcement’.

As one participant put it:
You didn’t even offer a way to register for the event. Just a time and place, and ‘be there’. I like that!

The subject: change

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Freedom of the Press on Trial: 10 Reasons Why Assange is Lawfully in the Right


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Poster of 1912, the Russian Empire, as historians tell us, seems to be stronger than ever. 1913 - as we believe, the year of the highest economic development in Russia. But Finland is already taking part in the Games - as an independent country... there is no flag of Tsarist Russia on the poster of the Olympic Games and there is a flag of the Provisional Government (or the Russian commercial fleet or Yugoslavia, both of which yet have no place on the poster in 1912).
Why in sport would they gain independence - before Big politics? And there is also Hungary, as a separate state. But even a dozen such posters are not proof. It's circumstantial evidence. They say that the athletes, organizers and artists of the time - did not know how it should be.

Плакат от 1912 года, Российская Империя, как нам говорят и
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Rassismus in der Presse

Vanessa Nakate, Klimaaktivistin aus Uganda, wurde von der Associated Press aus diesem Bild von der Klimakonferenz in Davos geschnitten. #ap #associatedpress #assholes #nakate #uganda #press #presse
● NEWS ● #cpj #Press #seasia ☞ American environmental journalist #PhilipJacobson detained in #Indonesia

IONOS and Nextcloud together for more data sovereignty

With more than eight million customer contracts, IONOS is the leading European provider of cloud infrastructure, cloud services and hosting services. IONOS is Europe’s largest cloud and hosting provider and number two in the world! Nextcloud has teamed up with IONOS to offer users increased digital sovereignty: control over their data.

“Data sovereignty is an essential requirement for many customers when using cloud services to protect trade secrets. This applies to customers from the public sector as well as the private sector,” explains Frank Karlitschek, CEO of Nextcloud. Achim Weiß, CEO of IONOS, adds: “As German providers, IONOS and Nextcloud guarantee their users the sovereignty over their data – we rule out access by third... Show more...
● NEWS ● #dw #journalism #press #facts #shootthemessenger ☞ Fewer journalists killed but more detained

#Kari Jaquesson - What the #Shamestream #Press won't tell you about Zyria (Pt. 1 of 2: The Smoking Gun) #SYRIA

Presstitutes in the Pay of the CIA: German Journalist Details How Security State Dictates News

#Presstitutes in the Pay of the #CIA: #Germany #Journalist Details How #Security #State Dictates #News #Western #world #independent #press #politics #international
Voter Fraud Evidence Piles Up In Kentucky Capitol #Press Conference | #Infowars
#Chile 🇨🇱 📢 🇬🇧 #ChileDesperto
♲ tuttifruttihat (tuttifruttihat@mastodon.bida.im):
The Listening Post: Chile unrest: Why protesters rail against the system and media


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Beeminder ♥ Project Euler

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Beeminder ♥ Project Euler

Beeminder Blog: Beeminder ♥ Project Euler | Beeminder Blog (dreeves)


If the truth isn't free then the freedom isn't true.


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French universities and research organizations get access to Nextcloud

For some time now, the French national research and education network (NREN) RENATER has been testing Nextcloud. Together with our team they have deployed it for over 40 organizations already and plan to make this available for up to 700.000 students at the French universities and research organizations early next year! You can read our press release announcement here. While Nextcloud has of course signed hundreds of customers this year, including the French Ministry of Interior, RENATER is special because their Nextcloud Global Scale deployment will be the first in the world to connect a single on-premises cloud instance to the identity providers (IDP’s) of hundreds of organizations.> Our mission at RENATER is enabling seam... Show more...

French universities and research organizations get access to Nextcloud

For some time now, the French national research and education network (NREN) RENATER has been testing Nextcloud. Together with our team they have deployed it in testing for over 40 organizations already.

Those organizations who would like to provide this to their employees and students will be able to use the service from RENATER, but they stay in charge of the user management themselves and can of course keep using their own solutions. Like the University of Nantes or SiB, who maintain their own Nextcloud instance and which can connect to the RENATER service using Federation. Up to 700.000 employees and students might get access to Nextcloud this way. You can read our... Show more...

Nextcloud 17 brings remote wipe, collaborative text editor and next generation secure watermarking

Welcome to Nextcloud 17! This release brings major new improvements, especially around security and team collaboration. You can go get the update or read on to find out what is new!

Download now!

Image/photo Remote wipe

Remote Wipe allows users and administrators to forcibly clean files from remote devices, for example in case they are stolen. The video shows how easy it is to clean devices when you need to!


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Nextcloud announces virtual data room solution for ultimate protection of data during sensitive negotiations

Tens of millions use Nextcloud to protect their data, at home or in their business. That is why Nextcloud takes security so serious, developing many unique security-related features and offering a USD 10.000 security bug bounty to security researchers. In some situations data has to be protected from leaking, even by the people who gain access to it. For this scenario, Nextcloud introduces its virtual data room (VDR) solution.

Virtual data rooms

Say you want to give a third party the chance to review and perhaps even edit a number of documents but prevent data leakage as much as possible. This is useful if you're working on due dilligence for an investment, need to decide on a loan or other sensitive business transactions.

A Nextcloud virtual data room ena... Show more...

Nextcloud 17 scales up and improves data protection with Remote Wipe, collaborative text editor, 2FA updates, IBM Spectrum Scale support and Global Scale improvements

Fresh from the Nextcloud conference stage, we are proud to announce a major release of Nextcloud, the easiest solution for secure, on-premises collaboration on documents, calendars and communication! Nextcloud 17 will introduce a series of secure collaboration features including a collaborative text editor, remote wipe, updated secure view, improved two-factor-authentication and easier access than ever with deeper integration of large-scale storage like S3 and IBM Spectrum Scale.

Nextcloud 17 is available as release candidate, with the final release expected later this month.

A quick overview of what is new:
  • Image/photo Remote Wipe allows users and administrators to forcibly clean files from remote devices, for exa
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EU governments choose independence from US cloud providers with Nextcloud

As covered today in the German, French and international media, European Governments are starting to take digital sovereignty more and more serious, moving away from cloud solutions from large, centralized, foreign firms. Responding to trade tensions escalating including the recent dispute over a digital tax in France, the introduction of the GDPR and legal challenges to the US Cloud Act, the French ministry of Interior, the Dutch ministry of Education and Swedish federal government agencies have joined the German federal government in deploying a European-designed, private cloud solution.

French Ministry of Interior

During the last year, the French Ministry of Interior has evaluated building an internal cloud and is... Show more...

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Unified Magic Part 23 Chakras, Parasites and Gwyneth Paltrow 2019

If you have spent much of your time opening your chakras in deep meditation or listening to
#Europawahl #EP2019 #Milo #Alternative #AfD #CDU #journalists #bloggers #speech #Berlin #press #freedoms #Islam
FULL TEXT: MILO Speech to German MPs and Journalists in Berlin
Image/photoNextcloud News (unofficial) wrote the following post Tue, 19 Mar 2019 08:22:26 +0100

130 EU businesses sign open letter against Copyright directive Art. 11 & 13

March 19th, 2019

Dear Members of the European Parliament,

The companies signing this letter to the European Parliament are urging you to vote against Articles 11 and 13 of the proposed copyright directive. The text of the trilogue agreement would harm the European economy and seriously undermine the ability of European businesses to compete with big Internet giants like Google.
We support the goal of the legislation... Show more...

The blue-eyed blonde who fought for Indian #freedom

source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/sunday-times/the-blue-eyed-blonde-who-fought-for-indian-freedom/articleshow/68130347.cms
There were articles in the British #press warning young #English #women to avoid these suave handsome Indian #men. Often they were already married.
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On the death of local newspapers

_Mine wasn’t the only newspaper that closed during the Great Recession. By July 2009, Business Insider reported, 105 had been shut down and 10,000 jobs lost. I was in the center of that storm. I don’t need to remind those who were there how dark those days were.__

_One new study found that a municipality’s borrowing costs increase when local reporting dies. Without journalists, the risk of corruption, of mismanagement, grows. Another study found that communities with declining coverage have lower levels of voter turnout. People need independent, reliable, fact-based reporting to help them make good decisions. Democracy can’t function without it. I won’t quote Thomas Jefferson. But if you wonder what he would have said about the matter, look it up.__

In Philadelphia, a nonprofit owns the newspaper and is trying to turn it into a multi-platform publisher, and maybe other communities could do something similar. But while the news organizations are going to need to change how they approach their ... Show more...

White House Press Secretary calls out Democrats for ‘doing nothing’ to reopen government


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White House Press Secretary calls out Democrats for ‘doing nothing’ to reopen government
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