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#surveillance inside the home. Connecting your items/devices to spying corporations and governments via the so-called 'phone'; #privacy bonfire with back doors
PUCK 2 Bluetooth to IR Bridge Allows you to Control Appliances from your Android or iOS Phone

from Permanent Record by Edward Snowden

Chapter 18

This equality consists not only of rights but also of freedoms. In fact, many of the rights most cherished by citizens of democracies aren’t even provided for in law except by implication. They exist in that open-ended empty space created through the restriction of government power. For example, Americans only have a “right” to free speech because the government is forbidden from making any law restricting that freedom, and a “right” to a free press because the government is forbidden from making any law to abridge it. They only have a “right” to worship freely because the government is forbidden from making any law respecting an establishment of religion, and a “right” to peaceably assemble and protest because the government is forbidden from making any law that says they can’t.\
In contemporary life, we have a single concept that encompasses all this negative or potential space that’s off-limits to the government. That c
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The senator said he told #Zuckerberg to sell #WhatsApp and #Instagram "to prove you're serious about protecting data #privacy "
When I see people speaking to their 'phones' with commands I don't think how smart they are but how dumb they are; they throw away every remnant of their #privacy (and that of people around them)
Daycare: You need to create an account on X to view the pictures of your kid in class.
Pre-K: You need to create an account on Y to view the pictures of your kid in class.
Kindergarten: Heyyy, I put the class pictures on a shared authenticated Google Photos album!

#privacy #fail

German ministry hellbent on taking back control of 'digital sovereignty', cutting dependency on Microsoft - Not about costs but cutting dependencies

BMI commissioned a strategic market analysis from consultants PwC, resulting in a paper that was published last month. The paper examines the risks inherent in IT dependency on commercial software vendors, with a particular focus on Microsoft because of the heavy use of its products and the way they are interconnected, especially Microsoft Office, Windows, Windows Server and Office 365.

The current trend towards integrated cloud-based offerings such as Office 365, Dynamics 365 and AI-driven applications on Azure gives the customer enhanced value but also increases lock-in because the added value comes from using them together, the analysis found. In addition, dependence on cloud services raises the risk of outages or remote deactivation of software licenses, PwC said.

The report has pointed out a number of options including negotiation of collection of telemetry data, diversifying proprietary software, or going... Show more...
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity Reaching People Where They Are | Tor Blog https://t.co/rPk7nm5cEj
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Big Tech’s Disingenuous Push for a Federal #Privacy Law https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2019/09/big-techs-disingenuous-push-federal-privacy-law
#gafam is #surveillance along with telecoms and Intel etc.
Thanks For Helping Us Defend the #California Consumer #Privacy Act
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity New release: Tor | Tor Blog https://t.co/E2n61Lqlph
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#surveillance #privacy #camera #AI #facial #recognition

Researchers: AI surveillance is expanding worldwide

A growing number of countries are following China’s lead in deploying artificial intelligence to track citizens, according to a research group’s report published Tuesday.

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace says at least 75 countries are actively using AI tools such as facial recognition for surveillance.

The index of countries where some form of AI surveillance is used includes liberal democracies such as the United States and France as well as more autocratic regimes.
#trump #snowden #nsa #russia #privacy

Die Sendung - Datenskandal im Gesundheitsbereich Sensible Patientendaten offen im Netz

Brustkrebsscreenings, Schilddrüsenuntersuchungen, Wirbelsäulenbilder: Nach Recherchen von report München in Zusammenarbeit mit Datenjournalisten des Bayerischen Rundfunks und Kollegen des US-amerikanischen Recherchebüros ProPublica sind neben hochauflösenden Röntgen-, MRT- und CT-Bildern auch zugehörige Namen, Geburtsdaten und weitere Gesundheitsinformationen von tausenden Patienten allein in Deutschland offen im Netz gelandet, weltweit sind wohl die Daten von mehreren Millionen Patienten betroffen.
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#trump #snowden #nsa #russia #privacy
#HP #printers #privacy

HP printers try to send data back to HP about your devices and what you print | Robert Heaton

At this point everything has become clear - the job of this setup app is not only to sell expensive ink subscriptions; it’s also to collect what apparently passes for informed consent in a court of law. I clicked the boxes to indicate “Jesus Christ no, obviously not, why would anyone ever knowingly consent to that”, and then spent 5 minutes Googling how to make sure that this setting was disabled. My research suggests that it’s controlled by an item in the settings menu of the printer itself labelled “Store anonymous usage information”. However, I
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Tim Crook from #apple keeps pretending the company cares for #privacy after adding Apple to #nsa PRISM. Now the company is a #listeningdevices pusher. #surveillance to the extreme!
Apple Determines Users Like Voice Assistants that Converse the Way They Do
Neither. "Hi owe tea" is a #security and #privacy mess no matter how the data gets transmitted to "mother ship" https://www.iottechtrends.com/mqtt-vs-http/ #gafam #listeningdevices #surveillance
MQTT vs HTTP: Which Is Best for IoT
At least 75 out of 176 countries globally are actively using artificial intelligence for surveillance purposes. #Privacy&Surveillance #Privacy #China #UnitedStates
Lioh - 2019-09-17 15:40:34 GMT
Getting paid for Free Software is a sometimes difficult. E.g. I have decided to work 20% less on my day-job in order to be able to write the Linux Course. For this time I don't get paid and this money is literally missing in our pockets. It is important that you help with a donation https://liberapay.com/Linux-Kurs - also little amounts count!
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity New Release: Tor | Tor Blog https://t.co/rLaEP5F2F1
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#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity Join the Global Climate Strike 20-27 September | Tor Blog https://t.co/d3RF2f1tmK
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Millions of Americans’ Medical Images and Data Are Available on the Internet. Anyone Can Take a Peek. https://www.propublica.org/article/millions-of-americans-medical-images-and-data-are-available-on-the-internet #privacy #health

Body scanners to screen London commuters for weapons


#bodyscanners #privacy #dystopia #cyberpunk

Parts of the RICA relating to bulk surveillance declared “inconsistent” with the South African Constitution by the South Gauteng High Court

In a decision handed down by judge Roland Sutherland on Monday (16 September), the court found that the law was inconsistent with the constitution on a number of points including:
  • The act fails to adequately prescribe the procedure for notifying a person whose information has been intercepted;
  • The act fails to adequately prescribe the proper procedures to be followed when state officials are examining, copying, sharing and sorting through data obtained through interceptions;
  • The act fails to adequately address situations where the subject of surveillance is either a practising lawyer or a journalist.
  • To remedy these issues, the judgement adds a number of new sections to the RICA Act to remedy the above issues.
It also suspended the invalidity of the act for two years to allow for parliament to bring the legislation in line with the... Show more...
#eff gives awards to #microsoft #privacy violators
https://medium.com/@zephoria/facing-the-great-reckoning-head-on-8fe434e10630 @eff digging its own grave here... does it aim to get grants from #billgates ? http://techrights.org/2019/08/17/staying-focused/
How #google can #googlebomb the word #privacy and make it seem like it fights for it, not against it, plus #openwashing on the side...
Google wants a monopoly on access to your data, i.e. it wants to infringe your #privacy and for no other company to do the same ("security"). From exclusivity come higher pricing opportunities. You are the product.
How #google can #googlebomb the word #privacy and make it seem like it fights for it, not against it, plus #openwashing on the side...
Google Releases Privacy Software Tools to Developers
I have recently hat to explain that #techrights is not like #fsf as the scope is much broader. Not just #softwarefreedom but also anticorruption, #privacy and digital #politics
When #raspi and #gnu #linux are turned against people to destroy #privacy and pay #eagleeye #surveillance industry
Raspberry Pi CM3+ based EagleEye Smart Camera Works with OpenCV and LabVIEW NI Vision
The #DMV Is Selling Your Data To Vast Array Of Third Parties https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20190909/12511242946/dmv-is-selling-your-data-to-vast-array-third-parties.shtml #privacy #surveillance
Encrypted #DNS could help close the biggest #privacy gap on the Internet. Why are some groups fighting against it?
#unitoodailynews, #tor, #privacy, #humanrights, #anonymity Tor’s Bug Smash Fund: $86K Raised! | Tor Blog https://t.co/SHMhy9PHKl
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#mozilla is still very good at >talking< about #privacy
#mozilla business model: #firefox #privacy ... for a PRICE!

Protecting Privacy with MATH (Collab with the Census)

This is a really good video about #Privacy and Reverse Engineering #Anonymous data into revealing information. The @minutephysics host lays out some good ways to #Anonymize data. I have been personally lying about birthdays and age since decades ago. That's the main way he covers in the video.
switching.social - 2019-09-12 17:00:18 GMT
Excellent interview with Roger McNamee, one of the early backers of Facebook and Zuckerberg's mentor:


He now deeply regrets what Facebook has become:

"The business model of converting lives into data, and then using that data to manipulate behaviour... that's just morally wrong."

#DeleteFacebook #Facebook #MarkZuckerberg
#privacy activists like me: hey, #mozilla , #firefox must not send data to #cloudflare (i.e. US government spying worldwide, #gdpr violation as well).

Mozilla: it's only experimental.

Then they do it ANYWAY.

What is their secret deal with CF? $ involved?
How to enable logging in #Nextcloud 16 https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-enable-logging-in-nextcloud-16/ yes, #privacy but not if the person hosting it wants to see you... up to you. #owncloud the same.

Facebook: Remember how we promised we weren’t tracking your precise location? Sike, can't believe you fell for that... again

For years the antisocial media giant has claimed it doesn’t track your location, insisting to suspicious reporters and privacy advocates that its addicts “have full control over their data,” and that it does not gather or sell that data unless those users agree to it.

No one believed it. So, when it (and Google) were hit with lawsuits trying to get to the bottom of the issue, Facebook followed its well-worn path to avoiding scrutiny: it changed its settings and pushed out carefully worded explanations that sounded an awful lot like it wasn’t tracking you anymore. But it was. Because location data is valuable.

Then, late on Monday, Facebook emitted a blog post in which it kindly offered to help users “understand updates” to their “device’s location settings.”

It begins: “Facebook is better with location. It powers features like check-ins and makes planning events e... Show more...
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