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Biggest thing is I feel like I'm having to please both audiences that aren't really my audience anymore.

I'm into the #programmer #eccentric that likes to read some bedtime poetry with his contemporary fiction, even…
LWFlouisa (@LWFlouisa@mastodon.social) #artificialintellegence #generalintellegence

What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory (2007) [pdf]

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MIT Hacker Tools: a lecture series on programmer tools

Learn to make the most of the tools that hackers have been using for decades. As hackers, we spend a lot of time on our computers, so it makes sense to make that experience as fluid and frictionless…
Article word count: 163

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Ask HN: As a programmer, how do you know if you're a good one or not?

I always want to be a better version of myself, but it's unclear how to quantify my quality. In sporting, there're many stats about athletes to look at. In academia, you can look at some indirect indexes about your research quality. But as a programmer at work, I often receive feedbacks from 1 or 2 persons at most. It's easy to think that I'm good enough, when the truth may be not.

So, as a programmer, how do you quantify or estimate how good you are?

Thank you,

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Recently I saw someone pose the question 'How can we stop Zuckerberg?' Sure, Zuckerberg is a major douche but how much damage can he really do alone? I think a more important question is how can we stop Facebook engineers from implementing Zuckerberg's dreams. Given that these are coders you can't even say it's a forced compromise because they can get employed elsewhere without much pain. It's really their choice to work there, to undermine privacy day after day after day. It's also true for those who work on the infrastructure because they enable the rest of the company. It's almost absurd that Curtis Yarvin gets flak for his neoreactionary politics but Facebook/Google/Amazon/etc engineers are welcome at practically any conference. It doesn't matter what useful tech they build since you can be sure it's already being used to undermine privacy in some way. And it's not just the privacy of FB users, it's that of everyone around them, all the people they photograph and tag. It's not entirely hopeless with stuff like Tech Won't Build It in existence but given how fucked the ind... Show more...

Ask HN: I've been a programmer for 6 years, and I can't solve basic CS problems

Hi HN.

My fianceè is currently enrolled on CS50 Introduction to Computer Science online.

I'm a programmer and have been for around 5-6 years, I started with VB.NET since I first started learning, then progressed onto Web Development at a large agency for 4 years (PHP, JS, React) and I'm now back with VB.NET.

I've worked with a few "complicated" (they were to me) projects in the past, but now I'm being tasked with guiding my fianceè with this course.

Some of the problems which she is expected to solve are pretty simple problems, but I just can't seem to get the hang of any of them on my own.

I would have thought that my last 5-6 years of experience would at least help me here. I can point out basic syntax errors and help with debugging, but when it comes to me trying to solve these problems on my own, I don't know where to start.

It makes me question how I was hire... Show more...

Confessions of a programmer: I hate code review (2010)

Jun 6, 2010 Most of the projects I've been working on today have fairly strict code review policies. My work requires code review on most of our code, and as we bring on an army of interns for the…
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Thanks @Tonton Th. I guess it should be:
grep "^something.*end$" ~/path/to/directory/[12]*
but it was one of those deals where I printed out everything first to see if what I was looking for was in the files. Then I just up-arrowed and added the pipe. I did say, "I'm not much of a #programmer!" :)
I'm not much of a #programmer, but I just wrote a little line:
cat ~/path/to/directory/[12]* | grep "^something.*end$"
This is to vomit out a whole bunch of files with names like: 1998-10-24 or 2016-12-08. They're dates. And then it grabs lines that start with "something" and end with "end". It worked nicely. I got my little report of data going all the way back to 1989 or so.

I liked it, so I aliased it. And then I thought, "Oh wait, this will stop working on January 1st, 3000 AD."

So, if you're around on January 1st, 3000 and you get screwed by my oversight... sorry.

#bash #funny? #3000-01-01
I’m so glad to have a connection with @randygalbraith . The quality of engagement in his own posts and on others’ posts have made my experience of the Federation feel more personal and down-to-Earth. He notices and appreciates the small things in life.

Image/photorandygalbraith@diasp.org wrote the following post Sat, 20 Oct 2018 16:02:40 +0200

Hi Everyone,

Recently we've had a number of folks join Diaspora\* from Google+. I'm making this post public in the hopes of making connections with others who share my interests. I am a long time member of the Free Software Foundation #... Show more...
Hi Everyone,

Recently we've had a number of folks join Diaspora* from Google+. I'm making this post public in the hopes of making connections with others who share my interests. I am a long time member of the Free Software Foundation #fsf and thus finally responded a few months back to their encouragement to transition from Facebook to Free Software-based social media.

I am an immigrant. I moved from Canada to the USA in 1998 and became a citizen here in 2010. Of course most folks in the USA are either immigrants or have descended from immigrants. I live in Chandler, Arizona. So I guess the hashtags #canada, #immigrant, #usa, #chandler and #... Show more...

New here, not new here

Hello, Federation friends and Fediversians. I'm not exactly #newhere. I joined #diaspora 6 years ago, disappeared after I got no response on my first 6 posts, and then came back 6 months ago. I've made some lovely connections, and my online world is the better for it. I'm now in the process of migrating my presence from D\* to this Hubzilla account. If you knew me before, I hope you follow me here.

If you are bumping into me for the first time, I enjoy discovering kindred spirits across the globe. Thanks for sharing your life changes, challenges, and celebrations, and for making my world a bigger, more connected place.

Let's get down to #introductions. Here's some 411 to help you decide if I'm your cup of tea: I’m a progressive, middle-age, cis-gendered, able-bodied, white, first-... Show more...
#newhere since I recently discovered the #fediverse and I really like the idea of #facebook but not so much, well, the company and its practices. Sort of defeats the elements of Facebook I like without friends and family here but Diaspora is pretty nicely set up and remains further from becoming a thing with me still on Facebook so here I am. #catholic, #queer, #programmer, and #linux user, for those who wish to interact.

Ask HN: What is the most unethical thing you've done as a programmer?

There was an article a while back about how cell service providers were selling extremely granular location data, and some of the programmers working on those systems immediately showed up on HN to comment on their moral dilemma. I suspect it's not an isolated case.

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Ask HN: Please help me recall a certain programmer horror story

I remember having read a story about a programmer that encountered a weird error - his program was spitting out racial slurs in its output. The issue turned out to be a malicious version of the compiler, but somehow after removing it it got back to the system, and what should take only a few minutes turned into days and days of trying to find the culprit.

I've been searching long and hard but cannot seem to find it. I hope that what little I remember from it is enough and some kind soul will help me find the original article online... :)

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Ask HN: Got a CS degree, but I’m unable to be programmer. What can I do?

I recently graduated and have been grinding for interview prep (leetcode and CTCI mostly), but I’m getting no where. Easy problems take me 2-5 hours. I experience PTSD like symptoms from the constant barrage of negative thoughts the difficulty and stress of doing these problems are causing me. I don’t have time to do anything else and no objectively measurable progress is being made. Even if I get a problem right, I gain little to no satisfaction at this point. I completely hate what I’ve gotten myself into. I put all my eggs in the “being a programmer” basket and it’s clearly not for me. I do have a computer science undergraduate degree which I’m hoping I can use for something. Are there any career paths I can pivot to that are less cognitively demanding than software engineering where this degree would be an asset?

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Today’s #inspiring person for me:

Julie Marchant (website)

What has inspired me:
  • Humbly works as a cashier, even though she could be enjoying several times greater salary as a #programmer of #proprietary #software.
  • Is a strict #freegamer and only supports #FOSS #games - by playing them, developing them (for #free) and writing articles about them.
  • Forming own unique #opinions that I haven't heard anywhere else. Even though I disagree with some of them, I greatly admire her level of independent thinking.
Thank you goes to @Sunyata for starting this. Share your #inspiring-person.

Teach Programming to become a better programmer

Are you bored with programming? Why not teach it. Certainly it is one of the most rewarding feelings teaching someone programming and inspiring new leaders in our fruitful field. Who knows they might…
Article word count: 619

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Have started this website http://skl5.com , where one can list his or her top five skills and hope to be hired. List your skills if you are #programmer #artist #musician #repairman or whoever you are if you want to get hired.

How to become a dramatically better programmer

In our first week, we were told that the RC faculty wanted to do one thing above else – to remove any obstacles in the way of us becoming dramatically better programmers. But what does that mean? What…
Article word count: 1269

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I wonder if there is a federation #bot for this account, love to follow it...

#programming #programmer #humor

How Apple Programmer Sal Soghoian Got Apps Talking to Each Other

Sal Soghoian is known as "The Dean of Automation."
Article word count: 2806

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How to become a part-time programmer

For some people, a 40-hour workweek is something to aspire to; for others, it’s still too much time taken up by a job. If you fall into that second category, if you want more time for hobbies, family…
Article word count: 1555

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@babylonhoruv this startup doc would need what you list, yes, but less than why #diaspora is better than FB, more a few highlights of the key #features, a super quick-start guide, and a destination or two once you get there to investigate and get interest for the new visitors.

I'm no #programmer, so I can't stress the #UI part. That is however, a significant issue, and one the introductory document won't fix.
My husband is an awesome computer programmer. He knows about 30 languages i believe. We absolutely love linux. He can learn anything new within a couple days to a week. He is a really fast learner. The company he works for can put him in any area and he makes it better and makes more money for them. He created his own tools there as well that others use now. #programmer #fast #learner #linux #computer #languages

Why programmers are not paid in proportion to their productivity

_. . ._
Programmers are most effective when they avoid writing code. They may realize the problem they’re being asked to solve doesn’t need to be solved, that the client doesn’t actually want what they’re asking for. They may know where to find reusable or re-editable code that solves their problem. They may cheat. But just when they are being their most productive, nobody says “Wow! You were just 100x more productive than if you’d done this the hard way. You deserve a raise.” At best they say “Good idea!” and go on. It may take a while to realize that someone routinely comes up with such time-saving insights. Or to put it negatively, it may take a long time to realize that others are programming with sound and fury but producing nothing.
_. . ._
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I'm not a #programmer, however can I suggest that an #ignore #button be added to the #mobile #app? That would make using the app more convenient.

#help #diaspora #diasp #ignorebutton
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