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Beyond the Politics of the Comfort Zone

"Let my building burn. Justice needs to be served."

Ruhel Islam spoke these words to a friend upon learning that his restaurant, Gandhi Mahal, had caught fire on the second night of the Minneapolis uprising which occurred in response to the police murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. Islam’s daughter shared his words the next morning on a Facebook post that continued, “Gandhi Mahal may have felt the flames last night, but our firey [sic]drive to help protect and stand with our community will never die! Peace be with everyone.”

That post is one of the many moving statements of solidarity to come from small business owners whose property and livelihoods have been impacted by the displays of resistance that have spread across the US in recent weeks. These declarations represent a shift away from a pair of narratives about political protest that have lon
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Danos went in Greece. David founded Israël. The Odyssey of writting and bronze weapons. Those who created writtings and bronze tools. I will write a book one day.
i know good book related to this thread:
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The book, published in English, and titled 'Hebrew is Greek', was written by lawyer, linguist and researcher, Joseph Yahuda, the son of Isaac Benjamin Ezekiel Yahuda, an ethnic Jew and longtime researcher and linguist. Though Jewish both by nationality and religion, J. Yahuda could be considered a Greek-- according to Isocrates' definition of a Hellene, since his decades-long, unbiased, and meticulous
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U.S. declassified records of a telephone conversation between Yeltsin and Clinton, 21.09.1993, 2 weeks before the bombing of the Supreme Council.

В США рассекретили запись телефонного разговора Ельцина и Клинтона от 21.09.1993,
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Imperial magazine "Razvedchik", 124 years ago:
Here is written about an imperial decree ordering to change the national colors of the flag on hats, border posts, etc. The decree proclaim the urgency of changing the colors of the flag from the old black-orange-white (the colors of the German Habsburg dynasty) to the new white-blue-red (according to the official history - the colors were borrowed from the Dutch).
The revisionist's comment: the official history claims that the white-blue-red flag was introduced in Russia by Peter (300 years ago), but this imperial military magazine shows that it happened just over 100 years ago. Why did the Oldenburg dynasty of the Romanovs trade the black-yello... Show more...
The city is cool, with a vast music and design scene, and an under-the-radar swagger
Let’s move to Rotterdam: Eurovision’s new home
#Property #Homes #Money #Lifeandstyle
Gustavus Adolphus, by the Grace of God, King of the Swedes, Goths, and Vandals, the Great Prince of Finland, the Duke of Estonia and Karelia, and Lord of Ingria.
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Густав II Адольф, Божьей милостью король шведов, готов и вандалов, Ве... Show more...
Потому что умная:
Катерина Тихонова возглавила Институт искусственного интеллекта МГУ
Because she's smart:
https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2020/02/28/putins-daughter-heads-elite-universitys-new-ai-institute-ve... Show more...
stoleshnikov@lj wrote:
125 лет назад — Джагадиш Чандра Боше, бенгальский учёный-энциклопедист использует электромагнитные волны для воспламенения пороха и включения звонка на рассто
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Poster of 1912, the Russian Empire, as historians tell us, seems to be stronger than ever. 1913 - as we believe, the year of the highest economic development in Russia. But Finland is already taking part in the Games - as an independent country... there is no flag of Tsarist Russia on the poster of the Olympic Games and there is a flag of the Provisional Government (or the Russian commercial fleet or Yugoslavia, both of which yet have no place on the poster in 1912).
Why in sport would they gain independence - before Big politics? And there is also Hungary, as a separate state. But even a dozen such posters are not proof. It's circumstantial evidence. They say that the athletes, organizers and artists of the time - did not know how it should be.

Плакат от 1912 года, Российская Империя, как нам говорят и
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The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown. It may be frail — its roof may shake — the wind may blow through it — the storm may enter — the rain may enter — but the King of England cannot enter! — all his force dares not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement!
William Pitt the Elder (1708-1778) British statesman, orator [1st Earl of Chatham]
Speech on the Excise Bill, House of Commons (Mar 1763)

#quotaton #quote #rights #property #search #warrant #liberty #government #power
Speech on the Excise Bill, House of Commons (Mar 1763)
SUPPORT DEMOCRACY NOW! - the truth must get out there

Not all Americans are asshole capitalists.

DemocracyNow.org will give you all the news – that the major news outlets – simply leave out.

So yes: The News agencies lie to the public by leaving out important stories.

This is why mankind desperately needs alternative news outlets that are well funded and dedicated to produce high quality researched content – to counter the propaganda – that is mass produced around... Show more...
There is a lot of evidence of the achievements of a certain Nikolai Lenine about 100 years ago.
Сохранилось множество свидетельств о достижениях некого Николая Ленина около 100 лет назад.

Николай Ленин говорит с толпо
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It has long been known that official documents published by the Kremlin, at least for [url=https://web.archive.org/web/20150218072329/http://graph.document.kremlin.ru/page.aspx?1;1563800]the last 10 years[/url], do not contain the signature of the responsible person - the president. The Prime Minister of Armenia demonstrated how international documents are handled:

The Prime Minister of Armenia has exposed
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There is a version that until the 19th century there was no winter in Russia.
If you try to search a painting of winter in Russia 18th century, you will find that these paintings were painted in the 19th century and later. The paintings of winter of the 18th century and earlier is not found. Oil paintings of winter, frozen lakes were painted by artists from Europe, but not in Russia.
Early images of Russian winter are only on the engravings.
Появилась версия, что до 19-го века зимы в России не было.
Если вы наберете в поиске картины зимы в России 18-г
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The heir to the Rockefellers, who came to a business forum in Russia, turned out to be a "fake"
The Rockefellers disowned themselves from [url=http://web.archive.org/web/20190721194449/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Charles_Rockefeller]Michael Charles Rockefeller[/url], who came to the Moscow business forum "Common Future" in November and together with ministers, deputies and business representatives discussed how to achieve sustainable development of the Russian economy.

Forbes also sent a request to the Rockefeller Family Office, which is mentioned on Rockefeller Capital Management's website, and received the answer that Michael Charles Rockefeller is not a descendant of John Rockefeller, and Franklin, John's brother, did not have male heirs who lived more than a year. Franklin's daughter, Alice Maude, according to the family office's genealogical records, had no children. "The office has nothing to do with Michael Charles Rockefeller," concluded the Rockefeller Family O
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@Luca Mangini
Infatti anche io la penso cosi. Forse dovremmo rivedere le cose, stiamo sprecando materie prime per produrre spazzatura, dovremmo costruire oggetti che durino tanto, un centinaio di anni come minimo, è possibile ma non conviene... A loro.
In questo senso, le tecnologie tradizionali come le saman (adobe) sono molto buone: https://zlax.ussr.win/files/technology/adobe/
Presente la lampadina di Livermoore?
Sì, ne ho sentito parlare, in questo film (purtroppo non ho visto la traduzione italiana):
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@Luca Mangini Il Mare di Aral si è prosciugato, e sul suo fondo sono stati trovati i resti di edifici simili a quelli risalenti agli 11-14 secoli.
Su alcune mappe di 500-300 anni fa, il Mar Caspio è collegato al Mar d'Aral per via d'acqua.

Naturalmente, queste carte avrebbero potuto essere false... Una mappa non è un territorio. Ebbene, il territorio di questa regione, per qualche motivo, non è coperto dalla scienza occidentale (a proposito, anche le amministrazioni coloniali dei paesi dell'Asia centrale stanno cercando di nascondere questi resti di città, probabilmente tracce di grandi inondazioni):

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And for the sake of completeness. Certain measures are required to maintain feudal religious absolutism:
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https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/police-arresting-nine-people-a-day-in-fight-again... Show more...
Компания "Рамблер интернет холдинг" инициировала уголовное дело в отношении неустановленного круга лиц, считая неправильной распространение Nginx, как открытого ПО.
В компании Nginx на Ус
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the New Millennium by the Dalai Lama
Please do not confuse CIA newage propagandists with anarchists:
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Lhamo Dhondrub (known as Dalai Lama XIV) is a longtime CIA agent:
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English version:
During the Russian Revolution in 1917, the tiara was hidden with other jewels somewhere in Vladimir Palace in Petrograd, and later saved from Soviet Russia by Albert Stopford, a British art dealer and secret agent. In the years to follow, Princess Nicholas sold pieces of jewellery from her collection to support her exiled family and various charities.
Russian version:
In the summer of 1917, Albert Stopford, dressed in a woman's (!) dress, entered the Vladimir Palace. The apartment of the Grand Duchess was located on the second floor - a living room in the style of Louis XVI, an office, a boudoir, a bedchamber and four more rooms. Jewels of 244 items, including the Vladimir tiara, was in the boudoir.
The thief opened a secret door and folded the stolen items into suitcases. Thanks to English citizenship, he went through all the cordons without h
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Pablo Escobar's son says his father "Worked for the CIA selling cocaine"; (The CIA) “were practically his partners,” which allowed Escobar to defy the law, and gave him nearly the same power as a government. Escobar smuggled 15 Tonnes a day into the USA, Making $420 Million per week.
He claims that singer Frank Sinatra was a major trafficker for Pablo.
In a new book, “Pablo Escobar In Fraganti,” Escobar, who lives under the pseudonym, Juan Sebastián Marroquín, explains his “father worked for the CIA selling cocaine to finance the fight against Communism in Central America.”
Frank Sinatra was ‘a better cocaine
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@John Rooke
That is typical of racist generalisation across a whole category of people
It is not generalisation. I share my personal experience. I'll make it clear:
All Westerners with whom i discussed this topic - use this trick
You are the same.
It is also hypocritical, because it does not recognise that the Russian Empire is guilty of all the same crimes as the Western European empires.
I admit it. I said it straight. You're desperate to apply your stereotypes and trick to me
Russian Empire was the Empire of German feudals, like British or Dutch Empires:
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@tzafrir their ancestors was from German and Slavic countries, they speak on “reconstructed” "Semitic" languages.

Israel is the Western colony in the Semitic Middle-East. It only started about 100 years ago:
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Balfour Declaration
Five days before the Soviet revolution:
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The 2019 Socialism Conference, sponsored by American leftist juggernauts the DSA, Jacobin magazine, and ISO’s Haymarket Books, features regime-change activists from multiple US government-funded NGOs
From July 4 to 7, thousands of left-wing activists from across the United States are gathering in Chicago for the 2019 Socialism Conference.
At this event, some of the most powerful institutions on the American socialist — but avowedly anti-communist — left have brought together a motley crew of regime-change activists to demonize Official Enemies of Washington.
One anti-China panel at the conference features speakers from two different organizations that are both bankrolled by the US government’s soft-power arm the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a group founded out of Ronald Reagan’s CIA in the 1980s to grease the wheels of right-wing regime-change efforts and promote “free markets” across the planet.
Another 2019 Socialism Conference panel rails against the socialist governments of Nicaragua and Cuba — two-
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Pietro-Mira Pedrillo (dates of birth and death unknown) is the favorite court jester of Empress Anna Ioannovna.
He became the Empress's favorite jester and was her constant card game partner. He left Russia with a great fortune.

Пьетро-Мира Педрилло (Pedrillo; даты рождения и смерти неизвестны) — любимый шут имп
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US astronauts publicly get in Mercury, Gemini and Apollo, and then, at the command of Guenter quietly hid in his underground bunker, so that the rocket took off empty, without the crew, and they were at the right time and in the right place thrown from the plane and solemnly met on board aircraft carriers.

Американские космонавты принародно садились в Меркурии, Джемини и прочие Аполло
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Brusek Kodluch. Date of birth of the USA
It looks like the current "US Constitution" seems to be a "corporate agreement" only for the "District of Columbia" and not for all US states. They were founded on February 20, 1871.
On 10.05.1871, the Franco-Prussian war officially ended. The coincidence of dates does not seem random.
The war ended with the signing of the Frankfurt Peace Treaty on May 10, 1871. The consequences of the war for France were the payment of compensation to the Prussian state, the final liquidation of the monarchy (overthrow of the empire) in France and the establishment of the republic, as well as the loss of the rich border lands of Alsace and Lorraine, previously taken away from the Holy Roman Empire [2]. The new (German) empire was created in Europe [4].
Then (20 February 1871) the new "CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" replaced the Declaration of Independence of 1776 or the "Constitution of the United States of America".
Even the title has a fundamental difference.
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On the left, there is the slave-trade centres, on the right - the states that existed prior to the epoch of the Europeans’ sea exploration. Correlations are total: slaves were delivered only therefrom where there was statehood of feudal type.
It means that black workers were delivered approximately in the same order as serfs were sold in Europe. Nobody did not run with a lasso in the jungles to catch a victim; black peasants were simply gi
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On the left, there is the slave-trade centres, on the right - the states that existed prior to the epoch of the Europeans’ sea exploration. Correlations are total: slaves were delivered only therefrom where there was statehood of feudal type.
It means that black workers were delivered approximately in the same order as serfs were sold in Europe. Nobody did not run with a lasso in the jungles to catch a victim; black peasants were simply given the order, and they walked up on rule of the ships of their new misters.

Слева - центры ра
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... Последние слова Короля, бормотание: "Будь ты проклята!", были адресованы его медсестре, Кэтрин Блэк, когда она дал
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The U.S. House of Representatives has recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide.
There is a holiday and folk festivities in Armenia.
Now the evil mankind will have to pay contributions not only for the genocide of the Jews, but also for the genocide of Armenians.
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Understand Maladay
Boomtime 5 Aftermath: The Apostle Malaclypse the Elder’s Holyday. A wandering Wiseman of Ancient Mediterrania (“Med-Terra” or middle earth), who followed a 5-pointed Star through the alleys of Rome, Damascus, Baghdad, Jerusalem, Mecca and Cairo, bearing a sign that seemed to read “DOOM”. (This is a misunderstanding. The sign actually read “DUMB”.)

Взрывник 5 последствий:
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Bloomberg узнал о тайной встрече ученых с предполагаемой дочерью Путина по поводу редактирования ДНК
По словам источников агентства, Воронцов
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Ксюша Собчак рассказала о Юле Навальной.
Ксюша Собчак рассказала о ... Show more...
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О роли III Отделения в России
О роли III Отделения в России

Ruslan Poleshuk

Я почему... Show more...
Behind them there is "conservative" owners, like that:
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selfdaemoneyzation of service
1 May 2018 Israel's Mossad spy agency shrouded in mystery and mystique
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6001335/How-Israels-secret-service-wor... Show more...
Jyske Bank will effectively pay borrowers 0.5% a year to take out a loan

A Danish bank has launched the world’s first negative interest rate mortgage – handing out loans to homeowners where the charge is minus 0.5% a year.

Negative interest rates effectively mean that a bank pays a borrower to take money off their hands, so they pay back less than they have been loaned.
Danish bank launches world’s first negative interest rate mortgage
#Mortgagerates #Denmark #Mortgages #Europe #Banking #Business #Property #Money #Banksandbuildingsocieties
#ISHTIP 2019 is all wrong. Repeatedly promoting the "aye pee" lie; #trademarks and #copyright #law have nothing to do with #property or rights; they're monopolies. Proper terminology should be used, not misleading, false propaganda.
288 years ago in the Tula province, in the Kashirsky district, in the village of Gorodishche (Four churches) on the land of the Vyatichi, the year was recorded as "732":

288 лет назад в Тульской губернии, в Каширском уезде, в селе Городище (Четырёх церквей) на земле вятичей, год был запи... Show more...
In the metric books (orthodox version of parish register) of the Ulyanovsk region 235 years ago, the church year was recorded without a millennium. In the documents relating to 1783cc, the year was written as "783", but the next year the documents were signed as "1784".
В метрических книгах Ульяновской области 235 лет назад церковный год записывался без т... Show more...
In the metric books of the north of the Volgograd region 225 years ago, the Christian year was recorded without a millennium. For example, in documents relating to 1796cc, the year was written as "796".
В метрических книгах севера Волгоградской области ещё 225 лет назад христианский год записывался без тысячелетия. Например, в документах относящихс... Show more...
http://www.kasparov.ru/material.php?id=5D07C80CC34AB - update: 17-06-2019 (20:15)
Умер бывший руководитель идеологического управления КГБ Филипп Бобков. Он был палачом и сталинистом, но войдет в историю, прежде всего, как один из пионер
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According to British and Russian museums, Nicholas II Romanoff was an honorary commander of the regiment of Royal Scots Greys (Royal North British Dragoons) in the service of Her Majesty.
Согласно данным британских и российских музеев, Николай II Романов был Почётным командиром полка... Show more...
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