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"La vida es demasiado corta para preocuparte acerca de lo que otros digan o piensen de vos, Divertite y dales algo para que tengan de que hablar"
“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” – Thomas Jefferson

“God does not play dice with the universe.”

― Albert Einstein, The Born-Einstein Letters 1916-55

"As a survivor of the Communist Holocaust I am horrified to witness how my beloved **America, my adopted country, is gradually being transformed into a secularist and atheistic utopia, where communist ideals are glorified and promoted, while Judeo-Christian values and morality are ridiculed and increasingly eradicated from the public and social consciousness of our nation. Under the decades-long assault and militant radicalism of many so-called “liberal” and “progressive” elites, God has been progressively erased from our public and educational institutions, to be replaced with all manner of delusion, perversion, corruption, violence, decadence, and insanity.

It is no coincidence that as Marxist ideologies and secularist principles engulf the culture and pervert mainstream thinking, individual freedoms and liberties are rapidly disappearing.** As a consequence, Americans feel increasingly more powerless and subjugated by some of the most radical and hypocritical, least democratic, and characterless individuals our society has ever produced.

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“Human beings are born with different capacities. If they are free, they are not equal. And if they are equal, they are not free.”

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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Hay un placer en los bosques sin caminos,
Hay un éxtasis en la orilla solitaria,
Hay una sociedad donde nadie se inmiscuye
Por el mar profundo, y la música en su rugido:
No amo menos a los hombres, sino a la naturaleza,
De estas nuestras entrevistas, en las que robo
De todo lo que puedo ser, o he sido antes,
Para mezclarse con el Universo, y sentir
Lo que nunca puedo expresar, sin embargo no puedo ocultarlo.

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more,
From these our interviews, in which I steal
From all I may be, or have been before,
To mingle with the Universe, and feel
What I can ne’er express, yet cannot all conceal.

Daniel Kordan
Wishing you all a nice day with some dahlia flowers from my garden.

"Flowers always make people better, happier, more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul." ~ Luther Burbank

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“You can't defend. You can't prevent. The only thing you can do is detect and respond.”

Bruce Schneier #quotes
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