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Domain Registrar Can Be Held Liable for Pirate Site, German Court Rules

The Higher Regional Court of Saarbrücken has confirmed that domain registrars can be held liable for the infringements of pirate sites. Even a single link can require a registrar to take a domain…
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So I went with DNSimple after looking at a few different companies. Initial experience is good, I like their ethos, and their support is friendly. Here’s a referral link if anyone is interested (we both get $5 credit if you sign up).

My DNS is all now managed with #Terraform (this provider), stored in Git, with the Terraform state file in Nextcloud so I can safely edit on multiple machines. They have good APIs so all sorts of automation is possible if that’s your thing (hey, it's 2018 - it should be your thing!).

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Can anyone recommend a good #DNS provider and #domain #registrar, maybe in the UK, or an ethical provider elsewhere? It's only small-scale personal DNS, 6 domains currently.

My current provider has just messed up my zones, and if they don't come up with a good explanation I am considering moving elsewhere.

I'm possibly thinking of management via #Terraform, or something else infrastructure-as-code - so does anyone have any experience of any of the providers which would meet those criteria? On a quick look, DNSimple looks good.

How a domain registrar can kill your business

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Die EU-Kommission will die Top Level Domain .eu für europäische Bürger und Firmen öffnen, die ihren Wohn- oder Firmensitz in Drittstaaten außerhalb des Europäischen Wirtschaftsraums haben. Ein neuer Beirat für die Domainverwaltung ist geplant.
EU-Kommission: Auch Europäer im Ausland sollen .eu-Domains nutzen können
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