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Wow! I've often asked myself why aerospikes didn't take off. There are obvious challenges but the advantage seemed to be worth exploring. This article is the most thorough exploration of that that I've seen. H/T @Erdayastronaut #space #rockets #science
Are Aerospike Engines Better Than Traditional Rocket Engines?
● NEWS ● #theremin #science ☞ Happy 100th birthday, theremin!
Shocking footage shows conditions ‘clearly breach’ EU standards on animal welfare, say campaigners

An animal testing laboratory in Germany that subjected monkeys to “barbaric” treatment and kept unwell dogs in squalid conditions is under investigation amid calls for its closure.

Undercover footage at the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (LPT) near Hamburg published by Cruelty Free International and Soko Tierschutz shows technicians with metal prongs grabbing macaque monkeys by the neck. The monkeys are restrained by braces during testing. The footage also shows primates being handled “violently” by technicians: in one incident a monkey has its head smacked against a door frame.
'Barbaric' tests on monkeys lead to calls for closure of German lab
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#Science Yikes, the movie Inception, in real life!
Implanting false memories in a bird's brain changes its tune #Science
RT @ISS_ARISE: Mal wieder etwas in eigener Sache: Das erste ARISE-Paper ist bei RSI @AIP_Publishing publiziert und gibt neben dem Experimentaufbau auch einen Überblick über die physikalischen Effekte in unseren Daten!
#Science #ISS #DLR #astrophysics #granular matter
"Minkorret Ultras" #granular matter #granular matter”
RT @ISS_ARISE: Mal wieder etwas in eigener Sache: Das erste ARISE-Paper ist bei RSI @AIP_Publishing publiziert und gibt neben dem Experimentaufbau auch einen Überblick über die physikalischen Effekte in unseren Daten!
#Science #ISS #DLR #astrophysics #granular matter
ARISE on Twitter #granular matter #granular matter”
#research #science #health #aging #gait
The #EPO is making allegiances and alliances with groups that represent neither #science nor businesses but instead push for monopolies, #litigation and #extortion ; lawlessness appears to have become the EPO’s very objective
Gidi Kroon - 2019-10-12 12:21:51 GMT
The term Big Bang (for the theory of the beginning of the universe) was coined by somebody who didn't believe in it. All science documentaries showing some CGI explosion are perpetuating the ensuing myth.
Gidi Kroon - 2019-10-12 12:06:01 GMT
The Washington Post: pay a 60/year subscription and still be tracked with cookies. Pay 90/year to receive your right to privacy.
Gidi Kroon - 2019-10-12 17:31:58 GMT
I was re-watching #StaceyDooley Investigates - World's Worst Place to Be a Woman, from 2015. So harrowing to hear these men 'explain' that they feel they have the right to murder a woman if she doesn't listen to them, or if she has a job. That they feel it is normal for them to have five girlfriends but that their 'main' girlfriend should be faithful to them.

"Intellectual property" is an important propaganda term of #patent #law firms and the likes of them, who falsely equate #monopoly with "property" and sometimes even mislabel that "rights". #epo fronts for law firms, not #science
● NEWS ● #russia #space #history #leonov #science ☞ Alexei Leonov, the first human to walk in space, has died. Relive his historic spacewalk through archival footage.
Alexei Leonov, first human to walk in space, has died aged 85
#Space #Science #Nasa #Russia #Worldnews #Europe
Well-preserved find on wall beneath stairwell is latest discovery at Regio V site

A well-preserved fresco depicting fighting gladiators has been unearthed by archaeologists in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii.

The scene is of the end of a fight between two types of gladiator – a murmillo and a Thracian – where one wins and the other succumbs. The two types were distinguished by their armour and weapons.
Pompeii dig unearths fighting fresco in 'gladiators' tavern'
#Italy #Archaeology #Europe #Worldnews #Science
The #oil industry (and similar industries) target that crowd of people to turn #climate #science into a "political" issue; they fund channels like that to stir up aggressive, testosterone-filled people. Ask #koch bros (the one who's left).
● NEWS ● #science #geoengineering ☞ The Political Realities of Science Work
The Political Realities of Science Work
● NEWS ● #science ☞ 3 Win Nobel Prize in Physics for Work to Understand Cosmos https://www.truthdig.com/articles/3-win-nobel-prize-in-physics-for-work-to-understand-cosmos/ https://www.sciencetimes.com/articles/24013/20191009/2019-nobel-prize-in-medicine.htm
3 Win Nobel Prize in Physics for Work to Understand Cosmos
#patent tickets harm #science
Today’s #EPO has nothing at all to do with #science and #technology ; it’s designed to accomplish just one thing, which is to grant as many #patents as possible, spurring activity in the #litigation ‘industry’
● NEWS ● #climate #emissions #pollution ☞ #Science counts humankind’s #carbon output
Science counts humankind’s carbon output
James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz honoured for for ‘improving our understanding of evolution of universe and Earth’s place in the cosmos’

Three scientists have been awarded the 2019 Nobel prize in physics for groundbreaking discoveries of the evolution of the Universe.

The Canadian scientist James Peebles has been awarded half of the 9m Swedish kronor (£740,000) prize announced by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm on Tuesday for his theoretical discoveries about the evolution of the universe. A Swiss duo of astronomers, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz, will share the other half of the prize for their discovery of the first planet beyond our solar system.
Nobel prize in physics awarded to cosmology and exoplanet researchers
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● NEWS ● #us #climate #science ☞ What #ClimateChange Will Do to Three Major American Cities by 2100
Nach dem Lkw-Zwischenfall in Limburg sucht die Polizei nach einem Motiv. Unfall oder Anschlag? Diese Frage ist bisher nicht beantwortet. Gestern hatte ein Mann mit einem gestohlenen Lkw Autos gerammt - neun Menschen wurden verletzt.
Gestohlener Lkw rammt Autos in Limburg - Hintergründe noch unklar
#Health #Legal #Lifestyle #LimburgadLahn #Religion #Science #Unfälle
Infrared imaging promises new insight into Plato cosmosmagazine.com/technology/inf… #science via @CosmosMagazine
In Limburg ist ein Lastwagen auf mehrere Fahrzeuge aufgefahren. 17 Menschen wurden verletzt, einer davon schwer. Nach ersten Ermittlungen der Polizei war der Wagen gestohlen.
Gestohlener Lastwagen rammt Autos - ein Schwerverletzter
#Health #Legal #Lifestyle #LimburgadLahn #Religion #Science #Unfälle
Reward #science

...not #patents

Not in every domain is #patent #law needed
#Nobel Prize Honors 3 Who Showed How Cells Adapt to #Oxygen Levels
https://www.ajmc.com/focus-of-the-week/nobel-prize-honors-3-who-showed-how-cells-adapt-to-oxygen-levels #science
Two US scientists, one from UK awarded Nobel Medicine Prize for finding how cells adapt to fluctuating oxygen levels. #Health #Science #Science&Technology
William G Kaelin, Sir Peter Ratcliffe and Gregg L Semenza share 9m Swedish krona prize for work on how cells adapt to oxygen availability

Three scientists have shared this year’s Nobel prize in physiology or medicine for discovering how cells use oxygen to burn fuel and help the body maintain and grow new tissues.

William Kaelin Jr at Harvard University; Sir Peter Ratcliffe at Oxford University and the Francis Crick Institute in London; and Gregg Semenza at Johns Hopkins University won for “how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability,” the Nobel committee said.
Nobel prize in medicine awarded to hypoxia researchers
#Nobelprizes #Medicalresearch #Science #Sweden #Europe #Peopleinscience #Scienceprizes #Worldnews
The first of this year’s prizes is about to be announced at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm

2.27pm BST

Another October, another collection of Nobel prizes. And as always, first up is the award in physiology or medicine. Somewhere around the world a phone is about the ring to tell a researcher that they have scooped the ultimate gong – and within the hour they will be headline news, fielding calls from journalists.

The event today is being live-streamed from the Nobel assembly at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and I’ll be here to share the build-up, winners and reaction with you.
Nobel prize in physiology or medicine – live!
#Nobelprizes #Medicalresearch #Peopleinscience #Science #Scienceprizes #Worldnews #Sweden #Europe
Gidi Kroon - 2019-10-05 20:41:22 GMT
I've seen #CloudsOfSilsMaria twice in a row now, because it's that sort of film. Amazing performances by #JulietteBinoche, #KristenStewart and #ChloëGraceMoretz, as expected. It's both about acting and about getting older.
● NEWS ● #climate #science ☞ #GretaThunberg in Review https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/10/04/greta-thunberg-in-review/ "small and determined fifteen-year-old child named Greta Thunberg, wisely used her platform to berate these world leaders"
Greta Thunberg in Review
● NEWS ● #gop #trump #antiintellectualism ☞ #Science Advice Shouldn’t Be at the Whim of a President and His Appointees
Soh Kam Yung - 2019-10-05 06:38:04 GMT
Wow. @davidrevoy on making "a big high quality comic book using only FLOSS from scratch!" Done with Krita, Inkscape, Scribus on Kubuntu 18.04.2 LTS.

#Software #Art #Comics #FLOSS

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