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Cat on Constantine’s Foot.

Source: Tumblr
Here is some info about the Colossus of Constantine. i do not know if there is more than one statue of Constantine's prodigious left foot, maybe so?

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xxyxxyart - 2019-11-20 01:01:29 GMT
A handsome little mastodon pin for those who want to talk about the wonders of mastodon with strangers.

More at https://xxyxxyart.com

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Three lions on a beach: a sculpture for the age of Brexit
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Beim Baden gestörte Nymphe (Nymph disturbed while bathing)

Alexander Calandrelli (1885)
Originalgroße bronzene Replik im Kurpark von Bad Wildungen. Original-sized bronze replica.

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Karen C - 2019-05-25 13:06:21 GMT
Finished the sparkle dragon last night, took pictures in the morning light today.


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Weltenburger Enge, Donaudurchbruch / Danube breakthrough
The Danube is an extraordinary river: at around 2850 kilometres in length, it is the second longest river in Europe after the Volga. On this length, the Danube connects ten countries with very different cultures. It is also very idiosyncratic because it is the only major river in Europe that flows from west to east. It was and is one of the most important trade routes in Europe. On its long course, it takes on all the forms that a river can have: from almost stagnant waters to torrential torrents.
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This Artist Spent 10 Years Creating Tallest #ird #Sculpture In The World (200ft)

Ask any traveler to name a few countries you should visit in your lifetime and most will have #India somewhere on the top of the list. The extraordinary cuisine, mind blowing history and sacred temples are rich with culture. There is now another reason one should visit the magical country
Printemps à Mons (Belgique) / Lente in Bergen (België) / Spring in Mons (Belgium) / Frühling in Mons (Belgien) /
Primavera a Mons (Belgio)

Image/photo Il y a un air de printemps à Mons ! Le petit singe pose avec des fleurs pour la photo …
Image/photo Er hangt in Bergen lente in de lucht ! Het aapje poseert met bloemen voor de foto ...
Image/photo Spring is in the air in Mons ! The little monkey is posing with flowers for the photo …
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Body shock: Suspiria’s Damien Jalet unleashes his headless dancers
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Famed Belgian statue wasted 1,000 to 2,500 litres of fresh clean drinking water each day

For four centuries the celebrated Manneken Pis – the “peeing boy” in the local Dutch dialect – has embodied the laissez-faire culture of the Belgians.

But, to the surprise of officials in the city of Brussels, it has emerged that the bronze statue had been weeing fresh clean drinking water – some 1,000 to 2,500 litres of it a day, sufficient for the use of 10 households – directly into the city’s sewers.
Manneken Pis no longer peeing water down the drain
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Please don't try doing 10 things at a time unless you are equipped like this - with brain and neural pathways to match!

This is Quan Am [ 观音 - or Avolokiteshvara/Kuan Yin ] - the Bodhisattva (Buddha reincarnation) of compassion.
From Vietnam, 18th Century, on exhibit at the Ringling Museum of Asian Art.

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Sculpture of Virgin Mary and baby Jesus unveiled to be by Da Vinci

the sculpture has many of the telltale fingerprints of da Vinci: The Virgin Mary has the signature enigmatic smile, the fabric of her dress mimics drawings of folds and draperies that da Vinci was doing at the time, and the giggling, realistic baby Christ is standard da Vinci, whose drawings of children showed a similar attention to expression.

“The Virgin with the Laughing Child” joins the “nude Mona Lisa,” another mystery work that is thought to be a da Vinci. The charcoal drawing, known as the Monna Vanna, was originally thought to have been made by a student of da Vinci, but the Louvre believes that the Renaissance master himself is behind it.
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Design – Dezeen - 2019-03-05 11:02:28 GMT

Matthew Simmonds explores historic architecture in stone sculptures

Doric columns, arches and vaulted ceilings are among the architectural details that Matthew Simmonds has carved from stone in these intricate sculptures.

The result of a lifelong interest in stone architecture, British sculptor Simmonds' portfolio explores the characteristics
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The story of the greatest art thief in the world

-What sets Breitwieser apart from nearly every other art thief—it's the trait, he believes, that has facilitated his prowess—is that he will steal only pieces that stir him emotionally. And he insists that he never sells any. Stealing art for money, he says, is stupid. Money can be made with far less risk. But stealing for love, Breitwieser knows, is ecstatic._

It's the first weekend of February 1997, and both are only 25 years old, though Breitwieser's already been stealing art for a while.

When he covets an object, says Breitwieser, he feels the emotional wallop of a coup de coeur—literally, a blow to the heart. There are just things that make him swoon. “Looking at something beautiful,” he explains, “I can't help but weep. There are people who do not understand this, but I can cry for objects.”
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We warmly welcome Smart Owie, renowned #Nigerian artist and sculptor, who became an #AR-Resident in January 2019. Owie’s @ArtistsatRisk (AR) Residency is curated by @PerpetuumMobi (PM) and co-funded by Front Line Defenders @FrontLineHRD and the AR-Secretariat.

He is currently in safety at an undisclosed AR-Safe Haven Residency in Africa. #SmartOwie was forced to leave #Nigeria under highly difficult circumstances.


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STRÓBL, Alajos
(b. 1856, Liptóújvár, d. 1926, Budapest)
Our Mother
Marble, height 161 cm
Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest

“Our Mother” by Alajos Stróbl was awarded the Grand Prix at the Paris World Exhibition of 1900. He worked on it for three years and completed it in the year of the Millennium, 1896. Although it is doubtlessly one of the most intimate work of Hungarian sculpture, it had only moderate success in Hungary, despite the fact that the Museum of Fine Arts bought it year it was completed. The artist chose the subject himself, inspired by an inner drive. The chosen subject clearly determined the style of representation, the sensitive modelling and the emotional content. The expressiveness and its human warmth make it one of the outstanding pieces of... Show more...

On the vagina statue, located at the Tübingen university

But in 2014, an American student studying abroad in Germany came across the striking anatomical depiction and decided to pose for pictures with it along with some friends.

The story of the trapped student received a lot of attention from the media, bringing the intriguing artwork out of the shadows and putting it in the international spotlight.

The sculpture can be accessed without any restrictions all year long. Please, learn from others' mistakes and do not enter it.

Did you hear it? Don't unbirth yourself, don't enter the vagina.
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(b. 1696, Caviola d’Agordo, d. 1778, Treviso)
St Roch Healing Victims of the Plague
Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Venice

This wooden door with carved relief decoration is from a series of 24 cupboards placed on either side of the altar in the Sala Superiore. These reliefs show an artist whose vocabulary reveals a mature and original personality.
(b. 1696, Caviola d'Agordo, d. 1778, Treviso)
San Rocco, Venice

This statue is placed, together with its pendant St Cecilia, beneath the organ in the church of San Rocco. Although these statues still exercises their right to indulge in elegant and sophisticated detail or to emphasize some virtuoso angle (Goliath's head, or the way hair is dressed and styled), they nevertheless seem full of foretastes of things to come: Canova and the Neo-classicism.
(active c. 1318 in Venice)
Recumbent figure of St Simeon
c. 1318
San Simeone Grande, Venice

In the early part of the fourteenth century Venetian sculptors were still firmly tied to traditional formulas.This may have been one of the reasons why more demanding patrons, such as Bartolomeo Ravachaulo, rector of San Simeone, preferred to commission sculptors from other towns. One example is the recumbent figure from the dismembered tomb of St Simeon, carved by Marco Romano, who gained his artistic training in the circle of Giovanni Pisano.

Tracks – © 2019 – Robert N. Clinton (aka CyberShutterbug)

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R2D2 – © 2019 – Robert N. Clinton (aka CyberShutterbug)

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Our Lady of Montserrat
La Moreneta (Catalan: the Dear Dark One)
According to one legend, Luke carved this statue with Mary sitting as his model and him using the carpentry tools of Joseph. Later Peter brought it from Jerusalem to Barcelona. - Another story says that some other disciple in Jerusalem carved her and that she had some connection with St. James, the brother of Jesus who led the church in Jerusalem and later went to Spain. This version credits Bishop St. Eteres with bringing the image to Barcelona.

Asides from these discrepancies, the story continues uniformly. In the 8th century Spain was invaded by Muslims and Barcelona besieged for three years. In 718, when defeat was imminent, Our Lady was taken to the nearby mountains, hidden in a cave, and apparently forgotten.
Then, in 890 she decided to come out of hidin... Show more...
Wanna Dance

Wanna Dance – © 2019 – Robert N. Clinton (aka CyberShutterbug)

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Wanna Dance
C3PO & BB8

C3PO BB8 – © 2019 – Robert N. Clinton (aka CyberShutterbug)

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C3PO & BB8
_David _
Artist Michelangelo Buonarotti (1475–1564)
Year 1501–1504
Medium Marble sculpture
Subject Biblical David
Dimensions 517 cm × 199 cm (17 ft × 6.5 ft)
Location Galleria dell’Accademia, Floren... Show more...
The Sith

The Sith – © 2019 – Robert N. Clinton (aka CyberShutterbug)

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The Sith
Target Green

Target Green – © 2019 – Robert N. Clinton (aka CyberShutterbug)

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Target Green
Impatient, Are We?

Impatient, Are We? – © 2019 – Robert N. Clinton (aka CyberShutterbug)

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Impatient, Are We?
Luke, I am Your Father

Luke, I am Your Father – © 2019 – Robert N. Clinton (aka CyberShutterbug)

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Luke, I am Your Father
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