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i dont feel male, i dont feel female. i feel human.
i dont feel young, i dont feel old. i feel now.
i dont feel colour, i dont feel colour. i am.
i dont feel homosexual, i dont feel hetrosexual. just am.
i dont feel disabled, i dont feel enabled. being me.
and even if i did... i still just feel human now. and am.
and you...

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The #Sexism of #SearchEngines

Search engines seem to classify female naked skin simply as "more relevant", whereas men are mostly in dark suits. And so search engines manifest sexist structures.

How you can test it:

Choose a search engine like #DuckDuckGo, #Google or #Bing. Turn "Safe Search" off. Search for a typical male first name then for a typical female one.

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Johnson was challenged by one caller about an article he wrote in 1995 in which he blamed single mothers for “producing a generation of ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate children.”

The caller, Ruth from Oldham, said: “I am a single mother. I don’t appreciate what you have said about single mothers, and by implication my family. Why are you happy to criticise people like me, when you refuse to discuss your family?”

It is known that Johnson has four children with his estranged wife, Marina, and it is believed he has one or possibly more offspring from other relationships, though Johnson has always refused to discuss this. #politics #hypocrisy #sexism
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The Democratic Primary calendar disempowers the party’s real base: Black women
● NEWS ● #sexism #goldenDawnald ☞ 'Yeah, Yeah, We Know': Top #Trump Defender Jim Jordan Under Renewed Fire for Dismissing Complaints of #SexualMolestation
I don't think it is a coincidence that this rightful justice decision concerns a woman of all police officers. This welcome decision must not erase the countless white law enforcement men who got away with killing innocent black people.
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I hate when anything refers to "common household items", optionally "hiding in your cupboards". This assumes someone else thought about buying these items at some point in the past, and guess who's expected to think about it?

Definitely not me.

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Frances "Poppy" Northcutt was the first female engineer in NASA's mission control.
Poppy Northcutt’s headset crackled as a fellow mission controller again directed his colleagues to turn to a specific camera channel on their consoles.

It was 1968 and the 25-year-old Northcutt often was too busy running Apollo 8 simulations to pay this channel any
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#Racism , #intolerance , #sexism and #bullying are rampant at Microsoft; but #Microsoft would rather deflect/divert/sidetrack to Google and so-called ‘GAFA’
Interesting piece about the awfully sexist "Nice Guy" IRL trend and how it manifests in video games.

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via @Dash
You Know What's Gross? We Often Play Nice Guys™ In Games With Romance Options
I had been moved by this story: a female athlete had been banned from competition because her testosterone levels were naturally high, citing an "unfair biological advantage".

But competitive sport is mostly about biological advantage. All professional athletes have the same time in a day to train and practice, so biological differences are a big part of the differentiation between
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Trumpism goes global
I had been moved by this story: a female athlete had been banned from competition because her testosterone levels were naturally high, citing an "unfair biological advantage".

But competitive sport is mostly about biological advantage. All professional athletes have the same time in a day to train and practice, so biological differences are a big part of the differentiation between competitors.

So the subtext of this decision clearly was sexist as she wasn't deemed female enough by the sport authorities to compete with fellow women. If anything, this event should remind everyone that competition is never fair, that nature doesn't care about simplistic categories, and that women have always been deemed inferior to men in sports, regardless of their performance.

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If you're a heterosexual man and are actively seeking to deflower women, you don't enjoy sex, you just enjoy defiling the supposed temple of purity virgin women are made out to be and as such should be castrated.
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#google #microsoft and #ibm have all had #sexism and #racism "HEY HI" (AI) scandals. IBM used openwashing PR to googlebomb the area/subject out of sight, now Google does the same
#PyCon has become a sad joke. Talking money from highly misogynistic firms like #microsoft (which effectively bought PyCon) while pretending to actually care about #sexism etc.
This isn't the wife-beating, woman-murdering kind of #sexism, it just is the ordinary sexism that routinely snuffs out opportunities for women because men are expected not to be able to deal with women performing better than them.
If lipstick distresses you, you're the problem.

In response, over 5,000 Weibo users rallied around the woman, posting pictures of themselves in full goth make-up with the hashtag ‘#ASelfieForTheGuangzhouMetro.’ In response to this outcry, the Guangzhou subway has since apologized, and a staff member has been suspended.

Being tormented for how they look is something goths the world over are all too familiar with, the most notable and tragic case of this being the murder of Sophie Lancaster in 2007.

FULL ARTICLE HERE: https://www.kerrang.com/the-news/chinese-goths-rally-around-woman-forced-to-remove-distressing-make-up-on-subway/
Tue 19 Mar 2019 06.10 GMT

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London Fire Brigade accused of being sexist for using outdated language

"Come on @peppapig, we've not been firemen for 30 years," tweeted the brigade.__
_"You have a huge influence on kids & using out of date stereotypical gender specific wording prevents young girls from becoming firefighters."

"Sadly Penny's involvement in the show is completely devalued by the constant use of the outdated term fireman in the catchy theme tune, title and on all merchandise," the brigade said.
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Remember that #facebook bans people on its platform for #sexism

Time for #fb tom boot FB. #deletefacebook
Facebook Revamps Its Ad-Targeting System To Stop Discrimination
It is discouraging to see politicians whose views and maybe religion (mostly a choice, apostasy aside) play a greater role than colour and gender (not a choice), yet #corporatemedia tries to paint that as #racism and #sexism
Makeup: Western equivalent of the veil. A daily reminder that something is wrong with women’s normal looks. A public apology.
Marie Shear (1940-2017) American writer and feminist activist
“Media Watch: Celebrating Women’s Words,” New Directions for Women (May/Jun 1986)

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“Media Watch: Celebrating Women’s Words,” New Directions for Women (May/Jun 1986)
♲ Chris Kim A (111737932039524866299@plus.google.com):
“Did we hit our numbers?”

These are the five words said by every CEO at the end of every financial quarter. Despite their desire to bring great products to their customers or meaningful work to their employees, this question will dictate what a company does next. No matter their intentions, ethics, morals, or cultural background, leaders are beholden to prioritize shareholder profits; every CEO’s business decision is subservient to this primary directive.
Maximizing shareholder profits is a great way to destroy humanity
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Women are too picky, Japanese deputy PM states

"There are lots of strange people who say the elderly are to blame, but that is wrong," said Aso, who also holds the role of finance minister. "The problem is with those who didn't give birth."

The young say that it's the elders' fault for keeping on living, while the elders say that it's the young females' fault for not giving birth to more children. Interesting debate discourse...

"It gave a false impression without conveying the meaning of my original remark," Aso explained, without clarifying what he had actually wanted to say.

This would've indeed been interesting to hear what he meant to say.

Tokyo has the largest number of children on waiting lists for day care facilities. More than 5,400 children are seeking an elusive spot at day care centers in the city, nearly 30% of the national total.

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Replacement to Kavanaugh in district court unveiled

Recently, writings of Rao’s while at Yale University have been unearthed. “A good way to avoid a potential date rape is to stay reasonably sober,” Rao wrote in 1994. “And if she drinks to the point where she can no longer choose, well, getting to that point was part of her choice. … Implying that a drunk woman has no control of her actions, but that a drunk man does strips women of all moral responsibility.”

Because when a woman was raped, it was of course her own fault, not the offender's. It's simple as that.

Rao added: “No one knows whether sexuality is a biological phenomenon or a social construct. The truth may lie somewhere in the middle.”

“In a moment where we have a huge cultural and societal reckoning, this administration is showing it’s not going to take a leadership role in preventing sexual harassment.”

Remember what the sitting president has become known best for in the beginning of his c... Show more...

Disqualification due to maternal instincts?

It's interesting to see that sexists really think they are right with their bizare arguments. I mean, if there was one thing one should have to take over a political office, it's responsibility, and the realisation that one has to take care for his people. A true statesman knows what to do, and that is to do the best for one's people who have elected one into the office. As Friedrich the Great called himself, he was the first servant of his people. Thus, if women were led by their maternal instincts, wouldn't that actually be a reason to elect them into office? At least I mainly recognised to be well-mannered and rationally thinking individuals, while men were often led by blind anger or irrational decisions, beside swashbuckling behaviour that led us into wars.

Actually, I already write more than Charles deserves. Let's call a spade a spade, and a sexist a sexist. Thanks a lot.

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Aus den Untiefen der deutschen Fernsehunterhaltung

Besonders an der Tatsache, dass am selben Donnerstag, an dem die Show ausgestrahlt wurde, im deutschen Bundestag eine Feier zum 100-jährigen Bestehen des Frauenwahlrechts abgehalten wurde, hängen sich viele Twitter-User auf.

Hier wird mich niemand davon überzeugen können, dass der Sendetermin in Relation zum 100. Jahrestag des Frauenwahlrechts "Zufall" gewesen sei, das war Kalkül der obersten Heeresleitung dieses Schundsenders. Da sieht man mal, dass profitgeile Typetten bei solchen Sendern absolut keine Moral besitzen, und vor allem keine Hemmschwelle. Die sind sich für keine Missetat zu schade; wahrscheinlich holen sie sich bei ihren eigenen Erzeugnissen an ihrem Schreibtisch einen runter, weil es selbst ihre eigenen Frauen nicht mehr mit ihnen tun wollen.
Meines Erachtens sollten solche Sender für sowas geschlossen werden, sowas ist unter der Würde des Menschen, und das spricht auch für die Prostituierten, die sich für sowas verkaufen.

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On the new #Gilette ad and toxic masculinity

The advertisement features news clips of reporting on the #MeToo movement, as well as images showing sexism in films, in boardrooms, and of violence between boys, with a voice over saying: “Bullying, the MeToo movement against sexual harassment, toxic masculinity, is this the best a man can get?”

The Emmy-award winning actor and prominent Donald Drumpf supporter James Woods meanwhile accused Gillette of “jumping on the ‘men are horrible’ campaign” and pledged to boycott its products.

Far-right magazine The New American attacked the advertisement’s message, saying it “reflects many false suppositions”, adding that: “Men are the wilder sex, which accounts for their dangerousness – but also their dynamism.”

Yes, I know about the dynamism that leads to uncont... Show more...

#MadWorlds No.17 #documentary #film
#mentalhealth fighting illness and stigma
We posted this after helping one of us in Gilets Lavandes manage depression and crisis this week.

We hope this film lets others who go through shit know they are not alone.
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Some #Corporatemedia will tell us that the #surveillanceCapitalism device of Lora DiCarlo lost its #ces award because of #sexism as if to say that #femmewashing #surveillance is acceptable a modality for making spying seem moral. Even in one's vagina.
"PM Morrison's comments about sending his mates to "sort out" Pamela Anderson was much appreciated by IA readers, gaining over 39,000 unique views."
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Crazy "Politically Correct" world or The short and long lists of ~~forbidden themes~~ activist's stupidity

Konstantin Kisin
11:20 AM - 10 Dec 2018

I just received an invitation to perform comedy at a university... The title of this "contract" nearly made me puke.

@UnleashedComedy pic.twitter.com/4tUPCFwTLG

But can I ask one small question... "Islamophobia"... - ok! "Biphobia"? (what is the fucking word "biphobia"?), etc. ... well, ok.

But where is the word ANTISEMITISM in this list? Is this theme resolved for jokes in the "School of African and Oriental Studies"?

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A question of one's understanding

Perhaps the song would have a better reputation if the gender roles were reversed. In Neptune’s Daughter, it’s performed twice: Once with Ricardo Montalbán as the aggressor and Esther Williams as his target, and then again with Betty Garrett pressuring Red Skelton. Skelton gets so flustered as he tries to leave that he puts on Garrett’s coat and picks up her purse.
In the song’s original score, the duet partners are designated only as “wolf” and “mouse,” with genders unspecified, and the song’s many decades of covers have featured several women taking the wolf’s role—including Miss Piggy of the Muppets, who relentlessly pursued ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, clad only in a towel.

The times, they are a changing...

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On equality between men and women

That number has some significant shortcomings, researchers have long argued. Women work different kinds of jobs than men do and have different levels of work experience, too. They are more likely to be in low-wage industries, like home-health work. Indeed, women hold 47 percent of jobs overall, but 58 percent of jobs in occupations that typically pay less than $11 an hour, a recent study by the National Women’s Law Center found. Given those dynamics, the 20-cent pay gap reflects the kinds of jobs women hold as much as anything else.

But don't the jobs they choose to work in deserve to be paid better than now, to clear that pay gap? I mean, we have to realise that many women live alone, but have to feed a child or two, beside the fact that they have to pay rents and debts just like their male counterparts. Given those facts beside, we should think about improving the jobs they work in, to not let them down just by having made a certain choice. Because those jobs don't only exist just because women have to be employed... Show more...


If you say that it can’t be #racism or #sexism if it is targeting a #White #Male, then you are a #Racist and a #Sexist.

If you have a problem with this you are a #NPC that everyone is talking about.
#sjw (not) #pc (not) #cultural #marxism

7 Non-Tech Jobs That Underrepresent Women (And the Story They Tell)


#women #sexism #jobs
I'm starting a new thread so as not to hijack someone's introductoty newhere thread. It's about #gender, #sex and #sexism. I was surprised at a comment that
there is very little evidence that biological sex is the basis for gender and/or sexism.
It seems to me that the connection between gender and sex is obvious, with plenty of evidence: most mammals, including our relatives, chimpanzees and gorillas, have different behaviour among male and female - and we can recognise this behaviour as it has similarities to our concepts of traditional male and female gender roles, with males fighting over females, females doing most care for the young, and more. I think that if you want to argue that biological sex is not the basis of gender, the onus is on you to supply another reasonable explanation.

Same #Jesus, devout follower of Judaism, King of the Jews, Christ and Jewish Messiah. One day a raging racist, bigot, sexist. Then overnight, not.

Glad to see that Jesus has come to his sense's!


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Women at Microsoft Confront Its Worker-Friendly Image ttps://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-06-11/microsoft-women-confront-company-s-worker-friendly-image #techrights covered dozens of examples of #microsoft #sexism
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