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“If you want to join #Alibaba , you need to be prepared to work 12 hours a day, otherwise why even bother joining.” No life, only #slavery and sleeping session in between. So why even live? Money?
Harvard’s Tacit Endorsement of #Slavery
Harvard’s Tacit Endorsement of Slavery
We don't have exact data on how pervasive child slavery is in Ghana, but we can't accept harmful child labour as normal. #Childrights #Ghana #Childlabour #Childtrafficking #slavery #Africa
At #slavery, night shift. I have downloaded #TuxPaint on my tablet and created a concept of a catchable ( #Pokémon -like ) monster. Releasing under #CC0. This is a second monster of what I am hoping will eventually become a complete #publicdomain set of catchable monsters.

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US-American philosopher Henry David Thoreau on civil disobedience

At first, Thoreau agreed with Emerson’s teaching that social reform begins with the individual. In 1845, he built a hut at Walden Pond on property owned by Emerson. For the next few years, Thoreau lived simply off the land, meditated, and wrote about nature.

In July 1846, the sheriff arrested and jailed Thoreau for his tax delinquency. Someone, probably a relative, anonymously paid Thoreau’s taxes after he had spent one night in jail. This incident prompted Thoreau to write his famous essay, “Civil Disobedience” (originally published in 1849 as “Resistance to Civil Government”).

Thoreau declared that if the government required people to participate in injustice by obeying “unjust laws,” then people should “break the laws” even if they ended up in prison. “Under a government which imprisons any unjustly,” he asserted, “the true place for a just man is also a prison.”
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On the search for heavenly bread raining from the sky

Many have mined biblical verses for clues about the Old Testament substance. Adding to the puzzle are the other descriptions of the food in the Bible: on hot days, manna melted in the sun. If not gathered quickly enough, it rotted and bred worms. In Exodus, it’s referred to as “like coriander seed, white,” with a taste “like wafers made with honey.” Numbers, on the other hand, likens the flavor to “fresh oil” and describes how the Israelites “ground it in mills, or beat it in a mortar, and baked it in pans, and made cakes of it.”

To look for historical as well as scientific foundation in such fantastic encounters must be an arduous endeavour.

ccording to the Jewish mystical treatise known as the Zohar, the consumption of manna imparted sacred knowledge of the divine. Another Jewish text, The Book of Wisdom, even claims that the flavor of manna magically changed according to the tastes of the person who ate it.

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#Harvard Profiting From Photos of Slaves, Lawsuit Says https://www.truthdig.com/articles/harvard-profiting-from-photos-of-slaves-lawsuit-says/ #slavery #history #education
Harvard Profiting From Photos of Slaves, Lawsuit Says
First day at a new #slavery (sometimes called a #job) -- it is at a factory reception in a nearby factory, 12 hour shifts. It's no sitting around, there is a lot of things to do: record every vehicle and person going in/out, redirect calls, weight trucks, check the employees aren't drunk or stealing stuff, deliver mails, periodically check stuff in the factory like fridge temperatures and call repairmen and so on. No breaks for meal, it has to be done on-the-go.

The employer pays me as little as legally possible, not enough to live off of, and despite explicitly promising the opposite they made the contract so that they don't have to pay my social insurance, due to which I don't have a right for pension when I'm old and am literally supposed to just starve. I am hoping some kind of #basicincome will get implemented until them.

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#bribery by the #slavery -disguised-as #massincarceration industry
Systemic 'genocide' of #native Americans carries on, but it's running on low fire or low gear and the methods vary like #slavery of blacks by #massincarceration and pot as a crime, not champagne (rich white men's drug)
Can Native American Tribes Protect Their Land If They’re Not Recognized by the Federal Government?
This is the Evangelical nut who left in protest a football game because black people silently protested police brutality -- a remnant of outright #slavery and #racism

Kamala Harris' family were slave owners xD

… took #Trump #donations for years, broke the #record on #incarcerated #Black #Men, …! xD


Kamala Harris-Emoff’s father spoke proudly of his #Jamaican roots and #family #history as #slave #owners, with #JamaicanGlobeNews. Kamala’s policies as #AG of #California were no different than that of her #slave-owner history. It also speaks to her horrific #campaign kickoff speech, where she blatantly disregards the #pains and #history of #AfricanAmerican DOS and our history of #slavery in #America…

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Spotting slavery from space, and using iPads for communication disorders

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Kamala Harris' family were slave owners xD

… took #Trump #donations for years, broke the #record on #incarcerated #Black #Men, …! xD


Kamala Harris-Emoff’s father spoke proudly of his #Jamaican roots and #family #history as #slave #owners, with #JamaicanGlobeNews. Kamala’s policies as #AG of #California were no different than that of her #slave-owner history. It also speaks to her horrific #campaign kickoff speech, where she blatantly disregards the #pains and #history of #AfricanAmerican DOS and our history of #slavery in #America…

#NotTheOnion #rofl #humor #fun #lol #dems #democrats #democratParty #Kamala #Harris

Stand up for the Pledge of Fucking Allegiance, you Commie scum!

The sixth-grader from a Tampa suburb allegedly told his substitute teacher the flag is "racist" and the national anthem is offensive to black people, Bay News 9 reported, citing a statement the teacher gave the district.

Talking about the freedom of expression and indoctrination by Cultural Marxists, huh? To me, this looks like an archaic enactment from a time in which patriotism was part of the schedule at schools.

In response, the teacher said she asked the student why not go to another place to live if it was "so bad here." She said he answered, "They brought me here."

Also, once I wondered whether the Pledge Of Allegiance was still being recited in schools, before the beginning of the lesson. Now I know, and it's still an archaic procedure, like the morning prayer in private religious schools.
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#qrius promotes the lies of 'US' Chamber of Commerce, bullying and shaming #india into 'IP' #slavery https://qrius.com/india-with-the-world-is-becoming-an-ip-believer/ see http://techrights.org/2017/02/08/shaming-india-for-swpats/
India, with the world, is becoming an IP believer

Review on Toni Morrison's latest book, "Mouth Full Of Blood"

Organised into three parts titled “The Foreigner’s Home”, “Black Matter(s)”, and “God’s Language”, each section begins with a moving address to the dead: respectively, to those who died on September 11, Martin Luther King and James Baldwin. “The Foreigner’s Home” is centred on politics, particularly on questions of otherness, foreignness, citizenship and nationalism. Of who, especially in the US, gets to belong. Morrison makes plain that racism, tribalism and bigotry are nothing new – are, in fact, inherent to the broken foundation on which the nation was formed.

“Porous borders are understood in some quarters to be areas of threat and certain chaos, and whether real or imagined, enforced separation is posited as the solution,” she says. “It may be that the most defining characteristic of our times is that, again, walls and weapons feature as prominently now as they once did in medieval times.”... Show more...
The propaganda line that is "job creator" (glorifying the coercion) is similar to the old justification of #slavery (notable among which: the claim they give slaves protection and shelter, 'job' security)
Christy Coleman, CEO of the American Civil War Museum in Richmond, shares her views on the Confederate Monument debate. #slavery #UnitedStates #History #Racism #BlackLivesMatter #HumanRights

Human trafficking has been increasing, this year as well

While the average numbers of reported victims had fluctuated during the earlier years for which UNODC had collected data, the global trend has shown a steady increase since 2010. Asia and the Americas are the regions which have seen the largest increase in the numbers of victims detected, which may be explained by improved methods of detecting, recording and reporting data on trafficking – or a real increase in the number of victims.

Trafficking for sexual exploitation is the most prevalent form in European countries, whilst in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, forced labour is the main factor driving the illicit trade. Women and girls make up most trafficking victims worldwide: almost three-quarters of them are trafficked for sexual exploitation, and 35 per cent (women and girls) are trafficked for forced labour.

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#WilliamBarr Was an Ardent Champion of #MassIncarceration https://www.aclu.org/blog/smart-justice/mass-incarceration/william-barr-was-ardent-champion-mass-incarceration #trumpism #corruption #slavery ... Show more...
President Ould Abdel Aziz launches rally aimed at dampening ethnic tensions between Arab-Berbers and Haratines. #Mauritania #Africa #slavery
Recollections From Behind Bars: A Woman’s Tale https://www.truthdig.com/articles/recollections-from-behind-bars-a-womans-tale/ #massincarceration and #slavery disguised as 'safety'
Recollections From Behind Bars: A Woman’s Tale
Japan to discuss response after South Korean court freezes local assets of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp #Japan #SouthKorea #Business&Economy #AsiaPacific #slavery
One day some scholars will look back at those clueless proponents/advocates of #swpats (mostly trolls/lawyers) and view them in the same way contemporary politicians view Founding Fathers who promoted #slavery and exploited black slaves
To all the people living under the oppression of racist laws, nationalist authoritarians violating international law and any glimpse of empathy to maintain an inhuman society full of hatred and lies, and to all the migrants waiting for entrance to the US, and the people who are murdered for who they are:

Paul Robeson - Ol' Man River

#Music #Blues #Gospel #Slavery #RefugeesWelcome #MigrantCaravan #Hate #StopH8 #StopHate #StopNationalism #StopFascism #StopPatriotism

To all the people living under the oppression of racist laws, nationalist authoritarians violating international law and any glimpse of empathy to maintain an inhuman society full of hatred and lies, and to all the migrants waiting for entrance to the US, and the people who are murdered for who they are:

Paul Robeson - Ol' Man River

#Music #Blues #Gospel #Slavery #RefugeesWelcome #MigrantCaravan #Hate #StopH8 #StopHate #StopNationalism #StopFascism #StopPatriotism


A very short list of reasons why Unilever is evil

UNILEVER - Profits: 5,5 billion USD (2014)
Unilever - biggest owner of #coffee #plantations in #Africa with a turnover of 40 billion USD in 1990. Unilever turnover exceeds the gross national product (GNP) of all countries in the so-called third world and less developed countries. Unilever is one of the world’s top makers of packaged consumer goods and moves countless products like deodorants, fragrances, soap, margarine, tea and frozen foods all over the world. #
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How the #US had to change to become freer

At age 18, you are automatically registered to vote. No photo ID, no residency tests, no impediments of any kind. Advances in technology can make this happen effortlessly. Yes, voting should be restricted only to American citizens. Strict protections against foreign meddling are also necessary.

Damn, this idea is so progressive, it... Is the default case in almost every European country. But of course, the US had to be a special kind of stupid and had to invent a system that messes up the entire electoral system, to low down the trust in its own government down to 18 percent. Well done, US Americans, you successfully played yourselves.

Period. Elections, like military service—each is an example of duty, honor, and service to country—should be publicly funded. Can you imagine if we needed to rely on wealthy donors to fund the military? I know there are those who genuinely believe in privatizing everything. They are called p... Show more...

If you want to change the world, work more - way more!

When another Twitter user asked exactly how many working hours are needed in order to change the world, Elon #Musk replied this way.
Elon Musk: Varies per person, but about 80 sustained, peaking above 100 at times. Pain level increases exponentially above 80.

Damn, dude, you can't tell people to work that long, this sounds straight away like enslavement. You will not have many more employees when you tell them to work that long. It's one thing to be the boss of your company and have to work that long, this mostly comes along with the greatest payment credibly earning. But telling your normal employees to work that logn and only receive a mediocre payment, this simply doesn't work. I mean, they are going to have many stress-related illnesses in the future, starting with insomnium and depressions. You won't find many to be crazy enough to cope with this.

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“In Louisiana, black women were put in cells with male prisoners and some became pregnant. In 1848, legislators passed a new law declaring that all children born in the penitentiary of African American parents serving life sentences would be property of the state. The women would raise the kids until the age of ten, at which point the penitentiary would place an ad in the newspaper. Thirty days later, the children would be auctioned off on the courthouse steps 'cash on delivery.' The proceeds were used to fund schools for white children. . . many of [the black children] were purchased by prison officials.”

Source: American Prison: A Reporter's Undercover Journey into the Business of Punishment by Shane Bauer

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Scotland should take responsibility for the major and highly lucrative role it played in the transatlantic slave trade.
It's time for Scotland to make reparations for slavery
#Scotland #slavery #UnitedKingdom #History #Europe
Little known stories behind Frederick Douglass speaking tour in Scotland, a country is now dealing with its dark past.
When Scotland hosted an abolitionist after profiting from slavery
#Scotland #History #Europe #UnitedKingdom #slavery #US&Canada #UnitedStates


#familytree #mixedrace #slavery
A Family Tree With Roots Deep In Slavery
My mother, who is white, chose to have me and raise me on her own. My father is black, but because he has never been part of my life, I've never held a strong black identity or felt I belonged to any single race. I grew up in very diverse and liberal surroundings where, if anyone asked, I was racially mixed, and that was fine... According to 23andMe, I'm 66.2 percent European, which includes 51 percent Ashkenazi Jewish, and 32.6 percent sub-Saharan African. These numbers didn't change who I had always been, but they suggested that my father's ancestry might be less straightforward than I thought...

About idiot #America and its beloved 2nd Amendment

In 19 of the cases, air marshals allegedly fired their weapons accidentally. For example, the documents state that in 2017 an agent based in Charlotte, North Carolina, "unintentionally discharged a personally owned firearm resulting in a gunshot wound to his right foot."

This is when the Darwin Award is about to jeopardise innocent people's safety because some dumb rednecks stick to a law that was created when public shootouts and duels were still a thing, as well as legal #slavery.

#US #USA #News #GunControl #GunAbuse #2ndAmendment #SecondAmendment
“This Registry is a fantastic resource for everyone in business, civil society and government wanting to eradicate modern #slavery. Millions of #activists can now use this Registry to review companies’ efforts and we will be highlighting the better informed company statements as examples of analysis and commitment to be emulated.”
#humanrights #slavetrade #modernslavery
Modern slavery registry
A personal story of owning and learning from a legacy associated with modern interpretations of racism in the US.
The Confederate debate in my blood: My cousin Robert E Lee
#slavery #UnitedStates #Racism #History #TheFarRight
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