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BIZZARE. Lindsey Lohan gets punched in the face for trying to steal Syrian children in Moscow.

Fast-forward to 9:25 to see her get smacked. This kooky slut acts like it's the first time anyone gave her a good pop.

#Vampire #LindsayLohan #Moscow #Syria #Child #Trafficking #Smack #Video

smacking the wannabe cop...


#shaq #smack #head #animatedgif
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Why we don't publish at the Play Store

We got some requests recently, asking, why we do not publish #dandelion at the #GooglePlay.
So here are our main reasons, why we don't plan to uploadthe app there currently.

First of all, we do not comply with Googles terms of service. Having to pay ~25€ to Google who did not write the app and does not respect your freedom nor your privacy on its platforms (Youtube, GMail...) just doesn't feel right.
We believe, that our userbase is well aware of the privacy concerns that come with using Google's Services, so many diaspora\* users actually get their apps through F-Droid (which is great).
Second, if a user that does not know about F-Droid yet... Show more...
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