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Abortion Without Borders to offer women advice and funds to seek treatment abroad
Pro-choice activists launch abortion initiative in Poland
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A nagging thought I have about a trivial but very important matter

#Conversations and the #Attractiveness of the person you want to converse with have an awkward social legacy.

Regardless of what is about to follow, I am not saying that #Men have it easy while I'm simultaneously explicitly explaining why I think #Women have it difficult. This is a very #nuanced topic and I want to concentrate on what I see as #problems women have in #society that seem to definitely re... Show more...

Yes! and...

How to be effective in the theatre of work
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Forget the Scarf. These #Gifts Change Lives.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/30/opinion/sunday/holiday-gift-guide.html
It used to be thought of as a #miracle to cure someone of blindness or heal a disfiguring #disease. Now we all have that #power. May you enjoy a miraculous #holiday season.
A gift that everyone can use even in our affluent #society is health and it can now actually be given away. How cool is that?


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The New York Times: Opinion | Forget the Scarf. These Gifts Change Lives. (By Nicholas Kristof)

An article worth reading
Why celebrate generosity or worry about niceness when what we need is systemic change?... But it turns out there is a sweeping scientific case for kindness.

At a personal level, there’s ample evidence that being aware of your emotions and generous to yourself improves your physical and mental health, as well as your relationships with others. Kindness and its cousins—altruism, generosity, and so on—has societal effects as well. Fessler’s research has indicated that kindness is contagious.

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The #Tesla CyberTruck is literally the definition of where the #future is going.

#Rich people needing tanks to drive around in as through their greed they plunge #society deeper and deeper towards #anarchy.
Vox refusal to sign joint all-party statement outrages civil rights groups and embarrasses allies
Spain's far-right Vox blocks violence against women declaration
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Vessel ran aground in Galicia and is believed to be carrying 3,000kg of cocaine

Spanish police and customs officers are trying to refloat an apparent “narco-submarine” that ran aground off the coast of Galicia while carrying a reported three tonnes of cocaine.

Two people were arrested on Sunday morning while a third man escaped after the vessel was intercepted in an estuarine inlet in the north-western Spanish region.
Spanish police attempt to refloat captured 'narco-submarine'
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The rape of men: the darkest secret of war | Society | The Guardian

During his escape from the civil war in neighbouring Congo, he had been separated from his wife and taken by rebels. His captors raped him, three times a day, every day for three years. And he wasn't the only one. He watched as man after man was taken and raped. The wounds of one were so grievous that he died in the cell in front of him.

"That was hard for me to take," Owiny tells me today. "There are certain things you just don't believe can happen to a man, you get me? But I know now that sexual violence against men is a huge problem. Everybody has heard the women's stories. But nobody has heard the men's."

It's not just in East Africa that these stories remain unheard. One of the few academics to have looked into the issue in any detail is Lara Stemple, of the University of California's Health and Human Rights Law Project. Her study Male Rape and Human Rights notes incidents of male sexual violence as a weapon of wartime or political aggression in countries such as Chile, Greece
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Government’s announcement represents blatant disregard for human rights, says IRC

Greece is poised to create “prison” island camps, say aid groups amid growing criticism of government plans to overhaul refugee reception centres on Aegean outposts facing Turkey.

As the UN refugee agency’s top official, Filippo Grandi, prepared this week to fly to Lesbos, where almost 16,000 people are crammed into a single facility, Athens was criticised for adopting legislation in contravention of basic human rights.
Aid groups condemn Greece over 'prison' camps for migrants
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Разогнутая скрепа

Всякий авторитарный режим нуждается в точках опоры, которые должны сплачивать общество. И нынешний российский режим не исключение. В ряду мифических внешних вр... Show more...
Swift judicial processes and more funding for shelters are badly needed, say campaigners

Sara Di Pietrantonio was 22 when she was strangled and burned to death by an ex-boyfriend who couldn’t accept the relationship was over. Her smouldering body was found at the side of a road on the outskirts of Rome by her mother, Concetta Raccuia. The police officer leading the case said Pietrantonio’s murder in June 2016 was the most heinous crime he had ever seen. Four months later, Stefania Formicola, 28, was shot dead in Naples by the husband she was trying to leave. Her two sons are being cared for by their grandmother, Adriana Formicola.

As more than 10,000 people marched in Rome on Saturday to mark the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Raccuia and Formicola shared their stories with the Guardian. More than three years have passed since their daughters were murdered but Italy is still struggling to protect women from violent men. Official figures released last week showed 142 women were murdered in 2018, up from 123 in 2017... Show more...
Candy superstores dotted along Swedish side of border are booming as levy rises again

It seems unfair to call it a sweet shop. In the shopping centre north of Charlottenberg in south-western Sweden, barely four miles from Norway and less than 90 minutes’ drive from Oslo, is a candy superstore.

Arrayed across 3,500 sq metres of floor space – half a football pitch – are aisle upon aisle of sugary treats, more than 4,000 products in all, from sour strawberries, liquorice laces and fruity gumballs to red rockets, Lion bars, M&Ms, Milky Ways and Oreos.
Norwegian sugar tax sends sweet-lovers over border to Sweden
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Буквально теми же словами высказывался на прошлой неделе.
"Иностранный агент" в современной России это знак качества. Если "иностранный агент", то гарантированно приличный человек ил... Show more...
We dedicate our lives to the game, yet get little in return. In Spain, we have said enough is enough, says Spanish goalkeeper Ainhoa Tirapu
Female footballers deserve a fair deal. That’s why we went on strike | Ainhoa Tirapu
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Nation, leading on sugar tax and advertising regulation, considering unhealthy food toll
Sweet spot: Norwegians cut sugar intake to lowest level in 44 years
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In Denmark, children’s homes are places of stability, comfort and support. Now a British entrepreneur is bringing the model to the UK
The Copenhagen house that's probably the best children's home in the world | Clare Considine and Helen Russell
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Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko - 2019-11-19 23:52:33 GMT
This person's Emacs configuration file is written in org-mode and is self-documenting. Learning a *ton* from it: https://github.com/hrs/dotfiles/blob/master/emacs/.emacs.d/configuration.org

Watchmen creator Alan Moore: Modern superhero culture is embarrassing - BBC News

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He says superheroes are written and drawn by people who've never stood up for their own rights against the companies that employ them - saying they appear "to be largely employed as cowardice compensators".

Superheroes as a symbol of infantilizing managerial capitalism?
Six people arrested and 16,000 marijuana plants seized during operation in Aragón region

Spanish police have arrested six people and seized 16,000 marijuana plants after an investigation into a spate of robberies led officers to two huge and sophisticated drug plantations hidden in remote pine forests.

The operation began seven months ago when the national police force learned that an Albanian gang had been stealing cigarette vending machines from bars and petrol stations in the north-eastern region of Aragón.
Spanish police find vast cannabis plantations hidden deep in forests
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Bundestag backs law that will fine parents up to €2,500 if children are not inoculated

Germany’s parliament has voted to make measles vaccinations compulsory for children, in response to a global rise in cases of the disease.

Parents who refuse to get their children inoculated face fines of up to €2,500 (£2,140) and a likely ban from nursery or school.
German parliament approves compulsory measles vaccinations
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Book returns surge 240% after City of Chicago eliminates fines | abc7chicago.com

Chicago public libraries have seen a 240% increase in the number of books returned since the city's mayor eliminated overdue fines, according to a library official.

Library Commissioner Andrea Telli testified at a budget hearing Wednesday, telling City Council members that abandoning the library fines policy has been instrumental in luring in both patrons and books.
The Oscar-winning director is threatening legal action against a French newspaper after a former actor claimed he violently raped her in the 1970s

Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski has threatened legal action over claims by a former actor that he raped her in the 1970s.

The 86-year-old film-maker denied the allegation, but pressure is mounting on Polanski, who fled to France in 1978 after admitting to the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl in Los Angeles.
Pressure mounts on Roman Polanski over new sexual assault allegation
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#Society #Religion | The #West won out when cousins stopped kissing | Cosmos http://bit.ly/2pZKBqp

As German health minister, I’m championing both migration and patriotism | Jens Spahn
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The big polluters’ masterstroke was to blame the #climate crisis on you and me



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The Fantasy of Opting Out | The MIT Press Reader

#internet #society #surveillance #1984
The Fantasy of Opting Out

#Society #Economics | Chilean Protesters Claim #Inequality Made Them Do It | Mises Wire http://bit.ly/36pkLfM

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