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Revolutionary Ideas in Science, Math, and Society [video]

Eric Weinstein is a mathematician, economist, physicist, and managing director of Thiel Capital. He formed the “intellectual dark web” which is a loosely assembled group of public intellectuals…
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Сегодня утром с удовольствием посмотрел передачу "Игра в бисер" с Игорем Волгиным по ТВ "Культура" (к слову, единственный отечественный телеканал который ещё, хотя бы фрагментарно, можн... show more

Does Britain persecute «thought criminals»?

According to Green, Farrow had “misgendered” her 26-year-old child, Jackie, who, born male, became Britain’s youngest transsexual at the age of 16. In addition, Green claims that Farrow committed “hate incidents” when she wrote on Twitter that the penile inversion surgery that Jackie underwent in Thailand was “mutilation,” “castration,” and “child abuse.”

Let this sink in for a moment, because the latter words mentioned in the chapter, if she used them truly, are far beyond misgendering but go rather towards intentionally insulting the victim, spreading lies and agitating hatred. This also goes far beyond free speech, it reminds me of Trump's language.

Some may find Farrow’s tweets wrong or bluntly put. But others would agree that altering children’s genitals and setting them up for a lifetime of complications (including sterility and sexual dysfunction) does indeed constitute “mutilation” and is indee... show more
2017 Video Interview: Prof. Dr. Dirk H. Ehnts über die Zukunft des Euro Frankreich Macron - Geld aus dem Nichts und Lösungen für die Krise - Kapitalismus und Demokratie im Konflikt

Ein Staat kann sich nicht aus der (Finanz)Krise hinaus sparen (Austerität)

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25M Brits would struggle in a cashless society

The UK could become a cashless society in the next 15 years but nearly half of Britain or 25 million people would struggle without access to cash, according to a new report.
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You're not poor. You're broke | Life and style | The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/mar/12/poor-broke-difference-poverty-inequality-society #society

Robert Sapolsky: Are Humans Just Another Primate?

With jaw hanging slack, I can only hint at my utter amazement. This was an hour of my life very well spent.

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You do not need a reason to have self worth

Imagine for a second, that you got some spectacular news.

A promotion.

Or a good score in that difficult exam.

Or, a great business deal.

You are suddenly thrilled. You feel yourself on top of the world. Flying high.

Now, imagine the opposite.

That you were fired.

Or you failed that class.

Or you lost a major business deal.

You suddenly hit rock bottom, feeling yourself a failure, a walking wreck.

Within 30 seconds after you realize what happened, your world turns upside down – for the better or for the worse.

But what changed during those 30 seconds? Why should your world turn upside down?

Read and see what really matters


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You don’t need a reason to have self worth
The paradox of education is precisely this — that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated. The purpose of education, finally, is to create in a person the ability to look at the world for himself, to make his own decisions, to say to himself this is black or this is white, to decide for himself whether there is a God in heaven or not. To ask questions of the universe, and then learn to live with those questions, is the way he achieves his own identity. But no society is really anxious to have that kind of person around. What societies really, ideally, want is a citizenry which will simply obey the rules of society. If a society succeeds in this, that society is about to perish. The obligation of anyone who thinks of himself as responsible is to examine society and try to change it and to fight it -– at no matter what risk. This is the only hope society has. This is t
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All about "white savior" movies. I haven't seen Hidden Figures... but seems odd that they would have to create a fictional character to tell the real life story of these women...

Source: https://twitter.com/mannyfidel/status/1103063717674139648

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Detroit man files lawsuit for gardening while being African-American

Peeples alleges that the women — Deborah Nash, Martha Callahan and Jennifer Morris — had their own plans for the park and wanted to see him "incarcerated or seriously injured by law enforcement."

I guess those women thought that he should be picking cotton somewhere in dem ol' cotton fields back home. Gardening is a job made for Meheecans.

Two months later, as Peeples was in Hunt Park teaching a group of home-schooled students about gardening, one of the women called 911 and falsely reported that Peeples was a convicted pedophile and wasn't legally allowed near kids, the complaint said. Police arrested Peeples in the park.

Seriously, what is wrong with those women?
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Man Robbed a Bank to Receive Prison Healthcare

That’s actually not unusual in today’s society ...

The robber, Timothy Dean Alsip, a 50 year old homeless man from Oregon, entered the Bank of America branch in the early business hours of August 23 2013 when he approached the bank till and handed over a hand-written note that read "This is a hold up. Give me a dollar."

Alsip, who told deputies he needed medical care for unspecified ailments, was found sitting on the floor of the bank's lobby waiting to be arrested.
SOURCE : https://gawker.com/homeless-man-robs-bank-for-one-dollar-to-get-free-healt-1202877763

#shitposting #anarchist meme for cool people
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I post every day meme about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download and/or share them ! :)

On the conservative «Criminal Justice Reform»

“You look at Mississippi, a rock-ribbed, total conservative former jailer is now the governor. Governor Bryan cut the prison population and crime at the same time. [Governor Nathan] Deal in Georgia cut the prison population and crime at the same time. . . . What you’re seeing now is Republican governors being tough on the dollars. Tough on crime and shrinking the prison population.”

In addition to progressive opposition to what was viewed as insufficient reform, a number of conservative lawmakers, led by Senator Tom Cotton (R., Ark.), argued that the bill’s potential benefits were outweighed by the possibility that it would make certain classes of violent offenders eligible for early release, which, they predicted, would result in an increased crime rate.
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Van Jones: Conservatives Are ‘Leaders’ on Criminal-Justice Reform

On death sentences and the ethics of executing murderers who have lost memory about their deeds

1. New York Post:

Billie Wayne Coble received lethal injection at the state penitentiary in Huntsville for the August 1989 shooting deaths of Robert and Zelda Vicha and their son, Bobby Vicha, at separate homes in Axtell, northeast of Waco.

In Coble’s clemency petition to the Board of Pardons and Paroles, Ellis said his client suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from his time as a Marine during the Vietnam War and was convicted, in part, due to misleading testimony from two prosecution expert witnesses on whether he would be a future danger.

“Every time I run into somebody that knew (his father and grandparents), it’s a good feeling. And when I hear stories about them, it still makes it feel like they’re kinda still here,” Vicha said.

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Cutting off the nose to spite the face is self-defeating only when they realise they belong to the same self

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Time to Panic - The New York Times

I wish people would #panic. Unfortunately when I talk to people about #climatechange or follow #politics, the future of our species and way of #life seems to be oddly missing from everyones thoughts. All #society seems to be able to produce against this threat is ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

Please. Panic. Talk about it. Share. And most importantly, #vote for a party that will do something about it. Make urgency for change heard and felt. The only people who can make change happen is all of us together, by putting people in power who will do something.

The New York Times: Opinion | Time to Panic (By DAVID WALLACE-WELLS)


Life and society are increasingly governed by numbers

When everything is quantified, power accrues to whoever is keeping score
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I knew it!

Anthropologists have found evidence that during preindustrial Europe, bi-modal sleeping was considered the norm. Sleep onset was determined not by a set bedtime, but by whether there were things to do.
That's totally me.

Not really news (original article was from 2016) but it was new to me as I stumbled over it on Mastodon.

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Довольно любопытное интервью с заместителем главы Центрального Банка Литвы Раймондасом Куодисом.
Очень много полемических моментов, но, в целом, довольно любопытный своей широтой... show more
Довольно любопытное интервью с заместителем главы Центрального Банка Литвы Раймондасом Куодисом.
Очень много полемических моментов, но, в целом, довольно любопытный своей широтой... show more
Historian who confronted Davos billionaires leaks Tucker Carlson rant | Society | The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/feb/20/historian-who-confronted-davos-billionaires-leaks-tucker-carlson-rant
Rutger Bergman clashes with Fox News host in unseen clip
Visibly annoyed Carlson tells Bergman: ‘Go fuck yourself’
Would You Recognize a Dystopia If You Saw One? | The Russell Kirk Center https://kirkcenter.org/essays/would-you-recognize-a-dystopia-if-you-saw-one/
“Dystopia” is not just any bad situation; it is what results from an attempt to create a utopia. Dystopia is necessarily and specifically the consequence of utopianism (the pursuit of utopia in this world, as opposed to the great tradition of utopian speculation). It reflects someone’s program of social and political perfection.
Why US cities are becoming more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians https://theconversation.com/why-us-cities-are-becoming-more-dangerous-for-cyclists-and-pedestrians-111713
Across the nation, cyclist fatalities have increased by 25 percent since 2010 and pedestrian deaths have risen by a staggering 45 percent. More people are being killed because cities are encouraging residents to walk and bike, but their roads are still dominated by fast-moving vehicular traffic.
♲ World Economic Forum (wef@twitter.com):
How #music can help children with autism connect wef.ch/2JNUrR8 #society

Михаил Крутихин по делу и без размазывания политкорректных соплей об исламе.

«Взрывоопасная смесь: грамотные люди, которые читают Коран» - «Метагазета»

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Михаил Крутихин по делу и без размазывания политкорректных соплей об исламе.

«Взрывоопасная смесь: грамотные люди, которые читают Коран» - «Метагазета»

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Study links heavily processed foods to risk of earlier death - But it is not definitively conclusive

Eating a lot of heavily processed foods is linked to a risk of earlier death, according to a study.

A team in France worked with more than 44,000 people in a study running from 2009 called NutriNet-Santé. They looked at how much of their diet – and calories – was made up of “ultra-processed” foods – those made in factories with industrial ingredients and additives, such as dried ready meals, cakes and biscuits.

The research, published in the journal Jama Internal Medicine, found that deaths were more likely to occur in those who ate more ultra-processed food.

Other scientists were unsure whether the study proved a link between ultra-processed food and an early death, but agreed it was more evidence that a junk food diet was bad for health.

A LCHF diet though encourages the consumption of whole foods (meat, vegetables, fruit) and steers away from processed food as generally sugar, additives, preservatives, etc... show more
Dear present and absent Primates - Liebe an und abwesenden Primaten

The big question – which one must face as a primate (ape) is: “Social-IQ” / “Society-IQ”: can humans as a group and even as a bigger group of millions still behave intelligently?

Hunting Mastodon (ancient elephants, “natural prey” of humanoid primates, TOO BIG to be hunted by an individual with a spear) is one thing – but taking care of a whole planet is a much larger thing.

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money is like inverted pain system - Geld ist wie ein invertiertes Schmerzsystem im (Gesellschafts)Körper

Money is a little like an inverted pain system in the company-body: It does especially hurt when it goes missing.

That is, when laws and regulations come and companies take the implementation of these seriously-when it starts to hurt financially.

Money is also lacking – if banks give all sorts of reasons – why they cannot finance a “productive Investment“. (only 8% of the newly created money (digitally by private banks and ... show more

Two differend worlds - Zwei verschiedene Welten

Ein schon etwas älterer Beitrag. Ich finde die Bilder aber immer noch beeindruckend.
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"Dos mundos diferentes - Two different worlds"
"Hola, soy Ugur. Vivo en Turquía, que se encuentra cerca de una de las regiones más peligrosas del mundo moderno.
El contraste entre estos territorios refleja dos mundos diferentes, y esto me inspiró a usarlo en mi trabajo.
Les deseo a todos un futuro pacífico ".

Global suicide rate has increased

For example, in most parts of the world, suicide deaths are higher among men than women,5 although this ratio is much lower for countries across a belt that extends from southern India to China, including some islands in the Pacific ocean.51819 In Western countries, there is a strong relation between mental illness and suicide,20 however, in Asia, this relation is much less pronounced.21

There were 817 000 (95% uncertainty interval 762 000 to 884 000) deaths globally from suicide in 2016, comprising 1.49% (1.39% to 1.61%) of total deaths in that year and an all ages rate of 11.1 (10.3 to 12.0) deaths per 100 000. The total number of deaths from suicide increased globally between 1990 and 2016 by 6.7% (0.4% to 15.6%), but the age standardised mortality rate from suicide decreased by 32.7% (27.2% to 36.6%) from 16.6 deaths (15.2 to 17.6) per 100 000 in 1990 to 11.2 deaths (10.4 to 12.1) per 100 000 in 2016. In 2016, 34.6 (32.4 to 37.4) million years of life lost resulted from sui... show more
the entangled web: trust - relationships mutual exploitation?

in this post i describe what / how relationships SHOULD be and can be.

in a system where lies are rewarded and truth is punished – only sickness can grow.

where friendships are ruined because one knows too much and the other thinks he has to bribe a friend – is expression of how much the person thinks – that in this world – no true friendship exists – only mutual exploitation – because why should someone just be friends without monetary benefit?... show more
Dr John Gottman - relationship couple marriage scientist


The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from
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N.J. high school student rejected from National Honor Society for supporting President Trump


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N.J. high school student rejected from National Honor Society for supporting President Trump

Fact-checkers cease collaboration with Facebook

Last week, the fact-checking site Snopes revealed that it would not stay on with the program this year; meanwhile The Associated Press is still evaluating its commitment. The program started in 2016 when Facebook tapped third-party fact-checkers to help weed out false news in an effort to prevent the type of disinformation campaigns that marred the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

When a post is found to be misleading, Facebook lowers the frequency with which people see it.

"The literal reason we're no longer part of the partnership is because we couldn't agree on renewal terms," Mikkelson says, "and Facebook's lack of responsiveness eliminated any possibility of further negotiation."

As journalists who ceased their collaboration with Facebook in this concern: Facebook didn't care much for what they did, the responsiveness was reportedly low. What would work be worth if Facebook didn't enact when the fact-checkers alerted troublesome content? You either anticipate, or you don't... show more

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D - MN) adresses her comments on Daily Show

“You are someone who has been very outspoken, you've always spoken your mind and spoken directly to people, voters, your colleagues, et cetera, and recently you've come under fire for a few of your previous comments,” Noah told his guest.

“That happened for me,” Omar said. “I was like, ‘Do not call me that, that's not what I was doing.’ And I was like, oh, I see what you're saying now. So I had to take a deep breath and understand where people were coming from and what point they were trying to make, which is what I expect people to do when I'm talking to them about things that impact me or offend me.”

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Complacency and its antidotes
Richard Stallman's Political Notes is a superbly curated timeline of horrors that lie just under the surface. It should be read every morning as an inoculation against complacency.

There are a few people who perform a similar service around specific issues. In Israel/Palestine there's Amos Gvirtz, who for years has been publishing and sending to a small email list his "Don't say we didn't know" in Hebrew and English (the Hebrew version is collected on Blogspot). It details the evils of the Occupa... show more

#Society | The Death of a Dreamer - Quillette • http://bit.ly/2sYKqJX

The Death of a Dreamer

Quillette: The Death of a Dreamer - Quillette


Why some Japanese pensioners want to go to jail - BBC News

Because of the fast paced nature of our society, overcoming or reducing stress has made it to the list of top ten New Year’s Resolutions. Approximately 19 million Americans suffer from stress related illnesses. The hormone, cortisol, is released during stressful events. When stimulated constantly, over time, it can lead to mental disturbances and a risk of infection and disease. Learning to manage stress leads to healthier and happier living. Here are seven solutions for regulating stress.
· Adequate Sleep. Sleep is the number one defense against stress. It allows the mind and body to rejuvenate. When we awaken refreshed, we are more able to handle stressful situations. For the average person, adequate sleep is eight to ten hours of uninterrupted sleep.
· Meditation. Meditation is the opposite of the fight or flight mechanism. It is a deep state of restful awareness that counters stress. Practicing twenty minutes a day helps us to remain calm is stressful si... show more
Neuer Berufswunsch: Arschloch - Warum stehen Frauen auf Arschlöcher? - career aspiration: ashole - why do women prefer asholes? - reproduction of good and evil

(for English please scroll down to “English”)

Arschlöcher haben im Kapitalismus immer Vorfahrt und Geld und Frauen und Spender-Nieren.

Es ist so hässlich.

Sinnlos aber reich – wer will das nicht?

Das Schlimme: Arschlöcher bekommen am m... show more

Digitized minutes of Royal Society meetings taken between 1686 and 1711

Would you like to know what Isaac Newton, President of the Royal Society, was doing on 23 May 1705, or why a consortium of spectacle-makers sent a letter of reproof to the Society on 7 November 1694?…
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Uncle Ted's assorted quotes about leftists

When someone interprets as derogatory almost anything that is said about him (or about groups with whom he identifies) we conclude that he has inferiority feelings or low self-esteem. This tendency is pronounced among minority rights activists, whether or not they belong to the minority groups whose rights they defend. They are hypersensitive about the words used to designate minorities and about anything that is said concerning minorities.

They seem almost paranoid about anything that might suggest that any primitive culture is inferior to our own.

Those who are most sensitive about “politically incorrect” terminology are not the average black ghetto-dweller, Asian immigrant, abused woman or disabled person, but a minority of activists, many of whom do not even belong to any “oppressed” group but come from privileged strata of society. Political correctness has its stronghold among university professors, who have secure employment with comfortable salaries, and the m
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you are not crazy - your lifestyle is just not human and unsustainable


problem: if lifestyles are not sustainable – why should their kids survive?

problem: there are profiteers from this system and they itend to keep it that way or make it even worse.


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Originally posted at: https://declaration-of-happyness.org/you-are-not-crazy-your-lifestyle-is-just-not-human-and-unsustainable/
you are not crazy – your lifestyle is just not human and unsustainable
The difference between the crazy and the normal - Der Unterschied zwischen dem Verrückten und dem Normalen

The difference between the crazy and the normal: The normal dude “knows” – that what is sold for normal is actually madness.

(not everyone is crazy because of this – but it gives whole of mankind a tendency to mental illness)

“knows” because maybe it has not so much to do with knowledge but with consciousness – because to know something and to “feel” what it means – are two different things.

You can tell me how terrible it is that children starve in Africa – but i don’t have experienced it – so it’s not in the mind constantly.

Der Unterschied zwischen dem Verrückten und dem Normalen ist: der Verrückten weiss, dass was als Normalität verkauft wird – e... show more

Pope alleges builders of walls of spreading fear and division

"We know that the father of lies, the devil, prefers a community divided and bickering," Francis told a crowd of tens of thousands of youth Thursday night at a seaside park in Panama City.

On Wednesday, after Drumpf tweeted a new slogan, "Build a wall and crime will fall," a journalist on the papal plane asked Pope Francis about Drumpf's proposal. The Pope said such measures are driven by fear. "It is the fear that makes us crazy."

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