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80% der Internet Daten sind Video Streaming - Internet Energie Verbrauch könnte bis 2025 7% der globalen CO2 Emissionen aus machen

Um ehrlich zu sein hätte ich nicht gedacht, dass Rechenzentren so ineffizient sind/mit so wenig erneuerbarem Strom betrieben werden. Rechenzentren: Gigantischer Kühlungsaufwand: https://youtu.be/iuZDylVFbhs Was macht Google? / What does Google do? Google kauft kräftig erneuerbaren Strom ein (besser als nichts) und[...]

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Quelle: https://generation-nachhaltigkeit.de/80-der-internet-daten-sind-video-streaming-internet-energie-verbrauch-koennte-bis-2025-7-der-globalen-co2-emissionen-aus-machen/
80% der Internet Daten sind Video Streaming – Internet Energie Verbrauch könnte bis 2025 7% der globalen CO2 Emissionen aus machen

AMSAT CubeSat Simulator Hack Chat


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AMSAT CubeSat Simulator Hack Chat
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Siemens Gamesa bringt 11 MW-Offshore-Turbine auf den Markt
● NEWS ● #OcasioCortez Demands #Solar Company Rehire Workers Fired After Unionizing With #GreenNewDeal in Mind
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Tech-Milliardär plant weltgrößten Photovoltaik-Solarpark
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Škoda CITIGOe iV wird ab sofort in Serie produziert
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Improved Outdoor Solar Harvester Now Handles All The Parts

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Improved Outdoor Solar Harvester Now Handles All The Parts
#ClimateCrisis #Solar #WindPower Pretty damn cool!

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Zwei interessante Beiträge vom Deutschlandfunk
Die Suche nach dem guten Flugtreibstoff

RWE-Chef Rolf Martin Schmitz
2040 sind wir klimaneutral

Solar Ernte

Gestern war ein neuer minus #Rekord bei der #Solar #Ernte. Es war so ein trüber Tag das man den Eindruck hatte die #Sonne geht schon um 14 Uhr unter.

https://blog.meld.de/solar-ernte/ #Rekord #Solar #Ernte #Sonne
Solar Ernte
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Germany Solar and Wind is Triple the Cost of France’s Nuclear and Will Last Half as Long
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Neue Perowskit-Solarzelle – bleifrei
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China’s nuclear operator to develop 1 GW solar field

Azobenzene Stores Solar Energy

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Azobenzene Stores Solar Energy
In 12 hours there will be an astronomical solar holiday, one of holidays of the Wheel of the Year (the year divided into 8 equal intervals of time, according to astronomical solstices and equinoxes). The following traditional names of this solar holiday have been preserved: Samhain, Dziady, Calan Gaeaf and others.
The Christian Church has connected these solar traditions with the fixed dates of the Gregorian calendar so that even the neopagans celebrate these solar festivals when the Pope prescribe, and not at a time when, guided by the sun, it was celebrated by ancient sunworshippers.
In any case, according to the Sun - Samhain, Dziady, Calan Gaeaf this year - on November 7 (according to the Gregorian calendar) at 05:48 London Time. Congratulations on the coming holiday!

By the way, accordi... Show more...

ESP32 Makes Great MPPT Controller in Low-Cost Solar Installation


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ESP32 Makes Great MPPT Controller in Low-Cost Solar Installation

#AV10 - David DuByne - The #ICE-AGE Cometh

#Solar activity occurs in cycles, the most well-known is the 11-year solar maximum to solar minimum, but our #Sun also goes through longer duration more powerful cycles occurring in 400, 2000, 3600 and 7200 year intervals. Effects on societies during these Grand Solar Minimum cycles has been well catalogued through the millennia but always results in food shortages, economic contraction and population migration. Our Earth is now being effected by the new Eddy Grand Solar Minimum and will intensify from this... Show more...
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Cyber-attack hits Utah wind and solar energy provider

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Solarenergie in Nordkorea
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North Korea plans 2.5 GW solar plant with Chinese help
● NEWS ● Driven by #Solar Installations, IEA Projects Global Renewable Energy Capacity to Rise by 50% in 5 Years

#Solar PV prices fall to record lows in tender for 900MW solar park in #Dubai

source: https://reneweconomy.com.au/solar-pv-prices-fall-to-record-lows-in-tender-for-900mw-solar-park-in-dubai-51069/
According to IJGlobal, the bid offered by a rival consortium comprising Masdar, French #energy giant EDF and China’s Jinko Solar, also beat all previous bids with an offer of $US17.25/MWh.
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Solar PV prices fall to record lows in tender for 900MW solar park in Dubai

Europe’s green power generation keeps rising

What’s happening? Combined wind and solar generation across Europe’s Big Five power markets ( #Germany, #France, #Spain, #Italy, #GB ) is up 11% year on year. The green energy produced to end-September is equivalent to Europe’s total steam coal imports in 2018. Over the summer cheap gas and strong renewables kept a lid on power prices and allowed below-normal hydro reservoir stocks to be preserved for more lucrative winter price period.

What’s next? To date German o
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Das Auge Saurons in Israel

Ein 240 Meter hoher Turm für die Nutzung von Solarthermie im israelischen Negev 40 Kilometer südlich von Be’er Scheva sorgt derzeit für Aufsehen in der Energiewirtschaft

Neben der solaren Stromerzeugung über Photovoltaik gibt es schon sein vielen Jahren die Absicht, auf dem Weg über solarthermische Wärmeerzeugung und weitgehend konventionelle Kraftwerkstechnik, die man aus fossil beheizten thermischen Kraftwerken kennt, Strom zu erzeugen. Der Umweg über die Wärmeerzeugung bietet den Vorteil, dass man auch dann Strom erzeugen kann, wenn die Sonne nicht scheint, also vorwiegend in der Nacht.
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Combining Solar & Farming Benefits Both - Crop Productivity Can Improve But So Can PV Panel Efficiency In Hot Weather

Fraunhofer ISE in Germany was one of the first to experiment with combining solar and farming on the same land. Its early research found doing so increases the productivity of the land significantly — up to 60% or more in some cases. Now researchers at the University of Arizona have confirmed the benefits of growing crops beneath the shade provided by solar panels — more electricity, higher yields, and less water used. That last part is of vital interest to farmers in Arizona where access to water for irrigation is crucial.

“We found that many of our food crops do better in the shade of solar panels because they are spared from the direct sun,” says Baron-Gafford. “In fact, total chiltepin fruit production was three times greater under the PV panels in an agrivoltaic system, and tomato production was twice as great!” Jalapenos produced a similar amount of fruit in both the agrivoltaics system and the tradition... Show more...
I thought we import #solar panels from china..Is there an Indian company which is seriously involved in manufacturing of solar panels ? 🤨

#SolarPanels #India #solarpower #solarenergy #ClimateAction #ClimateAction #ClimateSummit
Testing out new #materials for #solar cells at lab..Not so motivating when you know that this is not going to save you from the impending #climate catastrophe. What is required is a revolutionary shift to #renewables now !



Solar-Harvesting Blinkenlights

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Solar-Harvesting Blinkenlights

Garmin announces Fenix 6 series: Solar power, bigger displays, and grade-adjusted pacing

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Turns Out A Road Made Of Solar Panels Was, In Fact, A Bad Idea - They don't repair well, don't angle to the sun, and get covered by leaves, and are noisy

The French government in conjunction with the company Colas built a one-kilometre long road covered in solar panels in a small village in Normandy for $5.2 million. Protected with silicon and resin, the thinking went it could withstand the punishment from thousands upon thousands of vehicles while generating electricity for nearby homes.

The French newspaper Le Monde reported that, after two and a half years, some things have gone wrong:
\* The road had to be shortened by 100 meters because a portion was too damaged to be repairs
\* The protective resin is peeling off the portion that remains
\* Leaves and trees fall onto the panels and, you know, block the sunlight
\* The noise from cars and trucks driving over the panels is so loud the speed limit had to be reduced to about 45 miles per hour
\* It is generating less than half of the electricity expected because the panels could not be angled direc... Show more...
- #WhatIf We #Built #Cloud #Cities on #Venus?

The #Earth might not be here #forever. A huge #solar #flare, an #asteroid #impact, or a #local #gamma-ray #burst - anything could wipe us out for #good. If we're looking for someplace to #escape to, there is one #planet in our #SolarSystem that is somewhat #similar to Earth, though we don't know much about it. It might even be #hosting some #microbial #life. No, it's not #Mars - it's #Venus.

South African Businesses can depreciate 100% of Y1 commissioning of a SSEG solar PV installation against Income Tax!

There are significant and far-sighted tax breaks which have been put in place by National Treasury to encourage and incentivise business owners to install their own generation in the form of grid-tied, rooftop or ground-mounted solar PV systems on buildings, parking lots, warehouses, factories and farms.

From January 1, 2016, a little-known amendment to Section 12B of the Income Tax Act (Act 58 of 1996) allows for depreciation in the year of commissioning of the full (100%) cost of a grid-tied solar PV system of less than 1 MW used for electricity generation by a business in the course of its operations.

The capital depreciation allowances for solar PV systems greater than 1 MW remained unchanged in the January 2016 amendment to the legislation, which continues to allow full depreciation over three years.

The cost of the solar PV system allowed for accelerated depreciation includes its full direct capital cost, including design and engi... Show more...

Victron Energy Listens! They added my local currency to their energy savings reports and shows a 45% energy bill savings from my solar

I noticed the reports only showed Euros, Pounds and Dollars and because of their strength the max was a "2" whilst our cost is South African Rands was R2.29 per kWh. So I logged a request and Victron Energy said they'd look at it and low and behold there sits ZAR alongside Dollars, Euros and Pounds with the scale increased to a 4.

It validates my reason for upgrading from my previous Victron PV system to another Victron system. They do listen to their community and their products have open-sourced software which makes it easier for 3rd parties and home automation users to integrate.

We're still in Winter and our Summer days are a lot longer so I'm expecting way better savings as we get into Spring. I'm planning to add a few more batteries which will see me right through the night on sunshine power instead of now where the 60% cut off kicks in at around 11pm.

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This is not a conspiracy theory is is an event that has happened time and time again and is in progress now
The mainstream are not and will not be reporting on this they will blame climate change for the events unfolding.

The evidence is conclusive and can be observed here on Earth the Moon and possibly other planets.


Cosmic Disaster, #Solar #Micronova, #Superflare, Magnetic Reversal, Crustal Displacement, Ice Age, Tsunamis, Volcanoes... it's all here, it's all been done before and it's all coming again soon.

YouTube: COSMIC DISASTER | CIA: Classified (Suspicious0bservers)

- #WhatIf We #Lived in a #Globular #Cluster?

Take some #cosmic #dust and #gas, add #billions and billions of #planets and a whole lot of #stars to the #... Show more...

Prepaid solar electricity coming to your homes in South Africa and Nigeria for around ZAR 0.82 cents per KWh

WiSolar announced the soon to be launched solar-as-a-service product in Nigeria and South Africa last week, saying it plans to use its existing capabilities and channel partners to scale and increase coverage. A company spokesperson says: “We have again reiterated the goal of working to protect the environment and strengthen country communities through solar energy projects with the recent announcement that the company will be rolling out its prepaid, decentralised solar electricity (solar-as-a-service) for variable load project.”

The company’s proposed pricing is ZAR 0.82 cents per KWh, which it says is less than grid parity. “US electricity pricing is 12 US cents per KWh and Eskom pricing is 148.07 cents per kWh. As at April 2019, the Eskom bill for a typical household is R1 350, which is subject to increase in the year 2020 and 2021. By 2022, we’ll be paying 22.7% more for SA grid electricity,” the spokesperson notes.... Show more...
#Science can double the #solar dividend

https://climatenewsnetwork.net/science-can-double-the-solar-dividend/ "new ways to heat homes or power industrial processes."
Science can double the solar dividend
#Science can double the #solar dividend

https://climatenewsnetwork.net/science-can-double-the-solar-dividend/ "new ways to heat homes or power industrial processes."
Science can double the solar dividend

My 2,6kW solar installation running at up to 2,4kW so far in mid-winter and providing 11kWh for the day

The new system is running the whole house except for the geyser (which is on a Geysewisde timer system). Although it is the middle of winter and the days are short, a sunny day is generating about 11kWh and the system is maxing at about 2,4kW by midday. I'm looking forward to summer when our days are far longer and sunnier. Right now I'm getting about 60% of the daily consumption from solar.

The batteries discharge down to 60% and then grid power takes over by about midnight and the following day the sun is charging the batteries and powering the house. The Victron MultiPlus II inverter will run at 5kW continuous power and the energy meter will bypass from the grid if there is anything exceeding that. The inverter draws power from the solar panels, batteries and grid (in that order). If there is no grid power the batteries continue running below 60% so I'm covered for load shedding or unscheduled grid outages.

I'm already thinking of adding another two pan... Show more...

See-Through Solar Panel Breakthrough Could Lead to Self-Powered Smartphones - Researchers in South Africa and Belgium want solar panels everywhere

An innovative method of collecting solar power could enable smartphone users to boost their batteries by leaving their device in the sun. Researchers at South Africa’s University of the Free State and Belgium’s Ghent University have developed a working model for glass that shifts non-visible light to a solar panel. Using certain phosphor materials in glass, a pane can let visible light through while redirecting ultraviolet and infrared rays to small solar panels mounted at the sides.

OK this is not going to be ready for market for quite a few years (if it ever does) but imagine skyscrapers and cars being able to use their side window areas for harvesting sunlight and not just the smaller roof. This is not entirely new but the bigger breakthrough here is being able to use clear/transparent glass.

See... Show more...

Ich finde ja Strandsitze ziemlich sinnlos. Zum Einen fehlt mir die Geduld, da wirklich länger drin zu verharren und wenn, dann kommt man hinterher nicht mehr elegant raus.

Für die Stromgewinnung sind sie sinnvoll!

#Solar #Strom #Akku aufladen

#Akku aufladen

I just installed solar panels because now’s the time in the US as price reductions lose momentum and subsidies reduce from 2020

OK I don't live in the US but I am busy with my second solar installation here in South Africa. The downside in South Africa is zero government subsidy towards solar installations but the cost benefits still work out for me over 5 years or so in savings on electricity and no impact from grid outages due to periodic load shedding.

The lesson for me was starting too small and realising that upgrading is not easy as you should not mix battery ages, a 12V system may have to become a 48V system, etc. So mine has been a full rip out and replace.

But if you are in the US you may seriously want to consider installing before the end of 2019 - see https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/5/20679189/solar-panel-price-incentive-federal-tax-credit-2019

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#Solar future shines ever more brightly
Solar future shines ever more brightly
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