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Earlier, someone asked me why I don't believe in "#homeownership". Here is my answer.

I have three main #reasons that I don't believe in "home ownership": (1) #financial (2) #political (3) #lifestyle.

(1) Financial

We are sold the idea that "a #house is an #investment". However you must #borrow a huge amount of #money, usually s... show more

US Citizens want more clean energy. Here's what they're actually willing to do to get it

Americans (US Citizens I assume) have long supported the idea of clean power. The question has always been how much effort they're willing to expend to make a green energy future a reality.

A new survey from global auditing and consulting firm Deloitte suggests the gap between environmental concern and consumer action may be shrinking. The pillars helping to bridge the divide include falling prices for solar power, higher awareness of clean energy options, growing concern about climate change and the inclinations of millennials.

"In addition to expressing broad support for renewables, residential consumers are generally striving to do more to become greener at a personal level," the report authors wrote.

In this year's Deloitte Resources Study, 68 percent of electric power buyers said they are very concerned about climate change and their carbon footprint. That's the highest percentage ever recorded in the study, topping the previous record of 65 percent in 2016.... show more

Revising Pravik Singh's #newhere message for Friendica

I like the work that @Pravik Singh has done with a good #newhere response for people. I'd like to see how we can encourage people to post a similar 'hello' message here on Friendica, and if we can do so, this welcome message back seems pretty good.

Here's the code that can be cut & paste and adapted as you please (with the formatted version below):
Insert your personal message here, eg: Hello @user, I like #solarpanels too!
[h2]Welcome to the Federation![/h2]
This is a brief introduction to our system. [url=https://the-federation.info/]The Federation[/url] (not to be confused with the [url=https://fediverse.party/]Fediverse[/url]) is a combination of 5 different social networks:
[\*] [b][url=https://friendi.ca/]Fr
... show more
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