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In the 1970s and 80s, the apartheid government funded a little-known film scheme aimed at black South Africans. #Media #SouthAfrica #Propaganda #CivilRights #Arts&Culture #Africa #History #Cinema

Passengers can now use phones in airplane mode throughout Kulula flights in South Africa

The low cost airline said devices that will be allowed to remain powered onboard include: tablets, e-readers, smartphones and other small devices such as MP3 players, electronic toys and smartwatches.

“Taking into consideration our commitment to safety and the needs of our passengers, we are delighted to announce that passengers will now be able to read e-books, play games, watch videos and get some business done from gate-to-gate,” said Shaun Pozyn, Kulula.com head of marketing.

“In short, this means that passengers can now use their devices as soon as they set foot onboard our aircraft and keep it on for their entire journey.”

I wish these changes rolled out more quickly to all airlines.

See https://mybroadband.co.za/news/trending/310851-passengers-can-now-use-phones-throughout-kulula-flights.html... Show more...

Pinterest is rising fast as Facebook’s unlikely competition in South Africa - Both sites were neck and neck in May 2019 according to StatCounter

According to StatCounter, Pinterest is almost as popular as Facebook in South Africa. These statistics also show that Pinterest surpassed Facebook in March 2019, although it fell back below Facebook in May.

The rise of Pinterest’s South African market share has been swift. It had under 8% of the country’s social media market share in February 2016, before peaking at 47.42% in April 2019 – attaining nearly eight times the market share just over three years later.

In contrast, Facebook had 85.34% of South Africa’s social media market share in February 2016, before falling as low as 40.11% in April 2019. Facebook's share has been falling steadily in South Africa since February 2016.

As of May 2019, 44.5% of social media usage takes place on Facebook, while 42.94% is on Pinterest.

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Four others sustained serious injuries when a taxi van and a bus collided in the town of Modjadjiskloof. #SouthAfrica #Africa

Showmax Sport streaming launched in South Africa – All the details - includes live streaming of South Africa’s games in the ICC Cricket World Cup

“We’re going to trial a bunch of different sport content while keeping Showmax at the R99 price point, and see how our customers interact with the service,” said Connected Video CEO Niclas Ekdahl.

“We’ll be ramping up our live game offerings with everything from selected matches from the best football leagues in Europe to streaming a wide variety of varsity and school sports.”

The sport content currently includes live streaming of South Africa’s games in the ICC Cricket World Cup and live streaming of SuperSport Rugby Challenge matches.

See https://mybroadband.co.za/news/broadcasting/310143-showmax-sport-launched-all-the-details.html

#sport #southafrica
Showmax Sport launched – All the details

Showmax has officially launched its sports offering to all clients.

Showmax Sport launched – All the details
Despite a string of fast bowlers, only four black batsmen have ever earned an international cap for the Proteas. #CricketWorldCup #SouthAfrica #Africa #Cricket #Racism

South Africa Government sued over Eskom, Sasol air pollution by groundWork and the Vukani Environmental Justice Movement in Action

Government is being sued for failing to crack down on some of the world’s worst air pollution emitted by power plants operated by Eskom and refineries owned by Sasol.

The case was filed in the high court in Pretoria by groundWork, an environmental rights organisation, and the Vukani Environmental Justice Movement in Action, according to a statement sent by their lawyers, the Centre for Environmental Rights.

The so-called Highveld Priority Area, which includes much of Mpumalanga province and part of Gauteng, is the site of 12 coal-fired Eskom power plants, a Sasol oil refinery and coal-to-fuel plant owned by the company.

A Greenpeace study for the third quarter of 2018 showed that Mpumalanga had the worst nitrogen dioxide emissions from power plants of any area in the world. In 2016, the air pollution caused between 305 and 650 early deaths in the region, according to a study commissioned by the Centre for Environment... Show more...

Electric vehicles in South Africa still only 867 in total operating on the road – These are still your only 3 options in SA

Electric cars have come under the spotlight in recent years as a way to reduce the effect of traditional, fuel-powered motor vehicles on the environment.

Former Minister of Transport, Blade Nzimande, released statistics in March which highlighted that there were only 867 electric vehicles currently operating in South Africa.

One of the reasons for this low number could be that customers do not trust Eskom to provide them with reliable vehicle charging access.

In my opinion, though the high cost is another factor in South Africa. The cheapest EV on offer is a good 50% more than my hybrid car (and about 400% the cost of entry-level ICE cars). Even though operating costs can be lower this purchase price gap has to narrow a lot more before we'll see any movement. South Africa has not started to promote EVs at all and it is only the likes of Nissan, BMW and Jaguar who are investing in this future right now.

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A 76-year-old woman is found by relatives lying on cold floor in South Africa hospital, her hands and legs tied to a steel bench. #Africa #SouthAfrica #Healthcare
Order comes a month after special court denied Olympic champion's appeal against testosterone suppressing treatment. #Athletics #SouthAfrica #Sport #Africa
The paramedics in the South African port city work quickly, spending as little time as possible at scenes where there has been violence. #Africa #SouthAfrica #Politics

Vodacom launches eSIM support in South Africa - their OneNumber will allow customers to use a single mobile number across multiple devices

An eSIM is an embedded SIM which is built into a device and needs to be enabled by a mobile network to function.

The technology is used by Apple’s iPhone Xs range (Samsung Galaxy watches, Google Pixel phones, etc), in addition to a physical SIM slot – allowing for dual-SIM functionality. Embedded SIMs are also found in smart wearables from major device manufacturers like Samsung and Apple, allowing them to connect to mobile networks and function with a cellular connection.

Vodacom said users will be charged a R25 monthly fee for data sharing on the LTE connection across the smartphone and wearable. A R98 once-off connection fee for the service will also be applicable.

See mybroadband.co.za/news/cellula…

#esim #southafrica #vodacom

Vodacom launches eSIM support in South Africa
President Cyril Ramaphosa appoints 50 percent women in his new cabinet, a first for Africa's second biggest economy. #Africa #SouthAfrica
The tax will be levied from June 1 on greenhouse gases from fuel combustion and industrial processes and emissions. #Africa #SouthAfrica #Carbon #ClimateSOS
Ramaphosa faces task of cleaning up his African National Congress party, which has been mired in corruption scandals. #SouthAfrica #Africa
#SouthAfrica ’s Fallen Pride: How Law and Government Fail to Protect #Lions https://therevelator.org/lion-hunting-south-africa/ If only there was #MoneyInIt (when #greed runs the world)
South Africa’s Fallen Pride: How Law and Government Fail to Protect Lions
Ramaphosa, who is also the ANC's leader, was elected without contest and will be officially inaugurated on Saturday. #SouthAfrica #ANC #Africa #JacobZuma #Elections
Legal representatives for scandal-plagued former President Jacob Zuma argue he is a victim of 'mob justice'. #JacobZuma #SouthAfrica #Africa
Facing multiple corruption charges, Zuma to appear in court again but says charges are politically motivated. #Africa #SouthAfrica #Politics

Eskom (SA's sole power utility) wants more electric vehicles on South Africa’s roads

Despite being unable to guarantee a stable and consistent supply of electricity, Eskom says it remains committed to its role in unlocking the potential of the electric vehicle (EV) market in South Africa.

The power utility released a statement last week saying that it is working with major players in this regard and that the hurdles slowing the roll-out of EVs in South Africa are actually:

\* Price — EVs attract 45% in import taxes and duties;
\* Long-distance range anxiety; and
\* Access to charging facilities.

Eskom said it is “excited” about the progress of EV technology and wants to position itself strategically to participate in the rapid global uptake of electric vehicles. It added that consumers “need not worry” about its ability to supply the necessary electricity, because even a massive growth in EVs will not have a “major impact on overall demand during any normal day”.

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Rhino Rescue Project has infused 700 horns with the toxins and has since lost only 2 rhinos to poachers. #Africa #SouthAfrica #Environment

Local non-governmental organisation (NGO) Grassroot is making use of technology to enable participatory democracy in SA

Grassroot's set of simple tools, available through any type of phone, allows community members to interact with government, organisations or even other stakeholders. This includes the arrangement of large-scale meetings, identification of volunteers and even taking community votes. The platform has over 300 000 users and a few thousand activities run through it per month with a team of three people.

"It also allowed people to participate in national conversations, access information and register their voice, in ways that otherwise they couldn't." Call and participate in votes to decide among priorities. It gives everyone with any phone a quick and anonymous say and sends the results back to them as soon as the poll closes.

"As one example, prior to Grassroot, if someone wanted to call a community gathering, they had to hire a guy to go around on a bakkie the whole morning with a megaphone telling people about the meeting. A WhatsApp group w... Show more...
The African National Congress wins the elections in South Africa, but by a smaller margin. #SouthAfrica #Africa #ANC #Elections
Can the poor boy who became a business magnate lead South Africa out of its economic mess? #Business&Economy #SouthAfrica #Indiaelections2019 #NarendraModi
Provisional results show ANC keeping power with 57.5 percent of vote, but outcome is its worst-ever electoral showing. #SouthAfrica #Elections #Africa
President Ramaphosa's ruling African National Congress party scoops majority support as vote counting draws to a close. #SouthAfrica #Africa #Elections
A filmmaker reflects on life in activism, from growing up in exile to documenting the #FeesMustFall student movement. #Education #SouthAfrica #Protests #CivilRights #Africa
President Cyril Ramaphosa's ANC party set to maintain its majority despite opposition gains, early results show. #SouthAfrica #Africa
The ANC is competing against 47 other parties to win the election, the highest number ever. #Africa #SouthAfrica #Elections #ANC
Ruling African National Congress party faces challenge from centrist and far left parties in nationwide vote. #SouthAfrica #Africa
More than 26 million South Africans registered to cast their ballot in a poll expected to be won by the ruling ANC. #Africa #SouthAfrica
Young generation born after the end of apartheid in 1994 wants 'real equality' in the country. #SouthAfrica #Africa
Land reform has been a key campaign issue, but polls show voters are more concerned about the economy and unemployment. #SouthAfrica #Africa

South Africans can use Waze to find the nearest voting station for elections on 8 May 2019

Nice that the IEC (or someone) has entered all the voting stations so a search starting out as "vot" already shows my closest voting station and will navigate me there. Pity it can't show the human traffic jam at the voting station.

See https://www.itweb.co.za/content/wbrpOqgPwrXvDLZn

#IEC #southafrica #waze

South Africa's president seeks reelection amid popular frustration with economic divisions and corruption. #SouthAfrica #Africa
More than five million South Africans under 30 who are eligible to vote have not registered. #Africa #SouthAfrica #Politics
Ruling African National Congress says it's confident it will retain majority in parliament ahead of the Wednesday vote. #SouthAfrica #Africa #ANC #Elections
Forty-eight parties will appear on South Africa's national ballot on Wednesday, 19 more than those registered in 2014. #SouthAfrica #ANC #Africa #JuliusMalema #Elections
Only white, Afrikaans-speaking people are allowed to settle here. But they say they are not racists. #Africa #SouthAfrica #Politics
Twenty-five years after South Africa became a democracy, many are frustrated with the lack of jobs, land and poor housing. #Africa #SouthAfrica #Politics
South African runner says she won't take medication to lower testosterone levels to adhere to new athletics rules. #Sport #SouthAfrica #Athletics #Women
Some locals say that the trust administering land is abusing its power by charging people rent. #Africa #SouthAfrica #Politics
Olympic and World Champion runner considers her future after IAAF ruling on testosterone levels. #Sport #SouthAfrica #Africa #Olympics

South Africa’s top Linux and Open Source conference here in October in Johannesburg

Open Source Week 2019, which includes the PyConZA, LinuxConf, and PostgresConf events, will take place at The Wanderers in Johannesburg from 7-11 October.

Open Source Week 2019 kicks off with LinuxConf [ZA]2019 – an Open Source and Linux conference – on 7 October. Topics covered at LinuxConf [ZA]will include Linux Kernel and OS, Linux distributions, virtualisation, system administration, open source applications, networking, and development environments.

PostgresConf South Africa 2019, a conference dedicated to the PostgreSQL database, takes place on 8 October.

It forms part of the international PostgreSQL conference series and serves the database administration and developer communities. At this conference delegates and speakers will exchange ideas and learn about features and upcoming trends within PostgreSQL.

10 and 11 October are dedicated to PyConZA 2019, where the Python software community gathers to spread knowledge and learn from one an... Show more...
#SouthAfrica recognised that its #copyright #law was pants and had served few oligarchs rather than the public
South African athlete to compete in 800m Diamond League race in Qatar before new testosterone rules come into effect. #Athletics #SouthAfrica #Sport #Women
Student leaders in South Africa fight for free education in an extraordinary protest despite threats of police violence. #Protests #SouthAfrica #Education #CivilRights #Africa
The two-time Olympic champion loses appeal against rules designed to decrease testosterone levels in female runners.
South African athlete Caster Semenya loses court appeal
#Athletics #Sport #SouthAfrica #Women
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